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Since he held the Sky-breaking Shuttle in his hand, energy-based structures like barriers, restrictions, and formations were solvable with its powerful energy.

Shi Yan reached for the other skull of the Venomous Demonic Dragon smoothly.

That skull was a little bit smaller. It was white and polished like jade. Lightning meandered around the small skull.

A flame appeared at the corner of his eye. It was the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame.

"Pure lightning and thunder power... If it is possible, can you let me... absorb it?" asked the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, dancing abnormally.

"Can you take it in all at once?"

"Of course! Yes! As long as the lighting power doesn't have any dregs, I will be able to absorb most of them."

"Ah, then you can absorb it. It is useless to me anyway."

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame was very excited. It flew out of his body directly. A hand-sized flame appeared, lighting twirling around it.

When that small flame fell on the Venomous Demonic Dragon's skull, the lightning started to reduce.

Shi Yan felt the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame's aura clearly. It became fierce. Lightning strikes flew out of the Venomous Demonic Dragon's skull, entering that flame.

Shortly after, the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame finished absorbing the lightning energy that was on the skull.


Then, Shi Yan heard a crack. At the corner of the Venomous Demonic Dragon's skull, a piece of transparent bone just exploded. A beam of lightning and thunder aura hovered like a hazy mist.

"It's a remnant of the Venomous Demonic Dragon's soul. It holds the dragon's knowledge of lightning and thunder powers. That soul remnant carries only the power Upanishad and nothing else," said the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. "It's of no use to me. Living beings like me have a power Upanishad that formed naturally. It's different from the way the Venomous Demonic Dragon cultivated. You can take it and give it to anyone who cultivates lightning and thunder power. Perhaps, it will benefit that person a lot."

Shi Yan's eyes brightened up, nodding discreetly.

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame was a heaven flame, the most magical life form in the world. It was different from creatures of the flesh. Their power Upanishad was formed naturally. They had a distinctive way to cultivate and a unique ranking system.

The power Upanishad of the other creatures was different from the way they cultivated their power. So even if World Extinguishing Thunder Flame could take the soul remnant of that Venomous Demonic Dragon, it wouldn't give any benefits to the flame.

However, if it were given to someone who was cultivating lightning and thunder power like Feng Ke, it would be a different story.

"How do you take it?"

"It's simple. Use your Soul Consciousness to make a container for it."

"Let me try."

His thoughts flickered. Beams of refined Soul Consciousness that naked eyes couldn't see flew out from his soul altar. They weaved a cage to contain the soul remnant.

When Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness cage captured the Venomous Demonic Dragon's soul, it didn't resist. The cage flew from the Venomous Demonic Dragon's skull and floated in front of him.

This soul remnant had many lightning strikes moving inside. Thunder grumbled noisily.

Shi Yan didn't cultivate lightning and thunder power Upanishad. This soul remnant wasn't useful to him. If he forced it to combine with his powers, it would harm his soul altar.

Shi Yan didn't put the soul remnant into his ring. Taking a deep breath, he continued to observe. After scanning the place for a while, his Soul Consciousness didn't find anything else.

Begrudgingly, he returned using the light pa.s.sage that the Sky-breaking Shuttle had built. The starlight hand, which was holding the poison crystal, flew with him.

A soul remnant and a chunk of poison crystallization were all his harvests.

When he walked back to the group, he pointed towards Feng Ke and the lightning soul remnant of the Venomous Demonic Dragon flew to him.

Feng Ke discolored as he thought that Shi Yan was attacking him. His brows slammed together. However, when the soul remnant came closer, it didn't release any power. Feng Ke then recognized it, his eyes burning bright.

Feng Ke's voice trembled. "Shi... Shi Yan, what is this?"

"It's the soul remnant inside the Venomous Demonic Dragon's skull. It contains the mysteries of Lightning and Thunder power Upanishad. I think that… it may suit you well."

"Ah!" Feng Ke couldn't help but scream. He was shivering. "You.. you say... you're going to give it to me? Are you sure?" His eyes brightened up. He was so happy that he forgot his manners for the first time.

At Feng Ke's realm, it would be a huge struggle to break through again... It was possible that it would take him his whole life.

Among many Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm experts, Feng Ke wasn't stronger than Ao Gu Duo, Li Yue Feng, or the other three Commanders of the Underworld League. He was the weakest Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm warrior...

His weakness stemmed from his lack of profound understanding of Lightning and Thunder power Upanishad. The time he had acc.u.mulated in this realm was still short.

If he had the soul remnant of the Venomous Demonic Dragon, it would be very different. He would possibly increase his power and even possibly achieve another breakthrough!

How could he not be thrilled?

Feng Ke shivered as he was very happy. His bright and sharp eyes gazed at the soul remnant. He couldn't control his mood.

"The Venomous Demonic Dragon Tribe is strange. They could divide their bodies and even souls. Normally, a newborn Venomous Demonic Dragon has only one head, which is used to cultivate venom. However, when the Venomous Demonic Dragon ascends and reaches level 11, it can divide its soul and grow another head that is used to cultivate power Upanishad. Since this Venomous Demonic Dragon had two heads, it used the first one to cultivate venom and the second one to cultivate lightning power. Old brother Feng Ke, you're extremely lucky," explained Jester smilingly.

"What if the Venomous Demonic Dragon continues to ascend?" asked Shi Yan.

"It can divide its soul and grow a third head to cultivate another kind of power Upanishad," said Jester. "This is why the Venomous Demonic Dragon Tribe is very dangerous. The ability to divide the soul and the body is magical indeed. Not many tribes have this supernatural ability."

"If one of its heads is cut off, will the Venomous Demonic Dragon die?" asked Feng Rao.

"No. It will grow back again. However, since it's a significant wound, it will need more than one thousand years to heal," Jester thought then said, "the supernatural ability of the Venomous Demonic Dragon Tribe makes it hard to kill them. If this Venomous Demonic Dragon died here, then this forbidden land is really dangerous. Everybody should take even more cautious steps from here on out."

Feng Ke didn't listen to their conversation as he was busy with the soul remnant. He was so excited that he started to fuse it.

Barrette, Jie Nong, Russell, and the other pirates envied Feng Ke but they all congratulated Feng Ke for his lucky gain.

At the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, once Feng Ke fused with the wisp of soul remnant in Lightning and Thunder Cla.s.s of the Venomous Demonic Dragon, he could quite possibly reach a new realm in his understanding of the power Upanishad. His power would increase tremendously.

"You, you show a good sense." Feng Rao smiled, her face bright. She was even happier than when she received something good. Her beautiful eyes sparkled strangely, charmingly looking at Shi Yan with pa.s.sion and affection.

She knew how precious the soul remnant that Shi Yan had given her father was. If Shi Yan asked her to do embarra.s.sing acts that she couldn't stand, she would be willing to do it for him.

"What's that?" Jester looked at the crystal the starlight hand was holding. He was very surprised. "It seems like there is a sticky substance at the core. Where did you get it?"

"From the main head of the Venomous Demonic Dragon. It's crystallized on the fangs of the dragon... I think it may be the Venomous Demonic Dragon's venom," explained Shi Yan.

Jester's eyes brightened. "Good stuff! This is the greatest venom, above all the others. It's the best mediator to produce poison. Sell it to me, yeah?"

Everybody was amazed, looking at him with an odd face.

Jester was an alchemist who specialized in refining poisons. He decided to stay in the Heaven Punishment City because his area of study was the complete opposite of the other alchemists of the Raging Flame Star Area... He studied poisons.

It was the wicked and demonic path that most the alchemists disdained.

Almost all alchemists and warriors in the Raging Flame Star Area discriminated against alchemists who refined poisons. The three powerful forces also banned their alchemists from exploring and experimenting in this field. Jester didn't have a place to go. That was why he stayed in the Heaven Punishment City. Because no one in this place judged what he did or questioned his business, he was able to do whatever he wanted.

To refine poisons, he needed mediators with strong toxicity. The crystallization of the Venomous Demonic Dragon's venom was the best mediator indeed! It was the most precious treasure that he yearned for!

However, the other people felt chilled seeing him get excited.

It's a top-quality poison!

The poisonous fluid from the Venomous Demonic Dragon... Look at how excited he got. If he refined the poison, how terrible will it be?

People felt the hair on the back of their nape rise.

"You want to trade for this? What do you have to offer me?" Shi Yan grinned, not agreeing with him immediately. "Haha. To be honest, I don't have an urgent need for divine crystals. If you want this crystal, you must offer something I can't reject."

"How about the level 5 Divine Grade Heavenly Mending Pellet? Even the Original G.o.d Realm warriors could use it to mend the wounded Original Soul. I'll give you three pellets!" Jester pondered for a while then gritted his teeth. "I have only three pellets. I had to use many different kinds of materials to refine them. A level 5 Divine Grade Heavenly Mending Pellet can grant you another life when you are in a critical condition."

Barrette, Jie Nong, and Russell overheard this and interrupted Jester.

"Jester, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Didn't you tell me that you had no more Heavenly Mending Pellets?

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