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"She's one of us?"

b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo gawked, thinking that Shi Yan was kidding. He smiled gingerly, his face odd.

Fei Lan was the oldest person in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. No one denied this. However, she had only the True G.o.d Realm, right? She was slow and looked like she was about to pa.s.s away in any minute. Compared to Shi Yan, they contrasted immensely.

No matter how hard Ka Tuo tried to rationalize it, he couldn't relate Fei Lan to Shi Yan. These two people weren't in the same world!

"Yeah, she should be one of us," nodded Shi Yan seriously.

Ka Tuo wanted to cry. "Why should she be one of us? Impossible. Brother, is something wrong with you?"

"No, nothing is wrong here," Shi Yan rose the corner of his mouth. "I think she had attacked Fan Ye. She's also the person who has been protecting the Land of G.o.d Punishment and the Heaven Punishment City for several thousand years."

Ka Tuo was dumbstruck, looking at Shi Yan as if he was looking at a monster. "Fan Ye has the Original G.o.d Realm, right? Not many people in the Heaven Punishment City could fight him. And I have never heard that the Heaven Punishment City had a secret guard. Senior, you're going to give her ten thousand top-quality divine crystals because you think she is one of us? This is too sheer bull."

"I'm not sure whether she would accept it or not. I just want to show my respect." Shi Yan didn't explain in details. "And you, next time you see her, you should show respect too. You shouldn't look down on her!" Shi Yan spoke seriously.

Ka Tuo held a forced smile, nodded his head begrudgingly. "Alright, you're my senior. It's right if you say it's right." Although he said so, he didn't buy it.

Ten thousand divine crystals! How many years did he have to rob to earn that money back? He suddenly regretted it. He shouldn't have let his brother deliver the money like that.

The headquarter of the Black Curtain Pirates, Heaven Punishment City.

"Master, we got news. That kid had left Feng Ke's base to go to Ka Fu's shop."

Inside a s.p.a.cious stone hall, a pirate kneeled down, reporting with respect.

Inside the hall, two people were sitting neatly. They were Barrette and Black Horn, his vice chief. They were the two top leaders of the Black Curtain.

The Black Curtain was the strongest pirate force in the Raging Flame Star Area. They had so many hotshots with a strong background. They also had a position in the Heaven Punishment City.

Barrette and his vice chief Black Horn were the infamous heroes in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Since their debut many years ago, they had rarely failed.

But now Black Horn was defeated...

"Dismissed," Barrette waved his hand. The pirate kneeling on the ground immediately went out of the hall.

"Barrette, do we really need to do that? Defeat means defeat. I admit that I was defeated. I have nothing to regret. That kid is quite the character. At the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, he beat me. I'm convinced," said Black Horn in a loud and frank tone. He didn't look distressed. He continued excitedly. "He's excellent. Since he now has such mighty power, he will be more dangerous in the future. Oh right, who is that kid? How did he know Feng Rao?"

"Shut up!" Barrette was so enraged he got angry. "You lost. You should be ashamed. And how about me? I lost my Feng Rao!"

"Just a woman," Black Horn teased him. "With your powers and tricks, if you want women, you can find all kinds if you want. Why do you need to hold on to Feng Rao?"

Black Horn hesitated for a while then added, "Honestly, I don't want you to have any relationship with that woman. It has been so many years since we've put forth everything strenuously. How much blood have we shed to have our current attainment? If you marry Feng Rao, what should our brothers do? Should we all follow Feng Ke? That old man isn't okay for us to follow. He's too old. His realm can't be progressed fast enough. We won't have a bright future going with him. We're still young. If we get more time, the Heaven Punishment City will be ours soon."

"You fool. You don't know what is happening. To you, women are just goods that you can buy or tools you use to vent out your l.u.s.t. You will never experience what I am experiencing now." Barrette took a deep breath. "To me, Feng Rao has been my dream since I was young. When I met her that year, I swore that I would have to marry her. She is a knot in my heart. If she hadn't emerged in my life, it would have been alright. But now that she's back, if I can't fulfill the dream of my younger self, it will affect my realm seriously."

Listening to him, Black Horn finally understood. He became solemn. "So you must get Feng Rao at any cost?"

"I must! As long as I get to marry her, even if I have to give her up later, I will be able to accomplish the dream of my younger self. I can untie the knot in my heart. But if I can't have her, I will feel very irritated and annoyed!" Barrette's eyes sparkled with brutal light. "That kid is an obstacle. I want to crush him!"

"He's in the Heaven Punishment City, and the city has rules. If we kill him, everybody will know who committed such a deed. Are you going to break the rules and have people laugh at your face?" Black Horn advised, "Hold it for a while. He will join the expedition to the new star area. We can find a chance to kill him along the way."

"I can't wait for that!" Barrette snorted. "People made the rules of the Heaven Punishment City, right? Wait until I've reached the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, I will make that immortal Feng Ke leave his position. I will create new rules. Who can hinder me then?"

"Do you really want to kill him?" Black Horn suddenly got up and contemplated before saying, "If you are going to be so persistent, you must be careful. That kid isn't easy to deal with. If you can't kill him in one strike and you have someone else to a.s.sist you, there will be trouble. Don't lose this chance for nothing. At that time, perhaps you won't even be able to join the expedition."

"Don't worry. I won't let people figure it out. As long as I leave no trace, it will be alright. Even if they figure out that I did that, they will have no evidence to accuse me." As the bloodthirsty desire rose in Barrette's heart, he couldn't hold it anymore. Barrette immediately prepared for his stealthy operation.

"I'll go with you. I'll help you hold Ka Tuo back. If we brothers join hands, I think it won't be hard to kill him." Black Horn felt reluctant but he only had the choice to cooperate with his brother.

The two of them had a close brotherhood. They had been together for many years and battles. These two were men who weren't afraid of anything. Once they were determined, they would never hesitate. Their deeds would be harsh and furious, leaving opponents no chance to counterattack.

"Good bro!" Barrette laughed, shouting. "Go! We're going to kill him. If he dies, Feng Ke has no choice. He still needs our forces, anyway."

Afterward, they left without letting their warriors know. They discreetly left the Black Curtain's headquarter in an attempt to kill their target.

An isolated manor in the Southwest area of the Heaven Punishment City.

More than ten warriors were gathering in a secret chamber underground. Their faces were grim.

Lying in the stone coffin at the center of the chamber was a cold and frigid body. It was Fan Ye of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

The people surrounding him wore normal clothes, but they were all experts of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. At this moment, all of them looked gloomy.

Two days ago, Fan Ye came back with a pale face. He said that he was wounded severely and he needed to recover in seclusion. However, after one night, when they came to see him to discuss important matters, they found that he was no longer breathing.

Normally, a warrior at the Original G.o.d Realm wouldn't have died that easily. Even though his G.o.d Body was smashed, he could have used the soul altar to resurrect it with some kind of skill.

But Fan Ye's soul altar also perished. He was dead, really dead. He would never come back to life ever again.

When he came back the other day, although his condition wasn't good, his mind was still lucid. They thought that he wouldn't die that fast. They believed that it was impossible that his soul altar would also vanish.

… Nevertheless, he died. After only one night, his soul altar didn't exist anymore.

The strangest thing was that none of them had recognized anything. They didn't even hear Fan Ye scream. His death was eccentrically unreasonable. They were all startled and frightened.

Many people in the Heaven Punishment City were searching for Fan Ye at this moment. These experts were afraid. They became uneasy and anxious. They started to discuss whether they should leave the Heaven Punishment City or not.

Although the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce had bought this manor at a high price, Russell and Feng Ke were the top leaders of the Heaven Punishment City and the tyc.o.o.ns of the entire area. If they continued to search, they would find this group shortly.

"What should we do? Fan Ye died. How can we explain this to the Headmaster?" asked an old man, frowning as if he had a headache. "If the Headmaster knows this, we won't be able to dodge this responsibility. Before we came here, I told Fan Ye to wait until Li Yue Feng was here. He didn't listen to me. Now we're all in trouble."

"He wanted to solve the problem before Li Yue Feng came. He wanted to earn the merit alone. Too bad for him, he got such fatal results. He was too arrogant," said another one.

More than ten warriors grimaced. They didn't know what they should do.

While they were anxious, the door of the secret chamber squeaked.

A hunky middle-aged man appeared. This man had the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. He was the Master of the Li family, ranked behind the Fan family in the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

Li Yue Feng arrived!

The Nine Star Chamber of Commerce consisted of many families. The Fan family and the Li family were the two strongest forces.

Many years ago, the Master of the Li family used to be the Headmaster of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. The Li family was also the strongest clan at that time. However, the Master and the family's experts had perished while sweeping the Land of G.o.d Punishment. The Li family declined. The Fans took the chance to rule the chamber of commerce.

After many years of recovery, the Li family rose up again. Li Yue Feng was the Master of the Li family in this generation. His realm was profoundly high. In the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, he stood right behind Fan Tian Po. The Li family would have a chance to become more prosperous behind him. They believed that he could make the Li family surpa.s.s the Fan family and take the t.i.tle back as the strongest clan in the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

Seeing him, they greeted respectfully with fright.

"Let me see how he is." Li Yue Feng frowned, walking to Fan Ye's corpse. He stretched his arm, touching the neck of the body. A dim light flashed on his palm. Beams of light moved around Fan Ye's neck, entering his corpse.

After a while, Li Yue Feng suddenly screamed in pain. His body jerked back as if he was attacked by a tremendous force. He discolored, letting out a low shout. "Too strong!"

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