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"He died just like that?" Carthew was frightened, his face changed slightly.

He was also at the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm like Fan Ye. Fan Ye was killed in the Heaven Punishment City. If he was careless, his soul would perish, too.

"Yeah, he's dead. He was killed in the Heaven Punishment City. I got the intelligence from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce," Ao Gu Duo nodded, confirming the news. "Fan He is enraged. He has departed alone from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, heading to the Heaven Punishment City. He wants to take revenge for his brother. Hotshots of the Fan family will arrive shortly. The Heaven Punishment City will be active when that happens."

Pausing for a while, Ao Gu Duo continued, "We're now sure that the Heaven Punishment City does have an intimidating existence. That person is watching over the order of the city. Anybody who dares to fight will be punished strictly. I don't dare to let such a powerful expert lay his eyes on me. If we want to plot the star map, we have to wait until Feng Ke has left the Land of G.o.d Punishment."

Carthew and Zi Yao darkened their face.

"Where's Leona? If I count correctly, she should have been here before my arrival. Didn't she contact you guys?" asked Ao Gu Duo curiously.

Carthew and Zi Yao shook their head, indicating that they hadn't met the Commander of the b.l.o.o.d.y Legion yet.

"I'm sure she's in the city already," Ao Gu Duo darkened his face. "Let me see where she is now."

Ao Gu Duo released his Soul Consciousness. The sky of the Heaven Punishment City now seemed to have his eyes looking for Leona's aura.

Ao Gu Duo and Leona were archenemies. They had been competing fiercely for many years. He was very familiar with Leona's aura. And his realm wasn't lower than Leona. That's why he had the confidence to say so.

However, not long after he had released his Soul Consciousness, and he hadn't search carefully enough, he found a tremendous energy fluctuation emitting from a corner of the Heaven Punishment City.

A dark halo expanded from that area. Wherever that halo pa.s.sed by, darkness fell, shrouding everything.

Energy fluctuations or any other movements became unclear inside that dark light curtain. The Soul Consciousness couldn't sense anything, either.

Ao Gu Duo was shaken. He gathered himself immediately.

"It's Leona!" Carthew cried in fear.

That wave of energy was too powerful. Not only Ao Gu Duo but also Carthew could feel it. "She's in the Heaven Punishment City, indeed!"

"Go get her! d.a.m.n it! Such tremendous dark energy fluctuations will alert all Original G.o.d Realm warriors! Big trouble!" Ao Gu Duo grimaced, getting infuriated. "Once she's exposed, they will know we're here. We can't sneak in anymore."

Carthew and Zi Yao didn't say anything. They just flew after Ao Gu Duo. They headed to the area where dark energy fluctuated strangely and visibly.

At the same time.

Some Original G.o.d Realm experts in the Heaven Punishment City were scattered in different areas. All felt that the dark power had engulfed them. Having a little hesitation, they then dashed toward that area.

They were Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, Barrette, Jester, the Master of the Li family, Li Yue Feng, and Bi Tian, the Commander of the Underworld League. The high existence at the Original G.o.d Realm had confirmed Leona's ident.i.ty immediately when they sensed that aura.

Leona was infamous in the Raging Flame Star Area. The dark power was her flagship. As soon as they saw it, they immediately knew who was the maker of this commotion.

Pirates of the Heaven Punishment City hated the members of the three big forces. Leona was the best executioner of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Of course, they would hate her the most.

Especially since the dark energy rippled this time differently somehow. It was stable as if Leona was at the critical moment of her subtle power comprehension.

If they could take this chance to attack Leona, she wouldn't be able to use all of her power. It was possible that they could kill her this time.

Everybody was excited, accelerating towards her location.

It was because of the darkness that they couldn't see their own fingers.

Leona was shrouded in the darkness that was more like black ink. A flow of terrifying dark energy was released, sweeping everywhere.

Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, and his brother couldn't see each other or Leona's figure. They were all shrouded in the absolute darkness.

However, they could feel that Leona's location very clearly. She was like a ma.s.sive dark sun appearing in their Sea of Consciousness, which was emitting earth-shaking energy fluctuations.

Darkness expanded, reaching every direction. After a couple minute, the entire Heaven Punishment City, an area of tens of thousands of square miles, was covered by the dark!

The entire Heaven Punishment City was sunk into absolute darkness, darkness so black that people couldn't see their own fingers!

The warriors couldn't see each other. They could only use their souls to sense.

No matter what crystal or energy source was used, once a beam of light sparkled, the darkness would swallow it immediately. It seemed that dark power didn't want to let any beam of light appear.

"She... She's comprehending her Dark power Upanishad!" Ka Fu's voice trembled in the dark. "We are near her. Should something unexpected happen to us?"

Although they couldn't see each other, their verbal communication wasn't restrained. They could also use the Soul Consciousness to locate the others.

"What are you worried about?" Shi Yan snorted. "If she wanted to kill you, you would be dead now. Don't talk nonsense."

"I'm afraid that her power couldn't be controlled well, and while she's comprehending her power, she forgets about our existence. With her realm and power, as soon as she urges her energy, we will die immediately. I'm afraid that she would kill us accidentally." Ka Fu was anxious in the dark. His voice even trembled.

Leona was notorious, indeed. She was famous for her bloodthirsty instinct. Ka Fu was scared of her. Today, she was revealing her earth-shattering energy. Of course, this man got more frightened.

"No, she could control the dark power easily. At her realm, she wouldn't fall into such an unconscious condition." Although Ka Tuo wasn't so confident, he still tried to comfort his brother.

"Some experts are coming!" Shi Yan bawled.

Ka Tuo could also feel it. "Not only one! Oh, f*ck! It seems like all the Original G.o.d Realm experts in the Heaven Punishment City are coming! We got big trouble this time!"

"What should we do?" Ka Fu wanted to cry. "She's the regimental commander of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the top executioner. If Feng Ke knows we're here with her, I'm afraid that we won't be able to stay in the Heaven Punishment City anymore. If they accuse us of cooperating with the enemy, our career will be destroyed shortly!"

Ka Tuo was frowning. He stayed quiet as he couldn't think of anything to calm his brother down.

"She's learning the Dark Upanishad. We can't say anything now... If someone disturbs her now, it will affect her progress in advancing her Upanishad," said Shi Yan. Pondering, he continued, "We should... try our best to protect her. No matter what happens in the future, we're on the same side. We should help each other."

"Senior, I also want to help her. But the three of us aren't a match for Barrette alone. People who are heading here are all the Original G.o.d Realm experts of the Heaven Punishment City. I think even the outsiders! How can we help her? You tell me!" Ka Tuo couldn't help but yell.

Listening to him, Shi Yan fell into silence.

Yes, it's true. How could they help her? How could they resist the incoming forces? Depend on them, the three King G.o.d Realm warriors?

He suddenly had a headache as he felt so helpless.

It was because of their low realm and insufficient energy. If he could have Leona's competence, he could stay outside and resist the enemy to give her time. However, he was just a small warrior at the King G.o.d Realm. Facing so many Original G.o.d Realm experts, what could he do?

While the three of them had no solution, a hoa.r.s.e voice arose in the dark room. "That d.a.m.n girl knows I won't just stand and stare. That's why she dares act recklessly like that."

The voice stopped. The only dark halo that wasn't affected by the darkness appeared clearly, illuminating this chamber. Fei Lan didn't stand in the dark anymore.

"Pre...Precursor!" Ka Tuo was shaken. He got emotional, kneeling down and pounding his head on the ground. "Thank you for caring about me those recent years. Ka Tuo will never forget your favors during the rest of my life!"

Fei Lan snorted. "You don't need to thank me. I just did it because of the mark on your forehead. Otherwise, I wouldn't have cared about your death or life." Pausing for a while, she looked at Shi Yan. "You're not bad. You didn't ignore it but try your best to help when the dangers come."

Shi Yan felt embarra.s.sed. "My realm and powers are too low. Although I want to help, I can not do much. I was just talking. If they come, I will be their target soon."

"It's enough that you have this thought," Fei Lan nodded, talking faintly. "You three are standing in the way. Your staying here will just distract the others. You should leave."

A tender flow of energy bound the three of them, directly bringing them away from this house. They were thrown away in the dark, unknowing of their destination.

After they landed, they couldn't sense Leona's existence anymore, which meant that they were brought too far away from that area.

"Brother, it was her. It was really her!" Ka Tuo was still flooded with emotions. "She admitted it. She admitted that she has always taken care of me. She's saved me several times. For my whole life, I have never been taken care that way." He was so touched.

Because, for his whole life, he had always struggled near the Death. He had never had anyone treated him with care. Once he knew her, the grat.i.tude overflowed, flooding his heart.

Shi Yan believed that after this encounter, no matter how strong Ka Tuo could become in the future, he would never forget Fei Lan's favor. Even if Fei Lan asked him to die, he probably wouldn't hesitate to fulfill her order.

Although this man was fiery and brutal, once he appreciated someone, he carved his grat.i.tude to the heart. He would treasure that favor for the rest of his life.

"Yeah," Shi Yan replied, closing his eyes to release his Soul Consciousness. It was added to s.p.a.ce power. He wanted to see the commotion inside the Heaven Punishment City where absolute darkness shrouded it.

He knew that a battle that could shake the entire Raging Flame Star Area would take place shortly. He was so excited, looking forward to it.

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