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More than ten several-hundred-meter-long battleships made of brown-gray stones appeared. They looked like mini meteorites that could move.

Warriors at relatively high realms stood in each battleship with anchors and some conical war chariots which looked like the shuttles.

Alchemist Nita appeared in this team. She was standing respectfully behind a lanky old man. This old man had long white hair draped over his shoulder. He was Tuo Hai, one of the three General Commanders of the Underworld League. He was as famous as Bi Tian.

A beautiful girl of the Sea Clan was giggling on another war chariot. Her black hair cascaded like a waterfall hanging loose on her plump rear end. Her beautiful, watery eyes had the color of the ocean, which could arouse people, and give them some wandering thoughts.

She was another General Commander of the Underworld League, Monica. She was the enchanting beauty famous in the entire Raging Flame Star Area. However, she had some bad habits.

Tuo Hai and Monica were the General Commanders of the Underworld League. However, their forces were a little weaker than Bi Tian's in the Underworld League. Anyway, they were the ones with important roles.

As a.s.signed by the Hegemon of the Underworld League, they came to the Land of G.o.d Punishment for the star map. When they gathered with Bi Tian, they realized that they must take the star map to expand the territory of the Underworld League.

However, as they were halfway to the Land of G.o.d Punishment, they found something strange in this area: a giant blood chrysalis.

Surging life energy fluctuated from the blood chrysalis. Under the starlight, it looked like a ma.s.sive garnet jewel, sparkling in blood-red hue. It looked terrifying somehow.

Tuo Hai and Monica stood in their battleships, looking at the garnet pupa from a distance, their faces solemn.

They could sense that a life was transforming inside the garnet chrysalis. However, with their realms and cultivation base, they couldn't see through that blood chrysalis to see its inside. As they didn't know who or what was in the chrysalis, they hesitated, thinking about what they should do.

The Land of G.o.d Punishment had many mysteries that no one could explain. Even Tuo Hai and Monica, the great valiant experts of the Underworld League, had to be cautious in this area.

Moreover, before they departed, they had received the news of an intimidating hermit staying in the Land of G.o.d Punishment who dared to kill Fan He's brother.

After that, they planned to never act recklessly.

"Tuo Hai, what do you think?" Monica giggled. Her voice seemed to have enchanting powers that aroused men who listened to her. They blushed, having a physiological reaction.

They were in the back area of the Land of G.o.d Punishment, while a furious war was occurring in the front. However, since it was a vast area, they couldn't feel the war on the other side.

"What do I think?" The slender white-headed old man frowned, "I don't want to waste my time. Kill him or just leave. You can sense the war ahead. The Land of G.o.d Punishment is about to go through great change. Do you want to stay here and wait for him to get out of that thing?"

"You're the big brother. I listen to you. We will do as we're told." Monica's slim eyebrows convulsed. She smiled with pa.s.sion in her eyes as if she was acting spoilt for her lover.

Warriors from different races in more than ten battleships became aroused, looking at her as though they hated that they couldn't swallow her up at once.

Each time she frowned or smiled, she released an endless charm that made her look like a ripe, succulent peach. She was magnificently attractive to men.

Moreover, she seemed to be good at seducing men. Each word of hers was so inviting that it made people crazy.

"You shouldn't use that posture!" Tuo Hai snorted, "I don't want to waste time. Send someone there to break that b.l.o.o.d.y thing. Let's see what is ahead."

He ordered a Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior behind him to storm into that area using an arm that didn't have flesh or blood. Instead, it only had transparent bones slashing at that blood chrysalis.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

Strange sounds arose in the void. White light flashed. His saber-like arm sent out a sharp energy blow.


The saber arm slashed on the blood chrysalis, releasing a blood halo. The chrysalis was shaken.

That Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior felt like a hammer pounded on his chest. The backlash from the blood chrysalis sent him backward. While he was still flying in the void, his chest burst open as his bones exploded.

A bloodthirsty, murderous aura shot out from the blood chrysalis together with the frightening energy fluctuation. It was the same amount of power as a First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm expert.

Tuo Hai and Monica were bewildered, frowning.

"Seems like that is a tough warrior then," Monica smiled charmingly, clapping her hands. "I like it. Interesting. The Land of G.o.d Punishment is really interesting indeed. Just a warrior that we randomly met on the way had such power. I think here, there is more fun than in the place we are supposed to go."

Tuo Hai's face was dark and gloomy. He looked like he was afraid of something. "How are you?" He looked at the warrior who had just returned.

"General Commander, that person is powerful and evil... I... I'm not his opponent," the man lowered his head, giving an embarra.s.sed smile.

"Send another one," Tuo Hai nodded, giving another order.

A Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm expert from the Demon Clan who cultivated Metal power Upanishad dashed out. A gold light like a ribbon shot out from both of his palms. The metal power struck at the red coc.o.o.n.


The blood light expanded, suppressing the gold light instantly. The Demon Clan expert couldn't resist that power with his Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. He fell like a kite having its line broken.

Tuo Hai discolored.

Monica stopped teasing, her beautiful eyes solemn.

Boom Boom Boom!

The strong rhythm of heartbeat could be heard from the giant blood chrysalis. Gradually, it was broken, turning into garnet dust and scattering.

Shi Yan's brawny, naked body was exposed. His entire body had a red hue that made him looked like a boiled shrimp. Each of his muscles was shivering. Blood Qi emitted with strong explosive power.

"Oh wow, a hunky man!" Monica was surprised, screaming. Her beautiful eyes twinkled as if she was really interested in this man. She smiled charmingly. "Hey, good brother, why did you cultivate here? What's your power Upanishad? It looks strange."

Monica didn't care about what the others thought, flying out of her battleship. The floaty red-orange silky ribbon hovered around her graceful body, giving her a natural charm of an attractive banshee.

"Oh f*ck! That shameless s.l.u.t!"

"Low woman!"

"She's ***!"

Many female warriors of Tuo Hai's team turned around, not even thinking about seeing Shi Yan. They gritted their teeth and cursed at Monica.

Monica wasn't afraid of them, still smiling like a spring breeze. She looked so excited. "Good brother, come to your sister. I will help you get dressed..."

Her voice suddenly became soft and low with immense pa.s.sion. She seemed to able to make people sink into her affection and fall under her feet.

Shi Yan looked charmed, his eyes hot for a short moment. All of a sudden, a cold current flooded his body. He woke up immediately. He was vigilant in taking out a blue warrior costume to wear.

"It's you!" Nita shouted hoa.r.s.ely.

"Who? Who is he?" Tuo Hai frowned, turning around to look at her, his face serious.

"Shi Yan, he's Shi Yan, the one who attended the Extreme Purgatory Field. He took the star map out of the Purgatory Star and handed it to Feng Ke!" Nita shouted in fear. She had a visible fright on her face.

Her impression of Shi Yan was deep, indeed.

In that year, after Bi Rou and Allard had taken Shi Yan from the Sixth Herbal Star, Zi Yao had rescued him not long after that. Allard and Bi Rou had to say sorry to her. From that day, Nita started to pay attention to Shi Yan.

After several years, she collected news of Shi Yan in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation through her channels. When she knew that Shi Yan's realm had been upgrading abnormally fast and that Shi Yan was Zi Yao's subordinate with excellent performances in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, she couldn't sleep or eat well.

Of course, she remembered what evil deed she had done on Shi Yan's body.

Shi Yan's intimidation scared her. She was afraid that Shi Yan would return to the Sixth Herbal Star to take her life as revenge.

When Tuo Hai invited her to the Land of G.o.d Punishment, she got more news of Shi Yan along the way. The more she knew, the more worried she got. She was afraid that Shi Yan would kill her shortly.

Unexpectedly, when they had arrived in the Land of G.o.d Punishment and hadn't yet stepped on the Heaven Punishment, she had encountered the person she didn't want to see most. Nita had a heavy headache. She hastened to say, "This man can't be recruited. Since he's with the pirates, he doesn't belong with the Dark Firmament Divine Nation's forces anymore. We can kill him! We must eradicate this danger!"

Her words exploded like firecrackers. Tuo Hai's and Monica's teams became boisterous. They looked at Shi Yan with fear.

Many female warriors in their teams, who favored the strong men, had their eyes twinkle. They started to observe him, without blinking.

Women like strong men, especially the young and famous ones. They were more attracted to such figures.

And Shi Yan wasn't an anonymous junior anymore. Because of the star map, his name had been echoed in the entire Raging Flame Star Area. His relationship with Feng Rao, his battle with Black Horn, and his performance in the Heaven Punishment just several days ago were spreading out everywhere, touching the hearts of countless women who worshipped the strong and young experts.

Seeing Shi Yan at this moment, although he could be their enemy, he still made those girls' hearts beat faster. They all paid attention to him.


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