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When the name of Shi Yan was announced, warriors under Tuo Hai's and Monica's commands stirred restlessly. Male warriors felt annoyed while female warriors were curious.

In the eyes of many men, this brat came out from nowhere. He had come to the Dark Firmament Divine Nation because of Zi Yao's glamor. Although his relationship with Zi Yao was unclear, in the Purgatory Star, he had messed around with Feng Rao, Feng Ke's daughter. His deeds made people hate him.

Zi Yao's was famous in this world and she was known for her beauty. She was the greatest treasure that every man dreamed of, and the warriors of the Underworld League weren't an exception.

Feng Rao was also a famous beauty of the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Shi Yan's relationship with the two most beautiful women displeased many men.

However, in the eyes of those women, it was totally different. They respected the strong experts, especially the young and handsome ones. They couldn't control their hearts when they heard about such brilliant men.

Those women had a different perspective about the shady love triangle between Shi Yan, Zi Yao, and Feng Rao.

Even Zi Yao and Feng Rao, the ones with keen eyes, had feelings towards this man, This meant that he had something extraordinary!

Such were women's thoughts.

If I can conquer this man and make him kneel under me, wouldn't it be an indirect way of showing that I'm more charming that Zi Yao and Feng Rao?

In any case, Shi Yan was really excellent and good-looking... They've seen his competence... it was extreme indeed!

Thus, many mild ladies of the Underworld League, whether they were reserved, dignified, or elegantly hot, they were all interested in Shi Yan. They smiled, giggling and staring at Shi Yan.

Among them, the General Commander Monica had the greatest interest.

This bad woman always liked the young hotshots in the Raging Flame Star Area. She was enthusiastic about this trip because she also wanted to see how dangerous Shi Yan was. Now that she finally saw him, she couldn't hide her excitement.

"Good brother, you are Shi Yan? Good. I like people like you. Come here, come here. Come to your sister. If that old man Tuo Hai wants to deal with you, I won't let him do that!" Monica smiled charmingly. She forgot what she had just said, indicating that she wanted to stay on the opposite side of Tuo Hai. She was inexplicable indeed.

This woman was more famous for her mentality than her beauty. When she saw her masculine prey, she became strange and unreasonable. Sometimes, she would even destroy their big business.

Before Tuo Hai had come to the Land of G.o.d Punishment, his biggest concern was her mentality and her odd behaviors. He didn't think that she would burst out that fast. He grimaced and shouted, "Don't forget our purpose!"

"I didn't. The star map, right? This will not conflict. Our good little brother here knows that the star map is in Feng Ke's hands. He will help us." Monica's white hands waved at Shi Yan. She smiled, asking Shi Yan to come closer.

Shi Yan's face was cold. He stared at her but he didn't move. He was looking at Nita from a distance.

This alchemist from the Sixth Herbal Star had planted pellets inside his body, making him a human body cauldron. She was a cruel person. Of course, Shi Yan wouldn't forget this grudge.

Seeing her today, he had a thought.

Seeing that Shi Yan was not looking at Monica with her seducing and inviting bearings and looking at old grannie alchemist Nita instead, the others were baffled.

"Ah, he has styles. This kid has a special fetish!"

"Haha, he likes the old bones. Interesting, this is f*cking interesting!"

"Well, Nita's disgraceful behaviors make me sick. I didn't think that he likes this type. His taste... is a little heavy, isn't it?"

"Extremely heavy, indeed!"

". . ."

Many perverted warriors became excited, shouting a lot of vulgar comments.

Nita was shaking in anger. She almost vomited blood. "You fools! Shut up!"

What a pity. Neither her realm nor her status was high enough for her voice to make an impact here. Those people didn't care about her words and instead gave more rude comments. Nita was so angry she almost started to attack them.

Shi Yan, on the opposite side, didn't change his face. He looked at Nita distantly, giving a faint smile. "Long time no see."

"Do you think that you will get your revenge here? Master Tuo Hai has invited me. What do you think you can do?" Nita straightened her back under his cold scrutinizing eyes. She wanted to use Tuo Hai's name not to make herself look too frightened.

"Capture him," Tuo Hai snorted and looked at Monica. "You do it, or I will do it myself. This kid must be kept alive."

"Capture? No no no no! Too impolite. I want to talk to my good little brother. I think he has been affected by bad rumors. That's why he doesn't look at me. Let me talk to him. He'll figure it out." Monica flew charmingly and honestly. Her deep blue eyes were filled with her affection. A magical power Upanishad was triggered discreetly.

Slosh Slosh Slosh!

The sound of water splashing arose. A long river that looked like a silver, silky ribbon swept over from a far distance. Bi Tian appeared from the river. He shouted, "Monica, what are you doing?!"

Monica's ambiguous intent domain was destroyed when the man shouted. Shi Yan was restored from his perplexed condition a second time.

Recently, the Ice Cold Flame had used its cold energy but it couldn't wake him up.

Monica's magical intent domain seemed to be able to run directly into people's heart. Shi Yan couldn't control his consciousness. He just listened to her arrangement.

This is a rare mind power Upanishad!

Shi Yan suddenly understood. He then looked at Monica with fear in his eyes.

Mind power Upanishad was one of the countless powers Upanishad in earth and heaven. It was a very magical one that required more than just cultivation to get into the track. Normally, a warrior that could make Mind power Upanishad his main power and create the soul altar was innately talented. They were born with the gift of mind reading.

It was similar to Martial Spirit.

Only people with such gifted talent could cultivate the Mind power Upanishad and create the soul altar. With only their efforts, it was really hard to achieve great things on cultivating Mind Upanishad.

Monica was a gifted and talented individual in cultivating Mind Upanishad. Each of her words, or even her frowns or facial expressions, could affect people's mind and control them.

The moment Shi Yan had emerged from his chrysalis, she had used her Mind power Upanishad to erode Shi Yan's will. However, she was careless since she had underestimated him. When the Ice Cold Flame helped him out of his enchanted state, Monica noticed and she released her Mind power Upanishad.

She was at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm like Bi Tian. When she urged the power of the Mind Upanishad, the Ice Cold Flame couldn't do anything.

If Bi Tian didn't come in time to break her ambiguous power, Shi Yan wouldn't have woken himself up. He would have been dull and controlled and would have become her new fancy cougar cub.

Monica wasn't enraged when her intent domain was broken. Instead, she laughed cheerily. "Bi Tian dge, why are you here? What happened? Why are you in a rush? Is he your son-in-law?"

"Yeah, you're right. Shi Yan's my decided but not yet p.r.o.nounced son-in-law!" Bi Tian grinned when he admitted this. "As soon as he agrees, I will let my daughter marry him. I won't change my word!"

Hearing him, everybody else was stunned.

Many men jerked as if were hit at their Achilles' heel, screaming and yelling.

"Sir Bi Tian, who is that brat? How could he be eligible to marry Young Lady Bi Rou?"

"Absolutely not! Lady Bi Rou is a n.o.ble person. How could she marry a son-of-b.i.t.c.h who came from nowhere like him?"

"Master Bi Tian, are you kidding? I can't believe it!"

". . ."

Everybody expressed their objections.

Different from Zi Yao and Feng Rao, Bi Rou was a true beauty of the Underworld League. She had a huge fan base and countless flower guards. She was the beauty in the dreams of many young warriors in the Underworld League.

Zi Yao, Feng Rao, and Shi Yan had something related. They could endure that. But Bi Rou was the G.o.ddess of the Underworld League. They couldn't accept that she had to marry Shi Yan. This was naked vandalism to their fragile hearts!

However, it stirred up the girls of the Underworld League. They were now even more interested in Shi Yan. They started to discuss boisterously and stared at Shi Yan with hot eyes.

Some gathered their guts and threw him inviting eyes, trying to pose their charming and graceful figures.

This irritated people further. They hated that they couldn't tell Shi Yan off.

"Bi Tian dge, you're kidding, right?" Monica was startled, her face disbelieving.

Everybody knew how much Bi Tian loved his daughter. He cherished her like a treasure. How could he let Bi Rou marry a man of unknown origin?

That man even had some affairs with other women. He didn't have a good reputation here. Should Bi Tian sacrifice his daughter's life like that?

Monica didn't believe it.

Tuo Hai didn't believe it either. He darkened his face. "Bi Tian, what are you doing?"

"I'm dead serious. I'm not kidding. I have decided that Shi Yan is mine. He is my decided but not yet p.r.o.nounced son-in-law. You should stop calculating your chances with him. Otherwise, don't blame me when I turn my back on you all!" snorted Bi Tian.

Monica, Tuo Hai, and the other warriors discolored.

The three General Commanders of the Underworld League also had a secret ranking based on personal competence and forces. Bi Tian was the strongest. He lead the three General Commanders. Tuo Hai ranked behind him, and Monica was third.

In the Underworld League, Bi Tian's power and force were almost equal to the Hegemon. He was just under one person but above the tens of thousands else.

His resolution made Tuo Hai and Monica afraid. They became solemn and gloomy.

As Tuo Hai's and Monica's subordinates saw Bi Tian being serious about this, they didn't dare to discuss more.

It was only because Bi Tian was so strong! Much stronger than their leaders! Thus, even if they didn't want it, they could only press their hatred and resentment down.

"Congratulations! You've reached the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. You did it again. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it." Bi Tian turned around, looking at Shi Yan. He also couldn't hide his fear.

Listening to him, people were shaken again. They now knew that Shi Yan had reached another level from his Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm.

Shi Yan had only the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm several months ago when he battled Black Horn. Since people kept an eye on him, they all knew that.

At that moment, he was able to resist Black Horn at the Peak of King G.o.d Realm. And today, he was at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. Could he be able to resist the Original G.o.d Realm warriors?

People got frightened.

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