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The Southwestern region of the Land of G.o.d Punishment was a dim-lit area with a lot of mineral stars. A battleship made of the skeletons of the Evil Dragon was anch.o.r.ed close to a mineral star.

A thin and small old man, whose face was covered in cyan tattoos, was standing on the skull of the Evil Dragon. His hands were hiding in his sleeves. He was looking in the general direction of the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

His eyes were so deep. His eyebrows slammed together as if he was missing something.

One hour later, a young Ghost Mark Clan man appeared behind him, calling him "father."

Feng Ke turned around to look at his second son Feng Xiao. Feng Ke lowered his voice and said, "Still got nothing about your sister?"

Feng Xiao shook his head, "No. She's certainly not near the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Otherwise, she would have contacted us."

"Could something unexpected have had happened?" Feng Ke mumbled then sighed. "It has been more than two hundred years. For the star map, she asked to take the mission to go to the Purgatory Star. It has been a really long time. As we finally received some news, I don't think something bad would have happened to her."

"My sister is smart. She will be alright. Father, don't worry. I've sent our people to different bases. As soon as my sister's whereabouts are identified, we'll be informed immediately." Feng Xiao bent his head, feeling a little emotional. "My sister was pa.s.sionate and gracious that year. She wanted to replace me and take that mission. I've been sorry for so many years. When she gets home this time, I'll make it up for her."

"Sigh, it's been more than two hundred years. Your big brother died in that battle. I have only you two now." Feng Ke looked at the area, his visage heavy and glum. "For the star map, we paid a lot. I wonder if it was worth it."

"It was absolutely worth it!" Feng Xiao's face was resolute as he clenched his fists, breathing heavily. "The three forces always suppressed us, the pirates. When they have free time, they come to sweep us away. They have killed a lot of us for so many years. Banished people like us have only this place to shelter in. They don't want to let us go. As soon as we get the star map, we can change this situation!"

"I hope so," Feng Ke's eyes were gloomy, "A rumor spread out from the Dark Firmament Divine Nation that the star map will appear near the Land of G.o.d Punishment. In time, our area will not be peaceful anymore. I heard that all the three forces will send their best warriors. A big war will rise in the Land of G.o.d Punishment!"

"d.a.m.n it!" Feng Xiao shouted indignantly, "How did they know?"

"We are not the only ones keeping an eye on the star map. If they knew how important the star map is, everyone would drool and greedily seek the map," Feng Ke sighed, "Help me deliver the news. I want to meet up with the leaders and discuss. As an alone force, even if we got the star map, we wouldn't be able to open it. We need to unite everybody."

"Father, once the other leaders know about it, they won't let us keep the star map. You have to think carefully." Feng Xiao seemed to not agree with this opinion. He tried to give his father advice. Feng Ke waved his hand, "If the information was private, I would never share it with them. But because of the rumors, the three forces will come here soon. The other leaders will know then. Anyway, no one can confirm whether your sister successfully took the star map or not. If we act stubborn, we won't be able to stand firm in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. We won't be able to defend against the three mighty forces."

Listening to his father reason, Feng Xiao nodded, "Yes Father. I will deliver the news"


A ma.s.sive bronze battleship slowly flew towards the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

Bi Tian, the Great Commander of the Underworld League, clasped his hands behind his back and stood upright on the front deck, his face calm.

Bi Rou and some warriors were standing next to him. They all looked forward as if they were musing about something.

"Father, will the star map appear in the Land of G.o.d Punishment?" asked Bi Rou softly.

Bi Tian wore hem garments. He didn't wear armor, but his aura was still archaic and faint. He smiled inaudibly. "It should. The one we've sent away is confirmed dead. Seems like a little girl of the Land of G.o.d Punishment is the only one alive. She should have the star map."

"Father, if we can get the star map, we can detach from the Underworld League and be independent right?"

Bi Tian was one of the three General Commanders of the Underworld League. Not only did he have a strong force with many talented warriors, he also had several life stars.

However, he wasn't the Hegemon of the Underworld League. He had been under someone's commands for many years. He never had a chance to step to the front.

The star map was able to change all of this. Even if it couldn't make him the Hegemon of the Underworld League, it was still able to grant him unimaginable benefits. His soldiers would become the strongest force in the Underworld League. When that happened, he would even be able to detach from the Underworld League and become the sole valiant overlord of a whole new region.

"Haha. If the star map is as amazing as what the rumor says, if we get it this time, we can change everything. We will be the strongest force in the Raging Flame Star Area. Our family will become the mightiest family in the entire star area," Bi Rou laughed cheerily. Her small and exquisite face expressed her good hopes.

Foreign Milky Way.

Shi Yan sat neatly on a big, moving rock. After about half a month, he opened his eyes.

Feng Rao's bright eyes looked at him. Seeing him getting up, her beautiful eyes brightened. "You've broken through?"

Shi Yan nodded and said while smiling, "It was smooth. The soul altar was refined one more time. Now, I've reached the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm."

"Even when I get my full power at the Peak of King G.o.d Realm, it is possible that I won't be able to do anything to harm you," Feng Rao shook her head bitterly, "You're truly from a different race. I admit that I've underestimated you."

"This kid is an anomaly in our Grace Mainland," Bo Ruo mumbled, continuing to admire him.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji exchanged smiles, giving each other looks of envy.

"Wait until you guys recover. You will also break through fast. I know of your potential," Shi Yan comforted Bao Ao's group. "If you guys can reach the peak realm in a poor place like the Grace Mainland, your abilities and innate endowment are clearly amazing."

"I hope I can get rid of this d.a.m.n demonic flower. Those motherf*ckers, I hate that I can't go to the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce and kill them all! d.a.m.n!" Jie Ji bared his teeth, his eyes flaring.

"You will find the chance," Shi Yan smiled, turning to Feng Rao. "If we go now, how long will it take to reach the Land of G.o.d Punishment?"

"If you have good fortune, it will take around half a year."

"Yeah, not too late."

Shi Yan grabbed something in the air and the ma.s.sive Empty Fantasy Crystal was pulled into the void, falling into a s.p.a.ce slit near him.

The Empty Fantasy Crystal flashed and disappeared into the s.p.a.ce slit.

"What did you do?" Feng Rao was surprised.

"What just happened?" Bao Ao was astounded.

"To make the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, it requires lots of energy. I still need a bit more," Shi Yan frowned and explained. "Wait until I've reached the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. Then, I will be able to do that. Right now, I can't. The Empty Fantasy Crystal can't be put in the Fantasy Sky Ring. Carrying it with us is inconvenient. I put it in the s.p.a.ce slit here because I have to return to this place to open the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage anyway. I need to train in this area anyway due to the special conditions."

Bao Ao's group cheered up.

"Wow! You can do all this?" Jie Ji yearningly admired him.

They left the Grace Mainland to find a survival gate for their clansmen in the Grace Mainland. They had been struggling in the Raging Flame Star Area and had suffered from severe situations for ten years. The hope in their hearts was fading little by little. It almost disappeared.

Today, Shi Yan told them that their wish could be fulfilled. Moreover, with a gateway, they didn't need to travel tens of thousands of miles to return to the Grace Mainland. Naturally, they were in good spirits.

"It is true that when I brake through the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, I will be able to naturally open the s.p.a.ce gateway," Shi Yan nodded affirmatively. "When that happens, we can go home directly and bring all of them here."

Bao Ao's group was so happy they almost cracked. They felt the burdens of their sorrow that had tortured them for ten years finally lift up from their shoulders.

"Let's move. We will leave this place and go to the Land of G.o.d Punishment." Shi Yan smiled. Seeing them excited, he was also stirred up. He talked to Feng Rao, "Did you communicate with your father?"

Feng Rao was baffled. She reacted reluctantly, "I lied to you that time. I can't contact my father from such a far distance. My realm isn't enough to do that."

Shi Yan was surprised.

"It's alright. When we've reached the Land of G.o.d Punishment, I can contact my father. Everything will be alright then." Feng Rao laughed happily, "As long as we have the star map, anything is possible. Don't worry."

"You won't trap me, will you?" Shi Yan looked at her seriously. "When we arrive in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, there is a chance that many warriors will detain me and take my star map. And you will kill me and leave with the star map nonchalantly."

Feng Rao parted her lips, chuckling. She nodded seriously, "Oh yeah, it's a good idea. I didn't think about it before. But it seems like I should follow this plan now."

Shi Yan's bold brows twitched. He pondered about Feng Rao, laughing evilly. "One day, we may be husband and wife. If you treat me this way, don't blame me for disgracing your reputation and integrity."

"Well, I don't care about reputation and integrity. Among the pirates in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, I'm infamous. Should I be afraid of the ink you want to splash on me?" Feng Rao seemed to recall something and she burst out of laughter. "Everyone knows that I like to party every night. I can't be happy without men."

"But… but that time... I remember that you bled, didn't you?" Shi Yan put on a frightened countenance.

"It was... my period. It came just on time. What did you think it was?" Feng Rao snorted before gritting her teeth.

Shi Yan's mouth twitched. He smiled but his eyes didn't express happiness. "So you don't mind at all?" Shi Yan wasn't a fool. He had a lot of experience in that field. As an experienced man, how could he not know whether she was a virgin or not?

Bao Ao's group looked at them with bizarre looks. They hesitated for a while before jumping away like three jiangshi as they were bound by the demonic flowers. They couldn't move conveniently.

"I don't mind. It's not a big deal..." Feng Rao grimaced. She was infuriated. "Are you done yet? Don't you feel ashamed?"

"Ha ha ha!" Shi Yan cracked out laughing. He even held his tummy, crouching. "Okay, okay, okay. I won't talk about it anymore."

Suddenly, he appeared eccentrically in front of Feng Ra. He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her vehemently.

Feng Rao struggled furiously. Her small fists pounded on his chest. She didn't use her energy so she couldn't actually hurt Shi Yan.

Gradually, Feng Rao stopped kicking and pounding. She hugged him and kissed him back wildly.

After a while, they detached. Shi Yan lowered his head to look deeply into her eyes. He told her seriously, "Be with me, will you?"

"I have to think about it more carefully." Feng Rao wiped Shi Yan's saliva on her succulent red lips. Her exquisite face blushed while light sparkled in her eyes. She pretended to be calm. "I haven't forgiven you yet. Don't think you can win my heart that way. You should try harder."

As soon as she finished, she didn't dare look into Shi Yan's hot eyes anymore. She flew out all of a sudden to one end of the Milky Way.

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