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Feng Rao walked step by step. Her flawless snow-white soft skin was exposed. The blood stains on her body seemed to merge with the blue tattoos on her body. They all vanished.

Her ragged, tight robe couldn't hide her generous glamour. While she was walking, her beautiful thighs parted, and vaguely, the delightful sight between them flashed from time to time, which could make a man's nosebleed, unable to control the innermost desire.

While she was talking, her nasal sound was heavy, releasing alluring moans. They were like the drumbeats stirring up the sea in Shi Yan's heart, which started to seethe vehemently.

The affection in her beautiful eyes was as deep as the ocean that could melt people's souls, making their G.o.d Bodies weakened. This look and her evilly beautiful body had provided a seducing enticement that could make people's soul obsequious. Shi Yan couldn't bear this inviting gesture further.

"Killing is not good. We can shake hands and discuss in happiness. We should cooperate well, right?" Feng Rao chuckled mildly while swaying her generous body to pose her endless glamour.

Shi Yan's eyes reddened. Anyway, it wasn't because he was using the Third Sky of Rampage Realm. He was charmed. He gasped slightly, his eyes like hot fire from gazing at Feng Rao's body. He walked uncontrollably toward Feng Rao. Feng Rao stuck out her seducing tongue, licking her lips, and revealing her stunning bearings.

Shi Yan's breathing became hard. Feng Rao could even hear his breathing from ten meters away. She became happier as she was content discreetly. Although her eyes were filled with endless affection, her heart was cold and sinister.

To her Sound power, the closer she was to the target, the greater the chance of success. Her attack would become more intimidating.

Bringing Shi Yan closer, she wanted to kill him with one strike, leaving him no chance for a counterattack.

With her experience gained during this period, she didn't dare look down on Shi Yan anymore. Shi Yan was now the most dangerous rival, much more dangerous than Ganji and Pang Jia. She also knew that Shi Yan's schemes were wild and dark. She was afraid of being trapped unknowingly. She wouldn't attack rashly until Shi Yan touched her.

And then, just like he had lost his soul somewhere, Shi Yan's hot eyes glued to her while he walked towards her. Eventually, he reached Feng Rao.

"Good then, we can talk more. Why would we need to risk our lives, right?" Feng Rao chuckled more. Her alluring, charming voice ran directly into his heart. She extended one soft, jade-like hand to touch the bleeding hole on Shi Yan's chest. Her eyes observed Shi Yan's face all the time, not missing a single moment. When she spotted any signs on his face, she would attack immediately and then retreat.

Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce power had the nemesis effect on her power. She knew that his power could make her freeze for a while. At the moment, she didn't dare relax her tense nerves.

Extending her jade-like hand, she gazed at Shi Yan's face cautiously. A small section of her middle finger had probed into the bleeding hole in Shi Yan's chest.


Shi Yan roared, but his eyes were still dull. He embraced Feng Rao's body, pushing her against a big rock.

A gleam of fear sparkled in her eyes. However, she didn't dare move rashly because Shi Yan's countenance was still dull. Apparently, he was still under her alluring voice control. Thus, although he was hugging her tight, she thought that it was just his masculine instinct. She was still happy discreetly. Her jade-like inched into the hole in his chest. Just a little bit further and she could grab Shi Yan's heart and squeeze it off.

(Although this novel is rated 16+ (or R) the next 1k words are censored due to violent, explicit s.e.xual contents.)

At this moment, Shi Yan was hugging her tight. He did what any other man would do, his hands moving towards her ample rear end and waist.
Trying not to show her disgust, Feng Rao continued smiling. However, she gave a cold gaze into Shi Yan's eyes. Her hand had touched the bleeding hole in Shi Yan's chest and was about to reach a broken vein.
Feng Rao discolored. Her succulent red lips parted, releasing the fatal sound.
At this moment, an icy cold energy covered and entered her body. It then started to rage.
At the same time, her leather robe was ripped apart. She didn't have time to react before feeling something invade into the slit between her legs, something as hot as burning fire. Extreme pain swarmed over her. There was fear in Feng Rao's eyes. Her thoughts shifted and she realized that her virginity was gone.
Looking at Shi Yan, she saw the mocking and ridiculing look in his eyes, eyes that previously appeared dull and dumb.

The extreme pain came from her lower body. Feng Rao couldn't help but scream. She felt like her lower body was torn apart under this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's strong attack. She couldn't adjust her body to endure such pain.

However, she was more frightened to find out that the member of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had sent the evil energy that could possibly cut off her life force from her body. From between her legs, this energy spread out and entered her blood, flesh, and internal organs. Her vessels were restrained, making her energy circulation stagnant.
Feng Rao used her last bit of effort to gather her remaining energy to merge with her sound. She attempted to break Shi Yan's heart, the crucial organ.

"Does it feel good?" Shi Yan grinned, straightening his body to thrust deeper. At the same time, he released s.p.a.ce power.

Feng Rao's charming noises halted. A big hand gripped her soft hand, which was placed in the hole in Shi Yan's chest. The energy in her hand exploded, giving her a twinge as if it was about to crack open. The energy backfired into her body. Looking at the dark and sinister man hara.s.sing her, feeling her private area pounded savagely, Feng Rao's beautiful eyes reflected an extreme fear. However, she was restrained to the point that she couldn't even scream.

"You court death your self. Don't blame me." Shi Yan sneered, continuing his invasion of her body without showing any bit of mercy. His strong hands pinned her hands on the rock. He was using the crudest method to occupy her forcefully.
"I'll risk my life to fight you!" As she had the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base, Feng Rao screamed with hostility and broke the s.p.a.ce barrier. Her small hand slid out like a slithering snake. Her sharp fingernails dug into Shi Yan's flesh.

She seemed to be going crazy, biting Shi Yan's shoulder and trying to resist with her best efforts. The G.o.d Body of a Third Sky King G.o.d Realm warrior wasn't ordinary. Shi Yan's body couldn't resist as she dug a lot of bleeding holes on his back.

"Feels so good," Shi Yan shouted. He didn't stop his movement. Shi Yan was cruel enough to pound his steel-like fists on Feng Rao's tummy. Feng Rao screamed wildly.

These two were biting and tearing each other apart while maintaining their sensual position like the two enraged beasts. The rock they were laying on couldn't stand anymore, breaking into pieces. They fell to the ground, but still engaged in their battle. Energies impacted. Flesh pounded on flesh. This scene was both sensual and b.l.o.o.d.y at the same time. Although Shi Yan was stabbed and bleeding, he had never experienced such pleasure before. His shaft felt so good thrusting in and out of a moist and narrow place.

Even though he was invading the woman under his body brutally, he also hit her without showing any mercy. His punches fell like a shower on Feng Rao's stomach, making her cry loudly and squeeze off his flesh further. Shi Yan's G.o.d Body had more deep-to-the-bone wounds.

In the cold and dark outer s.p.a.ce, on a ma.s.sive meteorite, these two were like two mad mating animals rolling around. Wherever they pa.s.sed by, rocks exploded. Everything was crushed.

Feng Rao had been hurt badly. The sensitive area between her legs fell under the savage attack, her stomach hit multiple times. Gradually, she couldn't stand it anymore. Her grip on Shi Yan's body loosened. 

Feng Rao's beautiful eyes reflected her sorrowful grief, looking at the man who was taking her body with deep hatred. She blushed unnaturally, panting. She hated that she couldn't kill herself at this place. This is the hara.s.sment she had thought would never happen to her.

Countless thugs and s.p.a.ce pirates in the Land of G.o.d Punishment didn't dare look at her in the eyes. And today, on this cold, barren meteorite, she was pushed on the ground and fell into the nightmare she had never wanted to see.

Eventually, Feng Rao felt so weak that she couldn't perform a counterattack. Tears rolled from the corners of her eyes. She closed her eyes desperately as if she knew she would never escape this fatal end.

Shi Yan's eyes were still cold and harsh. Seeing her crying, he stopped thrusting, snorted and studied her face. However, he didn't dare relax.

The Essence Qi of Ganji and Pang Jia, the two experts at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, had been filtered and refined at this moment. The negative feelings were released, making him brutally thrust into her body without mercy or hesitation.

His acupuncture points were refining the energy ma.s.sively. The mysterious black hole that had swallowed Ganji's soul altar was spinning slowly. The energy that could nurture the soul altar oozed out from that section, blending into his Sea of Consciousness, his powers Upanishad tier, heaven flames tier, and his G.o.d Soul tier.

That strange energy seemed to be able to wash the soul altar. The heaven flames were bouncing excitedly as if they had just gotten something marvelous.

The Seal of Upanishads in his G.o.d Soul became transparent, which made his understanding of s.p.a.ce, Star, and Death and Life become more profound. At the same time, the mysterious energy gushing out from his acupuncture point started to heal the wounds on his body under the control of his Immortal Martial Spirit. A part of it shifted to fill the Essence Qi ancient tree.

The harvest of this battle was beyond his imagination as his realm and cultivation base were both enhanced.

The power that could swallow the soul altar was the most frightening mystery. Although he didn't understand the reason, he knew it was the most malignant power of this world. It was beyond anybody's imagination. He had a premonition that the power of swallowing soul altars was the biggest secret of the Blood Vein Ring! Nurturing the soul altar to purify the Seal of Upanishads wasn't something the experts like Du Tian Ji could believe.

Shi Yan suddenly realized the wonderful powers added to his body. If he couldn't become the sole overlord of a region in the Raging Flame Star Area, he would definitely fail the grace the Blood Vein Ring had given him and feel guilty to the owner of the Ring.

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