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Shi Yan's acupuncture points swelled while the vortexes inside him spun crazily, generating abundant negative moods.

He entered the Third Sky of Rampage uncontrollably. The Dead Upanishad was released, creating the G.o.d Domain. The thick blood sea appeared outside his G.o.d Domain.

The Blood Soul Sea, the magic power of the Dead Upanishad!

Shi Yan wore a cold face, walking slowly in silence.

On his way, any warriors standing near his G.o.d Domain became perplexed. Then, they acted as if they were under a deadly spell. They had lost their prior thoughts. Now, only the simple desire of slaughtering was in their minds.

Warriors inside the Dead Upanishad's Blood Soul Sea had negative moods flooding their Sea of Consciousness. Their soul altars shook anxiously while their minds were controlled.

Shortly after, those warriors started to kill each other, whether they were friend or enemy. They all fell into bedevilment. Only the thought of killing remained in their minds. They wanted to destroy everything, killing every creature.

The ma.s.sacre became fiercer because of Shi Yan. With his divine ability called the Blood Soul Sea, the battle became bloodier!

Shi Yan was numb as though he had no emotion at all. He looked like he was enjoying this b.l.o.o.d.y grand banquet.

Sauntering forward, Shi Yan didn't attack anyone or have any strange movement. His G.o.d Domain was instinctively released. The negative moods were like invisible robes tying down everybody come near him.

The crowd of warriors near him became dull and perplexed, seeing that they just acted by their most basic fighting instinct.

Naturally, more warriors fell. Under the Blood Soul Sea, they had lost their minds, slaughtering each other until one died.

When a soul altar escaped the G.o.d Body, Shi Yan would release his soul altar with the black hole to engulf it.

Shortly after, five soul altars disappeared into the black hole in Shi Yan's soul altar. His eyes became as red as blood.

Whenever a warrior died, the warrior's Essence Qi, which hadn't scattered into earth and heaven yet, would be absorbed into Shi Yan's acupuncture points.

Gradually, his acupuncture points felt more painful. He was shaking.

Trying to press down the annoyance in his G.o.d Body, Shi Yan still moved forward, wandering around the area where there were more battles. He was using a method which made him undetectable. His G.o.d Domain was getting more soul altars as more people dead.

The G.o.d Domain of the Dead Upanishad had the Soul Burial Ground on the outside, which could absorb the soul aura of living people. Shi Yan's vigorous G.o.d Body stayed inside. When the energy rolled into his body, his mind became calm and lucid. He didn't need to worry about falling into bedevilment.

And he walked like that around the Heaven Punishment City. Wherever he pa.s.sed by, the battles became wilder and fiercer.

This situation was too good for his development.

While Leona comprehended the Dark Upanishad to use the absolute darkness to shroud the entire Heaven Punishment City, Fei Lan was battling many experts on the other side. They drew away most of the attention. That was why n.o.body had noticed Shi Yan's stealthy and lethal deeds. Since Fei Lan was too intimidating, no one paid attention to Shi Yan.

He could wreak as much havoc as he pleased.

The battles continued. Eventually, however, they started to calm down.

On Fei Lan's side, the Original G.o.d Realm experts had to bear the loss. As they now knew it was hard to break that tough defense to attack Leona, they gradually ceased their attacks.

At the moment, it seemed like Leona had pa.s.sed the critical point of her fusion with the Heart of Darkness and understanding the Dark power Upanishad. She was able to control the situation now.

The absolute darkness that had shrouded the Heaven Punishment City was expanding, covering the whole Land of G.o.d Punishment.

When her progress came to the last phase, she could control that dark power, shrinking the darkness coverage towards her location.

After a while, a light appeared near the edge of the Heaven Punishment City. The light that was confined shined one last time.

Seeing this sign, people understood that Leona's comprehending progress was about to be complete.

After a while, an unknown soul energy fluctuation shot out furiously from Leona's location.

After a second, all the dark powers seemed to find the drain port, overflowing ma.s.sively into Leona's area. Then, the s.p.a.ce above that location twisted and the manor collapsed into the ground. Instantaneously, Leona's aura disappeared into thin air.

The absolute darkness that had covered the Heaven Punishment City for two hours vanished.

Light appeared again over the Heaven Punishment City.

At Leona's area, people were sitting on the ground. They looked distressed and pale. Many bodies were scattered around.

The ones who were still alive were the most intimidating existences of the Heaven Punishment City, which included Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, Jester, and Barrette. Surprisingly, Carthew, Li Yue Feng, Ao Gu Duo, and Bi Tian were also in this group. However, their situation was really terrible. Ao Gu Duo, Carthew, Bi Tian and Li Yue Feng had obviously been through fierce battles. They had blood all over their body.

Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, Barrette, and Jester were the local Original G.o.d Realm of the Heaven Punishment City, but their situation wasn't so good. They had to catch their breaths, their faces tired.

Ten miles away from them stood Ao Gera, Zi Yao, and Feng Rao, the juniors with lower realms. They stood on the ruins of the houses, looking at that area with fright.

The earth-shaking battle seemed to have settled. However, no one knew what happened in that battle or how fierce it was except for the ones who had joined it.

Zi Yao, Ao Gera, and Feng Rao were the first ones to arrive in this area. They could feel the energy impacts but they didn't know who was battling whom.

Due to the darkness shrouding, they could only use the Soul Consciousness to sense. However, the King G.o.d Realm Soul Consciousness would be affected, resulted in the damage to the soul. Thus, no one dared to take risks to go nearer.

Those who were at the Original G.o.d Realm gathered outside of Leona's stone room. They all partic.i.p.ated in this battle. However, none of them showed the happiness of a victory. They seemed to be damaged, standing or sitting with a grimace. No one knew what they were thinking.

Leona's garden wasn't large. It was around ten mu of land. At this moment, an abyss that they couldn't see the bottom appeared in the garden, giving people a wicked and strange feeling.

Around one hundred houses were crushed into nothingness. Dust hovered in the air that hadn't settled yet. At first glance, this area seemed to be ground. Everything was destroyed.

The Original G.o.d Realm experts stayed in ruins, looking at each other with hostility, saying nothing.

Standing outside the scene, Zi Yao, Feng Rao, Feng Xiao, Ao Gera, Yalan, and Tie Mu gawked in fear.

Several thousand warriors of the Heaven Punishment City gathered around the area of the Original G.o.d Realm experts, but no one dared to approach. They stood there, looking anxiously.

The eroding energy that had scared the entire Heaven Punishment City had disappeared. In the void, the exhausted fist-sized divine crystals turned white-gray. They were still floating and hadn't fallen down yet.

Those crystals had created a vague net with a thick mesh, enveloping ten miles. All the Original G.o.d Realm experts were standing inside the coverage of that stone net.

From ten miles outside, several thousand onlookers weren't included in the coverage of the big net. The hermit who had created the net seemed to aim at only the Original G.o.d Realm experts. Warriors who didn't cross the line wouldn't be affected.

However, the ones who dared to jump in all died, except for those at the Original G.o.d Realm.

Hundreds of corpses from different forces were the harsh evidence for this theory.

Everybody kept silent. Whether they were the experts at the Original G.o.d Realm or the onlookers at the King G.o.d Realm, they all had grimaced at the shattered aftermath of the battle. They felt bitter, their eyes worried.

No one knew whether that hermit had left or not.

Thus, since they couldn't see or sense that hermit's aura, none of them dared to act rashly.

Feng Ke, Li Yue Feng, and Ao Gu Duo didn't dare to jump into that deep abyss to find Leona, even though they were intimidating experts at the Original G.o.d Realm.

As Zi Yao, Feng Rao, Feng Xiao, and the others had only the King G.o.d Realm cultivation base, they didn't dare to intrude the ten-mile area to ask for their precursors or family members' situation. They just watched from a distance, waiting for something.

"He... must have left already, right?" Feng Ke sat on a pile of crushed stone. He talked uncertainly after a while.

Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette sat near him. They just beamed a forced smile and answered nothing.

"We... were treated differently. He didn't consider us his enemies. He just didn't want us to come near," Feng Ke contemplated for seconds then said, "We can confirm that he's a member of the Heaven Punishment City. As long as we, the local warriors, stay honest, he won't touch us." Pausing for a while, he continued, "Those who wanted to take advantages of the situation, of course, didn't receive a decent ending..."

While he was talking, he raked through the bodies scattering around, frowning.

"It's my luck that I survived this time as well," Barrette sighed, shaking his head. "Too powerful. Today, I finally know that we're too weak compared to the real experts."

While they were talking, Ao Gu Duo, Carthew, Li Yue Feng from the Li family, and Bi Tian from the Underworld League on the other side were looking at each other, furrowing their brows. They were trying to restore their aura while pondering.

Fei Lan didn't show mercy when attacking them. They were all wounded; their condition wasn't good.

"Look! Over there! Over there!" Suddenly, the noise arose from the onlookers outside.

More warriors turned around to look behind their back.

"Ah!" Feng Rao and Zi Yao turned around to look. They were shaken immediately with fear.

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