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A ghostly, lanky figure appeared in the sky of the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

While hovering in the vast sky, this figure stooped to observe the Heaven Punishment City. He released his Soul Consciousness, which surprisingly covered the entire Land of G.o.d Punishment.

He closed his eyes and sensed. His Soul Consciousness was like unceasing silky threads lashing around the Land of G.o.d Punishment. He was Fan He, President of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, and Headmaster of the Fan family.

All warriors who had the G.o.d Soul and were staying in the Heaven Punishment City and the Land of G.o.d Punishment felt a pair of eyes watching them as if someone was peeping on them all day long.

Many of them looked at the sky, searching aimlessly. Now, they knew that an unimaginable existence had arrived in the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

Fan He's Soul Consciousness moved to and fro. At first, he searched the Heaven Punishment City. After his Soul Consciousness had scanned all the creatures in the Heaven Punishment City once, it entered the ground and moved to the deepest place underground of the Land of G.o.d Punishment. It continued to search for something.

After a long while, Fan He opened his eyes, frowning as he couldn't find anything.

A Sound Stone flew out from his sleeve. He sent his thoughts into the stone to connect to Li Yue Feng in the far forbidden land.

After talking to him for a while, Fan He snorted. He didn't say anything. He just left the Land of G.o.d Punishment, heading towards Li Yue Feng's general direction.

The feeling of someone peeping in their minds disappeared for all the warriors in the Heaven Punishment City. They knew that the expert who had just come left. They secretly felt lucky, gradually calming down.

Somewhere in the forbidden lands.

Ao Gu Duo and Carthew of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, Li Yue Feng and his men from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, Bi Tian, Tuo Hai, and Monica of the Underworld League were standing on a foggy mountain range.

Around this brown-gray mountain range, there were energy fluctuations of barriers and restrictions. Not far from this group of warriors were around ten cold corpses. They died because of the terrible backlash of the barriers when they had first landed here.

The forbidden land was the Pirates' hometown. To the hotshots of the three powerful forces, this place hid many dangers. There was the risk of accidentally triggering the energy of a restriction with one step.

There was a warrior at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm in that group of dead warriors. When the barrier entangled him, he had no energy to wiggle out. He was killed shortly after.

Since they didn't have any barrier master in their teams, the warriors became more cautious, seeing the ten dead bodies.

"Feng Ke has gone deep into the forbidden land. What do you think is happening?" Li Yue Feng's team was standing on a sharp rock, their faces solemn. Li Yue Feng frowned, turning to see the others.

"You let Feng Ke escape? With your power, you weren't able to stop him from running into the forbidden land?" Ao Gu Duo's face darkened. "It was not hard to deal with them before they got into the forbidden land. However, it will be very troublesome now. The Pirates have been living in the forbidden land for many years. They are familiar with this place. We are just invaders. We don't know the situation or landscape here clearly. If we want to chase after them inside the forbidden land, it will be a dozen times harder."

"Yeah, I met Feng Ke. Anyway, I didn't want to risk my life by fighting him," Li Yue Feng said in a low and cold tone. His eyes looked cold and harsh.

Although they were at the same Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm and Feng Ke was a little weaker than him, Li Yue Feng knew that fighting Feng Ke would result in severe wounds.

And if he got wounded, he would hardly be able to touch the star map. Then, his effort would only benefit Ao Gu Duo and Bi Tian. Why should he act stupidly like that?

That was why he didn't try to stop Feng Ke. Li Yue Feng decided to let him go.

"What should we do?" Bi Tian looked casual as if he wasn't afraid of jumping into the forbidden land. "The star map is crucial. If the Pirates could locate the mark on the star map, they will find it first. Once Feng Ke's team breaks through, the Pirates' force will be sufficient to resist any of our parties. You know that the Pirates hate us the most..."

"We should eradicate them," nodded Ao Gu Duo.

"As long as we join hands and get in there, I think it's possible to get through using our combined forces," Li Yue Feng also nodded.

Since they had the same purpose, after just a short discussion, they had come to an agreement.

Adjusting their conditions, after their energy had been restored, they started to move further into the forbidden land.

The fire that covered the ground disappeared and so did the magma. After the flaming skull released its energy, it vanished.

The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame returned to their soul altar, notifying Shi Yan that they were about to break through. Shi Yan was now in a good mood. He thought that even though the road ahead was going to be rough, it was still going to be worth it.

He was hopeful for some good encounters to improve his realm and powers before they could reach the place in the star map.

Barrette and a dozen other warriors cultivating Fire power rejuvenated after their harvest of power Upanishad. All of them received lots of experience.

The energy that Barrette consumed from battling Shi Yan was all restored. Flames moved in his eyes. It seemed like he was going to surpa.s.s the bottleneck point and reach the break through to the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm at any given minute.

It was unknown why he became silent and calm after comprehending his Fire power.

His hot-tempered bearings seemed to be comforted. He didn't want to shout and kill people anymore. He looked baffled as if he wasn't fully awake yet.

The other warriors who had also received some form of understanding of their realms were discussing happily with each other. They glowed healthily as if they had just cured themselves of a disease.

Feng Ke waited until they calmed down to tell them the new decision.

The warriors agreed with him without hesitation.

The forbidden land was dangerous, indeed. However, they had just received something good. It was possible that they would face death in the deeper place of the forbidden land. Still, there was always a chance to harvest something more.

With that thought, they found it easy to accept the new plan.

Those who hesitated suddenly hoped that they could be lucky enough to encounter the intent domain field of the same cla.s.s, seeing the others get a bountiful harvest. All of a sudden, they thought that perhaps the forbidden land wasn't too dangerous after all and that it was worth the risks.

Thus, they decided to move forward, entering the most hazardous places that even the four leaders like Feng Ke had never been before.

The floating mountains and lakes hid unknown dangers. They couldn't even see the energy curves with their naked eyes. Sometimes, it was hard to sense with the Soul Consciousness. Sometimes, they sensed no aura at all.

It has been half a month since they had started moving deeper and they hadn't encountered any danger since.

The places they had pa.s.sed by were already explored before. They knew how to dodge the traps.

One day, Feng Ke suddenly stopped. His calm face was replaced by a more serious one.

Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette stopped quietly, musing on the thick green mist in front of them. They looked scared.

"The area ahead of us is the place I've never explored before. If there are barriers or restrictions, it will be hard to know beforehand." Feng Ke turned around, speaking in a low tone. "From now on, we have to be careful with each step we take. Don't drag our people into danger because of your careless actions!"

Russell and Jie Nong nodded before turning to advise their subordinates and asking them to be cautious and to not wander.

"Old brother Feng Ke, can't we just skip this place? Have you found the route from the star map yet?" asked a leader gingerly.

Feng Ke's eyes were dark and gloomy. After pondering, Undying Wood emerged from his palm.

Lightning sparkled in his eyes while he gazed at the Undying Wood star map. He seemed to be trying to carve the route in the star map into his brain. His soul rippled with magical energy waves.

After a while, Feng Ke put the star map away. He contemplated for a while then said, "The route isn't clear enough. But the mark on the map is in one area of the forbidden land. Once we get there, we will have the information for the next step. Thus... we have to go there first."

After listening to him, no one inquired more, sighing begrudgingly.

"Senior, I think... I'm about to break through!" b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo lowered his voice, speaking excitedly to Shi Yan in the corner of this delegation.

Shi Yan shivered, giving a low shout. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, pretty sure!" Ka Tuo nodded heavily. "I don't know why the further we go into the forbidden land, the greater the feeling that I have become stronger. It seems like I am at the threshold."

"How long does it take to break through the Original G.o.d Realm?" asked Shi Yan.

"It varies for all warriors. Some can condense the Original Soul and improve the realm in one or two days. But for others, it can take several months or even years. There's no standard. I can't give you a precise answer," Ka Tuo beamed a forced smile.

"You don't need to hold it. When you want to break through, we will find a quiet place for you. I'll protect you." Shi Yan pondered for a while. He took a deep breath. His soul altar suddenly trembled.

A soul aura that people couldn't sense flew out from his soul altar, entering Ka Tuo's head through his eye sockets.

Ka Tuo's brawny body shivered violently. Blood light shot out from his eyes. He looked at Shi Yan with fear.

Ka Fu also felt something. He turned and looked at the other two.

"That flow of Original Soul belongs to you. When you were combining the Inheritance, it flew out from your Sea of Consciousness to me. I want to tell you that... I didn't mean any harm at that time. Since I was afraid that you would betray me, I applied some methods," explained Shi Yan seriously.

Ka Tuo frowned. "Brother, you've done many great things for me. Your realm was lower than mine at that moment. It was okay for you to put up your guard like that. Anyway, why are you telling me now? If you never told me, I would never have known anything."

"You're about to have a breakthrough. I'm not sure if the missing beam of Original Soul can affect the process or not" Shi Yan smiled faintly. "Also, I'm not worried about you anymore. I trust that you will not attack me."

Ka Tuo contemplated. After a long moment, he nodded and said, "I understand."

"It's good then."

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