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"Don't kill him. Give me face."

Feng Ke looked at him, his face complicated. He didn't have his normal look.

Feng Ke was at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, the most powerful leader of the pirates, the strongest expert in the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

Today, he asked Shi Yan to stop. However, it was not a forceful threat. Instead, he asked in a more negotiable manner. He asked Shi Yan to stop and give him face.

This was because he realized that Shi Yan at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm could defeat Barrette!

This also meant that... Shi Yan may have the foundations to beat him too!

Feng Ke was always moderate in dealing with warriors at the same level. He knew what he should say.

A group of pirates included Russell, Jester, and Ka Tuo silently gathered. They wore a gloomy face, looking at Shi Yan with discreet respect.

"Alright. If you say so, I will give you face of course," Shi Yan contemplated for a while then nodded. "I will let him go today. If Barrette can't figure it out, I won't contain any bit of my power in dealing with him."

Everybody shivered.

"Barrette! How are you?" Black Horn stormed to him, his face worried.


"Boss, my master... How are you?"

"Are you okay?"

When Barrette's subordinates arrived, they were so worried. They asked him if he felt alright.

However, it was strange that Barrette wasn't foul-mouthed. He frowned, not looking at Feng Ke or Shi Yan, or Black Horn's team.

His eyes looked skeptically at the place he had just been buried in minutes before. Strange light sparkled in his eyes as if something touched his mind.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Explosions echoed unceasingly underground. A large amount of lava and magma gushed out, soaring into the sky like magnificent fire dragons.

A willpower that could burn down the whole world was being emitted from the ground, running directly into the warriors' Sea of Consciousness.

Everybody was terrified, looking at the ground under their feet.

"What's going on? Barrette! This is not the power of your Intent Domain! You... haven't reached such a level!" Feng Ke shouted in a low voice. He seemed to recognize that something marvelous was happening.

"There's some incredible undying willpower down there. It's the same type of power as a warrior who cultivates Fire!" Barrette shivered. After he said that, he immediately jumped into the pile of crushed stone, disappearing directly into the ground.

The giant flame dragons rolled violently before bursting out and slithering on the ground.

Many low-realm pirates were affected by the flames of those dragons. Their bodies ignited and burned. Shortly after, their G.o.d Body and soul altar all melted down.

"Watch out! Fly up!" Feng Ke couldn't help but shout. His face showed deep fear. "It's the Intent Domain Field! It was created by the G.o.d Domain of the experts at the high realm. It will target anyone who doesn't cultivate fire power. Retreat! Hurry!"

His scream awakened people. They hastened to soar up into the sky. No one dared to stay near the fire dragons.

The fierce flames flooded the ground. After ten seconds, the ground underneath their feet became a magma sea. The willpower that could burn down everything continued to increase in magnitude.

Many warriors cultivating Fire power Upanishad were shaken. They couldn't hide their thrill, letting their G.o.d Body sink into that magma pond. They closed their eyes, attempting to comprehend something.

Barrette's soul energy clearly fluctuated the most. It expanded underground with joy and excitement. It seemed like Barrette was trying to connect to that flame to learn the mysterious features of his Fire power Upanishad.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame shot out of his soul altar. They didn't even wait for Shi Yan to call them out. They fell to the ground, flashed, and then disappeared.

Burble Burble Burble!

Scorching magma bubbled. Whenever a bubble popped, it released a flow of hot flames, increasing the temperature of the ground.

The flaming dragons patrolled the ground, moving above the magma sea as if it was hunting. Any warrior who didn't cultivate Fire power Upanishad would become its target. The dragons would coil around the unfortunate warrior and burn him into ashes.

Shi Yan also flew into the air, hovering one thousand meters above the ground. He observed the scene, his face strange.

"Your battle has activated some barrier underground. It released undying willpower. The one who died here must have been powerful!" Russell took a deep breath then sighed. "The forbidden lands are really magical indeed. We've spent so many years exploring them, but we haven't finished yet. I didn't expect that after just a fight, this would happen. It's marvelous indeed."

"Barrette's lucky," Jester seemed to admire him. "After this event of quenching his power Upanishad, I think his comprehension of Fire power will reach a new height."

"Perhaps Barrette could seize this chance to break through to the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. His realm is the highest among those warriors so he will gain the greatest benefit." Feng Ke nodded before turning to Shi Yan, "After he has a breakthrough, he will be stronger. But I can promise you that if he plans to trouble you, I will stop him with all my best efforts. You... you shouldn't disturb him now."

Black Horn and Barrette's subordinates were watching Shi Yan cautiously. Listening to Feng Ke, they felt relief and grat.i.tude.

While the warrior was comprehending his realm, it was really dangerous if someone disturbed him. If his mind got distracted, it would deviate him on his martial path. It could even disorient his soul altar and prevent= him from advancing further in the future. In the worst case, his will and power Upanishad would crack, resulting in his death.

Thus, when Barrette jumped into the magma sea, his fellows felt very worried.

They were afraid that Shi Yan would trouble him at this moment. With Shi Yan's current power and realm, if he wanted to kill Barrette, this would be his best chance.

Barrette also knew that it would be dangerous.

However, it was a once in a blue moon opportunity. If he missed today, he wasn't sure if he would encounter such a good fortune to learn the truth of Fire power for the rest of his life.

When a powerful warrior fell, there was more than just the death of the G.o.d Soul. His G.o.d Domain would also create the Intent Domain. Once it was activated, it could last for a long time or a relatively short time. But if it disappeared shortly, he would bear this regret for the rest of his life.

Although he understood that it would be really risky to seize this chance for his realm advancement, Barrette couldn't control his desires. He didn't think much, directly jumping down there.

There were many people like Barrette there. Those who cultivate Fire power Upanishad didn't hesitate to plunge down into the magma sea to understand the mysteries of their powers.

Since their individual realms and learning ability weren't the same, what they could receive was also different. However, the furious dragons didn't hinder the warriors who cultivated Fire Power. That was why they were all able to harvest something in the magma sea.

No one could resist this enticement.

"His fortune isn't bad, indeed," Shi Yan nodded, talking deliberately. "Don't worry. I'm not going to commit such a stealthy deed. Even if this opportunity allows Barrette to gain more knowledge of the Essence of his Fire power, it doesn't mean that he will break through immediately. By the time he gets a breakthrough, will I still be at my current level? I will still be able to easily kill him!"

Shi Yan had this confidence!

If Barrette could break through, would he remain stagnant? With his power and secrets he held, when he had time, his power would rocket limitlessly.

When Barrette entered his new realm, Shi Yan may also be at the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. When that happens, will he be afraid of Barrette?

"Currently, the three big forces are after us. If Barrette can break through, we will have more support. For the future of the pirates, I will give him time. Even if he surpa.s.ses me in the future, I'm not going to be jealous." Feng Ke took a deep breath. "We got some trouble. Jie Nong got hurt severely. I'm... also bearing great losses."

"Where's Feng Rao? Is she okay?" Shi Yan discolored, asking hurriedly.

"She's fine," Feng Ke smiled, "She is right behind me. I could sense you and Barrette were battling so I came first. Don't worry. I'm familiar with the forbidden lands. If I can't protect my daughter, how dare I try to plot with the star map?"

"It's good if she's alright," Shi Yan calmed down. "Whether Jie Nong is alive or not, it doesn't matter to me. Haha, oh, right. Who did you guys encounter?"

"Li Yue Feng of the Li family," Feng Ke's visage was dark and gloomy.

"How is he?"

"Scary! In the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, he's ranked only behind Fan He. He has the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base. Honestly, if I fight him, I'm afraid that I will be a little weaker..."

Feng Ke shook his head and sighed, his face a little desolate. "The Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's hotshots are all dangerous. They are at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. I haven't broken through in a long time. I haven't had enough time to acc.u.mulate power. Sigh. Besides Li Yue Feng, there is also Ao Gu Duo's team. They are all intimidating warriors. If we weren't familiar with the forbidden lands, I'm not sure if we could bear such losses."

"I got bad news," Shi Yan frowned.

"What's that?" Feng Ke was surprised.

Russell and Jester also looked at him worriedly.

At this moment, people started to zoom over from a far distance. Several hundred warriors were driving war chariots.

"Shi Yan!" Feng Rao was surprised and happy. She called out to him before she arrived, her voice as delightful as siskin singing.

Shi Yan grinned and spoke when they all gathered. "Tuo Hai and Monica of the Underworld League have arrived. They have gathered with Bi Tian. They will become the biggest obstacle for us."

Listening to him, everybody became gloomy. They suddenly felt that the road ahead was full of dangers and obstacles.

Bi Tian at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm was already scary. With Tuo Hai and Monica at the same realm, the Underworld League's forces were enough to kill the force consisting of all the leaders of the pirates. If they encountered them, barriers of the forbidden lands were negligible. No matter what, the result would be... very terrible.

"We shouldn't encounter them. At least not in the empty areas. Otherwise, we won't be able to resist them," Jie Nong paled, squeezing a smile. "Seems that they became crazy because of the star map. The three General Commanders came here personally. The Underworld League does want to take it."

"I hope Barrette could break through smoothly. We will be more confident then. Yeah, I will navigate the direction again. We will go through the dangerous areas. We need to visit the perilous places we don't dare come to one more time !" said Feng Ke resolutely.

Everybody was frightened.

"Old brother Feng Ke, are you kidding?" Russell jerked back, "It's impossible to explore many areas of the forbidden lands here. Once we intrude there, I don't know how many men we will lose!"

"Impossible? We must go through those areas?" Jie Nong was also frightened.

When those pirates knew the dangerous features of those places, they shivered in thrill. It was more frightful than knowing that the flood was coming or the beasts. Those places were extremely dangerous. They were the true burial grounds. If they intruded, they would die.

"We must go to those places!" Feng Ke nodded. "With our experience, we can still solve the restrictions and barriers a little bit. Although there will be danger waiting ahead of us, we still have hope. But if the experts of the three forces hinder us, we won't have the chance to live. For the future of the pirates, we must accept... those dangers."

Everybody else quieted down.

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