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Feng Rao could only stare with hurt feeling. She was tied by ten starlight chains and Jester had added his restraining power on her. Feng Rao couldn't even move.

Feng Xiao also wanted to save his father, but the two Blue Demon's pirates held firm grips on him. He couldn't escape their grips to look for his father.

"It will be alright. With your father's realm and power, he will be fine. Moreover, he has the star map. I don't think people will want him to face any bad situations," Shi Yan smiled, comforting Feng Rao while standing in front of the green mist.

After Jie Nong, Russell, and Barrette heard this, their expressions changed slightly, reminded that Feng Ke still held onto the star map.

They didn't care about Feng Ke's life itself, but they did care about the star map.

Without the star map, they wouldn't be able to do anything and this expedition would receive the 'Gone Home' mark before the deadline.

People cursed under their breath. They blamed Feng Ke for being impulsive. They thought that he shouldn't have taken risks like that.

Even if he wanted to take risks, shouldn't he have given them the star map beforehand? He shouldn't have put people in a fix like this.

"Shi Yan, do you really want to get in there?" Russell frowned, "If you're going to be persistent, we won't object to that idea. However, remember to take the star map back with you."

The Blue Demon Pirates were enraged hearing him. They became dark, cold and harsh.

Russell calmly said to the other leaders. "We're here and risking our lives for the star map, right? Old brother Feng Ke is taking us here to find a way out for our Pirates. We shouldn't fail him... Even if he meets something unexpected, we must be persistent."

"Yes, it's true."

"I think Old brother Feng Ke wouldn't have blamed us."

"We must fulfill his wish."

Many Pirates expressed their opinions. They didn't actually care about Feng Ke's life but they cared about the star map.

Not all leaders of the Pirates considered the whole picture like Feng Ke. Most of them came here because of the star map, not thinking much.

"You fool!" However, right at this moment, Barrette had contemplated for a long moment and shouted all of a sudden. "Without old brother Feng Ke leading you, how would you even find the star map? The three powerful forces are after us. If we don't even have a Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm warrior, how do you plan to resist them? You narrow-minded idiots! Brother Feng Ke trusts you guys, but you can't even see the whole picture. You don't know what life is truly about!"

Barrette had silenced them all. Many people woke up to this realization. They were reminded that what they were facing more than just the dangers in the forbidden land.

From some aspects, the hotshots of the three powerful forces were much more perilous than the dangers in the forbidden land. Without a strong leader, even if they had the star map, they wouldn't have gotten what they wanted.

Barrette's words had awakened them. They now all wanted to save Feng Ke.

However, none of them could come up with an effective countermeasure.

"Alright, don't quarrel. I'm going there to check it out." Shi Yan snorted. At this moment, he suddenly felt that Barrette wasn't a bad guy. At the very least, he had a sharper vision that Russell and Jie Nong.

"Be careful," reminded Jester.

"Senior, act with caution," Ka Tuo also pitched his voice to remind him.

Shi Yan nodded. After looking into Feng Rao's eyes, he took a deep breath before plunging into the area shrouded by thick green smoke.

The green smoke had stopped expanding as if it was limited in its range. As soon as he went in the smoke, his face changed.

Fine threads smaller than needles that naked eye couldn't see appeared in his Sea of Consciousness, sending out an aura that could numb and erode his Sea of Consciousness. It seemed like those threads wanted to destroy his soul altar.

At the same time, toxic smokes seeped into his pores, wandering around his G.o.d Body. It moved along his vessels, heading toward his internal organs.

"This is the corpse poison!"

The Corpse Vanishing Flame suddenly talked to him from the soul altar. In the next moment, a magical but gloomy aura oozed out from his soul altar.

Those silky green threads had wandered for a while in his Sea of Consciousness. In the next moment, they stormed into the heaven flame. A green flame covered them all. It was the Corpse Vanishing Flame.

The Corpse Vanishing Flame also restrained the dark green poison which got into his body through his pores. It moved like a current, flooding his soul altar where the Corpse Vanishing Flame absorbed it all.


Shi Yan's G.o.d Body shot out a green flame. At this moment, he was inflamed in green flames.

The green flame had a magical attraction that gathered green smoke.

A large amount of green smoke came from further away, disappearing into his G.o.d Body. The Corpse Vanishing Flame became excited. "This corpse poison… it is a frightening one. I would guess that it came from a hazardous beast. Oh yeah, it's so good to me! It's awesome!"

The Corpse Vanishing Flame was so thrilled. It continued releasing energy to gather more green smoke into Shi Yan's G.o.d Body.

The thick smoke seeped into Shi Yan's G.o.d Body like steam. Gradually, the smoky area around him became a vacuum.

The Pirates standing outside couldn't see what was happening inside the green mist. They also saw that the thick green smoke diluted itself not long after Shi Yan had entered.

A figure appeared in front of him. Shi Yan was struck seeing him.

It was Feng Ke.

Lightning sparkled all over Feng Ke's body. He was trying to resist the erosive corpse poison. At the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, Feng Ke couldn't be destroyed by the poison that easily. However, it had still made him struggle.

Seeing Shi Yan, Feng Ke was struck, his face disbelieving. "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to help you out," Shi Yan smiled, releasing the energy in his body. Dark green flames flew out from the corners of his eyes, entangling Feng Ke.

Feng Ke's G.o.d Body resumed its original color from the green, sticky substance. After ten seconds, he was restored. He exhaled in relief. "You can cure the poison in this area?"

"Yeah, I have some... methods," Shi Yan walked to him. He thought for a while then left a beam of the Corpse Vanishing Flame on Feng Ke's body to help him resist the corpse poison in this area. "Go. We should check this place out. Perhaps, we will find something."

Feng Ke now found no poison trying to enter his body after Shi Yan had helped him. He was shocked, replying, "Okay."

The two of them then walked shoulder by shoulder.

After one hour, they saw a green lake. A corpse of a several-thousand-meter-long beast was floating in that lake. It was a two-headed dragon, covered in a fine mane. The dark green mane sparkled with phosph.o.r.escence.

The several-thousand-meter-long occupied one-tenth of the lake. Smoke fumed from its green mane, releasing the poison, which fell into the lake and dyed the water green. The corpse poison was the green phosph.o.r.escence, and the steam evaporated from the lake.

When they got to the lake, Feng Ke was shocked, his eyes sparkling brightly. "Level 11 demonic beast! That one is almost equal in strength to an Original G.o.d Realm warrior!"

"Do you know what kind of beast is it?" Shi Yan was also astounded. That mountain-like several-thousand-meter demonic dragon was decomposing. Phosph.o.r.escence that emitted from its ma.s.sive body looked like the scattering fireflies. It also had an ancient aura, which was very terrifying.

"I don't know what kind of beast it is... Anyway, it should be a level 11 one, the same level as a Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior. Oh my, I could never imagine that the forbidden land has such a wonder like this one," Feng Ke sighed.

"It's so terrific. But we haven't reached the deepest place of the forbidden land yet, right?" Shi Yan asked seriously.

"Argh, still far ahead," Feng Ke nodded, taking a deep breath. "I'm lucky that you've come. Otherwise, it would have been really hard to wash the corpse poison on my body. That beast seems to cultivate poison, which slowly discharged into the environment after it died, turning into toxicity. It was too dangerous."

"It's not dangerous anymore," Shi Yan smiled. He contacted the Corpse Vanishing Flame. "Hey, get out and take a tonic."

A green flame flew out from his eyes. A clear life energy fluctuation was released. The Corpse Vanishing Flame was so excited, storming towards the decayed body of the demonic dragon. It danced in between the green light of phosph.o.r.escence.

The phosph.o.r.escence in front of them started to disappear bit by bit. The Corpse Vanishing Flame had taken it all in. This strange life form was able to collect all kind of auras released by corpses. The corpse poison was its favorite food, the fountain of its advancement.

Under the magical energy fluctuations of the Corpse Vanishing Flame, the phosph.o.r.escence on the dragon's decomposed body soon disappeared.

The flame didn't stop. It jumped into the green lake and continued to absorb the corpse poison.

After two hours, the green steam and the green lake lost their green hue as the Corpse Vanishing Flame had absorbed all the corpse poison in them.

After the dragon corpse lost all of its poison, its decayed flesh was also gone. The sparkling giant white skeleton was exposed.

People who were worried about them outside soon recognized the changes in the area. Until the green smoke diluted and vanished, Jester continued using the power he had to restrain Feng Rao.

Feng Rao swayed away from the starlight chain. She was worried about both Shi Yan and her father, trying to storm forward.

Ten corpses were floating next to Feng Rao. She flashed then disappeared. Her G.o.d Body wasn't attacked, which meant that the poison was gone.

The others were surprised. They exhaled in relief. Since there was no worry burdened their minds, they followed her, walking forward.

After one hour, the leaders of the Pirates gathered with Shi Yan and Feng Ke by the lake. They observed the giant skeleton in awe.

"There's something in the mouths of the dragon..." Shi Yan turned to Feng Ke.

"No matter what it is, it belongs to you. I won't ask for it. You deserve it," said Feng Ke.

Shi Yan nodded and smiled. He didn't talk more, flying toward the two skulls of the demonic dragon.

The dragon was floating in the lake, but its heads were underwater. They could only see some strange light, but they couldn't define what it was.

Jie Nong, Russell, Barrette, and the leaders of the Pirates dashed forward as they heard Feng Ke talking about something in the skulls of the dragon. They moved even faster than Shi Yan toward the lake, their face longing.

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