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Hearing the name Black Horn, the crowd of the pirate leaders quieted down. They put on reluctant faces as if they were afraid of that person.

Even b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo's heart was sinking. He slowly protruded from the crowd, and winked at Shi Yan, implying that he should be very careful.

Listening to Feng Xiao's briefing, Feng Rao paled, worried about Shi Yan's chances.

Anyway, Shi Yan and Barrette had declared a battle in front of everybody else. If she stopped them now, would it look like she looked down on Shi Yan?

"Be careful. I heard that Black Horn is really tough." Begrudgingly, Feng Rao could only walk to him and remind him.

"It's alright," Shi Yan was still calm. He answered without the anxiety people usually have before engaging in a great battle.

"Barrette, you... think of him highly," Jie Nong shook his head. "You let Black Horn fight him. It it not that different from fighting you, no?"

"Harrumph!" Barrette grimaced, laughing coldly. "I just don't want unexpected things to happen."

"Yeah, being careful is good. That kid isn't bad. I've seen... his s.p.a.ce power isn't easy to deal with. Letting Black Horn fight him, you will prevent unnecessary mistakes," nodded Russell.

In the Land of G.o.d Punishment, Feng Ke had the strongest force with his Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base. That was also why, Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette would team up to deal with Feng Ke when they faced him.

While the three of them were discussed in a low tone, a freezing aura had shot over from a far distance. A hazy white light shone as a three-meter-tall herculean man appeared.

He was a member of the Dragon Horn, a branch of the Demon Clan. His appearance was amazing with a savage curled dragon horn on his forehead. This man's skin was muscly dark like ink and iron. This man looked like he had infinite power.

The beefy Demon man wore only upper body armor and the armor pieces on his shoulders had two curled, sharp spikes, which were around one meter long and looked extravagant.

A cold aura diffused from his body. His eyes were icy clear. A cold mist twirled around his body, making him look like a thick ice block. People felt chilled standing close to him. They instinctively moved away.

Ice cla.s.s power. The latecomer's power Upanishad and Barrette's were polar opposites of each other. They were surprisingly close friends.

"Barrette, why did you summon me here?" The hunky man's voice was like thunder. "Can't you just decide the stuff about the new star area yourself? Why do you want me here? Haven't you done things like this enough?"

"Black Horn, I asked you to come here to help me take back a woman," Barrette took a deep breath then pointed at Shi Yan. "Beat him and I can marry Feng Rao. Take good care of him!"

Black Horn was bewildered. He became foul-mouthed. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d Barrette! Did you call me here for this? You really are too bored, aren't you?"

While he was talking, Black Horn couldn't help but turn to Shi Yan and thunder, "Kid, you should just die! Don't waste my time!"

"You can't kill him!" As Feng Ke saw that the battle will happen soon, he suddenly recalled something and shouted, "Only defeating. No killing! Black Horn, you should notice that. If you kill him, don't blame me for turning my back on you guys!"

It was obvious that he didn't favor Shi Yan. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said so.

Black Horn was really famous in the Land of G.o.d Punishment with the Peak of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base. At the same time, as he was from the Demon Clan, his G.o.d Body was very imposing. His understanding of the Ice power Upanishad was also profound. Before Barrette had broken through the Original G.o.d Realm, he couldn't gain the upper hand fighting Black Horn.

People rumored that Black Horn had almost accomplished the complete Essence of the Ice power Upanishad. He was at the threshold of the Original G.o.d Realm already.

Black Horn was a combative warrior. He often battled other people in the Land of G.o.d Punishment without a clear reason. In those recent years, famous warriors at the same realm with him had been beaten once. None of them was his rival.

That was why Black Horn was t.i.tled the best Hotshot under the Original G.o.d Realm. In this Land of G.o.d Punishment, he was infamous. His reputation was even better than b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo and his competence and background force were also one level higher than Ka Tuo.

Many onlookers cursed under their breaths when they saw Black Horn roar and attack. They had to back off instantly.

When this brutal guy engaged in a battle, he wouldn't care about the onlookers. Once he started to take action, he would mind nothing. From time to time, the onlookers would get hurt by his mighty attacks.

Black Horn's icy-clear eyes brightened. The freezing energy under his feet swept over everybody, dashing like a mad ice dragon underground, heading towards Shi Yan.

Crack Crack Crack!

Big cracks appeared on the green ice block. Sharp icicles jutted from the ground. A thick ice layer appeared in the area between Shi Yan and Black Horn. The entire area was frozen.

"That kid also cultivates Ice power Upanishad just like Black Horn. Haha, this will be so interesting!

"Barrette called Black Horn here to teach Shi Yan a lesson and to let him know about the real power and subtle features of Ice power."

"Right. Barrette wants to use his favorite power Upanishad to defeat him. This will give that kid a nightmare and he will never increase his realm again. It is that malignant!"

"It's obvious. That kid dares to s.n.a.t.c.h Barrette's belonging. He shouldn't think about having a decent ending."

Leaders of the other forces backed off, discussing with each other excitedly. The hustle and bustle of this area never ceased. They watched and screamed in awe.

From the two big legs like the ice columns of Black Horn, extremely cold energy continually seeped into the ground. The area between him and Shi Yan was frozen with a thick layer of ice around one hundred meters. Sharp icicles jutted under his power before they were flung out violently.

As the cold energy permeated the area, warriors with low cultivation base shuddered. They had to back off further but their eyes still glued to the flying icicles.

Several hundred icicles hissed like a sharp spear as if they could tear the whole sky bombarding Shi Yan.

Feng Ke had already taken Feng Xiao and Feng Rao away from this place. Now, they were standing on a high platform several hundred meters away to watch the battle.

Their arena was the training court of the Blue Demon's warriors, which situated on an area of several thousand square meters. As soon as Black Horn urged his icy energy, the vast training court was frozen. It looked like a large frozen lake in the coldest area. Ice and snow covered every corner.

When hundreds of sharp icicles arrived, Shi Yan's body echoed the sounds of cracking bones.

His hunky G.o.d Body withered eccentrically. He became bony shortly. At the same time, a ferocious force rocketed unceasingly in his body. A b.l.o.o.d.y murderous aura shot out from behind his head, swirling up to the sky just like the pair of the Devil.

His eyes became garnet as if they congested. With his indifferent countenance, he gave people an emotionlessly scary feeling.

Third Sky of Rampage!

"Oh sh*t! Tough!"

"That evil energy was too strong! His power's increased several times in just a blink! Holy moly!"

"That kid is intimidating! His power's increased in just a blink! What's going on?"

"I don't get it!"

Everybody burst out screaming.

That's how it was!

b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo took a deep breath to calm down. At the moment he saw Shi Yan's blood red eyes, he knew that Shi Yan was serious this time!

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Several hundred icicles flung towards Shi Yan rapidly like the ghosts coming for souls. Their power was so fierce. Even if the warrior at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm used a G.o.d Domain, it would be smashed instantly.


Shi Yan's garnet eyes sparkled with blood red light. His power shifted as he extended one arm, touching the void and shouting.

Crack Crack!

s.p.a.ce had confined everything. The wind ceased. The energy was stagnant. The G.o.d Domain beside him became oddly silent.

Hundreds of spear-like sharp icicles halted in the air. The icicle closest to him was just one meter away from his glabella.


Shi Yan's G.o.d Domain changed. The negative aura rolled up to the sky, turning into the blue ghost claws that slapped each pointy icicle.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of icicles exploded in the air. Ice scattered everywhere. The immense mist wound around Shi Yan dreamily.

People were surprised. The boisterous noise ceased.

On the stone platform, Feng Ke, the leader of the Blue Demon was astounded. He turned around immediately and looked at Feng Rao deep into her eyes. "Little girl, it's been so many years, and your eyes are still sharp. You've never wronged anyone."

Feng Xiao was also baffled, muttering. "I finally believe what she told me. No wonder why he dared to leave with Ka Tuo and Ka Fu. Turns out his foundation is tough enough not to be afraid of others. Yeah, we're all wrong. This kid is a true character!"

"I've told you. Even if I risk my life to fight him, the one who will get killed will be me, not him." Feng Rao was excited but she pretended to be calm, talking faintly. "That is how he is. Skipping level to fight is normal stuff to him."

Feng Ke, Feng Xiao exchanged looked as they agreed inwardly. They were no longer suspicious.

The icicles were broken but Shi Yan didn't have a scratch on himself. His congested eyes turned into a bloodthirsty red color. He looked at Black Horn from a distance, not yet attacking.

Black Horn was baffled for a while. He gazed at Shi Yan for a while. His nonchalant visage changed into a more serious one. He took a breath of cold air, talking solemnly. "I've wronged you. You're a true rival. I'm going to make a deal with you with my best abilities! You've earned my respect. I will consider you a warrior with the same competence!"

"Barrette, your rival isn't bad at all. He is as excellent as you were that year," Russell frowned, lowering his voice. "Anyway, when you were in the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, you didn't have such mighty power, I suppose?"

"Yes, he is absolutely a tough character. No wonder he was able to take the star map out of the Purgatory Star.He is not a simple at all!" Jie Nong also appraised.

Barrette grimaced and snorted but didn't answer.

Heaven flame! Where was the heaven flame!

Jester's eyes were burning as he was screaming inwardly. He was yearning to see the heaven flames to seize the chance and a.s.sess it.

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