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The old woman was still sleepy. She bent her body slightly then opened her eyes. Her opaque eyes had no light in them. She looked quiet and senile.

She had been stuck in the True G.o.d Realm for many years. She couldn't pa.s.s through the King G.o.d Realm. She seemed to be numb to this fact, losing her faith in her ability to increase her realm. For the rest of her life, she took care of this small shop, waiting for something to happen.

People said that she was waiting for her husband, the strongest pirate of the Land of G.o.d Punishment many years ago. He had disappeared near the border of the Raging Flame Star Area.

Several thousand years ago, that man used to be like Feng Ke, a leader of the Pirates in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, whose fame matched his competence. However, he was much stronger than Feng Ke with a more profound realm. His operating area wasn't bound by the Raging Flame Star Area. He had stretched his influence to the peripheral areas of the star area. He had often visited the area where ships from other star areas pa.s.sed by.

Perhaps because of his guts and his marvelous powers, he became arrogant, which led to unexpected events. He could never come home from the edge of the Raging Flame Star Area.

It has been so many years. Many new Pirate leaders had risen, including Feng Ke. However, none of them had the force and capability that could be compared to that man.

The shop owner, the quiet, senile woman, was the only wife of that man. She stayed in the Heaven Punishment City and sold goods her husband had harvested.

Initially, this shop was famous and packed with goods and customers. Since the man had disappeared, it gradually quieted down. Now, the shop was still famous, but it couldn't sell many things. Not many people visited here anymore. People seemed to have forgotten this shop.

Feng Rao stopped rummaging through the stuff. She frowned, asking with surprise. "Granny Fei Lan, why do you not want to sell it?"

People called the old woman Fei Lan. Only the powerful characters in the Heaven Punishment City knew her real name.

"That small shield is a gift my husband gave to me. It is nothing special, but it is a good memento." Fei Lan remembered something, her eyes showing her affection like a vast sea. "When he gets tired and comes home, if he finds out that I've lost his gift, he won't feel comfortable."

Feng Rao's bright eyes showed that she was moved by the old woman's love.

Shi Yan was astounded, looking at Fei Lan with some affection.

In their eyes, Fei Lan was a fool who quietly waited in sorrow for a man who had disappeared several thousand years ago in Heaven Punishment City.

After so many years, she still loved and longed for him. She even thought that her husband was still alive and that he might come home one day.

Although this deep love sounded conservative and foolish, it could touch anybody's heart.

Feng Rao was deeply moved. "Then forget it. It's okay that you don't want to sell it. How about this stone orb? Will you sell it?"

The dim blue stone orb was revealed as she opened her white palm. This...o...b..didn't have a beam of energy. In any aspect, it looked like a rare shaped stone. Nothing in this...o...b..was special enough to make people look at it for more than several seconds.

Fei Lan's cloudy eyes observed the dim blue stone orb. She didn't say anything for a moment.

"Grannie Fei Lan, you don't want to sell this broken ball either?" Feng Rao was surprised. She started to feel strange.

It wasn't the first time Feng Rao visited this shop. Before she had left the Heaven Punishment City, she often wandered here.

Usually, toys and trash items in this shop were really cheap. Before today, she had never known that this shop had something that the old woman wouldn't sell.

However, Shi Yan had chosen a small shield and Fei Lan said that she didn't want to sell it. And now, she was hesitant in selling this broken stone ball, which made Feng Rao confused.

"Ma'am, if you don't want to sell it... it's alright," said Shi Yan with a natural look on his face.

His eyes still gazed at the stone orb and the small, strange shield.

Fei Land rubbed her eyes, shaking her head. She sighed then mumbled, "... Take the stone orb. I have to survive anyway. I still have to eat."

"How many divine crystals do you want?" Feng Rao said, taking out some top-quality divine crystals from her Fantasy Sky Ring.

In her eyes, that broken stone wasn't worth a top-quality divine crystal. But if Shi Yan liked it, it was worth the price. She intended to give her ten top-quality divine crystals as she felt sorry for the old woman.

"Give me the quant.i.ty that you think my item is worth," Fei Lan pondered for a while then lifted her head. However, she didn't look at Feng Rao but instead at Shi Yan.

Feng Rao was astounded.

Shi Yan's eyebrows slightly twitched. He kept silent.

After more than ten seconds, Shi Yan's brows stretched. He took a deep breath then turned to Feng Rao. "How many divine crystals did your father give you?"

"One thousand. They're all top-quality." Feng Rao felt odd.

"Give her all of it," Shi Yan lowered his voice.

Feng Rao's soft body shivered. Her bright eyes were skeptical and she was very confused.

It was just a rare shaped stone ball. In her eyes, it wasn't worth a coin. The energy of a top-quality divine crystal was enough to refill the energy of a King G.o.d Realm warrior!

A top-grade divine crystal could buy Sacred Grade pellets, a charming maid, or rent the training yard for half a month in the Heaven Punishment City.

One thousand divine crystals was a big fortune indeed. In the Heaven Punishment City, only pirates with a strong background force could keep such properties.

To recruit Shi Yan, Feng Ke had used his foundation capital. Giving away one thousand divine crystals, he sure was generous.

As Feng Rao knew the value of the divine crystal, she was hesitant and suspicious,...

"Give it to her," Shi Yan frowned, repeating his words.

Feng Rao didn't hesitate anymore. She slipped the Fantasy Sky Ring off her finger, slowly put it on the counter. She was kind enough to remind the old woman, "Granny Fei Lan, this Fantasy Sky Ring keeps one thousand divine crystals of top quality. Keep it well. Don't show others that you have such a big fortune."

If someone else laid eyes on this huge fortune, Fei Lan could fall into trouble because of her True G.o.d Realm cultivation base. That's why Feng Rao had to remind her.

Fei Lan appeared to not listen to her reminder. Her dull eyes were still gazing at Shi Yan. After a long moment, she nodded, handing over the dim blue stone orb, pushing it toward Shi Yan. "It belongs to you now."

Pausing for a while, she mumbled, "It suits you anyway."

"Thank you," Shi Yan smiled, respectfully put the dim blue stone orb away. He bowed to greet her then turned to Feng Rao. "Let's go, we shouldn't disturb her more."

Although Feng Rao was curious, she just nodded and said nothing more, following him to leave the shop.

Fei Lan's line of sight was fixed on Shi Yan from the moment he entered until the moment he left the shop. She pondered for a while then dozed off again.

"Why?" After they had left the shop, Feng Rao couldn't hold her curiosity anymore. She asked, her eyes confused, "One thousand divine crystals! That is enough to buy a s.p.a.cious manor in the Heaven Punishment City. Exchanging such a fortune for a trash stone... was it worth it?"

"I wasn't sure if it was worth it or not," smiled Shi Yan. "But seeing her hesitate, I think... perhaps I've picked a treasure. She didn't want to sell the orb because she knew its value. When you gave her a thousand divine crystals, I didn't see her get excited. She looked begrudging, though. Do you know why?"


"Because she thought that it was too few."

"Few? She thought that one thousand divine crystals were not enough?"

"I think that she considered our payment small. Otherwise, she would have stirred up. She even looked begrudging. Anyway, she doesn't need that orb. That is why she sold it to me... Perhaps, she has another reason."

Shi Yan wasn't so sure. He vaguely felt that Fei Land should know the magic of that small shield. She might know about the blood mark, too. The reason why Fei Lan agreed to sell the stone orb was possibly related to the fact that he could recognize the value of the small shield.

Of course, all of these were just his a.s.sumptions. Shi Yan didn't dare confirm, but he had some strange premonitions.

Feng Rao wasn't a fool. She was skeptical because she couldn't see what magic the stone ball could do. She thought it was just a trash stone.

However, after Shi Yan had explained, she understood immediately. She felt a little bit shocked. "You meant... that stone orb has something strange?"

"It has a subtle connection with my Star power Upanishad. I can say that it's not just a normal item. I think that it's worth the price of one thousand divine crystals and it could be more than that," Shi Yan said after contemplating for a while.

Feng Rao's eyes brightened up. " You mean... Granny Fei Lan knows how valuable the orb is?"

"I think she knows," nodded Shi Yan.

"But she has only the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base. If she knows, why doesn't she tell people about the stone and give it a higher price?"

"You should ask her. I can't think of an answer."

". . ."

They were discussing in a low tone. Gradually, they walked into a desolate alley, where they saw no one on the street.

Shi Yan halted.

Feng Rao stopped next to him.

The wind ceased. A heavy pressure slowly pressed down from all directions. It felt like a wind wall was pressing down to restrain people.

Wind power Upanishad!

Shi Yan and Feng Rao exchanged looks. They became solemn, quietly gathering energy in their bodies.

From the strange pressing wind, they knew that the incomer had a strong realm. He should be a warrior at the Original G.o.d Realm.

Shi Yan's negative energy burst out instantly. His G.o.d Body appeared, his eyes turning garnet. The negative aura rolled like a windstorm. Shi Yan's Dead Domain expanded, tearing off the pressure from the wind.

Feng Rao didn't say anything. She sat down, closing her eyes to sense the commotion of the wind. She mouthed, using her Sound power Upanishad to disorder the threatening force from the opponent's G.o.d Domain.

The incomer had the Original G.o.d Realm and used Wind power. He had prepared well with his intimidating power. If they made a mistake, they would be consigned to eternal d.a.m.nation. Their soul altars could be smashed, too.

Both Shi Yan and Feng Rao were experienced warriors. When they noticed that something was wrong, they immediately gathered all their forces to resist. They didn't dare linger for even a moment.

While they were ready to encounter the opponent, a gust of wind shot over from one end of the alley and covered one of them.

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