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As soon as they heard that the demonic dragon had something in its mouth, Jie Nong, Barrette, and Russell flew out immediately, not waiting for Shi Yan to react. Feng Ke darkened his face, beaming a faint smile. Later on, he couldn't help but sneer.

Shi Yan seemed not to mind at all. He didn't even move. He just smiled while looking at the other three. He neither stopped them nor said one more word.

"Senior!" Ka Tuo was a little outraged. "It was you who saved Old brother Feng Ke. Without you, n.o.body would have gotten to this place. They want to take the spoil. Are you just going to stand and stare now?"

Feng Rao had got rid of the starlight chains, approaching Shi Yan. Her charming face was filled with anger. She spoke indignantly. "Not sensible at all!"

The onlookers also disdained the other three. They felt ashamed because of Jie Nong, Russell, and Barrette's deeds.

"It's okay. Just let them explore for a while. It won't be a bad thing." Shi Yan just sneered as if he didn't want to compete with anyone. He let Russell and the other two fly toward the giant mouth of the demonic dragon.

Alchemist Jester stayed silent since arriving in this place. It was unknown when he got the yellow book that was in his hands. At this moment, Jester was reading the old book. He seemed to be focusing, searching for something with a solemn face solemn.

All of a sudden, the three Pirate Leaders trembled in the middle of the way to the giant mouth of the dragon. They became sluggish as if they had just fallen into a muddy swamp.

Several thousand lightning strikes struck down from the sky like an electric whipper on the G.o.d Bodies of the three Pirate leaders.

Lightning struck, and the scorching thunder and lightning came to coil around the intruders. The three pirates hadn't recognized what was going on. They shouted and roared with a grimace.

Thick wet green smoke fumed from the two giant mouths of the dragon. A pungent smell stormed into their nostrils. A fierce erosive aura expanded that seemed like it could melt down all kinds of G.o.d Bodies or soul altars.

Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette were terrified, attempting to fly backward.

However, it was unknown why the lightning whips became stronger and started dragging them toward the giant mouth of the dragon when they wanted to leave. It seemed like an invisible force in the dark had locked them.

"Watch out! It's the Venomous Demonic Dragon! This tribe was the strongest venom among the other tribes of the Monster Clan. Even if it was dead for ten thousand years, the dried fluid on it teeth is still enough to kill all of you!" Jester suddenly shouted. He looked so scared.

Being the Alchemist at the Original G.o.d Realm, he had special knowledge of the demonic or spiritual fauna and flora. However, since the Venomous Demonic Dragon tribe had disappeared so many years ago, he wasn't so sure at first. He needed to match the features of that dragon with what was written in his book to make sure.

Hearing Jester's shout, Russell and the other two grimaced more. They crazily urged their energies to get rid of the barriers there.

"Serves them well," Feng Rao scolded. "They deserve death for trying to compete for the spoils."

Shi Yan just smiled, not saying anything. He even stretched his body leisurely. "You shouldn't say that. If they die, your father will be in a lot of trouble. No matter what, they are still the leaders of the pirates. You know that there is great danger waiting for us later on.. Sooner or later, we will encounter the three big forces. They are part of our strength."

"Are you that nice? For real?" Feng Rao bit her lower lip, rolling her eyes at him.

"Since when did you become so nice like that? When you attacked me, I didn't see a bit of mercy from you."

Shi Yan was embarra.s.sed. "That's different. We were enemies at that time. However, before we reach the new star life, I will continue considering them as my allies. Moreover, real and more strong enemies are behind us."

"Shi Yan understands the differentiation between right and wrong. It's pretty good for him. As for you, little girl, you shouldn't let hatred cover your eyes. It was true that Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong weren't very sensible. But if they died, they would have no chance to win. We're in a pa.s.sive situation..." Feng Ke sighed begrudgingly. "I'll go help them."

He touched his glabella.

The soul altar spun wildly. Thin and narrow lightning strikes shot out from Feng Ke's body. They grumblingly flew towards Barrette's group like long, hissing snakes.

Feng Ke cultivated thunder and lightning power. His G.o.d Soul controlled thunderbolts, swarming them over to Barrette's group. They collided with the lightning strikes from the sky, sending dazzling sparks everywhere.

Since they were using the same lightning power, Feng Ke had used his G.o.d Soul to magically guide the lightning power that didn't belong to his to move away from the G.o.d Body and to the other three.

As soon as Barrette and the other two realized the change in their G.o.d Body, they immediately flew back to the gathering spot, ready to show off their best behaviors and actions. They all looked petrified.

"It's not your thing. Don't come and pretend like you had good intentions. Don't you feel like your face is showing that you feel lost?" Feng Ke snorted with a dark and harsh face. "If it happens again, don't blame me for ignoring you guys. You are lucky today that it's lightning power that controlled you previously. If it were another power, I would have had no choice."

Barrette, Jie Nong, and Russell grimaced. They were frightened and ashamed, not uttering a word to protest.

". . . Is the Venomous Dragon dangerous?" Feng Rao didn't turn her head back to look at Jester, asking seriously. "Are they a strong branch of the Monster Clan?"

"Yeah, the Monster Clan is powerful. The Venomous Demonic Dragon Tribe is amazing at using poisons. They also have a terrifying venom!" Jester took a deep breath. "Legends say that the Venomous Demonic Dragon was one of the strongest tribes in the Raging Flame Star Area several tens of thousands of years ago. In that time, different races didn't live in harmony like we do now. The discrimination was really harsh. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Venomous Demonic Dragon was the strongest branch of the Monster Clan in our Raging Flame Star Area. Each Venomous Dragon could raise the blood rain in the whole region. They were very dangerous, even more dangerous than the experts at the same realm."

Pausing for a while, he pointed at the skeleton of the Venomous Demonic Dragon. "That Venomous Dragon should be at level 11. It was probably equal to a Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm warrior. However, if the dragon fights a Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm expert, the dragon would win 80 to 90 percent of the time."

"Were they that dangerous?" Ka Tuo screamed, "So why have they never shown up? If the Venomous Demonic Dragon Tribe were so strong, they would have ruled the Raging Flame Star Area. Why do the three big forces rule now? "

"I don't know. My ancient book isn't complete. Its content holds just some aspects. I can only say that something really terrible had happened deep inside the forbidden land, which made the entire Venomous Demonic Dragon Tribe extinct." Jester smiled miserably. He also didn't know the reason why.

"Barrette, do you still want to go there and check it out?" Shi Yan asked naturally, his face calm and natural.

Barrette, Jie Nong, and Russell were still frightened. Listening to his question, they shook their heads embarra.s.sedly.

"Okay," Shi Yan nodded, "If you guys don't want to go there anymore, I will check it out. You won't oppose this idea right?"

They shook their heads.

Feng Rao's visage changed. "Don't! You already know it's dangerous. Why do you want to get there?"

Jester also advised him. "Don't take risks. The Venomous Dragon is really dangerous. Even if they're dead, they clearly don't want their bodies to be cut apart and become blacksmithing materials. Those lightning strikes form a barrier. I'm not sure if there are other barriers. But we don't need to take risks."

"Shi Yan, although there is something of worth in the Venomous Dragon's mouth, it may not be what we need. The purpose of our expedition this time is to explore the star map. You shouldn't bring more troubles," said Feng Ke.

When he was sunk in the thick mist of the corpse poison at the most critical time, Shi Yan had come alone to rescue him. At that moment, he had a glimpse of grat.i.tude for Shi Yan.

While Feng Ke didn't notice, he had more favorable impressions of Shi Yan. He treated him more honestly than Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong.

He didn't want bad things to happen to Shi Yan either.

"It's not a big deal. I will just go there to check. Don't worry." Shi Yan beamed a bright smile. He lunged like a rainbow towards the area where Barrette and the other two had been confined before, not waiting for others to say more.

The Sky-breaking Shuttle appeared in front of his chest. A sharp energy that could tear through all kinds of restrictions had pierced layers of barriers, creating a pa.s.sage towards the skull of the dragon.

His figure moved inside the rainbow-like pa.s.sage. No barriers could affect him. He just calmly moved towards the giant skeleton of the dragon. No lightning struck him.

Everybody was so surprised, watching him with fright. They suddenly recognized that he wasn't afraid of the dangers because he was so confident.

The Sky-breaking Shuttle could pierce through many barriers and energy restrictions. Along with his increasing realm and powers, the Sky-breaking Shuttle's ability also improved. With this strength, he believed that even if this place could hide the most extreme dangers, it didn't necessarily mean that he had no chance to survive.

Moreover, he knew how to use s.p.a.ce power.

If there was a barrier or restriction that the Sky-breaking Shuttle couldn't break, Shi Yan could tear through s.p.a.ce to get back to the Raging Flame Star Area.

Since he was cultivating many powers Upanishad at the same time, he had magnificent powers. The heaven flames staying in his body also held magical powers. With so many means that he could utilize, he thought that even if this place was very hazardous to the others, it wouldn't actually bind him.

While the others were looking at him with astonishment, Shi Yan walked through the rainbow-like pa.s.sage, heading toward the giant mouth of the Venomous Demonic Dragon.

Ten-meter-long fangs jutted like the sharp swords hanging upside down. The Venomous Demonic Dragon was dead for so many years it had no aura remaining. However, something had crystallized at the points where the fangs had gathered in this giant mouth. This white substance was viscous, and Shi Yan could hear the water murmuring somewhere.

That white crystal had some sticky fibers connected with the fangs underneath. It seemed that the white chunk was the crystallization of the venom from the fangs.

Frowning, Shi Yan looked at the shining crystal and the viscous fluid gingerly. He started acting more cautious.

After hesitating for a while, he released the Star power, using the Essence of the star power to create a hand to pull that crystal down.

He didn't dare use his G.o.d Body to touch that thing.

The venom of the Venomous Demonic Dragon was terrifying indeed. The white chunk crystalized by the venom from the dragon's fangs was the most dangerous essence poison of Venomous Dragon. No one knew what would happen to the G.o.d Body if he touched it.

The star hand grabbed the poison crystal. After hesitating for a while, Shi Yan turned around and started walking toward the other skull.

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