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Barrette stormed in like an enraged lion. He didn't care about the fact that warriors weren't allowed to fly inside the Heaven Punishment City. He flew furiously towards Feng Ke's Blue Demon base.

Because of his raging flame, many people got hurt on the s.p.a.cious square standing on his way. They cursed under their breath, trying to stay away from him as they were afraid that he would attack them to vent out his anger.

Barrette's main power Upanishad was Fire. He was also a hot-tempered man. Once he was infuriated, a flame would burn all over his body. The flame of an Original G.o.d Realm warrior was blazingly hot and it would increase the temperature of the Heaven Punishment City very quickly.

Warriors on the streets yelled and cursed. However, when they looked up to see who caused the flames, they found that the rule-breaker was Barrette. They immediately shut their mouths, not daring to utter a word.


Although there were around dozens of different pirate organizations in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, there were only four truly mighty organizations. Barrette's Black Curtain was one of those four brutal, unreasonable forces.

Barrette's Black Curtain grew fast. He had spent two hundred years to make an anonymous force one of the four giants of the Heaven Punishment City.

The Black Curtain Pirates had become famous in the entire Raging Flame Star Area as a legend of Heaven Punishment City.

Barrette was the man who had created this legendary force. Within two hundred years, he had broken through to the Original G.o.d Realm and brought the Black Curtain Pirates to the peak of glory. They became a mighty force and their name was well-known everywhere.

Those who got inflamed by Barrette's fire were angry but they didn't complain. They cowered, pretended not to see him breaking the rule. They were afraid that Barrette could see their discontent.

Among the four great leaders, Barrette was the most aggressive one. He would kill people without explaining or reasoning. His deeds were merciless. To him, power ruled over everything else. His subordinates consisted of countless thugs and villains. Not many people dared to provoke him.

He stormed fast towards the Blue Demon's base while the fire around his body shot out like burning meteors.

Jie Nong was also one of the leaders. He became excited, following the infuriated man. It seemed like Jie Nong thought it was fun to see Barrette angry. Often, he would tease his companion, "Tsk tsk, our poor Barrette. You've been waiting for two hundred years to see Feng Rao and to become her beloved husband. How does it feel?"

Just like pouring more oil into the fire, Barrette's flames of anger increased. As soon as he landed, he shouted, "Feng Ke!"

Inside the stone hall, Feng Ke was startled to hear his shout while he was immersing his mind into the star map. He retrieved his Soul Consciousness, his face dark.

His figured flashed and he reached Barrette. He scolded the man with a grimace. "Barrette, why are you acting insane again? I'm nice enough to invite you here to discuss the star map. Do you want to trouble me?"

"Where's Feng Rao? Call her for me!" Barrette took a deep breath. His eyes sparked a fire as he thundered indignantly. "What did you promise me? You said that once I've entered the Original G.o.d Realm, you will let Feng Rao marry me. Now that I've reached the Original G.o.d Realm, I want Feng Rao. You should give me a reasonable answer now."

Jie Nong chuckled and rose one hand to show his expression. "Big Bro Feng Ke, you did say that. I can testify."

"I can too. You did say that." Russell's voice arose from deep underground. As soon as he finished talking, Russell appeared, standing next to Barrette and Jie Nong. He grinned eccentrically as though he hated that this world couldn't be in chaos.

Feng Ke was surprised.

It has been two hundred years, and during this entire time, Feng Rao wasn't home. He didn't notice this and he had almost forgotten his promise. As Barrette reminded him, he suddenly recalled that he did make such promise.

More than two hundred years ago, Barrette was just a warrior at his First Sky of King G.o.d Realm who sought refuge in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. When he saw Feng Rao for the first time, he was stunned because of her beauty. He swore that he would make her his wife.

At that time, Feng Ke had already been an overlord of the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Naturally, he looked down on Barrette who had only the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base. He mocked the man for his low realm and said that he didn't deserve his daughter. He had publicly said that if Barrette had reached the Original G.o.d Realm with a strong background force, he would fulfill his wish.

At that time, he hadn't recognized Barrette's potential because people still chased Barrette to kill him. Feng Ke thought that Barrette would never make it to the Original G.o.d Realm.

Not long after that, Feng Ke got the information of the star map. Feng Rao had volunteered to take this mission and went to the Purgatory Star to search for the star map. She left by herself.

Barrette had yelled and shouted when Feng Rao had gone missing. Later on, he had to let her go.

After more than two hundred years, Barrette had reached the Original G.o.d Realm from his shallow realm that year. At the same time, he had replaced his former leader to be the big boss of the Black Curtain, the overlord of a region in the Heaven Punishment City.

And now, Feng Rao came back. After Barrette received this news, he became so excited and he went to the Heaven Punishment City immediately.

However, Feng Ke had forgotten what he had promised the young man. As Barrette, Russell, and Jie Nong reminded him, he suddenly recalled that small event.

"Feng Ke, I am now asking you. Will you fulfill your promise to me or not!" Barrette chinned up, his eyes flaming. "If you say no and we end up exploring the star map together, I won't be able to trust you in negotiations when we find something. Then, wouldn't our efforts feel like they were for nothing?"

Russell and Jie Nong also nodded, implying that they agreed with this reasoning.

While they were talking, more and more leaders of the pirates came. They gathered slowly. b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was in that crowd, too. He was looking at the two sides with awe.

"Sage Jester, you are also here?"

"Ah, precursor Jester, come in, come in!

"Professor Jester, you've agreed to give me more pellets. You remember, right?."

Suddenly, a rustling noise came from the crowd. Alchemist Jester, who had his hands hidden in his sleeves, was strolling towards the hall. He nodded indifferently to people who greeted him.

Jester was at the Original G.o.d Realm. His realm was outstanding in this place. And he was an extraordinary alchemist. Many leaders of the pirates had to ask for his pellets. They all paid him special respect. When he came, they showed their respect, proactively giving way to him.

Jester nodded, walking coldly towards Barrette, Russell, and Jie Nong. He stood still and slightly bent his body to greet Feng Ke. "Feng Ke, big brother, thank you for letting me join in this."

Feng Ke smiled reluctantly, waving his hands. "Professor, don't be too polite. We need your instructions with spiritual herbs and gra.s.s on the new star area. Blunt people like us can only fight. We don't know too much about the functions of herbs."

"Big brother Feng Ke, you're just trying to be humble. It is my great honor to partic.i.p.ate in this operation," Jester smiled. He glared at Barrette, frowning. "Why did you make so much noise?"

"You've come just on time. Please listen to my grievance. Big brother Feng Ke had promised me that when I've reached the Original G.o.d Realm, he will let Feng Rao marry me. I'm at the Original G.o.d Realm now, and I want him to give me the final answer." Barrette said to Jester with great respect. He tried to calm down, holding in his anger. However, his face still grimaced while he thundered.

"The words of big brother Feng Ke has enormous weight. He won't lie," said Jester seriously.

"Big brother Feng Ke, what is your opinion on this matter? Tell us." As the leaders of the pirates were in haste to discuss the star map, they didn't want to waste time because of Barrette's issue.

"Little Rao!" Feng Ke had to go with the flow. He pondered for a while then shouted. His shout reverberated everywhere.

Feng Rao had soon noticed the loud noise in the hall. Her beautiful eyes became gloomy, her face cold. She quietly came out from a back door. She stood by Feng Rao, glared at Barrette indifferently, and asked, "If you want to marry me, shouldn't you ask me first?"

Barrette had calmed down for seconds. Seeing Feng Rao, he wasn't happy. Instead, he was more enraged. He shouted hastily, "What do you mean? Do you think I am so blind that I didn't see you flirting with that kid?"

The blazing red flame expanded from his body. He shouted indignantly in the sea of fire. "Where is that little dog? Tell him to get his a.s.s here! I want to show him what he gets for touching my woman. I want to burn his soul altar into ashes and kill him slowly die, bit by bit, so he falls with agony!"

"Barrette, control yourself!" Feng Ke was enraged, his face cold and dark. "This place is my Blue Demon's. It's not your Black Curtain's. Shi Yan brought us the star map. Without him, none of you would even have had a chance to touch a portion of its rewards! Calm down. Don't trouble everyone else!" 

"I don't care. I must kill that dog!" Barrette was acting strangely angry, thundering.

Feng Ke quieted down abruptly. Cold light sparkled deep in his eyes. He seemed to be really enraged.

Seeing him getting angry, many leaders who were screaming and yelling shut their mouths abruptly. They all knew that when Feng Ke got angry, he was very intimidating.

Even Russell and Jie Nong, who always wanted to see messy and chaotic situations, had to squeeze a forced smile. They didn't support Barrette's decision in provoking the others anymore.

The whole scene was so quiet that people could even hear the sound of a needle falling on the ground. During this time, a beefy figured appeared next to Feng Rao, his face cold but natural. "I'm Shi Yan."

"Good, kid, you have shown your face!"

"You are brave enough. He dares jump out here when Barrette is so mad. Does he care about his life?"

"Haha, he's an outsider. Perhaps he has never heard about Barrette's brutal reputation."

"True. This kid is in trouble now."

The leaders of the pirates became boisterous again. They started to mock and insult Shi Yan.

Only b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo didn't utter a word. He was staring at Shi Yan with his savage face, frowning and thinking about something.

"I told you not to come here. I will handle it. Why did you come here?" Feng Rao furrowed her bold brows. She turned around, giving him a forced smile. "Since you showed yourself, a small annoyance became a huge problem. Did you really want to provoke that madman?"

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile as if he didn't care about that. "I don't have a habit of letting women shelter me."

"Brave enough, not bad," Jie Nong burst out laughing, then said oddly, "Just a little bit dumb."

"Yep, dumb he is." Russell nodded, agreeing with Jie Nong. His eyes were cold and he felt so bitter inside. At this moment, he knew that Shi Yan and Ka Tuo had joined hands to fool him. He felt so annoyed.


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