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The tall platform of the Heaven Punishment City.

Shi Yan stuck close to Feng Rao chest-to-chest. His eyes were hot, and he was grinning evilly.

Feng Rao was wearing a silky floaty dress, which revealed her graceful, attractive curves. Her milky bosom was high and ample. Her charming face showed that she was shy as she looked at him with her bright, watery eyes.

Shi Yan pretended not to see it. He swayed his body to caress her body. He felt happy, without shame.


"Can you be more shameless?" Feng Rao blushed. She snorted at him, but she didn't step back as though she wanted to see the most shameless action he could do.

"Oh dear, I can." Shi Yan grinned evilly, placing his left leg between Feng Rao's slender legs. Their legs caressed each other, and they could feel each other's warmth.

He muttered, "You look so beautiful right now!"

"You're so shameless!" Feng Rao couldn't stand it.

She took a step back, gasping for her breath. Her charming face was so red it looked as red as a rose. She gritted her teeth, rolling her eyes at him vehemently. "I've been asking for your profile. You are dependent on Princess Zi Yao of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Do you like her? Are you one of her soldiers? Otherwise, with her realm and power, how could she bind you? If you like her, don't flirt with me. Or else, I won't let you leave at ease."

"Don't be jealous. She and I are just making use of each other. It's not as complicated as you think." Shi Yan felt funny, shaking his head, talking seriously. "The relationship between she and I isn't as deep as what we have now. Believe me, in this Raging Flame Star Area, there is only one woman in my heart. And it is you."

Feng Rao's heart jumped with joy. She lifted her head, revealing her jade-like neck. "Then you have to agree with me that from now on, you're no longer Princess Yi Zao's escort."

"No problem," Shi Yan agreed without spending a moment to think about it. He smiled brightly. "What else do you want? Tell me. I can satisfy all of your wishes. Haha, you're my woman. I will treat you well."

"Your woman?" Feng Rao blushed and sorted. "Not that easy. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Do you remember how you treated me previously? You almost killed me! I'm not gonna forgive you that easily."

"The past is in the past. Don't remember what happened before." Shi Yan chuckled. His figure flashed and he stopped in front of Feng Rao once more time. He pulled her into his embrace then whispered in her ear. "Isn't it good this way? I came to the Land of G.o.d Punishment for you. I handed over the star map for you. I've tried my best to create a good relationship with your brother and father. And with you. If you're content, I'll be satisfied..."

Sweet but worthless words came out tenderly from his mouth. Those barefaced words between lovers were like spells that calmed Feng Rao. She proactively hugged him, murmuring, "You're talking sweetly. Tell me more..."

Of course, Shi Yan would satisfy her. He had mastered speaking such sentimental words in a soft tone in the other world. They filled Feng Rao's heart with sweetness. Her body shivered in joy.

"Where has that b.a.s.t.a.r.d gone to? It's been so long. Has he left already?" Zi Yao was so bored, walking on the s.p.a.cious street of the Heaven Punishment City. She kept complaining.

Yalan, Tie Mu, and Ao Gera were very interested in the endless rare cultivating materials in the Heaven Punishment City. They scattered and bought what they liked, leaving Carthew to walk with Zi Yao on the streets of the Heaven Punishment City.

"I received the news saying that he, Ka Tuo, and Ka Fu had left the Heaven Punishment City. Yeah, I think they are hiding in the Land of G.o.d Punishment now," Carthew smiled, talking deliberately, "Don't be impatient. I heard that he agreed with Feng Rao, Feng Ke's daughter, that he would come back to give the star map when he confirms that his friends were cured."

". . . Feng Rao... Is she beautiful?" Zi Yao slammed her delicate brows together, asking instinctively.

"A th.o.r.n.y rose of the Land of G.o.d Punishment, Feng Ke's precious gem. Of course, she is beautiful. Haha. Many crazy people of the Land of G.o.d Punishment like her. However, if compared to Your Highness, she's still a little bit behind," Carthew smiled and answered.

"Why is he with that woman?" snorted Zi Yao.

"They came out of the Purgatory Star together. That little girl Feng Rao was one of the prisoners of the Purgatory Star. She was there for the star map, I suppose," Carthew furrowed his brows. "That Feng Ke is too cunning. For the star map, he let his daughter disguise herself to stay in the Purgatory Star for two hundred years. They are such patient people."

"If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Shi Yan comes to the Heaven Punishment City, will he go directly to the Blue Demon's base?" asked Zi Yao.

Carthew nodded and raised his arm to point at a conical building. "That is the headquarter of the Blue Demon in the Heaven Punishment City. It is a heavily guarded place. Feng Ke is in there at the moment. Oh!"

Carthew suddenly halted, baffled. Light shot out from his bright eyes. He focused on the top of that building, his face astounded.

Zi Yao also lifted up her head to watch. However, due to her low realm, she could only see a vague area atop that building. She couldn't see things clearly.

Carthew was bewildered for a long time, his countenance odd. He hesitated for a while before taking out a hexagonal quartz mirror and giving it to Zi Yao. "The top of that building has a barrier to prevent people from peeping in. This mirror can help you see through it."

Zi Yao was skeptical. Her eyes brightened as she concentrated on the mirror.

A man and a woman were hugging each other on a crystal platform atop that building. They were talking to each other sweetly and harmoniously as if they had so many things to say...

Her soft body trembled. Her face grimaced shortly and she had fire in her eyes. Zi Yao shouted indignantly, "Shameless! Shameless! That shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

She felt like her heart was going to burst. She felt so vexed but she couldn't explain why. Her sorrow made her confused. Her rage burst out like an erupting volcano. She was so angry that she wanted to kill someone. Her body shivered as she cursed under her breath.

Carthew rubbed his chin, looking at her quietly, his eyes strange. "They're just hugging. I can't say it's shameless. Anyway, that kid is lucky enough. Feng Rao is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Tsk tsk. During this crucial period when heroes are gathering for the star map, he's acting so relaxed. He even has time for love. Excellent!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He deserves one thousand blades stabbing his back!" Zi Yao ground her teeth. "We've crossed a thousand miles to get here... He... he doesn't have morals. How dare he cooperate with the Chief Pirate's daughter! I'm so angry!"

She didn't know why seeing Shi Yan and Feng Rao hugging made her feel so agitated. Annoyingly, sorrow rose in her heart as she hated that she couldn't storm over there to rip them apart.

"Don't be so angry. The Heaven Punishment City has many restrictions. If you disclose your ident.i.ty before Ao Gu Duo and Leona arrive, I wouldn't be able to protect your life." Carthew saw her rage escalating. He was startled, hurrying to advise her. "Shi Yan is just a member of your entourage. You don't need to mind him that much. He has the right to pursue the women he chooses. You don't have the right to interfere with him. You have to consider the big picture!"


The hexagonal quartz mirror was broken. Crystal pieces shot out everywhere. Zi Yao took several deep breaths. Her ample bosom bulged as she said irritatedly, "Not seeing is better and cleaner. Seeing him acting like that, I'm enraged because we've been worried about him the whole time! Darn it! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d still has time to work on his love life. Does he even know that people had been waiting and worrying about him anxiously every day?!"

"I'm not worried about him," Carthew felt a sting in his heart seeing the priceless hexagonal mirror being broken by Zi Yao's rage. He muttered begrudgingly. "That kid is so cunning. How could he fall into bad situations that easily? Among us, only you have been worried about him. No one else is worrying. Perhaps Ao Gera wished for him to die early, though."

"I want to meet him. Find a way for me to meet him," Zi Yao snorted. She calmed down and talked to Carthew. "Please arrange this for me."

"Give me time," Carthew sighed inwardly, agreeing with her even though he knew it would be troublesome. "But you have to remember that you have to be very careful in the Heaven Punishment City. You can't disclose your ident.i.ty. At least before Ao Gu Duo and Leona come, don't let anyone else know our ident.i.ties."

"Okay! I promise!" nodded Zi Yao.

A gateway to the Heaven Punishment City.

Two people walked into the city. Guards by the gateways kneeled down on one knee to greet them. "Welcome, Sir Barrette! Welcome, Sir Jie Nong!"

The two nodded and walked into the city, followed by more than ten profound-realm warriors with brutal and bloodthirsty auras.

Barrette was a beefy human who was around two meters tall and wore heavy black armor.

Jie Nong was a clansman of the Dark Spirit Clan. He had a waist-length cyan hair outline his cold and solemn face.

"Feng Ke must have the star map now. Otherwise, he wouldn't have urged us to come here. Haha, I heard that Feng Rao's back. I have to pay attention to her. I can't afford to let her escape again." Barrette grinned, looking at the stone building of the Blue Demon pirates.

Suddenly, he was baffled. He peered to see clearly, his face grimaced instantly.

Jie Nong followed his eyes, looking further. He then burst out laughing and teased Barrette. "Barrette, I think you've miscalculated. You've been yearning for Feng Rao for so many years and now, someone else has taken her. Interesting. Haha. I think that kid has brought the star map here, but I didn't think that he'd be with Feng Rao."

Barrette darkened his face. His brutal eyes sparkled. "Feng Ke has promised me many years ago that if I break through to the Original G.o.d Realm, he will let me marry Feng Rao. I've reached the Original G.o.d Realm. Now I will see if he will fulfill his promise or not!"

"Barrette, if you marry Feng Rao, you will be bound to Feng Ke, right? You've been trying for so many years just to work for Feng Ke and his family? Will you give up all your hard work and achievements?" Jie Nong was astonished.

Before Feng Rao had left the Land of G.o.d Punishment, Barrette had proposed to her. However, his realm wasn't high enough at that time, and he wasn't really outstanding among the forces of pirates in the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

After more than two hundred years, Barrette has become one of the strongest warriors of the Land of G.o.d Punishment and one of the biggest bosses of the Heaven Punishment City. He thought that he would finally get what he wanted. However, while standing just a few steps from the Heaven Punishment City, he saw something that enraged him rapidly.

"I want to meet Feng Ke immediately!" Barrette shouted, disregarding the rule of the Heaven Punishment City, which banned flying in the city. He wildly flew away.


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