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Ka Tuo was still trying his best to combine the Essence Inheritance. He didn't notice that Shi Yan had taken control of his life. For the rest of his life, he would not be able to escape Shi Yan's bind.

Shi Yan opened his eyes, smiling brightly while looking at Ka Tuo.

After a while, the energy waves on Ka Tuo's body calmed down. He continued to steady his energy, putting back the soul altar into his body. Then, he opened his eyes.

He was so happy that he almost went crazy. He couldn't press down his laughter. "I am one step closer to entering the Original G.o.d Realm. When that happens, I can stand shoulder by shoulder with Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong to be the master of an area in the Land of G.o.d Punishment!" Only warriors at the Original G.o.d Realm can control powerful forces in the pirates' organizations. They have more troops and more serious business deals.

Because b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughter Ka Tuo had not reached the Original G.o.d Realm, he was far behind Russell and the other two despite the fact that he was famous. And of course, there was no need to mention Feng Ke.

Anyway, once Ka Tuo reaches the Original G.o.d Realm, he would have a share among the experts of the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

"Congratulations, dge!" Ka Fu smiled honestly. He was thrilled and he thought about how bright the future will be.

This pair of brothers had been struggling in the Land of G.o.d Punishment for many years to acc.u.mulate the power and strength they have today. However, when Russell came to the shop and released his power, they felt so small and insignificant that they couldn't muster the courage to use their powers to resist.

At his Original G.o.d Realm, Russell had an intimidating oppressing power. If he wanted to kill them, no one would have gotten out of that shop alive. If... If Ka Tuo had had the Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base, Russell would never have dared to swagger in like that. He wouldn't have thought of killing them. All of this was because of the limit of their realms and cultivation bases.

"How do you feel? Is everything alright?" asked Shi Yan, a little bit uneasy.

Shi Yan didn't know whether Ka Tuo could sense his small trick or not. He was afraid that if Ka Tuo knew it, he would trouble him hard.

"This is amazing! It's so wonderful! I feel so good! Hahaha!" Ka Tuo laughed crazily and he felt so good. He didn't notice that a flow of his Original Soul was stolen. He had no idea that he lost control of his own life.

"Haha. That is good. Now we just need to wait until we got the news from the Heaven Punishment City. We will proceed with our plan afterward." Shi Yan was nonchalant as he could relax now. He closed his eyes, his mouth hanging a faint smile.

"This place is the Heaven Punishment City," said Carthew. He was wearing a long snow-white garment accompanied with a piece of a silver mask that covered half of his left face. He smiled and explained, "The Heaven Punishment City isn't strict. Everyone can get in. I've been here several times. As long as you conceal your power, no one would recognize you. The Heaven Punishment City is the biggest market of the entire Raging Flame Star Area. You can find secret treasures, crystals, ores, pellets, medicines, and so much more. I will give you a tour."

Zi Yao's graceful body with attractive curves had been reduced slightly as her charming face was covered in a skin tone mask.

However, warriors traveling to and fro in the wide streets of the Heaven Punishment City showed their l.u.s.tful faces as they saw her. Their hot eyes lingered on her stunning body.

Her exquisite and graceful curves were enough to get the attention of these men. Her unusually sloppy appearance only hid her beauty a little bit. Yalan, Tie Mu, and Ao Gera were also disguised, and they walked behind Carthew and Zi Yao like an entourage. They were watching the shops everywhere with great curiosity. They found so many missing treasures of the Raging Flame Star Area in the shops here. Also, they saw countless strange cultivating materials that the divine nation didn't have. They were exhibited and sold publicly here as if these items were nothing special.

"This is such a strange place." Zi Yao observed for a while before complementing, "No wonder why people tell each other to visit the Heaven Punishment City when they need cultivating materials. They would have a great harvest here. I didn't believe it. But now my I understand. The items in the Heaven Punishment City have more variety and are more precious than the items in the Nine Star Chamber of Commercial."

Carthew smiled. "It is obvious that the Heaven Punishment City is unique. Pirates from all corners of the star area gather here. I heard that... many pirates have found bizarre and rare mineral stars on the edge of our star area. The Nine Star Chamber of Commercial doesn't have this competence."

"We should get to our destination first. I wonder if he's there..." Zi Yao's beautiful eyes were radiant when she parted her lips.

Carthew nodded and said, "Follow me."

After one hour, this group arrived in front of Ka Fu's shop. They stopped by the door and looked in the shop.

No one was inside.

The door of the shop was closed. There was no commotion of warriors inside. However, many people were watching over this place discreetly.

Carthew frowned but he didn't change his visage. He just took Zi Yao's team and left. When they reached a quiet cross, he said, "That kid isn't here. Around one hundred scouts are hiding around that shop. Something just happened, I a.s.sume. Hmm, we should wait for a while. You guys go find a place to rest first. I'm going to ask for some information."

Except for Carthew, this was the first time Zi Yao and the others had visited the Heaven Punishment City. Since they weren't familiar with the environment, they just followed his orders.

Soon, Carthew took Zi Yao and the others to Sa Fa's training yard. Carthew let Yalan, Tie Mu, and Ao Gera find a resting place first. He brought Zi Yao to see Sa Fa.

"Sir Carthew," Sa Fa respectfully kneeled down to greet him. He seemed to be very excited.

"Anything new from Ka Fu? Why did he close?" Carthew signaled for him to get up and asked.

"Seems like Master Russell had visited the shop. I've sent my men to scout. They reported that Master Russell had used his power to restrain that shop. But it wasn't for a long time. Ka Tuo and the others had disappeared from the Heaven Punishment City discreetly. No one knows where they were hiding. No one has found them yet," reported Sa Fa.

Carthew frowned, wishing he had more details. Then, he advised Sa Fa to keep an eye on the commotion in the city. He ordered him that once he spotted something strange, he must report immediately.

Several days later, Bi Tian, Hegemon of the Underworld League, took Bi Rou and some other warriors in disguise to the Heaven Punishment City. They found a manor to stay at and arranged people to search for information.

Two days later, Fan Tian of the Nine Star Chamber of Commercial wore a mask and entered the Heaven Punishment City together with his warriors from outside the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

A corner in the Heaven Punishment City.

Inside a shop with the alchemist symbol on the door, alchemist Jester was urging flames from his fingers, his face ashen. His subtle flames then flew towards the Sea of Consciousness of Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Ruo.

Three pellets as big as longans exploded directly in their Sea of Consciousness. A fresh and gentle aroma diffused from the pellet, turning into a pure energy entering their Sea of Consciousness.

Jester's forehead was covered in sweat. His face looked solemn as he used the Soul Consciousness to cut the connection between the Soul Sucking Demonic Flowers and the victims' G.o.d Soul. After a long period, Jester wiped his sweat. The five fingers on his left hand shot flows of blue flame, engulfing the three Soul Sucking Demonic Flowers and burning them. Slowly, the demonic flowers turned into ashes.

The bony bodies of Bao Ao and the two others were exposed after the demonic flowers vanished.

Jester quickly ingested pellets. He closed his eyes to steady his breath. He looked very tired.

Feng Xiao, Feng Rao, and five Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors were sitting down and having green tea in a corner of this shop. They had been gazing at the alchemist for the whole process.

Crack Crack Crack!

Clear cracking sounds echoed from the bodies of Jie Ji, Bo Ruo, and Bao Ao. Although they were pale, their eyes sparkled brightly. They were so relieved.

Finally, the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower that had bound them for a long time had been uprooted, leaving no trace. Without that wicked pressure, the three of them felt even their bores relaxed.

Feng Rao and Feng Xiao exchanged looks. They stood up and smiled, and walked towards that area.

"Thank you, Miss Feng Rao," Bao Ao's team bent their body slightly, thanking her sincerely.

"No need to thank me. If you are truly grateful, say thanks to Shi Yan. Without his promise, I would never have spent so much for you guys. Haha. You were lucky to have befriended that kid. Honestly, I admire you guys," said Feng Rao seriously.

"Miss Feng Rao, you don't need to admire us. I think that if you got into trouble, that kid will save you at any cost," Bao Ao chuckled.

"I don't think he will be that generous for me," Feng Rao shook her head and smiled. "Only you guys who came here with him will receive his treats. I think that the others will never receive such kindness from him."

Bao Ao's team looked at each other and smile. They felt lucky that they didn't have any grudge against Shi Yan when they were in the Grace Mainland. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to stay alive.

"Jester, the payment I agreed to give you will be submitted as scheduled. We won't mistreat you." Feng Xiao expressed a.s.surance to the alchemist, who was adjusting his energy.

Jester was still exhausted. He suddenly opened his dull eyes and said, "Let me join your operation to search for the star map. I can give you 50% discount."

"You also know about the star map?" Feng Rao was surprised.

"Famous leaders all received the information from your father. How could I not know about it?" Jester was indifferent. "That is why I agreed to help you save these three. It was because of the star map. Now that they are cured, we can negotiate about the real deal. The new star area should have a lot of special herbs and floras, which none of you are familiar with. If I join you guys, it'll be better for both parties. Otherwise, those spiritual plants and herbs die soon."

Feng Rao and Feng Xiao exchanged looks, frowning.

"I know that you can't decide this right now. After you get back, you can tell your father about my deal. I think that with his wisdom and knowledge, he will know that bringing me will be an advantage." Jester closed his eyes, waving his hand. "Off you go."

Feng Xiao nodded, talking in a low tone. "I will send your offer to my father."

"Let's go," Feng Rao nodded to Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Ruo. They left the alchemist's shop together with their guards.

Waiting until Feng Xiao's team had left, Jester opened his eyes after a while. He took out a Sound Stone, his eyes bright and respectful. He kneeled down and sent the message. "Master, I am sure that Feng Ke has the star map."

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