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Fan Ye's corpse was nothing out of the ordinary. He laid silently in the cold stone coffin. His soul altar remained perished. His life aura had vanished.

Li Yue Feng, the Master of the Li family from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, shouted. He looked pale as he retreated as if a strong, invisible force had hit him. He looked truly frightened.

The wrist of the arm he had used to touch Fan Ye's body was shaking. His five fingers lost all color while his fingernails dissolved at a speed that naked eyes couldn't observe. Then, the dissolution expanded to the back of his fingers. It seemed like it was going to melt his entire hand.

Li Yue Feng took a deep breath. Under the scrutinizing looks of many warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, he sat down on the ground and closed his eyes, urging the energy within his body.

Gold beams suddenly emitted from his fingertips. The sharp air swirled around his fingers trying to resist the evil, erosive force. After a while, he finally eradicated the energy that was intruding into his fingers.

He was pale, but the others weren't sure if it was because he had consumed a lot of his energy or if it was because he was so frightened.

The other warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce dully looked at him. No one dared to utter a word as they were all very nervous.

That strange and wicked energy had seeped into Fan Ye's body several days ago. It had made him return lucidly before taking his life and destroying his soul altar during the night. It had totally destroyed him.

Although it has been several days, that energy had not dispersed yet. Li Yue Feng tried to investigate with his Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm and he was attacked by that strange energy. This power was unpredictable and unreasonably strong.

The others secretly thought that they were lucky. They felt lucky that because their realm was low, they didn't have to use their Soul Consciousness or energy to look into Fan Ye's death like Li Yue Feng had done.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be standing here unharmed like this. Without a strong power and a profound realm like Li Yue Feng's, if they sensed the corpse rashly, their G.o.d Soul would also perish.

"So strong!" After a while, Li Yue Feng pulled himself together. Color returned to his face. He took a deep breath, his face stern. "What happened to him? Any information? Who attacked him?"

Everybody remained quiet, shaking their heads.

"Master Li, what realm does the attacker have? What kind of power Upanishad does this one possess?" asked a warrior gingerly.

"I'm sure that the attacker's realm is higher than mine. About the power Upanishad, I haven't seen it before. That erosive ability is very frightening. If we couldn't examine Fan Ye, we would have never known his condition." Li Yue Feng wagged his arm. A gold air emitted from his fingertip. He rose his hand and cut. A soft 'swish' sound was head and Fan Ye's chest was cut open.

The Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's warriors took one step forward to look at the cut in Fan Ye's chest.

Inside Fan Ye's chest was an area of b.l.o.o.d.y paste. His internal organs and rib cage were dissolved. With a closer look, they found that Fan Ye's G.o.d Body now was just a like a skin bag containing the b.l.o.o.d.y paste.

At this moment, Fan Ye looked like a rubber ball with some strange b.l.o.o.d.y pulp. Inside the rubber ball, his flesh, bones and internal organs had been dissolved into that scary, b.l.o.o.d.y paste. His body had been destroyed entirely, which gave him no chance to recover.

Everybody paled immediately. They were so scared of the cruel energy of the attacker. They felt anxious, thinking that their operation in the Land of G.o.d Punishment was too reckless this time.

"Except for the Li family's warriors, the others should leave. We have something to discuss now," shouted Li Yue Feng after pondering for a while, his face solemn.

More than half of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's warriors bent their bodies to excuse themselves, all having grimaced expressions.

The ones who stayed were Li's warriors. They kept silent, looking at the open cut on Fan Ye's corpse.

A white-headed old man at the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm twitched. Fear appeared deep in his eyes as he muttered, "Looks exactly the same."

"You know about this?" Li Yue Feng sighed then forced a smile.

Li Wei nodded, his eyes didn't reflect any light. "It is definitely the same thing that caused our Master's death that year. When the Master's G.o.d Body was brought to our family, the elders had examined it carefully. His corpse had a perfect skin layer while everything inside was just a b.l.o.o.d.y paste. He was also eroded inwardly and his soul altar perished gradually. Sigh, I didn't expect that the secret hermit of the Land of G.o.d Punishment was still alive. My goodness. The hermit starts to attack again. I'm afraid that we are going to fall into a disaster again."

"The attacker is the same person. We can be sure about this," Li Yue Feng furrowed his brows. "With our powers, I don't think we can have plans with the star map easily. Later on, I will send a message to Fan He that Fan Ye is dead now. He has to know this."

"Fan He will come to the Land of G.o.d Punishment personally?" Li Wei was surprised.

"He will come. The star map is important. As the Master of the Fan family and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, he understands that the star map will be closely related to the future of the Raging Flame Star Area. Fan He's realm is higher than mine, and Fan Tian Po, his son, is also extraordinarily strong. The Fan family has acc.u.mulated for so many years. They have a lot of hotshots now. If they come, we can resist the mysterious hermit of the Land of G.o.d Punishment." Li Yue Feng's eyes showed his cruel intentions. "As long as we can capture that hermit to take revenge for our ancestors, I will agree to work with the Fan family to get through this."

"Yes, we should take revenge for our family. That hermit is ruthless, leaving no options for survival for the victims. Their soul altars were also gone. If we don't kill this person, the Li family will find it hard to stand upright in the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce," agreed Li Wei.

"I'm going to prepare something," Li Yue Feng's face darkened. A tremendous soul energy fluctuation emitted from him. A Sound Stone emerged in his palm. He transmitted the message right away.

Ka Fu's shop.

Shi Yan sat quietly in the garden behind the shop. Starlight fell over him like a drizzle, illuminating the whole place.

The mysterious, misty starlight disappeared into his body right when it touched him. It seemed like the stars in the sky had a magical connection with his G.o.d Body. They were all attracted and pulled into his G.o.d Body.

At the same time, the earth and heaven energy turned into invisible flows that gathered into his G.o.d Body. It streamed fiercely through his vessels. After more than ten times of refining, it became the pure Essence Qi, contributing to the vortex in his lower abdomen.

His soul became peaceful and crystal clear. He didn't have any distracting thoughts in his mind, giving room to comprehend the magical mysteries of the star.

His Star power Upanishad had a positive advancement after the experience of the fusion between the star nucleus and the Star Martial Spirit. Shi Yan had a premonition that he could have a new breakthrough with his Star power, putting him one step closer to pa.s.sing the tough threshold of the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm.

With an infinite number of stars in the sky, he could wield a formidable power that he could use easily.

To control the Star power better, he knew that he shouldn't relax for even a second. As soon as he had free time, he immediately let himself sink into the starry sea, using his soul to grab it and get more energy and powers from the nebula in the vortex in his lower abdomen.

Ka Fu's aura suddenly entered his Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan's brows twitched as he woke up from his meditation.

After several breaths, Ka Tuo and Ka Fu appeared as they walked from the front shop to the manor behind. Shi Yan stood up. "What is the matter?"

"She received the crystals," said Ka Fu with a sad face. "She received them curtly. Who can reject ten thousand free top-quality divine crystals? Even if my brother worked as a hard-working pirate for ten years, he wouldn't earn that much. They're gone just like that. Sigh, that hag is lucky today."

"Shut up!" Shi Yan's face got colder. "If you are not going to mind your manners, don't complain about it to me."

Ka Fu's face darkened. A blood-red light sparkled in his eyes as he coldly gazed at Shi Yan.

"Ka Fu, if you think I'm wrong, we will diverge here," Shi Yan curled his lips, speaking indifferently. He turned to Ka Tuo, "You should watch your greedy brother better. This good-for-nothing man can't give up ten thousand divine crystals. How is he going to achieve anything big?"

Ka Tuo changed his face, talking coldly, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Apologize to my senior now! With your intelligence, do you think you can understand my senior's bright ideas?"

"Dge!" Ka Fu shouted, his face reddened in anger. "He's just a boy of unknown origin. Would he be worth spending so much on? Why? We live well in the Land of G.o.d Punishment! Even if we don't depend on anyone, we will have a piece of land on our own in the future. Why do we have to go with him?"

"You know nothing!" Ka Tuo snorted, "Apologize to my senior. Now! You aren't going to even obey my words?"

Under his brother's pressure, Ka Fu paled and reddened. His visages shifted continually. After a while, he sighed inwardly then turned to Shi Yan, bending his body, "I'm sorry." Then, he turned around and left. Obviously, he wasn't convinced.

"My brother has been in the Land of G.o.d Punishment for too long. He started to look down on people. He is just a dumb man. Brother, don't keep it in your mind." Ka Tuo smiled, talking to Shi Yan. "Brother, don't worry. I will teach him later. Please don't haggle with him."

"It's okay as long as you're loyal to me. For him, if he doesn't want to contribute, he won't receive my help in the future," Shi Yan waved his hand as if he didn't really care.

"I will make him obedient," Ka Tuo said, giving him a dry smile then bowed and left.

Shi Yan's eyes were cold. He snorted, not saying anything else. He sat back in his seat.

Through Ka Fu's discontented words, Shi Yan recognized that he didn't have control over this pair of brothers yet. Otherwise, even if Ka Fu didn't want to work for him, he wouldn't have dared to complain.

Shi Yan started to consider whether he should use the flow of Ka Tuo's Original Soul to remind them a little bit or not.

However, if he subdued Ka Tuo and made them unable to voice their opinions anymore, he would plant a seed of resentment in Ka Tuo's heart. They wouldn't follow him with all their hearts and will. When they found a way to resist him, they would rebel fiercely.

His original plan was to use his power and competence to make Ka Tuo wholeheartedly work for him. It would be a struggle initially, but if he could make it work, Ka Tuo would never have other thoughts but to work for him loyally.

All of a sudden, he was hesitant.

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