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Several thousand pirates moved forward in the green fog. They were all silent, releasing their Soul Consciousness with tense nerves.

No one knew what would jump in their way or what awaited them. From this point on, even the four big leaders had no idea what to expect since it was also their first time exploring the area. They just knew that there were many hidden dangers.

"Feng Rao, come here with me," Shi Yan suddenly called while walking in the back of the formation with Ka Tuo and Ka Fu. His face was serious.

Walking in the dark green mist, Shi Yan felt very uneasy. He knew that this situation wasn't normal. He could feel even the veins in his body shivering slightly.

Feng Rao was walking with her father and brother in the front of the formation. Hearing his call, she hesitated a little bit. She reported to her father and silently walked to Shi Yan. She smiled tenderly. "What's up? Are you worried about something?"

"We must be careful," nodded Shi Yan.

"You asked me to go with you so you can protect me? Will you do a better job than my father?" Feng Rao's red lips mouthed. She seemed to be in a good mood. Shi Yan's concern for her gave her a feeling of being protected carefully. She loves this feeling.

"Your father has many things in his mind. He has to take care of many people. He can't take care of you well. As for me, I'm feeling kind of relaxed here. I don't need to do anything in particular. We can just walk in the back and talk. It feels nice to do this."

"What do you want to talk to me about? Your affair with Zi Yao?" teased Feng Rao.

Rubbing his nose, Shi Yan was embarra.s.sed. "She and I have nothing together. You shouldn't be jealous. In fact, she has so many obligations in her heart. She wants to climb to the peak of glory in the divine nation. She doesn't have free time to mind me."

"I think she is serious about you. You are a heartless man. She has expelled Ao Gera because of you." Feng Rao smiled at him, her beautiful eyes sparkling with affections.

Shi Yan arched his brows. "She has expelled Ao Gera?"

"Yeah. When we left the Heaven Punishment City, we received some news. Ao Gera doesn't belong to Zi Yao's entourage anymore. Because of you, they had a dispute. Aren't you proud of yourself now?"

"Haha. I have never thought about this." Shi Yan was a little perplexed. Although he acted like he didn't care, he was actually touched.

He didn't know this. Zi Yao was a n.o.ble character. She was the bright pearl of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Also, she was the most beautiful lady in this star area, a lover in many men's dreams.

Many small things arose in his head related to Zi Yao now. Shi Yan sank into a short moment of silence.

"So do you miss her?" Feng Rao's smile narrowed as if she was actually jealous of her. "She should be behind us. No doubt. If nothing unexpected happens, we will meet her soon. Shi Yan, I'm asking you seriously. If we encounter them and Zi Yao and her men from the Dark Firmament Divine Nation intend to kill my father and me, whose side will you choose?"

Shi Yan was surprised.

He had never thought about this before.

As long as Ao Gera and Zi Yao walked along the same road, he and Zi Yao were meant to stand on opposite sides.

Ao Gera and Ao Gu Duo had schemed many devious plans to kill him. Ao Gu Duo and Leona held some grudge too. No matter what, Shi Yan would never spare Ao Gera's life. He was the one who hindered the relationship between him and Zi Yao.

However, because of him, Zi Yao had sent Ao Gera away. She had clearly detached herself from Ao Gera. She even became his enemy.

Shi Yan's discontented knot in his heart had been untied.

However, he was now together with Feng Rao. Through communicating with Feng Ke, Shi Yan thought that it was much easier to stay with the Pirates. Feng Rao also treated him well so he had nothing to complain.

The Pirates and the Dark Firmament Divine Nation were archenemies. Sooner or later, a war would break out between them. And when that happened, it was inevitable that they would engage in battle against each other in the forbidden land.

When that battle came, he would have to choose between Zi Yao and Feng Rao. What should he do?

Shi Yan suddenly had a headache.

"If you have to choose between Zi Yao and me, who will you choose?" Feng Rao's beautiful eyes were gloomy as she laughed to herself, "I know that she's prettier than me and her status is higher than mine. My father can't offer you what the Dark Firmament Divine Nation can. If I were a man, I would choose her. Considering all aspects, I am not her equal. I admit that..."

"When I choose a woman, beauty isn't the only criterion. About power and status... I don't think I want to get them through a woman," said Shi Yan seriously.

Feng Rao's beautiful eyes brightened. She looked excited as if she had just been supplemented vigorous vitality. She jumped in joy. "You mean... You would choose me? Are you sure?"

"I will remember her favor, but I won't make a conflict with you guys because of Zi Yao. Since your father saved Bao Ao and the other two to seal the agreement with me, we've been walking along the same road. That will never change," nodded Shi Yan.

"That's rea.s.suring," Feng Rao smiled. Her charming face was so pretty. She pulled his arm and squeezed his hand. "Zi Yao can't let go of her power. She can't leave everything behind to go with you. But I can. If you wanted me to, I would be willing to go with you back to your hometown. Even if we had to stay there forever, I would be willing to stay with you."

Shi Yan was touched. He looked at her with complicated eyes.

In the beginning, he didn't treat Feng Rao honestly. The deeds he had done on her could be considered despicable and shameless.

For the star map and to seek survival for his family and friends in the Grace Mainland, he had tricked Feng Rao. He wanted to win her heart to land on the Land of G.o.d Punishment without losing the star map.

However, after he had arrived in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, Feng Rao had tried her best to protect him. Gradually, his mind was changed as Feng Rao had forgotten his contemptible deeds.

He could feel Feng Rao's true feelings now. They were pure, without any bit of fabricated emotions, which was different from his.

Feng Rao had been waiting for him with all her heart. She had even told him that she could leave everything behind just to go to the Grace Mainland with him. She didn't need her father's power. This touched Shi Yan's heart.

"If the Dark Firmament Divine Nation wants to annihilate the Pirates, I will do my best to stop it." Contemplating for a while, Shi Yan suddenly promised resolutely. "For you, I won't let bad things happen to your father. And... I will protect the Heaven Punishment City later."

Feng Rao grabbed his hand tighter, her beautiful eyes twinkling. She felt sweetness fill her heart. She would have given up anything to hear these words of his.


A terrible screamed resounded in the silent horde. A warrior under Feng Ke's command had his face twisted while green blood oozed out from seven holes in his face. His life was being taken away fast.

"Watch out! Something unusual is here!" Feng Ke cried in fear.

Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette pulled themselves together, calling for the warriors behind them to not act rashly.

The dying warrior seemed to be poisoned. Shortly after, his G.o.d Body turned into a dark green hue as if he was painted in green. His soul magnetic field weakened while his soul altar slowly stopped spinning.

He was a scout sent by Feng Ke.

"We shouldn't go that way!" Feng Ke reacted immediately. He yelled, asking people to stop moving forward.

The pungent green smoke that permeated from that area rippled and rose like water. It expanded everywhere quickly.

Many warriors in that area couldn't react timely. The pervasive smoke had shrouded them. Those warriors then held their heads, crying painfully. Their G.o.d Body looked like they were dyed green. Their soul energy fluctuation ceased gradually.

Everybody panicked.

The rippling green mist expanded fast. Shortly, it had poisoned more than ten warriors.

Those who were shrouded by the miasma smoke had their breath faded away while their soul altar stopped spinning. Their G.o.d Soul eroded too. They died shortly after that.

Although they didn't die instantly, their Essence Qi and soul had vanished really quickly into earth and heaven. Shi Yan gazed at the area, but his mysterious Martial Spirit didn't have any reaction. This was the first time it didn't proactively take in the Essence Qi of the dead.

It seemed that the Essence Qi of those deceased had dangerous poisons that couldn't be filtered. Perhaps they had vanished too quickly for Shi Yan's acupuncture points to react timely and take it in.

After just fifteen minutes, a dozen warriors died at the spots and their soul altar didn't have the chance to escape.

Many pirates retreated rapidly as they were afraid of that green smoke. They traced the previous route to return.

Instantly, the scene became noisy and disorderly. People screamed, cried, and yelled in fright.

The ordered Pirate horde became chaotic. As people panicked, they couldn't think of how to solve this besides running away as far as possible.

They were scared of the unknown danger, not knowing what it was or how to deal with it.

Jie Nong, Barrette, and Russell had retreated quickly. Only Feng Ke was gathering the lightning power twirling around his body while he tried to seek the way out.

"Father, you should stay away from the mist first!" Feng Rao screamed, her face anxious.

However, as soon as she had finished, the green mist had covered Feng Ke. He didn't have time to jump out.

Feng Ke disappeared in the toxic smoke. They couldn't see him with their naked eyes and their Soul Consciousness couldn't sense him.

As the others were backing off, they didn't notice Feng Ke. They didn't want to storm over to check whether he was alive or not. They just wanted to protect themselves first.

"Father!" Feng Xiao shouted wildly. He tried to jump over but two muscular men had grabbed him and pulled him back. They retreated as quickly as a wind.

"Don't go!" Shi Yan grabbed Feng Rao's arm, stopping her from acting rashly. "You don't have the chance to save him. Calm down!"

"Shi Yan, I want to save him! I must save him!" Feng Rao was terrified. She started to gather her energy in order to jump into the green mist.

"You shouldn't go. I will go there." Ten starlight chains shot out from Shi Yan's hand, binding Feng Rao. He deliberately threw her to Jester. "Please take care of her."

"No problem," Jester agreed curtly. Since he had the Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base, it wasn't a big problem to control Feng Rao. "Shi Yan, are you sure? If you aren't, don't rush in."

"I will give it a try."

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