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After Feng Rao finished speaking, Shi Yan pondered for a long time.

A new star area that people haven't exploited! This news shook Shi Yan hard. He was so thrilled that he shivered.

He left the Grace Mainland to find an exit for his family and friends. A life star could fulfill his wish. He used to think that this wish of his would take a long time to accomplish. But now, the secrets of the star map that Feng Rao had shared with him had given him a new train of thought.

Around ten life stars and even a level 7 one, divine crystal mines, countless herbs and spiritual gra.s.s. Any force of the Raging Flame Star Area that claimed this new star area could receive a ma.s.sive resource.

Whether it was the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, or the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, whoever gained control of the new star area could suppress the other two. Within a couple of hundred years, it could become the ultimate overlord of the Raging Flame Star Area. Having no real land to base was the reason why Feng Ke and the s.p.a.ce pirates were weaker than the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

There was no life star with earth and heaven energy around the Land of G.o.d Punishment and where the dangers were arranged in layers. This place gathered villains and escapees who had no place to hide.

If Feng Ke could claim the new star area, he would become a new powerful force of the Raging Flame Star Area that would be able to compete with the other three forces.

If Shi Yan could get the new star area, not only he could solve the problem of the Grace Mainland, he would also have the power to lay his eyes on the strongest forces of the Raging Flame Star Area.

At that time, even though the owner of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation was Du Tian Ji, even the Underworld League and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce found it hard to bind him. When he could have time to grow, he could also become an overlord of a region in the Raging Flame Star Area.

Shi Yan was thrilled listening to the secrets that Feng Rao disclosed.

However, he couldn't explore a new star area alone. Since that area stayed between the Land of G.o.d Punishment and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, it wasn't going to be easy to approach.

"Excellent. Thank you for sharing the information." Contemplating for a while, Shi Yan stood up with a cold visage. He lifted his head to look at the immense starry sea in front of him. The flame of lofty aspiration emanated inside him. "I will claim that new star area at any cost."

"Even if you can find that place, what you can do?" Feng Rao looked at him mockingly. "You only? A First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior? Under the scrutinizing looks from the crowd of experts, are you sure you can grab it?"

"I can't at the moment. But it doesn't mean that I won't be able to do such a thing in the future." Shi Yan grinned, not bothered by her ridicule. "I'm still young. I still have time to do this. Just as you said, the star area over there has many people keeping an eye on it. No one can get in now. I got the star map. As soon as I've acc.u.mulate enough power with this star map, what would be impossible for me to accomplish?"

"Acc.u.mulate energy? Is it that easy?" Feng Rao snorted. "There are many warriors at the King G.o.d Realm in the Raging Flame Star Area, and warriors at the Original G.o.d Realm aren't rare. You've just entered the threshold, boy. Do you think that they are all fools who you can influence?"

"Haha, what do you mean?" Shi Yan smiled, staring at her.

"In fact, we can cooperate," Feng Rao stooped. However, she understood that she had to persuade Shi Yan to get access to the star area before the other three forces.

"Cooperate? How?" Shi Yan smiled walking toward Feng Rao. He could smell the fragrance that could be absorbed by people's hearts from her body. His hot eyes lingered on her white neck. He didn't want to hide the desire in his mind. "You're Feng Ke's daughter. Haha, we've had intimate time with each other. Do you want to entice and recruit me?"

Feng Rao lifted up her head, her beautiful eyes sparkled a dark light. Her look locked his without being afraid. "My father's an overlord of an entire region. I have the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base. And you, you're just a warrior who doesn't have a clear origin. Am I not a suitable match for you?"

Shi Yan laughed evilly with some dark meanings, extending his rough hand to stroke her soft neck. He didn't bother with her rage and simply smiled. "I can't reach that height."

Feng Rao was infuriated. She shot up, shouting with a cold countenance. "I know you won't let me off. Kill me."

"Don't be mad. I don't want to deny you." Shi Yan laughed shamelessly. "You are so beautiful and mesmerizing. How could I kill you? I just can't figure it out yet. We have to go there anyway. Give me more time to think, okay?"

While he was talking, his big hand slid down, falling on the white hill under her garment. However, his eyes were bright and clear. She saw no l.u.s.t in there.

"Get your dirty hand off of me!" Feng Rao's jade-like hand shot out a light dot that bloomed into a small vortex, wiping Shi Yan's hand away. She flew a hundred meters backward, looking at him cautiously. "If you dare touch me again, I won't let this slip away. Even if I have to blow my soul altar off, I won't let you bully me."

"Why do you need to be so heartless? You know, one day, we could be husband and wife. We were so close, you know. I'm a sentimental person. If you talk to me nicely, add a honey here and there, you know. Perhaps I will follow you." Shi Yan felt funny.

"Stop your sweet talk. A heartless man like you will never be bound by women. Am I correct?" Feng Rao snorted.

Shi Yan gazed at her, his face indifferently. He didn't explain anything, just said, "We've been there for a long time. We should go. If the chasers of the divine nation come here, we're both in big trouble."

Feng Rao didn't answer, still looking at him with hostility. The resentment in her heart remained.

There was nothing to clean here. Shi Yan navigated the correct direction before flying out of the meteorite.

He turned his head to signal Feng Rao to follow him, heading to the place of the Land of G.o.d Punishment and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

Time flies fast. Half a month pa.s.sed.

Shi Yan and Feng Rao had soon left the territory of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, approaching the peripheral area of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. They had pa.s.sed by some life stars, where some small forces of the Raging Flame Star Area dwelled. They were the subordinates of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

The two of them were afraid of raising the attention from the three forces. While traveling, they tried their best to travel through the remote areas. They didn't dare come close to any life star. They had flown like that for a long time. However, the distance to the Land of G.o.d Punishment and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce was still pretty far.

While moving, Shi Yan had confined Feng Rao's power, not letting her restore fully because that would have created a potential threat towards him.

On this travel, Feng Rao gradually accepted her destiny. She knew that careful men like Shi Yan would never give her a chance.

Thus, she stopped use the medicines and pellets anymore. Because, every time she restored her power a little bit, Shi Yan would use his vitality destructive attack to draw her life energy.

If she didn't become threat to him, he wouldn't attack her. Along this journey, Shi Yan often asked Feng Rao about the situation of the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

The more he knew about this place, the more terrified he became. He became afraid of the Land of G.o.d Punishment and the outer s.p.a.ce pirates that stayed around the land. The s.p.a.ce pirates had ten organizations, and b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was just one of those. In the place that gathered thugs, villains, and madmen, Ka Tuo and his pirates were just a second-cla.s.s force.

Besides, there were three more experts at the Original G.o.d Realm like Feng Ke. However, they had just reached the First Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. Their competences and forces weren't as strong as Feng Ke's.

Anyway, those three were much stronger than b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo. They were the intimidating thugs that the three forces rejected to accommodate. They had countless lunatics as their henchmen. That area was chaotic. The strongest would be crowned the King. Murders, plunders, arsons, and battles occured daily. The pirates constantly competed. All had made this place the most disorderly and dangerous place of the entire Raging Flame Star Area.

Incompetent warriors who didn't have the sufficient power to protect themselves would be gnawed to death once coming here, leaving no trace behind.

Depending only on Shi Yan's power, it wasn't easy to find the location marked on that star map. It was possible for him to be skinned alive before seeing his target.

Today, after they got exhausted, the two of them rested on an abandoned mineral star. They thought that they should find a war chariot. Using the energy of their bodies to fly drained them.

However, they seemed to deviate from their main direction. Along this way, they saw no battleship or any war chariot of the Chamber of Commerce. The thought of using a chariot instead of walking became hard to turn into a reality.

This abandoned mineral star had a small pond with clean and clear water. Five-colored rocks lay in the bottom of the lake, but they seemed useless to warriors.

On this trip, Feng Rao was always tired. Every time she was able to condense a little energy, Shi Yan would heartlessly erase it instantly, which enraged her a lot. And she hadn't taken a bath for a long time. Seeing the crystal clear pond, Feng Rao became excited. She didn't wait for Shi Yan to talk, flying directly into the pond. She stayed in the water and cleaned the dirt on her body.

Shi Yan lay leisurely on his side on a big rock by the pond. He c.o.c.ked his head looking at the water. He beamed a faint smile but didn't leave.

"I want to take a bath. Can you be a gentleman and go away?" Feng Rao lifted her head and glared at him. She stooped as if she didn't want to see him at all. "You are controlling my power. I can't do any harm to you shortly. What makes you worried then?"

"I'm afraid you will contact your father discreetly. I should be vigilant," answered Shi Yan indifferently. However, he didn't seem to move an inch.

He had soon planted a beam of his Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce energy. As long as Feng Rao's soul altar had any strange commotions, he would be informed immediately. He would never give her a chance.

Feng Ke was intimidating and brutal. If he let this man locate him and come for him, even if he had had three lives, they weren't enough for him to get killed in the other's hands. He concluded that he must stay cautious anyway.

Feng Rao was enraged, but she could only grit her teeth. She turned around and took off her clothes. She gradually revealed, little by little, her flawless white back. She slowly sank into the pond, concealing her appealing body.

Shi Yan squinted, eyeing her vague, tender body inside the pond. However, his serious and cold face didn't relax either.

This woman was cunning and vicious enough. If he gave her a chance to turn around, she would take it and storm over without any hesitation. Shi Yan didn't want to have any chance of some unavoidable trouble.

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