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"Haha. Young hero, you came. Little buddy, you have kept your word and I am now happier than ever!"

Feng Ke laughed loudly and hospitably in his s.p.a.cious hall. He looked so happy.

Shi Yan and Feng Rao walked together. The Pirates of the Blue Demon studied him with curious faces along the way.

After being away for more than two hundred years, Feng Rao was back with the information of the star map, which stirred up those who knew the legends of the Raging Flame Star Area. As they knew that the star map was in Shi Yan's hands, they were all thrilled that he came.

Shi Yan was wearing a tight warrior black costume. He didn't look very outstanding. However, his eyes were bright and his spirit was high. At the same time, his aura was introverted, which made people not dare look down on him.

Feng Rao wore a long silky dress that revealed her graceful body. Her slender legs were exposed naturally and beautifully while she walked.

In the Land of G.o.d Punishment, the reputation of her glamour had spread widely. More than two hundred years ago, she was the number one or two most beautiful woman. She had been away for a while but when she came back, she had retained her beauty. Now she had the bearings of an attractive mature woman. The s.p.a.ce pirates looked at her with hot eyes and drooling mouths.

When she and Shi Yan walked shoulder by shoulder, she attracted a lot of looks. However, they didn't dare to show her their l.u.s.tful visage. All were showing great respect to her.

She was Feng Ke's only daughter, the Young Lady of the chief. She also had a high realm and performed many brutal deeds. Before she had left the Land of G.o.d Punishment, she had already been notorious. And now she came back with a crucial treasure. No one dared to mistreat her.

"Greeting, precursor Feng Ke," Shi Yan smiled, slightly bent his body in a manner that he was both humble but also independent. He naturally walked to the center of the stone hall. He showed his manners with his back upright.

The Blue Demon's base was a strange conical structure, which was around one hundred meters tall. With a s.p.a.cious foundation, it's radius shrank as it went to the top.

At this moment, Shi Yan was in the middle level of this building, a large s.p.a.ce without windows. The hall had many big stone pillars with exquisite patterns and inlaid crystals for illuminating the room. Shi Yan could feel the faint energy ripples of those pillars.

Besides Feng Ke and Feng Xiao in this stone hall, Feng Ke's subordinates were also present. Most of them had the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base.

Before Shi Yan reached the hall, Feng Ke smiled and rose his arm to make a signal. Those warriors sitting on his sides stood up, bowed to him and left.

Then, only Feng Ke, Feng Rao, Feng Xiao, and Shi Yan remained in this large hall.

"Good, you're a man of his word. You have integrity." Feng Ke was sitting on the high throne of this hall. He waved his hand to signal Shi Yan to sit down. Then he said, "To be honest, the star map is really crucial. You surprised me by coming here personally. Haha. If I were you, I wouldn't have exchanged the star map for just three human body cauldrons. And I would never have shown up to fulfill my promise after I confirmed that my people were saved. For the star map, I've been patient for years. I spent so much for it."

Feng Xiao also nodded and smiled. "Little buddy, you're quite the character. I'm not surprised that you were the young expert who was eligible to enter the Extreme Purgatory Field. Seeing you, I know the Dark Firmament Divine Nation has a lot of talents."

"I've promised Feng Rao that I would bring her the star map and I couldn't fail her. In our life, we have something that we must hold on to. Take my three friends as an example. In your eyes, they are trivial and not worth your concern. But to me, they are very important. For their lives, I don't think paying the star map is unreasonable." Shi Yan smiled, turning to look at Feng Rao besides him. His eyes sparkled with a faint hot light. "If I didn't come here, she would have hated me to death."

"You know how I think," Feng Rao smiled. Her eyes twinkled as though she had a good mood.

Feng Ke and Feng Xiao were the ones with cunning hearts. From Shi Yan's and Feng Rao's words and gestures, they smelled something abnormal.

"Here is the star map. Precursor Feng Ke, please receive it." Shi Yan contemplated before taking out the star map from his Fantasy Sky Ring. His mind flickered and the star map turned into a beam of light, flying toward Feng Ke.

Feng Ke's eyes brightened. He couldn't hold in his laughter. He grabbed the star map, sending his Soul Consciousness to sense it. He was so excited and he shouted, "Good! Good! Good!"

Feng Xiao found it hard to cover his thrill. He instinctively stepped forward, wanting to see the mysteries of the star map.

"Little Rao, take Shi Yan to rest first. I'm going to summon the leaders of the other forces to discuss finding the new star area! We also invite our little buddy to join the meeting. He brought us the star map so he should join us." Feng Ke cheered up. He wanted to say something but because of the star map, he just let them go.

Feng Rao giggled, throwing Shi Yan her charming look and walking out of the room.

Shi Yan didn't linger. He bowed to Feng Ke and followed Feng Rao, letting her arrange him a place to rest.

"Father, it seems like my sister and that kid are in a relationship. I think my sister loves him..." said Feng Rao after the other two left. He frowned.

Feng Ke stopped exploring the star map. His face darkened as he said, "Right. Seems like Little Rao likes him. But that kid... I can't tell."

"My sister said that when we find the new star area, we have to give him one life star. Father, do you really want to do that?" Feng Xiao didn't want that to happen. It was obvious in his eyes. He continued in a soft voice, "Leaders of the other forces will join us directly. If we do find the new star, we will need a giant workforce and countless materials to explore it. Then, each leader will have their own requests. Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong aren't easy to deal with. Wars will start. If we give him a life star, it may be hard to manage..."

Feng Ke quieted down, knitting his eyebrows tightly. After a while, he spoke up, "At this moment, we will agree to his condition. When we find the new star area, we will negotiate again. If that kid is as outstanding as what Feng Rao told us and he wants to work for us wholeheartedly, we will let him marry Little Rao and give him a life star. Anyway, if he married Little Rao, he will become one of us. That life star will belong to us. Just consider this..."

"Father, you're so wise," Feng Xiao complimented. He paused for a while then continued, "What should we do if his competence isn't as prominent as we thought? Or what if he ends up not wanting to work for us or doesn't want to marry my sister?"

"Haha. Do you need me to tell you how to work in a situation like this?" Feng Ke's eyes expressed murderous intentions as he talked coldly.

Feng Xiao seemed to wake up. He laughed quietly. "I got it."

"Check out the star map first. Don't overthink. If that kid doesn't have sufficient power and competence, even if they love each other, I will interfere. Unless he can show his abilities and prove to provide strong support for us, he is too naive if he thinks that he will earn something in our territory." Feng Ke knitted his eyebrows and concentrated on the star map. He gathered his spirit and started to feel it.

On the top of the conical building was a triangle platform where someone put a tall gla.s.s table with sparkling, fulgent fruits.

Shi Yan and Feng Rao sat on the gla.s.s stools, eating exotic fruits and drinking fragrant wine. They were watching the Heaven Punishment City underneath with relaxed faces.

This conical palace was the base of the Blue Demon pirates. It was the highest place in the Heaven Punishment City. From this building, they could see each corner or street of the Heaven Punishment City clearly. Feng Ke liked to view things from a high elevation because everything he saw was tiny. When he had free time, he often went there to watch the city, which gave him a natural pride and satisfaction.

Sitting a gla.s.s table away from Feng Rao was Shi Yan who was also observing the entire city. He could vaguely feel the satisfactory feeling that Feng Ke had.

This city was so vast. It was the most strangely prosperous and luxury city of the entire Raging Flame Star Area. So many pirate organizations based here. Seeing countless thugs, villains, thieves, and madmen from everywhere else moving under his feet, he felt like he had them all in the palm of his hand... this feeling was so marvelous.

"How is it? I didn't lie to you, right?" Shi Yan took a sip of the fragrant wine in his gla.s.s. He stood up and looked at the tiny warriors moving to and fro under his feet. He said loudly, "Your father knows how to enjoy life. From this place, with his Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, he could see the details of warriors' appearance and commotions who are on the ground. Haha. I think no armed battle could stay away from his sights, right?"

"I knew you would come," Feng Rao smiled brightly. She got up from her seat, walked gently over to him and stood next to him to watch the city under their feet. She talked to him mildly, "A man with the drive and ambition to build a kingdom can satisfy his pride by controlling people's life. But we women don't want these. A man we choose to entrust our life is more important."

Shi Yan was shaken. He smiled, turning to her. "What do you think of me? Am I worthy of your trust?"

"Geez!" Feng Rao smiled, shaking her head. Her beautiful eyes met his eyes for a while. "You do know how to use water to speed up your boat. You're too dangerous. You have a lot of wicked thoughts. You can't stay still. Your woman won't have peaceful days."

"You like adventures, don't you?" Shi Yan smiled. "We are the types of people who have to pursue realms and powers for our entire life. Do you think we will ever have a normal life? If we don't struggle with adversity, we can't advance our power to have a moment of peace. Don't you think so?"

While talking, he suddenly turned around, walking towards Feng Rao with his pa.s.sionate eyes.

Feng Rao's maiden heart shivered, but she didn't back off to keep a safe distance with him. Her beautiful eyes gazed at him. She gritted her teeth, her cheeks blushing. "b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't lean too close to me!"

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