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The glorious, starry sky hid the mysteries of stars moving on that starlight sword. Star dots twinkled dazzlingly.

Sizzle Sizzle!

The giant starlight sword sprinkled starlight everywhere in the sky. It seemed like the sword was carrying the entire galaxy in it. Countless stars were moving, creating a blinding starry sea that shrouded Barrette.

Chains flew out from Shi Yan's fingers. They looked like they were made of stars with the marvelous restraining power of the Star Intent Domain.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The grating sounds of the three Bone Thorns continued to tear at the wind. They drew three s.p.a.ce slits that naked eyes couldn't see. These slits surrounded Barrette.

Starlight shot out from Shi Yan's pupils. He seemed to become an unbreakable star that couldn't be broken in outer s.p.a.ce. The unyielding willpower and energy of his realm were emitted.

Many pirates were frightened. At the moment Shi Yan released his powers, they suddenly felt that the land was tiny compared to the inextinguishable starry sky.

n.o.body dared to interfere. The Original G.o.d realm warriors like Russell and Jester backed off instinctively. They were making room for the battle between Shi Yan and Barrette.

Barrette's subordinates didn't join the battle. They seemed to know that Shi Yan wasn't someone they could bully now. Black Horn also looked at his people, signaling them to step back and warning them to not act rashly.

On Ka Tuo's side, seeing Black Horn signaling his pirates, they also backed off. They left around one hundred mu of land as the arena for Shi Yan and Barrette's fight.

Boom Boom Boom!

Barrette's G.o.d Body echoed explosions. He was enlarging and reddening. Orange-red smoke and fire fumed from his pores, creating a sea of fire.

Barrette's soul altar spun. His power Upanishad created the G.o.d Domain. His Soul Consciousness attached to each fire cl.u.s.ter. Those cl.u.s.ters became the clones of his power Upanishad, carrying the Essence of Fire. They continually condensed in the fire sea, creating hundreds of giant fireb.a.l.l.s.

The fireb.a.l.l.s moved scorchingly, drying up the ground of the land and even burning them. Dried ancient trees caught on fire which made the fire more intense.


Barrette screamed crazily. Ma.s.sive fireb.a.l.l.s shot into the sky. Those fireb.a.l.l.s had been condensed to the acme. People could catch a glimpse of Barrette's face on those fireb.a.l.l.s. The fire burned and melted like a terrifying burning fluid.

The giant starlight slashed down on the sky, falling into the fire sea. It looked like a meteor that had fallen into a pond of magma. Star dots were sent up back to the sky together with the burning sparks.

Two different powers moved quickly and collided. Energy resisted energy, filling Barrette's Fire G.o.d Domain with starlight. Giant fireb.a.l.l.s revolved quickly, making the fire as dazzling as the sun.

Three s.p.a.ce cracks crossed the sky like ribbons. They moved to and fro in the air like lightsabers that could cut through everything.

The fire sea created by Barrette's G.o.d Domain was cut into three different sections by the three Bone Thorns.

Barrette floated in the center of those three slices of fire sea. The fire burned vigorously around his body, while his soul altar spun wildly. He urged a bright white flame from nowhere, coating himself with his flames, looking almost as if he was made of those fluids. He opened his mouth to breathe furious flames and torrential smoke.

Flaming suns with Barrette's face turned into a dazzling white, a sign of the boiling temperature.

These flames had covered a hundred miles around them. The land dried up and cracked. Inflammable matters all burned. This area turned into a flaming h.e.l.l that could melt the body and will of any creature.

"Someone at the King G.o.d Realm can't compare to an expert who has the Original Soul. Kid, today I will show you that even if you've had a breakthrough, only death awaits you!"

Barrette roared in the furious sea of fire like an enraged flaming beast. He released the blazing energy, bombarding Shi Yan with ma.s.sive fireb.a.l.l.s.


Shi Yan's vortex in his lower abdomen released a tremor. Shortly after, a sparkling star as big as a fist flew out.

When the star flew out, countless beams of starlight condensed. Instantaneously, the star enlarged as big as a pan. It was glorious and crystal clear, making it pleasant to watch. It was the most exquisite thing that even the most dedicated blacksmith in this world couldn't refine.

It was a star nucleus! A real one!

Billions of star dots moved dazzlingly, blinding many warriors. It contained the inextinguishable Star Intent Domain. It burst out in accordance with the stars' trajectory in the sky.

Boom Boom Boom!

When the flaming suns created by Barrette collided with the star, they bounced back, sending numerous sparks in the air. When those sparks fell, they exploded, creating small holes in the ground.

The star shot out from the nebula in Shi Yan's vortex spun, moving so fast that nothing could stand in its way. Any flaming sun that barged into the star exploded instantly. Fire sparks bloomed in the sky.

An eternal Star Intent Domain arose in that star. It seemed to be able to enter the opponent's Sea of Consciousness and baffle the mind. generating a hopeless feeling that people couldn't resist.

Three Bone Thorns continued to roar and hiss. They hid and flashed like devilish tentacles that people couldn't track down. At the moment the Bone Thorns appeared, s.p.a.ce slits would follow closely. Barrette couldn't dodge their attacks.

s.p.a.ce blades were able to cut through tangible bodies. Their existences could be compared to a sharp divine weapon. Although Barrette had the G.o.d Body of an Original G.o.d Realm warrior, he couldn't continue dodging. He had to find a solution to disarm them.

If Shi Yan's realm was not lower than Barrette, then he wouldn't have been able to use his G.o.d Soul to lock Barrette's soul altar. Barrette would have been put in a worse situation. The three Bone Thorns would chase after him like his shadows, making him unable to counterattack.

Anyway, even if Shi Yan had broken through to a new level, he was still a King G.o.d Realm warrior.

With a realm apart, the lower realm G.o.d Soul couldn't lock the Original Soul. He could only use Barrette's body that was visible to control the Bone Thorn after the target.

Shi Yan's pupils shrank. His face became harsh and ruthless. He had no emotion in his face now.

He switched his power Upanishad!

The magical power that could confine even s.p.a.ce was urged. From his hands, a wave of energy created by s.p.a.ce power flooded Barrette's sea of flames.

The ma.s.sive fireb.a.l.l.s and the dancing fire that sent furious flames into the sky halted when Shi Yan pointed at them.

Also at that moment, the giant starlight slashed down from the void. Billions of star dots showered over Barrette.

Boom Boom Boom!

Barrette's G.o.d Body sounded like exploding firecrackers. The star dots fell on him and pierced through his body like sharp weapons.

He felt pain all over his body. Barrette's soul altar struggled to free itself. His eyes contacted the scorching flames, triggering his stagnant G.o.d Domain. He faced the sky and roared indignantly. A dazzling fireball spurt out from his mouth.

That bright fireball carried Barrette's Original G.o.d Thought with the subtle comprehension of Fire Upanishad that he had acc.u.mulated for so many years. The fireball rolled, crushing the star dots. It brought an unimaginable firepower, colliding with the glorious starlight cl.u.s.ter.


The shockwave was like an avalanche. Dazzling beams of light shot quickly while the shockwave expanded. Earth and mountains around several hundred miles away were shaken. The ground seemed to bear so much pressure it popped and exploded continually.

Lava rolled from deep underground, congregating at the fireball. The blazing ball moved faster to attack Shi Yan's G.o.d Body.

The star that flew out of Shi Yan's nebula, which had his Soul Consciousness, burned.

The star floated quietly in the sea of fire. Shi Yan had lost his connection with it.

This blinding fireball seemed to be Barrette's strongest attack. With a closer look, people could see Barrette's soul inside that fireball with a virtual soul altar as its source of power. The fireball gathered and condensed the lava from underground. It moved with the intent domain that could burn down the entire world.

Shi Yan suddenly closed his eyes.

At the most critical moment, he looked calm as the aura around him suddenly decreased.

He stretched his arm. s.p.a.ce power shot out from his fingers. He tore s.p.a.ce forcefully.


The high sky was torn apart, making a one-thousand-meter s.p.a.ce crack. Five-colored light shot in that crack.

As the bright fireball was moving at breakneck speed, it couldn't be retrieved when facing Shi Yan's strike. It barged into the s.p.a.ce slit and disappeared.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

The terrifying explosions echoed in the sky. The void above people's head rippled with shockwaves. The entire sky turned into a red hue. It looked like the high sky was trying to restrain a beast. Strange phenomena happened in the sky. Flames scattered everywhere.

Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes, his soul altar swaying slightly.

The halted star seemed to trigger again. It shot out like a meteor, hitting Barrette in his chest. Barrette paled immediately.


Barrette felt like a ten-thousand-zhang-tall mountain had struck him. He was blown backward, crushing many mountain ranges, flying hundreds of miles before he could stop by another mountain range. The mountains then collapsed and buried him.

The s.p.a.ce slit above his head slowly closed. His thoughts flickered for the second time. The star spun, floating above his head as if it was his own star.

Swish Swish Swish!

The three Bone Thorns returned, hovering by him quietly. They still sparkled with the sharp s.p.a.ce light.

Shi Yan took a deep breath and calmly walked toward Barrette. His eyes showed no emotions as if he was Death routinely harvesting lives.

Several thousand pirates were petrified. They looked at him with great respect and said nothing.

Black Horn was anxious. He was worrying about Barrette. He instinctively gathered his energy, trying to interfere this battle.

"Stop it!"

All of a sudden, Feng Ke's shout came from a far distance away from them.

When his voice hadn't finished yet, a lightning strike crossed over. Feng Ke appeared in the void above Barrette. He solemnly looked at the collapsed mountain underneath.

Shi Yan came to this place, frowning and observing the ruins. He said coldly, "Get out."


A giant rock exploded. Barrette panted, his body red and his face ferocious. His chest and neck were bleeding.

"Shi Yan, don't hit him... Give me... Give me face," said Feng Ke in a low tone.

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