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On a ma.s.sive floating meteorite, gray-brown cl.u.s.ters of rock scattered. This place was bleak, lonesome, and cold. No living energy fluctuation could be found.

Shi Yan paled, revealing that he was exhausted as he consumed too much energy. A gleam of insignificant desperation crossed his eyes.

Ganji and Pang Jia had their faces brightened up. They couldn't hold in their sinister laughter while walking towards Shi Yan.

Feng Rao was careful. First, she frowned and surveyed the surroundings. Seeing no barrier or formation, she exhaled in relief but still put up guard. She sneered, "So, no more running?"

Shi Yan forced a smile. "Can't run any longer."

"Kid, you do have guts. You dare pluck out the tiger's tooth. You dare be greedy and steal what is ours. You don't even know how to treasure your life." Pang Jia grinned fiendishly, taking action first.

Ganji slowly approached, launching his G.o.d Domain. As soon as the hundred-time Gravitational Field appeared, it pressed the rocks which cracked and exploded.

"This is for you." Shi Yan acted as if he was really frightened and that he couldn't dodge his fate. He threw the star map made of the Undying Wood without any hesitation. The thing shot across the area, flying toward the middle area between the other three.

Ganji, Pang Jia, and Feng Rao showed their greed. They jolted immediately to grab the thing.

Feng Rao was still vigilant. Her plump lips curled a cold curve as she threw the Thunderbolt Ball out.

Immediately, several thousand azure lightning strikes slithered towards Shi Yan like a pit of snakes.

Shi Yan seemed to know the power of the Thunderbolt Ball. He paled and retreated.

However, since those several thousand beams of lighting were connected directly to Feng Rao and her pure energy in her body, it was hard to dodge them all.

Although Shi Yan was fast, he still received ten or more strikes. He screamed painfully. His G.o.d Body was charred with thick burns. It seemed his G.o.d Body had been exhausted and now it received even more wounds. Shi Yan was put to the point where he couldn't hold it anymore. The lightning struck him out of the place into the cold, starry s.p.a.ce.

As Ganji and Pang Jia saw Feng Rao attacking Shi Yan and how he got hurt by the lightning and fell off the meteorite, they didn't focus on killing him. They hurled themselves towards the star map.

Before they had come here, they had a plan. Right when they saw Shi Yan, they would kill him first. However, when they saw Shi Yan throwing the star map out, they forgot their initial plan. Greed had dominated their minds. They wanted to take the star map at any cost.

Uncontrollably, Ganji and Pang Jia immediately attacked each other without showing mercy or politeness.

When Feng Rao saw Shi Yan get hit by the Thunderbolt Ball, she didn't dare waste time. She understood that Shi Yan could dodge his death for now but it didn't mean that he could avoid their ears and eyes everywhere. Thus, she decided to join the battle to compete for the star map.

As they were all at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, when any of them grabbed the star map, he or she just needed to flee away at their max speed, and the others couldn't catch up with him or her.

Thus, whoever touched the star map first would gain a significant advantage.

At this moment, the three brutal villains at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm burst out the deadly battle for a star map that hid a tremendous secret. They attacked each other furiously and mercilessly. Their powers were urged to the acme as they hated the fact that they couldn't kill whoever went at the fastest speed to grab the star map first.

Staying on another meteorite in the dark sky, Shi Yan's eyes were cold and sinister. His stiff mouth showed his cold and harsh intentions. He gritted his teeth and brushed off the azure lightning strikes on his body.

Each of these azure lightning strikes was sharp and powerful. They cut his body fiercely and left fine cuts on his skin.

Since Feng Rao had the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm and her Thunderbolt Ball was a Divine Grade treasure, Shi Yan hardly bore its attacks.

Fortunately, his power was refined and his G.o.d Body had been quenched many times. Now it had the toughness that normal people couldn't even imagine. Shi Yan didn't get hurt badly. He just needed to urge his Dead power Upanishad to brush them off.

Shortly after, he destroyed all the lightning strikes that had managed to get in his body.

He had spent ten drops of Immortal Demon Blood to heal his bleeding cuts. His wounds healed quickly.

Rumble Rumble Rumble!

Furious energy waves swarmed over from the ma.s.sive meteorite in front of him. Shi Yan understood that the three experts were trying to kill each other. For that star map, they demonstrated their mightiest powers.

The vicious intent in his eyes became darker. He stooped and sneered, but didn't hasten to show himself yet.

The three of them were the experts with a greater realm than his. Also, their powers were strange and supernatural. If he decided to be stubborn and played with them one-on-three, he would die a pathetic death.

After half a month of running madly, the other three had consumed a lot of their energy. As they were attacking each other crazily, no matter what the result was, their powers would be weakened badly. When their battled ended, Shi Yan could save a lot of efforts.

Thus, he had to bear Feng Rao's attack to erase the others' doubts. He had given them the thought that he was hurt badly and that he wouldn't be able to create any trouble later.

Indeed, as soon as Feng Rao saw him get hit by the lightning strikes bloodily, her tense nerves had been relaxed. When she saw Ganji and Pang Jia fighting with each other, she didn't bother eradicating him. Instead, she joined the battle immediately.

If Feng Rao had been more careful, she would have flown out there to check Shi Yan's real condition. She wouldn't have been so incautious.

Too bad she got another wrong guess of Shi Yan's abilities.

Shi Yan swallowed the broad bean-like pellets and medicines. Shi Yan hid quietly by the meteorite, trying his best to recover quickly.

Ear-splitting explosions reverberated. Energy pressed the rock which exploded, shooting out of the ma.s.sive meteorite near him. Seeing such scenes, Shi Yan felt excited. He laughed continually as he waited for a chance to take action.

The medicinal efficacy melted in his body, turning into the immense vitality that nurtured his internal organs. Half a month of running crazily couldn't really wear him out. With the Essence Qi from Han Di's dead body, his condition was much better than what the other three saw.

Pretending to be weak to lure the enemies and giving them chances to hurt him were all part of his plans.

Everything was playing according to his script. Shi Yan waited patiently and just sneered while waiting for the battle on the meteorite to end. He would wait until the sounds of the fierce battle stopped.

Those explosions were terrible. They had shattered the entire meteorite. From his location, he could see ma.s.sive holes there. The meteorite near him crumpled. Rocks shot out everywhere. The battle taking place over there must have been formidable.

Shi Yan urged his energy to cover his entire body, hiding and moving toward the battle area.

Crack Crack Crack!

Giant rocks under Ganji's manipulation were bombarding aimlessly. Each of those rocks was around a mu of land. When they curved in the air, the energy they contained was so intimidating.

Pang Jia shrank his body to one-tenth of an adult size. He seemed to be cooperating with Ganji to fight Feng Rao.

The star map lay still where Shi Yan had thrown it. It seemed like no one had touched it yet.


Feng Rao cried, the entire power of her body fusing with her sound, turning into an invisible spear that smashed Ganji's rocks into crumbles.

The three of them were entangling each other and draining their energy rapidly. After spending half a month running like crazy without a short break to recover, 70%-80% of their power had been consumed. At this moment, their G.o.d Domains weren't as strong as they used to be. Their fighting competencies had been decreased one level.

From what Shi Yan could see, Feng Rao was closest to him. He could see that her exquisite face was pale, which was the sign of consuming a lot of energy.

Ganji and Pang Jia were also worn out. However, they all clenched their jaws and resisted as they thought that if they could kill the others, they would be the ultimate winner.

"Gravity Lock!

Ganji suddenly shouted. The Gravitational Field covering his body shrank before bursting out much stronger.

Feng Rao's body floating in the air sank down as if she got a whole mountain put on her shoulders. She felt helter-skelter.

Pang Jia shrank his body, ambushing an area. His arms were exposed like two slithering, boneless snakes. A flow of cold and malicious energy immediately attacked Feng Rao's tender body. Feng Rao shuddered, her figure became more unstable.

Several hundred rocks, each of them as big as a mu of land, fell directly on Feng Rao and buried her.

Ganji and Pang Jia cheered. They didn't care if Feng Rao was still alive or not and hurriedly flew to that star map. A minute ago, they had joined hands to deal with the woman, and now they started to attack each other. Different energies impacted in the void. Light shot out dazzlingly above the star map.

Pang Jia was weaker. He spat out a mouthful of blood. His shrunk G.o.d Body shattered under the impact. His eyes became empty.

Ganji laughed crazily. "You're still an amateur compared to me!"

While talking, he extended his hand to grab the star map. He was so contented thinking that his two-hundred-year of effort had been rewarded marvelously.

However, the buzzing hissing echoed right at this moment.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The three blinding lights flashed then disappeared. They then stabbed Ganji's hand, piercing through and pinned it on a rock next to the star map.

At the same moment, an imposing punch created by starlight descended grumblingly like a mallet of the Archangel, covering Pang Jia's flying body.

Crack! Crack!

Sounds of breaking bones echoed from Pang Jia's body. His G.o.d Body exploded. His bones jutted out from the mess of his b.l.o.o.d.y flesh while his face was covered in blood. He was dying under this stealthy attack.

The ma.s.sive starlight punch was condensed by countless star dots. After it finished its stealthy attack, it didn't stop but continued to pound on Feng Rao, who was still buried under so many rocks.

Crack Crack Crack!

Ma.s.sive rocks burst off in the furious screams of Feng Rao. The starlight punch had made a formidable hole on this meteorolite.

Feng Rao's beautiful body was exposed in the middle of the deep pit. She was wounded. Blood and the delicate tattoos on her body created a red, eccentric and inspiring drawing.

Shi Yan's cold and harsh body appeared like a ghost next to Pang Jia. He didn't hesitate at all as he gathered s.p.a.ce power covering Pang Jia who didn't have a bit of energy to move a finger now. He then cut Pang Jia's limbs cut and his soul altar exploded shortly after.

As Pang Jia had just died, Shi Yan dashed through the place, approaching Ganji. He laughed fiendishly, baring his bloodthirsty fangs.

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