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Brothers Ka Tuo and Ka Fu gawked. They were baffled. The atmosphere in the shop suddenly quieted down.

"Why do you have it?" Ka Tuo was astounded. It took some time for him to find his voice. "Doesn't Feng Rao have it?"

"It's a long story," Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. "This is not a good time to talk. Feng Rao knows that I'm here. I'm afraid that Feng Ke, her father, is on the move. We should leave first."

The star map was a crucial matter. Most experts with a background force would try to steal it. They would even to risk their lives to take possession of it. It was unknown whether or not Feng Ke would come here personally to kill him. Either way, they had to find a safer place to talk.


"Yes. That is a good plan," Ka Tuo said frankly. "We should leave the Heaven Punishment City. This city is managed by Feng Ke, Russell, Barrette, and Jie Nong. If they want to kill someone, they have many ways to do so."

Ka Fu also knew the situation wasn't good. He stopped lingering and said, "Ge, you guys go first. I will arrange the meeting place and follow you."

When Ka Tuo was about to start leaving, a gleam of fright sparkled in his eyes. He shouted, "Someone is coming! Original G.o.d Realm! So quick!"

Ka Fu was scared. "Is it Feng Ke?"

"80% or 90% chance that it's him. d.a.m.n it! It was too unreliable! I knew it!" Shi Yan's face darkened. He hesitated for a while then said through his gritted teeth, "He tricked me like this. I won't let him get what he wants!"

A power that could distort s.p.a.ce burst out from his body. s.p.a.ce slits appeared thickly around him. Radiant five-colored light shot out beautifully from the slits.

The Fantasy Sky Ring flashed. The star map created from Undying Wood flew out. Under his power, it shot out and disappeared into a s.p.a.ce slit.

A ma.s.sive flow of energy gushed out from his body. A beam of Soul Consciousness had cut off the connection with the soul altar and attached to the Undying Wood, disappearing into the s.p.a.ce slit.

Hesitating for a while, Shi Yan slid the Blood Vein Ring off his finger. As his thoughts flickered, he threw the Blood Vein Ring into the s.p.a.ce slit.

Tearing a s.p.a.ce slit and putting the items in there was an advantage that a warrior cultivating s.p.a.ce power had. However, Shi Yan was still reluctant in using this ability. The power of the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm wasn't enough to help him maintain the Soul Consciousness for long periods of time. Thus, it was difficult to keep the connection with the items he had put in the s.p.a.ce slit for a long time.

In the disorderly and chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, s.p.a.ce energy was wildly uncontrollable. Once the Soul Consciousness fell into the s.p.a.ce basin, it would be weakened and vanish.

This was especially true if a beam of his Soul Consciousness wanted to stick to the Undying Wood.

This made him spend more energy to hold the connection.

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame wasn't a real ent.i.ty. It was just a fragmented soul. Maintaining the Soul Consciousness connection with it was easier. Also, the energy required was a thousand times less.

Because of this reason, the remnants of the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame could be found easily after Shi Yan had expelled it.

However, forming a connection between the Soul Consciousness and a real ent.i.ty was difficult when putting it into a s.p.a.ce slit. When he wanted to pull it out, he needed to use a force that was a hundred times stronger.


The Undying Wood and the Blood Vein Ring disappeared together into the slit. The fine, thick slits vanished shortly after.

Shi Yan's face gloomily darkened. He said quietly, "Whoever is coming, he is coming for the star map. There is no need to be tense. As long as I have the star map, they won't dare kill me."

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu nodded quietly, pulling themselves together.

Crack Crack!

The ground of the shop under their feet caved in. A block of rock turned into dust and scattered. A brawny man emerged from the ground, but he had no dust on his body.

"Russell!" Ka Tuo's face changed. He snorted, his voice husky. "Why are you here?"

Russell, the leader of the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull pirate, grinned bizarrely. One of his hands pushed on the stone wall of the shop.

Yellow soil dust started to gather on the wall. From Russell's palm, it expanded everywhere at a speed that naked eyes couldn't observe. That yellow soil dust covered the shop's walls thickly.

Another yellow wall blocked the main door of the shop. No beam of light was allowed to creep in.

Shortly after, the entire shop sank into darkness under Russell's power.

However, seven-colored rocks and crystals on the shelves inside the shop were glowing with immense halos so the shop wasn't too dark.

After Russell was done using the yellow soil dust, he calmed down and waved his hands deliberately. A white jade chair fell behind him. He lazily sat down, smiling brightly. He looked at Shi Yan and his pose was casual as he talked to Shi Yan. "Give it to me."

"Give what? What is it?" Shi Yan frowned, asking as if he didn't know anything. "Don't pretend to be a fool," Russell laughed evilly. "Hand over the star map. I will leave immediately. I won't trouble you guys anymore."

"Russell, don't go so far!" Ka Tuo shouted, "No battle is allowed in the Heaven Punishment City. You guys set this rule and now you want to violate it?"

"Rule?" Russell grinned fiendishly, "I make rules. I'm not bound by it. Don't babble. Ka Tuo, you know me. This place is restrained now. None of you can escape. Give me the star map and I will leave. We will pretend as if nothing has happened."

Russell had the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, one level higher than Ka Tuo, the strongest one among Shi Yan's group. Once the battle started, Ka Tuo, Shi Yan, and Ka Fu wouldn't be able to escape alive. Shi Yan didn't dare take action and decided to try negotiating.

"The star map isn't in my hand," Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows tightly together. His face was gloomy as he said faintly. "Feng Rao has it. As soon as she arrived in the Heaven Punishment City, she went to the Blue Demon. If you want the star map, you should find her. I have nothing in my hands. If you don't believe me, you can check it."


A Fantasy Sky Ring on his finger cracked open. Items stored inside the ring appeared. They could see the Original Universe Return Cauldron, Sky-breaking Shuttle, Thunder Witch Wood, Five Elements Crystal Marrow, and some treasures he had refined. All lined up in front of Shi Yan, spinning.

When the Fantasy Sky Ring exploded, things it stored would be exposed.

Ka Tuo and Ka Fu looked at him with strange eyes.

Russell was also amazed. He frowned but his eyes didn't leave the treasures and strange cultivating materials, which were floating and revolving.

"No, not this. No." Russell's face darkened. His eyes flashed as he was using Soul Consciousness to explore those items. Then, he shouted, "None of them!"

His target was the star map. The other things were not what he wanted. As he didn't see the star map there, Russell clenched his jaw, grimacing.

"I have only one Fantasy Sky Ring. It is broken. All the materials are in front of you. You can check them as you please," Shi Yan was calm and natural, "I don't have another storage. With your cultivation base, I believe you can see that I don't keep Undying Wood."

"His realm isn't high enough. Going with Feng Rao at the Peak of King G.o.d Realm, you think he would have had the chance to keep the star map?" Ka Tuo was secretly relieved. He followed Shi Yan and said, "Of course Feng Rao keeps the star map. I heard that Sir Feng Ke isn't in the Heaven Punishment City now. Only Feng Xiao guards the Blue Demon's base. If you go fast enough, you can take the star map before Feng Ke gets back, sir."

Russell's eyes sparkled. He seemed to buy it, grinning fiendishly.

Ka Tuo suddenly discolored, trying to urge the chaotic energy in his body. He couldn't help but shout, "Russell, if you think you can kill us to stop us from spreading the news, it won't be that easy. Sir Feng Ke must be on his way now. If you want to waste your time killing us, do it. But I'm afraid you will miss the chance to grab the star map."

Russell snorted, raking his cold, brutal eyes around Shi Yan, Ka Tuo, and Ka Fu. Then, he said indifferently, "You're lucky this time."


The ground cracked into a pa.s.sage. Russell turned into an earthy-yellow smoke and disappeared into the pa.s.sage.

Layers of confining force covering the shop vanished, turning into earth-yellow smoke that swarmed into that pa.s.sage.

Ka Fu hurled his body onto the soft couch, wiping away the cold sweat beading his forehead. There was still fear in his eyes.

Before Russell left, he definitely intended to kill them all to stop them from telling his story. If Ka Tuo hadn't said anything, they wouldn't have been able to dodge this fatal fate.

"F*ck him!" Ka Tuo gritted his teeth, his face ferocious. "Wait until your grandfather reaches the Original G.o.d Realm, I will take all of it back! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Russell wanted to kill us. We're lucky that my brother has stashed all the items into the s.p.a.ce slit. Otherwise, none of us would have survived."

"We won't keep him deceived him for long. We should go and find a safer place first." Shi Yan could feel a shiver running down his spine. Now he felt like a lucky survivor after a fatal incident.

Russell was at the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. He only stood there but he could have given Shi Yan an endless suppression. If this man wanted to kill them, even if Shi Yan joined hands with Ka Tuo and Ka Fu, they would have still likely been killed.

If he hadn't been prepared and broken his Fantasy Sky Ring to show that he didn't keep the star map, or if Ka Tuo hadn't covered them, Russell would have slaughtered them all in this shop. After that, he could reap all the rewards of the battle. Then, no one would have found them.

"Here, take a new Fantasy Sky Ring. After you're done, we will leave immediately." Ka Fu slipped a ring off his finger, throwing it to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan caught it and connected it with his Soul Consciousness. The floating items fell into the new ring.

The new Fantasy Sky Ring Ka Fu gave him was much larger than his original one. It had many double-shelves to categorize his items. This ring looked magical and it was surely not cheap.

"Thank you," Shi Yan nodded, didn't like saying polite words. He turned to Ka Tuo, "Are you ready?"

"Yep. Follow me. We should stay away from the furious wave first. We can talk later." Ka Tuo turned around and walked to the back of the shop.

Shi Yan followed him right away.


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