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War chariots tore the sky and stormed through the immense starry sea like lightning.

Experts from the three big forces also released their powers, rocketing into the sky from the Heaven Punishment City. They diverged into four flows, chasing after pirates who were going into the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

Countless lightning strikes appeared in the vast sky. There were also saw flames, ice mines, and other dangerous objects. Beautiful wonders created by different G.o.d Domains bloomed in the starry sky of the Land of G.o.d Punishment. They colored a marvelous but dangerous picture.

b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo and Ka Fu sat in the tiger shark war chariots, mingling with the other pirates. They were a.s.signed there by Feng Ke and they headed toward a forbidden land outside the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

Flags of different pirate organizations flew in the starry sky. Battleships and war chariots whistled and roared like savage beasts that were swaggering in earth and heaven. They fired scorching light, flames, and smoke.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

The sibilant sounds of the swift-moving chariots pierced their ears. Ka Tuo and Ka Fu waited in silence, releasing their Soul Consciousness. They didn't dare to relax for even a moment, staying on guard.

"Watch out!"

Ka Tuo's pupils shrank. He shouted from the tiger shark war chariot, his face solemn.


The dazzling white light, shot from their battleships and war chariots, crossed the sky like meteors. A several-hundred-meter battleship was pierced through. Some King G.o.d Realm warriors who weren't vigilant enough were crushed like meatb.a.l.l.s.

Hiss Hiss!

The siren-like hissing didn't stop. More scorching white lights were shot over. They looked like shiny sharp swords, bombarding the several-hundred-meter battleship and making it look like a beehive. Many pirates died.

However, they weren't Ka Tuo's men.

"Where's Feng Ke?"

A low voice thundered in the middle of the pirate's war chariots and battleship. Bi Tian, the General Commander of the Underworld League, appeared with dozens of experts behind him. They released the G.o.d Domains, their auras ancient and strong.

While they were talking, sounds of water murmuring arose from Bi Tian's body. He threw both hands into the air, tearing something in the void. Two water dragons that were one thousand meters long were condensed. They faced the sky, roaring and storming towards the pirates to slaughter them.

The one-thousand-meter water dragons were condensed from ten thousand tons of water with tremendous power. Bi Tian used his soul to control them. While they turned their head and flagged their tail, they had crushed the shabby battleship into fragments.

"Ten Thousand Catties Water!"

Bi Tian shouted.

Water drops shot out from his ten fingers, each of them as heavy as ten thousand catties. A drop of this black water was like a small mountain.

Under Bi Tian's power, the black water drops turned into black water beads, rotating and sh.e.l.ling towards each war chariot.

The war chariots were made of quenched metals, which was really rigid. However, when the Ten Thousand Catties Water touched them, the chariots fragmented quickly. Some even exploded. The warriors staying inside the war chariots couldn't endure the energy carried by the water. They were pressed to death.

Bi Tian cultivated Water power Upanishad. When he broke through to the Original G.o.d Realm, he had a marvelous encounter, which gave him the ability to condense his energy and create a connection with some kind of water source in the immense star area. He used this water to create the Ten Thousand Catties Water.

The Ten Thousand Catties Water was created by his power Upanishad and his energy. It seemed like this black water was the mediator to guide some magical matter of the water. This matter was so heavy and firm that nothing could damage it. Such strange and yet powerful matter was the extraordinary feature of Bi Tian's water.

Each drop of the Ten Thousand Catties Water was tiny. However, it was as heavy as a mountain. Since he could use his G.o.d Soul to control them, the drops of water became an intimidating weapon, a.s.sisting him in bombarding his enemies to death.

Under his power, the black beads of the Ten Thousand Catties moved back and forth in the starry sky, barging into the battleship and war chariots. Those vehicles couldn't endure those drops for even a second. They all exploded.

Bi Rou, Allard, and the warriors under Bi Tian's command gathered and started to attack. The pirates panicked in chaos. Shortly after, they had killed dozens of pirates.

"So strong! This is the power at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm!" Ka Fu discolored suddenly. "We don't have any force to counterattack! Dge, what should we do?"

"Hide! We just need to hide in the forbidden land. After, we can flee from this dangerous situation!"

Ka Tuo's face was ferocious. Green vessels bulged under his skin like worms. While he didn't notice, his eyes had turned garnet.

Bi Tian's realm was much more profound and subtle than his. He had also comprehended some magnificent power of Water. Ka Tuo didn't think that he could use his power to resist the Ten Thousand Catties Water.

If he couldn't match his opponent, he could only run away. Seizing the chance when the situation was in chaos, Ka Tuo and Ka Fu whistled, signaling their team to hurry to get into a forbidden land.

Bi Tian's eyes were disdainful. He didn't catch those pirates as he moved to and fro between the fragments of the pirate's war chariots and battleship as if he was taking a walk in an empty park. He was moving quickly like a fish in water, giving people a feeling that he was swimming in the sea, maintaining a deep harmony with his Water power Upanishad.

Just like a fish wandering in the sea, Bi Tian sometimes extended his hand and shot a stream from his fingertip, blowing off a war chariot that stood in his way.

No one had the power to resist him along the way. Even when ten King G.o.d Realm warriors joined hands, they couldn't fight him. He killed them with ease.

However, the tiger shark war chariots, which weren't considered top-quality, often became the fish that escaped the net. Bi Tian didn't attack them.

A tiger shark war chariot was just ten meters away from him, but Bi Tian just ignored it.

None of the war chariots and battleships that Bi Tian had exploded had b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo's flag. It seemed like he wanted to let them survive...

Bi Rou and Allard followed Bi Tian. They were attacking the pirates that they could see. However, they avoided the tiger shark war chariots. No one knew if this was intentional or not. As long as they were pirates under Ka Tuo's commands, they could run away with ease.

"Dge, it seems like... we're all okay. Do you know Bi Tian?" Ka Fu poured more energy into the war chariot, changing the direction of his chariot and asking with surprise.

Ka Tuo didn't know head or tail, shaking his head. "No. How could I befriend a character like Bi Tian? Moreover, we're the enemy of the three big forces. Bi Tian hasn't shown mercy in treating me because I am a pirate. How could he know me?"

". . . Then it's strange. Did you see that? Our people are able to dodge their attacks easily. Are they so blind that they just simply don't see our pirates?" Ka Fu was suspicious.

"I don't know, neither," Ka Tuo didn't know the causes.

Slosh Slosh Slosh!

A transparent stream appeared in front of the two. A large amount of steam arose, hindering their visions even though they heard splashing.

The tiger shark war chariot sank into the stream as if it had fallen into a deep muddy puddle. The war chariot slowed down several times, slowing down from a tiger shark to a turtle. It became sluggish in this stream of water.

"Not good! They are going to capture us!" Ka Fu suddenly understood. He paled and screamed, "d.a.m.n it! They are trying to capture us to track down Feng Ke! I think they have some other plans!"

Ka Tuo's face darkened. He didn't say anything, but his blood-red eyes were twinkling as if he was weighing pros and cons. At the most critical moment, he was making up his mind.


A flow of water sparkled. The stream rippled, and Bi Tian's figure was created inside the water. He was smilingly looking at the two brothers, prying, "How are you guys related to Shi Yan?"

"Why do you ask?" Ka Tuo was surprised. He suddenly realized that his tiger shark war chariot was not the only one confined to this stream. His fellows' war chariots were also unable to be moved. They seemed to not be able to break the restraint of this river.

"You just need to answer me," Bi Tian frowned.

"We work for him." Ka Tuo's head worked fast. A light flashed and he came up to that answer.

Bi Tian's eyes twinkled. He contemplated for a while then waved his hands. "I'll give him face. You guys say h.e.l.lo to him for me. Okay, go. You can leave now."

The power confining them disappeared. That river diverged, releasing the tiger shark war chariots.

The sluggish war chariots roared and soared away. Ka Tuo and Ka Fu flew at max speed with their baffled face. They didn't know why Bi Tian let them go.

"Master, we can let them go but shouldn't we have asked them where to find Feng Ke before they left?" Allard approached him. He couldn't help but ask since he didn't know his boss's intentions.

"If you want to give someone favor, you have to do it completely. Or else, how can we show them how sincere we are?" Bi Tian smiled, speaking deliberately. "We don't need to worry about Feng Ke. He can't dodge us forever."

"They are pirates, but why do they work for Shi Yan?" Bi Rou's bold brows furrowed, asking all of a sudden. "We asked Ka Tuo to ambush Zi Yao that time. Did he join his operation too? Oh, if so, he's too cunning and wicked."

"If he wanted to deal with Zi Yao, she couldn't have survived in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. It's because of Shi Yan that Ka Tuo aborted the mission, I suppose," Bi Tian explained. Although he didn't see it with his own eyes, his a.s.sumption was correct. "Ka Tuo cultivates a special power Upanishad. I think... he will enter the Original G.o.d Realm soon. Once this man crosses that threshold, his achievement in the future would be tremendous! If Shi Yan has him as his subordinate, he would be like a tiger with a pair of wings! His bright future would be immeasurable."

Allard and Bi Rou were touched, listening to him. They apparently also considered this bright point.

A giant blood-red chrysalis was floating in a remote area outside the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

A group of warriors coming from the far star area diverged into two teams. They surrounded the blood pupa. Dozens of warriors in the battleships and war chariots were surprised, looking at the pupa as if they were trying to guess what stayed inside that giant pupa.

Those people included a certain person. This person was Nita, Master of the Sixth Herbal Star.

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