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Feng Rao looked at Shi Yan boasting. Her gloomy eyes became begrudgingly bitter.

If she could restore her power to the peak of her realm, she wouldn't hesitate to kill Shi Yan and take the star map.

However, Shi Yan didn't act with common sense. From time to time, he would take unpredictable and unexpected actions, formulating surprising plans. This brute wasn't someone easy to deal with.

She understood that he kept her alive not because of her glamour but because of the secrets he wanted to know from her. The moment he found the secret behind the star map was when she would finally meet her demise.

Once her powers were restored to the point that she could threaten Shi Yan, he would lose his mercy. He would wound her severely again and make her never be able to recover.

She understood how he thought. However, she had no solution in this harsh situation.

"If you give me the star map, I won't hold you accountable for what you've done to me. I'm sure I can grant you much more wealth and status than what you could have in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. How does that sound?" Feng Rao contemplated for a while, thinking that Shi Yan wouldn't be content being subdued by the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. She offered him greater benefits in the hope that he would consider it.

"Well, since you want the star map so much, I won't give it to you." Shi Yan grinned, teasing her. "Once you recover, you won't let me be free. It is easy to tell your true motive."

How could he not see the cold and sinister resentment in Feng Rao's eyes? If he let Feng Rao recover fully, how would he suppress this woman?

"What do you want then?" Feng Rao was infuriated. "You've taken everything I've worked for and you know nothing about the star map. You don't have a good background force, either. What can you do with the star map?"

While squinting, Shi Yan smiled for the second time. "I've just come to this Raging Flame Star Area. I don't know much. But because this place is unfamiliar territory, I am bounded by nothing. I have no family to be a hostage for. No one can force me to do anything. Yeah, you have the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base. If I kill you and take your soul memories, I won't need to waste a lot of time."

Usually, only the warriors at a relatively high realm could confine the other people's G.o.d Soul and s.n.a.t.c.h its memories. Such warriors could know its thoughts and experiences.

In other words, unless he reached the Original G.o.d Realm, it would be hard to kill Feng Rao and take what he wants from her G.o.d Soul. However, if Feng Rao killed herself and exploded her G.o.d Soul before he could do anything, even if he had the Original G.o.d Realm cultivation base, he would end up with nothing gained.

Thus, after killing Pang Jia and Ganji, he kept her alive.

While talking, Shi Yan's visage became colder, walking to Feng Rao. He looked at her indifferently. "Perhaps, torture will work."

"Who do you work for?" Feng Rao's beautiful eyes sparkled in fright. "Why does a person who know nothing like you want to involve yourself in this? Did you know that Pang Jia and Ganji were members of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce and the Underworld League? I have a huge force that stands behind me too. If you aren't working for Du Tian Ji, I advise you not to stay involved in this. Get away from here as far as possible. Even if you have the star map, you can't do anything without a supporting force."

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He looked struck. "So according to you, the star map's secrets are more important than I've thought. It made the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce and the Underworld League wait for hundreds of years. What is the secret? Who are you? Which is the force behind you?"

"Have you ever heard about Feng Ke?" Feng Rao's bold brows knitted together. She pondered for a while before saying quietly, "Feng Ke of the Land of G.o.d Punishment? The leader of the outer s.p.a.ce pirates?" Shi Yan was shaken. He paled slightly.

After he had talked to b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo, he paid attention to s.p.a.ce pirates. He used to read about the Land of G.o.d Punishment.

In the Raging Flame Star Area, the strongest forces were, of course, the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. However, besides these three forces, other powerful forces lived in Raging Flame Star Area. Feng Ke was one of them. And he was the one they had to pay the most attention to.

The outer s.p.a.ce pirates were loosely organized. They hid in dangerous areas of the Raging Flame Star Area. s.p.a.ce pirates gathered the most in the Land of G.o.d Punishment, which was also a powerful force that held lots of influence. The Land of G.o.d Punishment was a unique area with fatal, unseen dangers. There was no life star suitable for warriors to cultivate. Besides the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, that place could be the cradle of the fourth strongest force of the Raging Flame Star Area.

Countless s.p.a.ce pirates created a loose organization to resist the pursuit and attack from the other three big forces. Feng Ke was the strongest force among the pirates. He gradually become their leader.

The Land of G.o.d Punishment was the refuge of countless robbers, thieves, villains, and madmen. It was packed with reckless experts. Feng Ke was the hidden boss of the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Many transactions happened there under his supervision and management.

Feng Ke himself was the number one or number two expert of the entire Raging Flame Star Area at the Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. His power was marvelous and so was his force, which consisted of savage members.

Compared to Feng Ke, b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was a pirate who was not worth mentioning. In many businesses, he relied on Feng Ke.

This man was prominently braver and smarter than the others. He was infamous for his brutal and merciless deeds. If that area weren't restricted, and the other three forces hadn't clean it up from time to time, perhaps Feng Ke's force could have been able to compare with the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce.

This man had abilities and a huge force that supported him and obeyed his commands. He was almost the same as Du Tian Ji, the evil overlord of a vast region.

"Of course I have," Shi Yan was astounded. His face darkened. "Is he related to you?"

"He's my father," Feng Rao chinned up, snorting arrogantly. "My reputation isn't less than him in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Because of the star map, I had to enter the Extreme Purgatory Field."

Shi Yan was startled. He hesitated for a while before rubbing his forehead. "Your father's fame isn't bad. He's an overlord of a whole region in the Raging Flame Star Area. But why does he want the star map?"

"Well, I forgot to tell you that I've used my secret technique to report to my father. No matter what happens to me, if you dare show your face in the Raging Flame Star Area, my father won't spare your life," threatened Feng Rao. "You've messed with the wrong person!"

"My bad," Shi Yan got up and bowed while smiling. "I have not treated the pearl of the Land of G.o.d Punishment's overlord carefully enough. I even hara.s.sed you, too. I feel uneasy now."

"You dare say such words?" Feng Rao was enraged. She could see in Shi Yan's eyes that only showed her mocking intentions. Thinking about what she had experienced, she couldn't press down the anger in her heart. She was infuriated.

"Although your father's mighty, the Raging Flame Star Area is large enough. How would he find me?" Shi Yan grinned and stiffened his face. "Moreover, he isn't the absolute force in the Raging Flame Star Area. If he dares show himself in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, I don't need to do anything. The five great feudal va.s.sals will contain him forever."

Feng Rao's threat couldn't bind him at all. As long as he didn't go to the Land of G.o.d Punishment - Feng Ke's territory - what should he be afraid of?

"But the map shows the direction of the Land of G.o.d Punishment," Feng Rao sneered, "The direction you were fleeing towards was also towards that place. It proves that our presumption is correct. My father knows you have the star map now. He also knows that you will have to go near the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Do you think you will stay alive if you decide to go find the spot on that map? Even if you can find it, what can you do here? Can you hide the life star away? Can you move the part of the land that we haven't investigated yet?"

Shi Yan discolored in fright. His eyes sparkled with a strange light that was like two silky ribbons. He couldn't help but shout. "What did you just say? A life star? An unexploited star area?"

"Indeed, you know nothing," Feng Rao laughed, ridiculing Shi Yan. "Your stupidity makes me laugh. You know nothing but you want to be a part of this? Do you wish to experience death?"

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan wasn't enraged, his face solemn. "Can you elaborate?"

Feng Rao looked at him for a while, weighing the pros and cons of telling him. She decided to tell him. "It can be concealed for a long time. Five former Imperial Masters of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation used to work around the Land of G.o.d Punishment. They found a secret pa.s.sage leading to another star area near the Land of G.o.d Punishment. I heard that this star area isn't vast. It has around ten life stars including a level 7 star and several big mineral stars. They hide enormous divine crystal mines and more strange crystals. They even have spiritual gra.s.s and plants that we directly use. The place contains items that warriors have dreamed of. However, that star area doesn't have any guards or living creatures."

Paused for a while, Feng Rao continued. "People have come there to explore. The three forces and the outer s.p.a.ce pirates have tried too. But they achieved nothing. However, rumors say that the Imperial Master of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation went there there before. They also made a star map. We can't verify these rumors. However, I believe it now. Once the news spreads out, many people will believe it. They will become crazy from knowing it."

Shi Yan trembled hard.

Around ten life stars and even the level 7 one, divine crystal mines, countless herbs and spiritual gra.s.s. These were enough to make the three forces crazy.

Although the Raging Flame Star Area had many life stars, none of them were level 7. Shi Yan heard that the Dark Firmament Star of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation was just between level 5 and 6.

A level 7 life star could nurture countless precious natural products. Earth and heaven energy would be abundant and it could even be materialized. The energy could turn into visible mist, which brought unimaginable benefits to warriors.

The life stars itself would make any forces crazy for them, let alone the additional divine crystal mines and spiritual herbs. Who wouldn't be excited from hearing about those?

Shi Yan had put forth everything in the Raging Flame Star Area and been dependent on Zi Yao and the Dark Firmament Divine Nation to find a life star to act as the shelter for his family and friends in the Grace Mainland.

Even if he could have a level 2 life star, he would be satisfied.

However, Feng Rao had just thrown him information like a heavy grenade out of the blue. How could he stop himself from shaking excitedly? Finally, he understood why Ganji, Pang Jia, and Feng Rao had been secluding several hundred years to have a chance to grab that star map.

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