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Black Horn's G.o.d Body trembled in the air like a kite that had its line cut off. However, he didn't fall.

The extremely cold Qi seeped out from his G.o.d Body. A thick white mist covered his entire body, creating a thick ice layer. At this moment, Black Horn looked like a giant ice sculpture, crystal clear and sparkling.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The three Bone Thorns flew rapidly, tearing the dome of the sky. They hissed terrifyingly, p.r.i.c.king Black Horn's G.o.d Body.

His ice layer was smashed. Black Horn's G.o.d Body bled terribly. However, the broken ice and the thick cold Qi were lashing around him, protecting his G.o.d Body. Although he had a lot of bleeding wounds, his foundation wasn't damaged.

Black Horn was a member of the Dragon Horn Tribe, a branch of the Demon Clan. He had an unbreakable body. After he reached the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, his body became even more tenacious after countless quenching times.

Although the Bone Thorns were sharp, they could only p.r.i.c.k some holes but not pierce through his G.o.d Body.

The broadsword now had a pair of glorious starlight wings. Shi Yan changed the direction continuously by the mysterious trajectory of the stars in the sky. Flames were generated between his palms, shooting out like rainbows covering the sun. They all aimed at Black Horn.

Since Black Horn had cultivated the extremely cold power, when the flaming energy of the Vermilion Bird True Flame and the Earth Flame seeped into his body, the energy in his body became chaotic. For the time being, he couldn't gather enough energy, which was also why he didn't do anything to resist Shi Yan's attack.

Shi Yan knew Black Horn was a powerful warrior. When he attacked, he had to try his best and urge all the powers in his body.

In the Third Sky of Rampage Realm, Shi Yan continually changed his Star power and s.p.a.ce power, turning them into inexplicable martial techniques. He had used the shooting flames, the s.p.a.ce confinement, and s.p.a.ce Blades, and the three Bone Thorns. His attacks covered every direction just like the thunderstorm to restrain Black Horn's body.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

The violent explosions, which were strong enough to shake the whole place, arose from where Black Horn was hovering. Pieces of ice shattered. Countless ice crystals flew beautifully and sparklingly everywhere.

The extremely cold energy twirled around Black Horn. Under Shi Yan's fierce attack, his iron-rigid body echoed the sounds of 'clinking.' Black Horn had to drain his power rapidly to create a thick, firm ice shield.

A complex series of changes had confused the onlookers. Their clamorous discussions ceased as they concentrated on the battle.

Shi Yan had been confined in the glacier. Shortly, powerful flames arose around his body, which broke the ice confinement to fly out. Then, he used that flame to seep into Black Horn's G.o.d Body that made him struggle and prevented him from urging his energy. Then, Shi Yan seized the chance to bombard Black Horn, making him struggle more. Black Horn didn't have extra energy or time to counterattack.

This series of attacks had stunned people. After a while, they finally reacted, screaming and yelling.

"Fire power! How can he shift his power? Isn't his main power the Ice Upanishad?"

"Holy moly! I saw the changes in s.p.a.ce power! And where did that freaking flame come from? Where does this kid come from? His powers Upanishad are mixed, right?"

"Hey, he can use so many kinds of power. He's cool, indeed."

"Black Horn is suppressed. Too frightening. This outsider is really strong!"

"Yeah, super strong!"

The onlookers had acknowledged Shi Yan's competence. At the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, he managed to suppress Black Horn, which had proven everything.

Even Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, Jester, and the other Original G.o.d Realm warriors quieted down. They were baffled and frightened inwardly.

Barrette's face was stony. He didn't say anything, just gazing at the finished battle.

He seemed to be waiting for something...

"I never imagined that he had become so strong," Carthew acclaimed in the crowd. "Barrette must have counted on Black Horn's tenacious G.o.d Body. Too bad. He didn't know that Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was also incredibly abnormal. I think Barrette had the wrong plan this time."

Yalan and Tie Mu nodded, speaking in unison, "Shi Yan's G.o.d Body is too strong. We have never seen something like that before!"

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes rippled with a strange light. Her bright line of sight was glued to Shi Yan, not detracting for even a second. She seemed to forget that Ao Gera, her admirer for years, was standing next to her.

"That kid is too brilliant. You fool. You didn't attract him. That was your biggest mistake!" Bi Tian turned to Allard and Bi Rou, talking with his dark face. He took a deep breath then asked, "You two think about ways for us to overturn this."

Allard and Bi Rou exchanged bitter smiles, not knowing how to answer their superior.

"We should always try," Bi Tian furrowed his brows, asking, "After this battle ends, you guys find a way to approach him and see if you can persuade him to join us. That boy will be a true character in our star area. If he works for us, we will have strong support!"

"Father, he... is he as talented as you said?" asked Bi Rou in a low voice.

"I've been in the Raging Flame Star Area for so many years. I haven't seen a kid with that big of a potential." Bi Tian took a deep breath, his face serious. "If we can have him, I won't hesitate to let you marry him!"

Bi Rou's beautiful face discolored as she was stunned.

When she parted from Shi Yan, she had boasted that she would make Shi Yan pay a big price for offending her.

And today, to persuade Shi Yan, Bi Tian, her father, was willing to sacrifice her lifetime's happiness to make her marry Shi Yan. How could she face Shi Yan?

She had made a big mistake that year...

Allard bowed his head deeply. He didn't dare talk as his heart was filled with begrudging and bitter feelings.

While the onlookers were clamoring, Shi Yan's body sparkled with starlight. His garnet eyes gazed at Black Horn's G.o.d Body. In the cold white mist, their G.o.d Bodies collided and started to wrestle.

The Demon Clan had tough bodies. After they had condensed the G.o.d Body, their tenacious bodies would be ranked the first among the other clans. Shi Yan had the guts to jump into the mist and let his body take the impact of Black Horn's body just to see how powerful his own body was.

Boom Boom Boom!

Just like the thundering drum beats, the two were entangled with each other in the thick white mist. They wrestled, generating an ear-splitting noise.

The explosions echoed unceasingly. After one hour, everything gradually calmed down.

The thick white mist dispersed, revealing the training yard little by little. The yard was almost torn apart with many deep holes, both big and small. The crystal clear ice shattered everywhere. The whole scene showed devastation.

Shi Yan and Black Horn were both wounded. They stood in the middle of the yard, looking at each other.

Black Horn looked tired. Blood dripped from his face. He was powerlessly paled as his legs were shaking. They couldn't help him steady his body.

Shi Yan was in the opposite condition. Although he had blood all over his body, his spirit, soul, and Qi were still full. His eyes were still bright as though his power was still full.

Black Horn tried to endure for a while before he panted and sat down on the ground. He stared at Shi Yan for a while before stooping his head, talking to Barrette. "I've used all of my energy. I can't take your woman back. The energy of my G.o.d Body was also consumed. I feel guilty for failing you."

When he finished, everybody else gawked.

Barrette wore a face that people couldn't see his real emotions. He looked at Shi Yan then Black Horn. Afterward, he nodded. His figured flashed and he reached Black Horn, bringing him and soaring up into the sky. They disappeared shortly.

As he and Feng Rao had an agreement in front of so many people and now he failed, he had nothing else to say but to leave. Staying here, he just gave the others the chances to tease and mock him. Thus, Barrette decided to leave quickly.

As soon as Barrette and Black Horn had left, the yard seemed to explode with screams, cheers, grunts, and shouts.

Many people now had another look as they admired Shi Yan with respect.

"Dge, you're right. I admit it now," Ka Fu had arrived in the middle of the battle. He had watched the last part of the battle. At this moment, he was filled with emotions. "We're lucky that we didn't take action against you. Otherwise, we couldn't have gained anything but our own loss."

b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo grinned evilly. "Of course. If not, would I be that servile to call him my senior? Am I that low of a type of person?"

Ka Fu laughed.

"Girl, you've chosen a good guy," Feng Ke talked to his daughter with a smile on his face. "Good vision! Pay attention to him and grab him tight. Don't let him leave you."

"I know, father. Do I need a reminder?" Feng Rao shyly talked. Her beautiful eyes were filled with joy and excitement. She balled her fists as she was thrilled.

She would never have thought that Shi Yan could have such power and strength. He defeated Black Horn, a warrior at the Peak of King G.o.d Realm. He gave her a big joyful surprise.

After this battle, Shi Yan's name had been widely spreading in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. He was no longer a small, anonymous character without a legend.

"If he works for us, he will bring us great support for our team. If we can find a new star area, we will give him a life star. He is worth this price!" said Feng Ke, pondering for a while.

Feng Xiao nodded in thrill. "This man has endless potential. If he works for us, a life star is worth giving to him."

Feng Rao's beautiful eyes showed that she was touched. The happiness on her face became more vivid. As Shi Yan had gained her father and brother's approval, she was happy enough to think about her bright future. She thought that the resentment of spending hundreds of years in the Purgatory Star had been lifted away from her heart.

"Your Highness, your fortune is really big since you had that kid as your escort," Carthew spoke in a low tone in the crowd. He turned then continued, "I will arrange things so as you can meet him. I hope he won't change and he will still work for you. Otherwise, the Land of G.o.d Punishment will have someone much more intimidating than the combination of Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, and Ba. That won't be good for the Dark Firmament Divine Nation!"

"I... I don't know if he has changed or not. I don't know if he will continue to be my entourage, either." Zi Yao's face was bitter as she felt that a treasure was sliding away from her. All of a sudden, she became sorrowful.

"The Land of G.o.d Punishment has so many pirate organizations. But they will have a master in the near future," said Bi Tian, the Commander of the Underworld League. He took a deep breath then said, "Little Rou, has this kid had good feelings... for you?"

Bi Rou was stunned. She contemplated for a while then shook her head.

"Then let's make him have such feelings," said Bi Tian with a solemn face. "Use your beautiful face to charm him. It won't be a difficult task, right? You guys should plan carefully and make him our subordinate. He's the target right after the star map! Pay more attention!"

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