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While the battle was fierce, Shi Yan disappeared. He turned into a bunch of light, shooting towards the ship fragment which had the Empty Fantasy Crystal.

In the gloomy galaxy, stars twinkled and thick blood showered. Flames burned people. Shattered figures fell from the galaxy. Lives were lost.

The battle between the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull Pirates and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce had come to a critical moment. Russell and Fan Ye, the two First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, had occupied the center of the arena. They were fighting each other. In this area of their battle, everything vanished.

No one dared to stay in the affected area of their battle. They all stayed away as they were scared of the powerful energy attacks.

Russell came well-prepared. The thugs under his commands were all brutal and bloodthirsty. Most of the Fan family's warriors were hurt. They couldn't protect the materials on the ship anymore.

Those pirates stayed in their war chariots. Whenever they successfully killed someone, they would gather the shining materials, stack them on their chariots and continue to scream, laugh crazily, and kill more.

Many warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce were torn into pieces. Their G.o.d Bodies were dismembered. Some were beheaded. The pirates hung their heads on the war chariots as their spoils.

Although the Fan family was powerful, they had bad luck encountering Russell at this time. They were targeted and ambushed. Their resistance became weaker.

Shi Yan stormed fast. On his way, he extended his arm to pull the bodies that were falling into the star sea to him. He took this chance to seize the Essence Qi of the dead, which hadn't vanished yet.

Within ten breaths, he had gathered more than ten bodies, half of whom who were in True G.o.d Realm and the other half in the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm. He even grabbed one or two Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors.

The Essence Qi of the dead became a flood of energy swarming into his body wildly. His acupuncture points swelled painfully. White mist fumed. At first glance, smoke diffused from his entire body just like he was being burned.

Swoosh Swoosh!

Bunches of energy light darted a dozen times more furiously than sharp arrows. Those lights shot towards the abandoned mineral star, making holes that went so deep that they couldn't see the bottom.

Corpses gathered at one spot, moving under Shi Yan's energy control while he hid under them. He was about to approach the ship fragment which kept the Empty Fantasy Crystal.

It was a silver, metal block around three mu where ten warriors were fighting against each other. Warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce wore silver uniforms with the symbol of Nine Stars on the back. The b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull pirates also had the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull crest on their sleeves. At first glance, they could identify which side the warriors were on.

Shi Yan appeared abruptly on that metal-silver block. He immediately looked at the bottom of this ship fragment.

Fine cracks appeared on this metal block. Disorderly s.p.a.ce energy seeped out from these fine cracks. They seemed to be able to trigger the s.p.a.ce slits.

While fighting with each other, warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce and the s.p.a.ce pirates also tried to avoid coming close to those s.p.a.ce cracks as they were afraid that the chaotic energy inside the cracks would affect them, giving the others a critical chance to kill them.

As Shi Yan appeared, he drew the attention of both sides immediately. Both sides looked at him with dark, brutal looks.

This man doesn't have the symbol of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce or the crest of the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull. He must be an outsider!


A crisp sound echoed. Feng Rao's s.e.xy body appeared behind Shi Yan. Her brows knitted together as she shouted slightly. "Tough!"

This group of people had three Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, one from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce and two from the pirate's side. The others were at the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm. None of them had the lower realm than Shi Yan.

If he fought in this battle by himself, he wouldn't have been able to do anything. Might be the others would have opportunities to kill him.

Since Feng Rao had left the Land of G.o.d Punishment for several hundred years, many pirates had forgotten her. Russell's troopers didn't recognize her either. They just glared at her before continuing their battle.

Shi Yan had spent half of his energy on this journey while Feng Rao's life magnetic was a little weaker than usual. At this moment, she didn't have the intimidating aura of a Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior. The warriors just ignored here.

Since Shi Yan had a First Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base, the warriors just peered at him, and then got back to their fight. None of them paid attention to the two newcomers.

Dried bodies drifted around Shi Yan. A large amount of Essence Qi from the dead streamed torrentially and invisibly into Shi Yan's body.

Gradually, a brutal and bloodthirsty feeling multiplied from the bottom of his heart and expanded to his entire body.

The negative energy seemed to materialize. Then, it condensed, turning into immense cl.u.s.ters of white cloud. They gathered and the wild, chaotic energy gushed out crazily. Feng Rao's face slightly changed. Her eyes shifted from the bloodthirsty aura to Shi Yan's bearings. Since she had an idea of what was going to happen, she didn't hasten to act rashly and backed off instead.

Rumble Rumble! The two pirates at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm had joined hands to use their G.o.d Domains to suppress the warrior at the same realm of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. They grinned fiendishly, slashing at his head.

As the warrior of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce realized that the most dangerous part of the battle was about to come, he didn't hesitate, urging all of his powers to resist.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan's blood-red eyes became hot. His refined body slightly shrank. The white cloud cl.u.s.ters hovering around him turned and flew towards both sides.

Soul Burial Ground!

Deploying the G.o.d Domain, bloodthirsty light sparkled from his eccentric blood-red eyes. He seemed to merge with those white clouds instantly.


The white cl.u.s.ters turned into a blood red sea that covered the warriors.

A vicious aura diffused from Shi Yan's body. Negative feelings including despair, bloodthirsty, resentment, and hatred multiplied exponentially.

As Feng Rao wasn't very far away from Shi Yan, her soul altar got stagnant. Her beautiful eyes were puzzled and she felt like her G.o.d Soul was eroding. She discolored in fright. The coverage of the blood sea expanded gradually, but it didn't cover her. However, even though she was standing ten meters away from it, she still felt her G.o.d Soul get dizzy and affected. She couldn't control it.

Feng Rao was terrified. She jumped back, moving one hundred meters away from Shi Yan, looking at that place with fright.

An eccentric situation happened all of a sudden.

The blood sea of the G.o.d Domain covered both sides. They now all looked congested. Bloodthirsty intentions sparkled in their eyes as they completely lost their minds and attacked each other rashly.

It wasn't the battle between the pirates and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce's members anymore. They fought against each other disorderly in a chaotic matter, not caring whether they were truly fighting their enemies or not.

The pirates seemed to have b.l.o.o.d.y resentment against each other while the warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce also attacked one another with clenched jaws.

All who were covered in the blood sea of the G.o.d Domain had lost their minds as if they had fallen under a slaughtering spell. Now they had only one thought in their mind: Kill them all!

Within several breaths, the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce and the b.l.o.o.d.y Chief Skull pirates had already taken a big loss. Half of them were killed by their own teammates.

Weak warriors were dismembered. Their soul altar was also shattered. Those fragmented soul altars were attracted by some unknown force, flashing before disappearing in Shi Yan's direction. It looked like the air had swallowed them all.

Standing in the middle of the blood sea was Shi Yan with his garnet eyes and ferocious visage. The cold intention was hung on the stiff corners of his mouth. He instinctively pulled and twisted, condensing the b.l.o.o.d.y aura around him and turning it into the chaotic energy that could distort people's soul. That energy then stormed into the G.o.d Body of those who had already lost their minds.

Those who got hit by his b.l.o.o.d.y murderous aura shouted and screamed crazily. It looked like their life potentials had been urged to the acme. Their G.o.d Bodies cracked and bled. The energy was seething wildly in their bodies as their attacks became more powerful and effective.

Shi Yan seemed to enjoy all of these reactions. Standing in the blood sea, he slowly closed his eyes. As if it was as simple as taking a walk around the place, he had triggered the craziest instinct of those people, making them slaughter each other.

Those thugs seemed to be in a bedevilment state. They acted like they didn't see the man standing in the middle of the blood sea. They just let him mess with the whole things. Gradually, warriors were killed until there were only two people fighting with each other: the two Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm pirates.

The crazy, brutal, and resentful feelings of the warriors before they die flooded the blood sea, strengthening its ability to rise the bloodthirsty feeling from deep inside people's hearts.

From a hundred meters away, Feng Rao was petrified, looking at the blood sea. She felt her soul sinking. The desire to kill people surged in her heart like a mental disease. It made her want to tear all the restraint and join that battle to slaughter people.

She discolored in fright, not daring to look at the blood sea any longer. After she could pull herself together, she turned and continued observing. Turning around the second time, she found no people alive in that blood sea. The last two warriors were dead, too.

The pungent smell of blood stormed into his nostrils. Shi Yan, immersing in his blood sea, slowly opened his eyes. There was no beam of humanity in his eyes, only the basic nature of destruction that froze people's souls in extreme fright.

At this moment, Shi Yan didn't look like a mortal creature but more like a bloodthirsty Death instead as if the meaning of his existence was to destroy all creatures.

Feng Rao felt chilled. Shivers ran down her spine. She suddenly recognized that it wasn't simply luck that got him the star map.

The red blood melted under the heat and refinery of the Dead Upanishad. Scarlet mist entered Shi Yan's acupuncture points where it was immediately filtered and refined.

The garnet eyes of his resumed their normal state. Shi Yan was dull. After a while, he took a deep breath as if he had just awakened from a terrible nightmare. He discolored in fright immediately.

Even Shi Yan himself didn't know how it happened. Looking at the fragments of the bodies around him, his face was very stern, looking like he was seeing the bodies for the first time.

The Blood Soul Sea, the power developed from the G.o.d Domain of the Dead power Upanishad, could urge the bloodthirsty desire in people's hearts and make them kill restlessly. Only when the negative feelings were urged completely would the Blood Soul Sea be created.

It was like the dusty memories had been finally cleaned. A flow of memories appeared clearly in Shi Yan's head. In just a moment, he understood the thing called Blood Soul Sea was the power developed from the Soul Burial Ground G.o.d Domain. It was the ultimate performance of this martial technique.

As he had pulled more than ten corpses with him previously, he had poured a lot of negative feelings into his body, which had stirred up the Third Sky of Rampage Realm. The terrifying negative moods burst out at the same time, fusing with the Soul Burial Ground and creating the supernatural power called Blood Soul Sea. The Blood Soul Sea made those who were covered in the G.o.d Domain to lose their minds completely, making them the slaves of slaughtering.

Thoughts continually crossed his mind. Shi Yan held a stiff face, forcing himself to clear his mind. He didn't dare overthink and simply grabbed the Empty Fantasy Crystal in the ship fragment.

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