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"Don't touch it!"

Feng Rao suddenly warned him, which stopped him in his tracks.

"What?" Shi Yan was surprised, "What is the problem?"

"You've cultivated s.p.a.ce power; it can stir up the Empty Fantasy Crystal. If you're careless and decide to trigger the change of s.p.a.ce, we will be teleported to some unknown place. That could be dangerous" said Feng Rao with a solemn face. "If you don't have the power to control the Empty Fantasy Crystal, you shouldn't touch it."

Since she was born and grew up in the Raging Flame Star Area, she had was educated in a broad variety of fields including the features of the Empty Fantasy Crystal. That was why she was able to remind him. At this moment, the fight around them had come to the critical moment. Both the pirates and the Star Chamber of Commerce's members were enraged. They attacked mercilessly, leaving their targets no way to escape. People continued to fall and die. Not many people had time to notice this area.

As he listened to her, he stopped. Shi Yan pondered for a while and then nodded, "Seems that we need to find a war chariot to move the Empty Fantasy Crystal out of here first."

"This is the best solution," Feng Rao hurried, desperate to show her opinion. However, she acted carefully because she was afraid of this man now.

"Alright, you protect this place. I'm going to steal a war chariot," Shi Yan decided quickly. He wanted to fly out of this place.

"Why should I help you?" Feng Rao's countenance was cold. "I'm not your slave. How dare you order me? Did you really think that I would help you so easily? You don't have a high realm. What do you base your confidence on?"

Shi Yan frowned. His eyes flashed. He said deliberately, "The star map is in my hand. If you want it, don't be afraid of getting close and being loyal to me. Don't worry. You'll earn something for your service."

After he finished talking, he didn't wait for Feng Rao to snap back. He turned into a shooting light, aiming at the nearest lozenge silver war chariot of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. Under the gloomy star sea, Feng Rao's face was uncertain. She looked at the floating corpses and remembered the battle, which had just finished half a minute ago. Her eyes became inexplicably complicated.

After a while, she stooped and snorted. However, she didn't leave. She stayed and watched the place, following Shi Ya's orders to protect the Empty Fantasy Crystal.

The Blood Chief Skull pirates and the warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce furiously attacked each other. G.o.d Bodies exploded unceasingly. Soul altars vanished in the starry sea.

Dazzling energies and powers in different colors flashed and burned up in the gloomy starry sky, extending endlessly towards the other areas and shooting outwards aimlessly.

The battle between Russell and Fan Ye was the biggest variable of the whole operation. They were both the Original G.o.d Realm warriors, stronger than anybody else present in this place. As soon as one of them defeated the other, the victor could overturn the whole situation.

The place where they battled was covered in distorted energies, rocks that flew around, and thunderous lightning. All avoided getting involved in their formidable battle. Shi Yan kept an eye on that area, nervous and stirred up.

The Original G.o.d Realm was worth the peak realm of the Raging Flame Star Area. The energy waves created seemed to be able to crush the entire mineral star. The dim-lit starry sea also cracked. Outer s.p.a.ce energy fluttered from the disorder.

The area where they battled was a dozen times more dangerous than the furious energy storm. Even the G.o.d Body of the King G.o.d Realm warriors couldn't resist such mighty energy. Once it touched their energy waves, the G.o.d Body vanished into thin air like smoke.

Even Shi Yan who was very confident in his G.o.d Body didn't dare go near that perilous area. Although he had spotted unattended war chariots near their battle area, he would much rather find another chariot farther from this area and s.n.a.t.c.h it from the owner.

When he came close to a war chariot, he saw people with ashen looks on their faces who were about to fall from the bottom of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's wrecked ship. Those people were as bony as hungry ghosts. Their life magnetic fields flickered feebly like a lamp out of oil. They were going to die in any minute.

They were most likely the slaves of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, confined to exploit the mines. Or they were the human body cauldrons. All of them looked pathetic and desperate.

Those slaves were confined to the lowest deck of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's giant ship. At the moment the ship got wrecked, the floor beneath them broke and they fell.

Seeing them, Shi Yan remembered what he had experienced that year. Bi Ruo had imprisoned him, making him a human body cauldron whose function was to make pellets for them. He had remained in constant pain, desperate and helpless as he saw no hope and his future was death.

The three big forces of the Raging Flame Star Area all kept slaves and human body cauldrons. To them, people's lives weren't different from gra.s.s. They didn't treat slaves like intelligent creatures. Those people sometimes had worse living conditions than pets.

Those salves fell out from the lowest deck of the big ship. Their life magnetic fields were like flickering oil lamps. They were covered in strange, bizarre flowers. They showed only their shriveled, skinny face as if their flesh and blood had been drawn out of their bodies.

The pirates and the warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce didn't notice or care about them. When they fell into the G.o.d Domain of the others, they would shatter and die instantly.

There were high-realm warriors among these people. However, their energies had all been drawn out and their life magnetic field was drained. At the same time, the eccentric flowers had covered them, which also made them hard to release any power to defend.

In such circ.u.mstances, they weren't stronger than ordinary people. Falling into the G.o.d Domains, no one was lucky enough to survive. They died one after another.

From a distance, Shi Yan just watched since he didn't want to catch people's attention. He aimed at a war chariot nearby. However, right when he was about to turn his head, his pupils shrank and his face darkened.

Among those falling slaves, he saw someone he knew.

Bo Ruo!

A beautiful, bizarre flower covered her. Her cheekbones rose as her face shriveled terrifyingly. Her usual charming look was replaced with a look that was scarily shriveled and bony! Her eyes were desperate as her pale lips trembled. She had lost the color of a healthy person.

Her life's magnetic field was feeble like a flickering candle in the wind that was going to be blown out in any second.

Compared to her scarily deformed face, the flower covering her was magnificently fresh with moisture. It looked mesmerizing and beautiful like it was at its peak beauty in its life.

Bo Ruo was hopelessly desperate. Her eyes were dull. She didn't notice Shi Yan looking at her. She felt lonely in the dark starry sea. Slowly, she sank towards the area where G.o.d Domains overlapped.

She didn't have even a bit of energy to defend herself. Once she fell into the G.o.d Domain, she would be torn apart. At that moment, she would disappear and never recover again.

Shi Yan's face was dark and sinister. He was enraged badly. He didn't say anything as he dashed as fast as he could towards Bo Ruo. He reached her shortly, dragging her towards Feng Rao's.

Bo Ruo's dull eyes were hazy. She didn't realize what happened. When Shi Yan pulled her toward Feng Rao, she finally had the voice to scream, "Shi Yan!"

Her voice trembled. Her dull eyes got brighter as if she finally had a flame of hope. She looked at him disbelievingly. "Why are you here?"

"Where's Bao Ao?" Shi Yan didn't answer but asked again worriedly. "Is he a slave too?"

Bo Ruo paled. Her body inside the flower shivered fiercely. Blood trickled from her mouth as her Blood Qi was drawn again.

The flower swayed, becoming more beautiful...

Bo Ruo's face expressed extreme pain, which originated from her bones. She gritted her teeth and couldn't talk anymore. After a while, the pain ceased. She spoke to Shi Yan in a tremble and feeble voice, "Master... my master is in there too. Save him! Quickly!"

After she finished, Bo Ruo fainted. Her body shriveled, and her soul energy continued to slowly disappear, little by little.

Shi Yan's eyes burst into flames. He placed both of his hands on her forehead, urging his divine power. A flow of vigorous vitality gushed out from his palms, pouring into Bo Ruo's body to steady her life force. Her life was saved temporarily.

"We shouldn't draw more attention. The Soul Sucking Demonic Flower has drawn her energy for a long time. You won't be able to save her anymore. Don't waste time. Don't do stupid things." Feng Rao was calm. She had seen things like this on countless occasions so she was numb. "You must take a war chariot to take the Empty Fantasy Crystal. We must seize the chance when they're still chaotic and will run away. When one of them win, we will lose the chance to escape."

"Help me take care of her for a while. There is someone I must save!" Shi Yan said resolutely with a dark face. "Even if I have to give up the Empty Fantasy Crystal, I have to bring them back alive!" Then, he disappeared.

Feng Rao was surprised.

After the time they had spent together, she thought she had understood Shi Yan well. She thought that Shi Yan was a vicious and heartless man who would never care about others. She thought he would sacrifice anybody to achieve his goals.

However, they were just one step away from the Empty Fantasy Crystal and they could take this valuable chance when the two sides were still battling to run away. However, because of these slaves, he decided to risk his life to save them instead.

Shi Yan's unusual actions surprised Feng Rao. This was a trait of his that she hasn't seen before.

He wasn't a heartless and ungrateful man. It was just he didn't have a friend worthy of his friendship and good treats. It looked like he does remember favors, she thought.

Shi Yan sent his Soul Consciousness to search through the group of slave falling.

A familiar life energy reported in his Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan's eyes brightened, dashing wildly toward a falling shadow.

That shadow was just one step away from the G.o.d Domains overlapping area. In the next second, both his flesh and soul would be crushed.

It was Bao Ao!

Bao Ao was one of the leaders of the Demon Clan in the Grace Mainland. He had given Shi Yan lots of help and gone with him to the Raging Flame Star Area. They had shared good and bad times together.

At this moment, Bao Ao was so weak and deprived that he didn't look like a human anymore. His eyes were gloomy, no light sparkling. There was no color on his face. His mouth curled into a painful and begrudging arch. As he knew he couldn't that he couldn't escape death this time, he was desperate.

He was also covered in a Soul Sucking Demonic Flower. His body fell like a willow catkin. The beautiful flower and his ashen face contrasted terribly.

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