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The battle took place earlier than he had estimated!

As soon as his Soul Consciousness was released, he immediately felt a formidable energy fluctuation rocketing through the air from Leona's area.

An energy wave shook the mountain and cracked the ground. It was powerful as ten volcanoes erupting at the same time, bursting out grumblingly in the Heaven Punishment City. They could feel a terrible quake almost instantly.

A pale flame arose in the absolute darkness. It expanded over the entire city. Under that energy wave, all rules and principles of the mortal world seemed to be subdued.

The aura of this force could s.n.a.t.c.h away any creature's life. It shrouded the entire city, making every single warrior in the city fearful. They almost kneeled down.

All warriors in the city, regardless of their realms, realized that they were facing a character in the Heaven Punishment City who could even discolor the earth and sky. That erosive aura wanted to destroy everything else.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu paled. They knew the battle has begun. They were instinctively anxious.

"Senior... is that our precursor's power Upanishad?" Ka Tuo's voice slightly trembled. "It's frightening. That corroding power is very powerful. It seems like it could melt all kind of energy. My G.o.d. I have never thought the Heaven Punishment City has those with such incredible abilities."

Ka Fu was so scared that he couldn't talk. He finally understood why Shi Yan was so generous to her, asking him to give her ten thousand top-quality divine crystals.

When this thought popped up in his mind, he saw something dazzling floating up into the sky at Leona's shabby manor. He gawked, seeing what was happening.

They were the divine crystals he offered her himself!

The crystal clear divine crystals glowed gloriously like bright stars. They lined up, arranging neatly in the sky of the Heaven Punishment City and spinning continually. The energy inside the divine crystals was all taken. The ear-piercing whistle and hissing resounded from the crystals as their energy was stirred up, falling like rainfall.

The divine crystal stored thick earth and heaven energy. The quant.i.ty of energy in a crystal could be compared to the amount of Essence Qi in the body of a Third or a Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior.

However, it was hard to release the energy inside the divine crystal at once, let alone use it to attack in a battle. Even the strong experts couldn't use the energy all at once. They had to absorb the energy little by little and blend it into their body.

n.o.body knew that the divine crystal could be used this way. The divine crystals were triggered then arrayed into a natural, magical formation, creating an unpredictable movement of energy.

More than ten thousand divine crystals bigger than raindrops fell and turned in the sky like blazing white meteors. The dark energy didn't affect them. From time to time, the crystals collided with each other, sending radiant sparks into the air.

A divine crystal could provide the energy of a King G.o.d Realm warrior. When more than ten thousand pieces fell altogether, it was equal to more than ten thousand King G.o.d Realm warriors attacking at once with all of their best powers.

Shortly after, the explosions reverberated in the Heaven Punishment City densely. Most of them came from Leona's manor. It seemed like all the experts had been affected, and they were trying their best to resist.

Giant hands appeared in the void of the Heaven Punishment City, which looked more like the hand seal of the Death. It slowly pressed down, s.n.a.t.c.hing over the silhouettes there.

Each hand was eccentrically pale and wielded corroding power. White mist hovered, sending shivers down people's spines and rising the hair on their nape. When the hands pressed down, the divine crystals exploded, contributing the energy into that giant pallid hand and strengthening the corroding power.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Just like a terrible earthquake, horrifying explosions echoed in an area of the Heaven Punishment City. The shockwaves expanded, turning houses into debris.

Not long after that, they could hear the miserable screams and whines in the loud explosions. It seemed like many people were subdued under those pale hands. They couldn't even move.

The noisy commotions of the Heaven Punishment City oddly quieted down all of a sudden.

No sound was made in the darkness. No one knew why the energy commotions in Leona's area halted.

It seemed like the Original G.o.d Realm warriors who came to this area had been pushed to the ground by the pale hands. Their powers were restrained so they couldn't use their powers Upanishad to counterattack. They could only try their best to resist the erosive power. Basically, they couldn't affect Leona.

After a while, screams and yells arose from another section of the Heaven Punishment City.

Dozens of thousands of warriors with different realms in the city had been alerted to the earth-shattering battle. Instinctively, they dashed in the dark and approached the area. They screamed and yelled to show the others their locations.

Contemplating for a while, Shi Yan said all of a sudden, "We should go there and check."

Ka Tuo nodded, agreed with him immediately. "Yes. We should go and see what's happening."

It was hard to observe the encounters between the Original G.o.d Realm warriors. As this battle gathered so many Original G.o.d Realm experts, it was a rare chance to watch a formidable battle scene. If they missed it, they would regret it for the rest of their life.

If they could watch the battle between the Original G.o.d Realm warriors to learn their techniques and the way they use their powers, it would benefit the low-realm warriors in comprehending their realm later. Perhaps, they could have a chance to break the restraint and enter the new realm.

This is the reason why even though they knew it was very dangerous, they wanted to still go and see.

They wanted to see the tremendous details of this battle. They wanted to see how the strong experts control their powers, and to which level the unimaginable intimidation of those experts had reached.

Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, Ka Fu and many other warriors congregated at that area through the darkness. That area had the brilliant divine crystals marked the location in the sky. This battlefield was obvious. They didn't need to worry about not finding it.

As they couldn't see each other, they could only release the Soul Consciousness to sense. Instantly, the Soul Consciousness created a mess in the Heaven Punishment City. Different power cla.s.ses Soul Consciousness collided and scattered. Sometimes, they created a tremendous soul collision, leading to a soul attack.

The Heaven Punishment City had just been quiet for a moment but now it fell into an even louder bustle. Warriors living in the city often had a lot of enemies. Once they sensed the Soul Consciousness of the opponent, they would immediately attack in the dark.

Today, the Heaven Punishment City's warriors were fighting each other. The rule of fighting prohibited in the city was temporarily broken. Many people had seized the chance and killed the ones they didn't like. More and more battles took place in the city. Screams, yells, grunts, hisses, whine, and bloodthirsty roared sounded at the same time.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

A series of terrifying quakes sent out from the center of the battle. The earth-shattering shockwaves created the exaggerated scene of the day the earth explodes.

Rocks, big trees, and other miscellaneous debris were sent into the air with frightening energy. Many warriors, who just came, got hit before they could steady their body. Their G.o.d Body exploded instantly.

When their realms and energy weren't enough, taking risks and jumping into the center of the battle resulted in soul-shattering consequences.

On the way to the battle, Shi Yan found many corpses along his way, and he could even see the soul altar fleeing away from the Heaven Punishment City.

His eyes brightened.

The Blood Vein Ring's reminder echoed in his mind. The thought of devouring the soul altar appeared uncontrollably in his head and he couldn't ease it off.

Hesitating for a while, Shi Yan quietly detached from Ka Tuo and Ka Fu. He concealed his aura and hid in a corner. He triggered his soul altar, making the black hole section emerge. In this absolute darkness, the black hole wasn't really distinctive. n.o.body could find it.

A soul altar flew out from its smashed G.o.d Body. It flashed then disappeared into the darkness, flying out of the Heaven Punishment City.

However, at this moment, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness had locked it. His mind flickered and the black hole in his soul altar immediately released a powerful suction force.

The flying soul altar was stopped and bound by an invisible rope. It was pulled toward Shi Yan's black hole.

Souls couldn't scream or yell. They could only send the soul thought. However, under the suction force created by the black hole in Shi Yan's soul altar, that person couldn't even generate a thought. While no one was watching, that soul altar was devoured.

A cool, refreshed feeling flooded his Sea of Consciousness and the soul altar. The blood mark on his G.o.d Soul glowed brilliantly as if it had just received a marvelous supplement.

At the same time, the Essence Qi from many G.o.d Bodies of the dead warriors flew out. However, it didn't disperse. It streamed into Shi Yan's acupuncture points, making the vortexes inside spinning crazily.

In this darkness, the Heaven Punishment City didn't have only the battle at Leona's manor. Warriors were fighting against each other in small alleys of the city. Whenever they sensed their enemy's Soul Consciousness, they would attack immediately. People continued to die.

Warriors staying in the Heaven Punishment City had at least the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base while the King G.o.d Realm warriors made up a large portion of the city's population. When Shi Yan spotted a dead warrior, he was like the ferocious beast inhaling the fresh scent of blood. He would sneakily use the black hole in his soul altar to wolf down the other's soul altar. At the same time, his acupuncture points would take in the Essence Qi of the dead.

When he targeted a killed warrior, he would absorb the energy of the dead body and soul before they scattered.

The Heaven Punishment City was now unbearably chaotic. Warriors died unceasingly. At this moment, Shi Yan was the one receiving the greatest benefit. He wandered around the city like a savage beast devouring the Essence Qi and soul energy of the dead experts.

He didn't spend any bit of his energy or join any battle, but he became the person to continue to gain. He kept walking and absorbing energy.

Gradually, his acupuncture points enlarged. The negative energy was torrentially surging in his acupuncture points. The vortexes were revolving to filter and refine the energy. Each of his acupuncture points was shaking, sending unstable ripples.

Some strange but marvelous change had quietly happened while he didn't notice.

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