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A decrepit, shabby manor ten thousand miles Southwest of Ka Fu's shop.

Shi Yan's group of three sneakily arrived in this place.

As soon as they arrived, the stone gate of the manor silently opened. The yard inside had some withered ancient trees. The ambiance here was tranquil and heavy. There were no energy fluctuations. Some stone buildings were built in the deep place inside the garden.

Shi Yan just walked forward and didn't even frown. Ka Tuo and Ka Fu exchanged looks, saying nothing while quietly following Shi Yan.

After they got into the garden, the stone gate closed automatically. The sole stone door of a stone house in the manor opened inaudibly.

Shi Yan's group walked in one after another.

The stone house didn't have a window. After the three of them walked through the door, it closed. They found themselves emerged in complete darkness. It was so dark that they couldn't see their own fingers.

A gloomy light appeared little by little by the stone wall. A black figure was sitting neatly on a platform. She lifted her black veiled hat, exposing her savage scarred face.

At first glance, Ka Tuo and Ka Fu felt their legs shivering. Their faces grimaced shortly.

They knew this face!

The most ruthless woman in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the regimental commander of the b.l.o.o.d.y Legion who topped the five great feudal va.s.sals in the Raging Flame Star Area. This woman's b.l.o.o.d.y hands had killed so many people.

Any enemy of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation would have paled fearfully facing her. Ka Tuo and Ka Fu weren't exceptions.

Shi Yan slightly bent his body, his face faint. "Greetings, Madame Leona. I was wondering what you summoned me for."

Leona sat on the high platform. Her dark green eyes were gloomy, reflecting no mood. She just looked at him and said nothing.

Although she didn't say anything, an invisible pressure had pressed down on the other three. They felt annoyed as if they couldn't hold their lives in this place. It was much more frightening than facing Barrette and Black Horn.

After a long moment, Leona spoke slowly, "You took the star map from the Purgatory Star?"

Shi Yan was surprised, but he didn't deny it. "Yeah, I brought it out."

". . . It was G.o.d's will," mumbled Leona. She kept silent for a while as though she had immersed in her memory. "Did you know who saved you twice?"

"I do," Shi Yan nodded honestly.

"Do you know why she has saved you?" asked Leona.

Pondering for a while, Shi Yan peeked at b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo and Ka Fu. He said uncertainly, "Is it related to my mark?"

"You're smart. Your fortune is good too. You've found her not long after you've arrived in the Heaven Punishment City. Your fate is good. That is why you got the inheritance." Leona nodded, throwing a look at b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo. She snarled, "Ka Tuo, show your mark to me."

"What mark?" Ka Tuo was bewildered.

Shi Yan smiled, pointing at his forehead.

Ka Tuo got it. He immediately urged his energy to circulate the Chaotic G.o.d Domain. His eyes turned garnet, and the dim mark on his forehead slowly appeared. It showed the five blood clouds.

"Oh right. No wonder why you were able to sense danger and quickly change it to safe situations several times. " Leona's eyes brightened up as she muttered.

"Turning danger into safe situations several times?" b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was astounded. After a while, he was stirred up. "Is it... Is it..."

Staying in the Land of G.o.d Punishment for years, he had been besieged several times. His soul had almost been destroyed. However, from time to time, his enemies would fail to generate energy randomly as though they had made mistakes in their cultivation. They wouldn't be able to release their energy and their only consequence was to be killed by Ka Tuo.

Thanks to those lucky moments, he had harvested a lot and become famous among the pirates. Gradually, he had established his own organization.

Since then, Ka Tuo had doubted the possibility of someone helping him. He couldn't have been so lucky. Every time he fell into an inescapable situation, his enemy would make a fatal mistake. He thought that G.o.d favored him and didn't want him to die yet.

However, listening to Leona, he finally understood.

It was not the Mighty G.o.d who had helped him. Somebody else had saved him many times.

"Shi Yan told you to give away ten thousand divine crystals. Wasn't that worth it for you? Is your life not worth more than ten thousand divine crystals?" Leona wore a mocking countenance. "Did you really think that your fate was that good?"

Ka Tuo's brawny body shivered as grat.i.tude arose in his heart, his eyes watery. He said dully, "So... she has saved me many times... I'm so dumb to have not figured it out..."

Ka Fu gawked. He suddenly realized that something extraordinary had happened to his brother, which he didn't know.

Also, he now knew that his brother had almost died many times. Someone had saved his life, which helped him survive and gain today's position.

That person was Fei Lan.

"If you didn't have the mark and she didn't know about your mark, you would have been dead already," said Leona faintly.

"I got it. I finally got it. Thanks for telling me all of this," Ka Tuo was so grateful. He bowed respectfully with tears falling from his eyes.

No one understood his labor and effort for many years. From the point of view of an anonymous warrior in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, he had suffered so many adversities, which Ka Fu, his blood brother, didn't even know about.

Ka Tuo understood that it was not easy for him to have today's attainment. He always thanked G.o.d for taking care of him that he could survive stubbornly for so many times.

However, until today, he finally knew that he had a pair of eyes watching over him and taking care of him. The feeling of having someone protecting him was something he had never had for his entire life.

All of a sudden, someone woke him up from his perplexed life. Ka Tuo's feelings couldn't be expressed once with words.

"Do you know why you stayed alive after breaking my battleship? Do you know why I had to protect you when Ao Gu Duo wanted to kill you?" Leona's line of sight shifted to Shi Yan.

"I know why" Shi Yan chuckled. "At the moment I saw you use your power Upanishad, I suspected a little of it. Thank you." He bowed to show his grat.i.tude.

"Eh?" Leona was surprised. Her eyebrows twitched. "How come you got it that fast? What did you depend on?"

"I've seen your Dark power Upanishad," explained Shi Yan.

Leona's eyes brightened, but she didn't say anything, waiting for his explanation.

"I met a War Devil in the Grace Mainland. It's a black iron puppet. As far as I've known, it's the dark clone of Lao Luo. I think... your Dark power Upanishad is somehow related to it?" Shi Yan tried to ask for more information.

"Lao Luo?" Leona shook her head. It seemed like she didn't know this person. "I've never heard about him before. Does he also cultivate Dark power Upanishad?"

"True. The same power," Shi Yan was astounded. "If you don't know Lao Luo, how are you able to also comprehend Dark Upanishad? It doesn't seem right..."

Then, his mind flickered, releasing the War Devil from the Blood Vein Ring.

It's been a long time since his last use of the black puppet. The War Devil's power was limited. Even if it used all of the power, it could use the energy of the Peak of Spirit Realm. Compared to Shi Yan at the moment, it was trivial. That's why he had forgotten the puppet.

Leona's eyes sparkled. Her dark power moved. She landed by the War Devil, her face excited. "The Heart of Darkness. Oh my, this puppet has the Heart of Darkness! I know it. I know the reason!"

While talking, her soul altar spun, releasing a magical suction force.

The Heart of Darkness inlaid on War Devil's chest turned into a dark light cl.u.s.ter, flying towards Leona. In just a blink, it disappeared into Leona's body as though it had become a part of her.

A gust of dark and wicked aura shot out from Leona. She didn't say anything while she sat down, closing her eyes. She seemed to try to fuse the Heart of Darkness, her visage stern.

After the Heart of Darkness detached from the iron puppet, it collapsed grumblingly, turning into fragments on the floor. There was no beam of energy remained.

The War Devil was totally broken.

Leona was excited. She closed her eyes to feel, smiling as she was stirred up.

"Brother, it seems that she's taking in the Upanishad Inheritance, just like I did before," said Ka Tuo gingerly.

Shi Yan nodded as he also saw the clues. The Heart of Darkness looked crucial to Leona, a warrior cultivating Dark power Upanishad. It seemed to contain the mysteries of the Inheritance, which was like the star nucleus in his case.

At this moment, Leona was fusing the Heart of Darkness into her body and making it part of her like what Shi Yan had done with the star nucleus. "What's going on?" Ka Fu was bewildered. He thought that what happened today was very mysterious and yet exciting. It made him baffled. He started to wonder if all that he'd seen today was just a dream.

". . . Oh, I don't know. You have to ask my senior." Ka Tuo also wanted to know, looking at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's face was odd. He didn't understand clearly either. It seems that there was a line that connects everybody together. But Shi Yan couldn't explain Ka Tuo and his brother. He hesitated for a while then said, "Don't rush. Wait until Madame Leona wakes up, we will ask her."

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu were surprised, but they didn't ask more. All then looked at Leona quietly, waiting for her to complete her fusion with the Heart of Darkness.

Gradually, a dim mark enlarged and became clearer on Leona's glabella.

Five blood clouds.

It was exactly the same as Ka Tuo's mark and the mark on the small shield in Fei Lan's shop.

Ka Tuo was shaken, pointing at Leona's forehead with fright. "That... that mark..."

"Yes, that mark, I know it." Shi Yan had doubted it before. As soon as he saw the mark on Leona's forehead, he confirmed what he was thinking. Shi Yan beamed a smile.

"We all have that mark, right? Brother, do you have that mark, too?" Ka Tuo was astounded, shouting.

"It's true. I got one," Shi Yan nodded. "Anyway, your mark appears on your G.o.d Body's forehead, and my mark is in my G.o.d Soul's center. This is the only difference."

Ka Tuo was perplexed.

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