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The star nucleus was a precious star cla.s.s treasure, much more precious than the star itself. The most marvelous and exquisite thing of a star in the sky was its nucleus.

Fei Lan explained to Shi Yan the mysteries of the star nucleus. She felt strange as Shi Yan didn't know such information even though he was cultivating Star power Upanishad. He was stupid in her eyes.

Shi Yan was amazed. He beamed a forced smile as he didn't know how to answer her.

He came from the Grace Mainland where not many people cultivated the Star power. He knew nothing about the unusual things related to Star power. He had just cultivated his power ignorantly because his knowledge in this aspect was really poor.

Even in the Raging Flame Star Area, Star power Upanishad was also rare. Not many people could successfully cultivate it to the acme.

He contemplated for a while then looked at Fei Lan. "Precursor, how did you know so clearly about it? And with your cultivation base, how could you know that I'm cultivating Star power from the moment you met me? How could you know that the star nucleus is good for me?

This confused him a lot. It was also the reason why he thought that Fei Lan was the one who had possibly saved them yesterday.

Even the normal warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area weren't familiar with the Star power Upanishad, let alone an old woman at the True G.o.d Realm. But she knew he had star power at first glance. Why would he not be suspicious?

"Even if I haven't eaten pork, I've seen pigs running, okay? Anything strange about it?" Fei Lan's misty eyes gradually brightened up. "I've been living for so long. Although I can't break through my realm, my knowledge of powers Upanishads is much more profound than yours. Warriors cultivating star power have a distinctive aura. Ordinary people can't sense it. Anyway, it's not strange that I know it."

Shi Yan just smiled. He didn't want to probe her further. Anyway, the doubt in his heart couldn't easily leave like that. As Fei Lan didn't want to tell him, he wasn't thick-skinned enough to ask her more.

"My body has some changes..." after hesitating for a while, Shi Yan continued, "The star nucleus has fused with my G.o.d Body. A nebula and a star have been formed in the vortex in my lower abdomen. Could this cause a problem?"

This is the reason why he comes here.

The star nucleus and the Star Martial Spirit had fused into one. Together, they created a marvelous nebula in his lower abdomen, which increased his absorbing star energy more than five times. At the same time, he felt so comfortable when using star energy.

However, he wasn't sure if any problems could arise from this situation. He was tense and he was worried a lot.

Fei Lan's eyes got a bit brighter. She gazed at him, pondering. After a while, she muttered, "... You got the nebula..."

"Yes, I've formed a nebula... But I'm not sure how it was formed. I worry that it can bring some backfire or any danger I should be concerned?" answered Shi Yan.

"What danger could it be?" Fei Lan pursed her lips. "You lucky boy. You have formed the nebula that easily. Did you know the subtle mysteries of the nebula? Don't worry. It won't harm you. It will fuse perfectly with your Star power Upanishad. As the nebula is formed, it means your Star Upanishad is on the right track. If you continue cultivating, you will gain excellent attainment. The nebula is similar to the Essence Qi ancient tree in your body. They are the nuclei of your G.o.d Body, the fountain of your powers, which are perfect for enhancing your powers."

"I got it," Shi Yan felt relaxed. He suddenly calmed down. "Nothing harmful to me, right?"

"No. It's a necessary step that everyone who cultivates star Upanishad must experience." Fei Lan gave a faint smile. "Good. Your one thousand divine crystals are well spent then."

"I think so," Shi Yan smiled then quieted down as if he was musing on something.

After a while, he turned away and walked to the door and pulled the stone door closed. People from outside wouldn't be able to see what was happening inside the shop now.

Fei Lan frowned while looking at him, but she didn't stop him as though she wanted to see what he wanted to do.

After closing the door, Shi Yan took a deep breath, his face becoming serious. He walked to Fei Lan, his eyes glaring at the small shield. He lowered his voice. "Precursor... do you know what mysterious lies with that small shield?"

Fei Lan's face was calm, not reflecting any strange emotion of hers. She shook her head, "Not really."

"Can you let me see it? I won't buy it, I just want to observe it for a while. I ask for your permission, precursor!" Shi Yan asked with a sincere and stern countenance.

"Why?" Fei Lan furrowed her brows.

"Perhaps, I can figure something out. Please allow me to do this," Shi Yan was persistent.

Fei Lan slowly moved her tired body, frowning, walking toward the pile of miscellaneous stuff. She picked up a small shield. Hesitating for a while, she handed it to Shi Yan. "You can look but you can't take it away. Although this small shield is not a valuable thing, it has a special meaning to me."

"Don't worry. I'll be careful. I won't take it out of this shop." Shi Yan agreed immediately. He studied the small shield with bright eyes.

This small shield was made of an unknown material. It wasn't gold or jade, but it felt so heavy and cold in Shi Yan's hands. There was no pattern or carving on either side of the shield. It looked pretty ordinary.

Caressing the small shield, Shi Yan closed his eyes to use his G.o.d Soul and sense.

The soul altar slowly spun. The strange mark on the glabella of the G.o.d Soul floating above the soul altar slowly appeared. Five cl.u.s.ters of blood-red clouds were visible as if a strange energy was seeping out.

This plain shield didn't glow, but some patterns started to appear on one side of the shield. Then, a mark of blood-red cloud emerged on the outer side of the shield.

The five cl.u.s.ters of red clouds on the shield and the ones on his G.o.d Soul's forehead were identical. Although they had no halo or energy fluctuation, they gave the impression of a wicked and eccentric thing. They were like five garnet eyes, sneaking on people and making them irritated.


A deadly energy bloomed from his fingertip. The gray, misty energy was poured into the blood mark on the shield.


A garnet light shot out from the mark. The small shield buzzed and hissed. Shortly after, the small shield became larger. Now it was three meters tall and two meters wide. The garnet mark covered one side of the shield, glowing in a blood-red halo.

The other side of the shield now had countless exquisite and complex patterns. Apparently, it was a magical formation that hid a wicked energy that couldn't be sensed.

A fine handle slowly appeared on this side. It seemed like the handle was here so the user could lift up the shield.

A red light that wasn't different from the halo of the Blood Vein Ring radiated from the garnet mark on the shield. Five cl.u.s.ters of cloud arrayed in a pentagon. From a distance, it looked like a giant, b.l.o.o.d.y mouth that could swallow all kinds of light.


The ma.s.sive shield fell, smashing the firm stone ground of the shop. Two-third of this shield sank into the ground like a sharp sword. Only a small part of it remained visible.

Shi Yan was stunned.

This ma.s.sive shield was as heavy as one thousand cattle. It could be compared to a mountain that was one thousand meters tall. Shi Yan couldn't hold the shield. The moment it grew larger, it sank directly into the ground.

Fei Lan stood behind the counter, her eyes looked heavy with deadly Qi. They flashed then resumed the normal status. She looked at him quietly, revealing no strange signs. She didn't say anything, either. She just looked at him quietly and indifferently as though none of this was related to her.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan reached out to grab the handle of the shield, trying to lift it up.


Shi Yan roared. The power of his entire body rocketed. His muscles and veins erupted like the volcano. The pure energy in his body increased ma.s.sively.


He could only lift the shield one meter high before he had to put it down. The shield directly sank deep into the ground, only a small part remaining above the ground.

Shi Yan also sank into the ground. Half of his body pierced through the ground as if the rigid ground was a block of tofu that was unable to hold him up. Stone and rock scattered.

With the energy in his body, he couldn't lift up the shield, which had just enlarged. It even resulted in his body being pressed into the ground. How heavy was this large shield?

Shi Yan was frightened, gasping for his breath. He felt so terrible.

At the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, his body was tenacious. The energy he could urge could be compared to the Peak of the King G.o.d Realm warriors. However, he couldn't lift up this shield. Was it even heavier than a ten-thousand-meter-tall mountain?

Can it be as heavy as a real star?

Shi Yan had an unknown fear in his heart.

The user of this shield could control it with ease. He could even use the energy to make the shield fly around. What kind of ability and energy did that user have to control this ma.s.sive shield?

He was sure that even the warriors at the Original G.o.d Realm like Carthew or Russell couldn't dream about controlling the shield as they pleased. Perhaps Leona could try. But it was unknown whether she could use it or not.

Shi Yan was baffled. He dragged himself out of the hole, taking several breaths to wake up his mind. After a while, he looked at Fei Lan, saying nothing.

"Don't look at me. I didn't know it would turn out like that. I didn't know this shield could be such a strange thing. Before it transformed, the small shield was relatively light..." Fei Lan said.

"I saw the blood mark on the shield. I think it is related to me somehow," said Shi Yan seriously.

"Yeah, I can see that. If you weren't related to the shield, it would never have transformed." Fei Lan smiled inaudibly. "But I can't sell it to you. You should shrink it and put it back in the pile for me. I'm not interested in your secrets. If you don't want to rob it from me, just leave. I have nothing to tell you."

Shi Yan was astounded.

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