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Shi Yan stood upright in the middle of the ice, frowning while his Soul Consciousness wandered around the clamorous crowd. He was a little shaken.

His eyes roamed around the crowd once. He suddenly found something, his eyes sparkling. However, he didn't focus any further on sensing where his Soul Consciousness had found something significant.

Shi Yan and Zi Yao had spent a long time together in an abandoned area of the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, and he had used the Life Upanishad to heal her wound, so he was much familiar with her life magnetic field.

While battling with Black Horn, his Soul Consciousness had become crystal clear, more than ever. He could grasp all the commotions around him, even the tiniest ones. At that moment, Shi Yan knew Zi Yao was here.

As Zi Yao was the princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, when her ident.i.ty was disclosed in the Heaven Punishment City, she would have big trouble.

Shi Yan understood this well.

Thus, although he could sense Zi Yao's direction, he didn't dare look at her as he was afraid that others would notice. This would reveal Zi Yao's ident.i.ty.

This battle ended as Barrette had brought his warrior away. Feng Ke laughed and he seemed more lively and joyful. He rose his voice and shouted, "My challengers, please leave. You have no more business left here. Leaders who were invited, please stay. I have something important to discuss with you."

He had invited the leaders of different forces in the Land of G.o.d Punishment to discuss the new star area. That battle only occurred because Barrette suddenly demanded Feng Rao crazily. As everything was okay now, he wanted to discuss the star map as it was originally planned. Unauthorized people couldn't stay.

As Feng Ke shouted, the guards of the Blue Demon at the stone gates started to make people leave.

The uninvited warriors of the Heaven Punishment City had to leave under Feng Ke's threat including Carthew's team and Bi Tian's team.

Soon, only the leaders of the other forces, Russell, and Jie Nong stood on the ground where ice still scattered. They exchanged looks and walked to Feng Ke. However, Jester didn't move, his eyes gazing at Shi Yan as if he had so many things to say to him.

Feng Ke was in a good mood, smiling at Feng Rao. "The meeting will be very boring. It will not be anything fun. You don't need to join it. Take this Fantasy Sky Ring. It stores around one thousand top-quality divine crystals. You take Shi Yan to walk around the city and see if you want to buy anything. He just arrived in the Heaven Punishment City to give us the star map. I don't think he had any time to visit anywhere. You should go out and have fun. The meeting will take some time. When there are results, I will tell you."

Feng Xiao was also happy. "Little sister, that kid has extraordinary realm and competence. Watch him carefully. After this battle, his name will spread in the entire Land of G.o.d Punishment. We have many strong women here. Don't let them steal your man."

"Who can be more beautiful than me in the Land of G.o.d Punishment?" Feng Rao laughed arrogantly as she was full of confidence. "Don't worry. I will keep an eye on him. Yeah, we're heading out now."

While they were talking, she flew out of the stone platform, slowly descending. She got to Shi Yan and said tenderly, "We should look at some of these areas. Heaven Punishment City has many interesting places and wonderful objects to buy in the shops. Perhaps you would like to buy something."

Since his arrival in Heaven Punishment City, Shi Yan hadn't had a peaceful moment. He had visited Ka Tuo and Ka Fu for a short period of time before Russell threatened them to leave. Afterward, they had hidden outside of the Heaven Punishment City. Shi Yan hadn't had the chance to walk around this place.

What Feng Rao suggested was also what he wanted to do. Also, he needed to walk around the wide streets of the Heaven Punishment City to find and meet Zi Yao.

Shi Yan agreed and walked with Shi Yan out of the training yard to visit the hustle and bustle of the Heaven Punishment City.

Two people came to them one after another. The first one was Ka Fu. "My brother leaves me here. I have nothing to do now. Shi Yan, do you want to take a walk with me?"

b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was also invited to the meeting. Seeing Feng Ke and Shi Yan perhaps had a close relationship, he decided to stay and explore for a while. He tacitly asked Ka Fu to stay with Shi Yan to avoid any unexpected events.

Ka Fu was an experienced businessman. He knew every precious item and where they sold them in the Heaven Punishment City. If Shi Yan wanted to buy something, with Ka Fu's a.s.sistance, he wouldn't receive a rip-off.

"No need. I'll go with him." Feng Rao let out a low shout to reject Ka Fu before Shi Yan could agree to his offer. "Ka Fu, you should return to your shop and do your business," frowned Feng Rao.

Ka Fu was surprised. He beamed a forced smile but didn't answer her right away. He looked at Shi Yan instead.

Shi Yan gave him a slight nod.

Ka Fu didn't talk more. He clasped his fist before saying his farewells and disappearing into the hurrying crowd.

Another figured approached them. He was the alchemist Jester, the one who should have been staying in the Blue Demon's base to discuss with the other leaders of the pirates. However, he proactively got out to find Shi Yan.

"Sage Jester, why are you here?" Feng Rao asked as she didn't understand why he was here. She then introduced him. "This is Sage Jester, the Original Realm alchemist of our Land of G.o.d Punishment. He has cured Bao Ao and the other two."

Shi Yan was shaken. He bowed respectfully to thank the old man. "How great you are, professor. Without you, I'm afraid my three friends wouldn't have been able to be cured of the flower."

Alchemist Jester waved his hands, his face stimulated. "Not a big deal. Pardon me for asking something... Is the flame you use... the heaven flame?"

"Yes, it is," Shi Yan nodded. He thought he didn't need to conceal this.

Jester was shaken vehemently, his eyes sparkling with divine light. "Can you sell your heaven flame to me? Whatever you want, just name a price. As long as you nod, everything is okay."

The heaven flames were the foundation of the alchemists and blacksmiths. When a blacksmith or an alchemist had the heaven flame, it would be like a tiger with a pair of wings. The advantage was immeasurable.

When the alchemist has the heaven flame, he doesn't need to use the cauldron anymore. The heaven flame was the best cauldron one could ever have.

Jester was a talented but stubborn alchemist. He knew about the heaven flames. Thus, when he heard Shi Yan confirm that he had the heaven flame, he was so excited. He wanted to merge the heaven flame into his soul altar, which would sublimate his refining career.

"I'm sorry. No matter how great of an offer you can give me, I can't sell it." Shi Yan smiled and shook his head. "As an alchemist, you know how magical the heaven flames are. And besides being a warrior, I'm also a blacksmith. The heaven flame is also important to me. I will never sell my flame."

Jester was stunned.

Feng Rao was perplexed. "You are a blacksmith, too?"

Rubbing his nose, Shi Yan said deliberately, "What's weird about that?"

"So you are a low-level blacksmith, I suppose? How else could you go that far with your powers Upanishad?" She instinctively a.s.sumed.

Shi Yan just smiled and he didn't explain.

"I know nothing can persuade you," sighed Jester. He pondered for a while then asked, "So can you use your heaven flame to help me refine a cauldron of pellets? Of course, I will pay you sufficiently!"

Jester asked Shi Yan sincerely. He slightly bent over, his eyes filled with desires.

"If it's okay, you should help him... Anyway, he saved your friends," Feng Rao added.

"Alright, I can help you once. When?" Shi Yan thought and agreed with him as he found nothing wrong with that.

"Haha, I'm not hurried. I haven't prepared enough." Jester rubbed his hands, his face excited. "Then, I won't disturb you guys furthermore. I'm going inside to listen in on the meeting. Shi Yan, remember our deal. When I gather enough materials, I will need your help. Thank you in advance."

"No problem," Shi Yan smiled, watching Jester returning to the Blue Demon's base. "This old man isn't as difficult to talk to as you said. You told me it would be really tough to ask for his help?"

Feng Rao's face darkened and she put her head down, her eyes looking at the ground.

"Do you know how much he asked to cure your friends?

"How much?"

"Fifty thousand top-quality divine crystals! Plus three kinds of Divine Grade herbs he prescribed!" Feng Rao said bitterly through her gritted teeth.

Shi Yan was surprised. Instantly, he felt happy, grinning. "So he's rich, right? It's good then. When he asks me to help him, I'll make him give half of that amount back."

Feng Rao's beautiful eyes brightened. She nodded continually, speaking cheerily. "You should treat him that way!"

They were talking while sauntering around the wide streets, which extended everywhere in the Heaven Punishment City. They lingered in some shops.

Shi Yan wandered. He seemed to not be too interested in the strange and rare items in the shops. He didn't want to buy anything. He just visited each shop as if he simply enjoyed walking and watching things.

Feng Rao didn't know that Shi Yan wanted to take a walk just to wait for someone. She was secretly happy thinking that Shi Yan wanted to be with her. She didn't hurry. She just acted as a delicate guide taking him here and there. Gradually, they left the rowdy streets to a stream that was north of Heaven Punishment City.

There was an arch bridge where they were standing and they watched the murmuring currents underneath. They felt even their hearts quiet down.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan's brows suddenly twitched. He smiled and said, "I need to use the bathroom. Wait here for me. I'll back soon."

Feng Rao didn't doubt him. She blushed, rolling her eyes at him. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Why did you tell me such things? Just go, you don't need to say it so explicitly."

Shi Yan chuckled, turning around and disappearing into a small, desolate alley.

In an elegant and quiet front courtyard, a graceful figure was standing under the shade of a luxuriant scholar tree. She didn't face the wide open main gate, talking faintly, "I thought you would never come..."

"Your Highness," Shi Yan stopped by the gate and bent his body slightly, his face complicated. "I haven't met you since you left the Glorious Amethyst Star. It's been a while. Why are you in the Heaven Punishment City?"

Zi Yao turned around. She had taken off the skin-tone mask earlier. Her unparalleled glamour was so enchanting that she could easily take people's souls away. However, deep in her pretty eyes, Shi Yan could see a gleam of bitterness. She said tenderly, "Sir Carthew received news saying that the star map appeared in the Land of G.o.d Punishment so he came here. And I heard that you were also in the Heaven Punishment City so I came here to see you. Anyway, I thought that you would be having a difficult time so I came here to rescue you. I couldn't imagine that you were enjoying it so much here. It was just me who was overthinking and underestimating your competence. I shouldn't have worried about you so much..."

A gleam of affection crossed Shi Yan's eyes. He quieted down, not knowing what to say.

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