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After Jiang Ge left the Purgatory Star, he dashed furiously in the general direction of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. He didn't have a war chariot or a battleship so he flew by himself at the fastest possible speed that a Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior could travel at.

After three months, he flew past the star area near the Dark Firmament Star.

Every time he exhausted his energy, Jiang Ge would find a place to rest and use the Divine Crystals to recovery. Then, he would continue moving.

Today, when he consumed a lot of his energy, he found an abandoned mineral star.

That mineral star was almost empty. It had caves of various sizes. From a distance, it looked like a giant hornet hive. Its energy was exhausted a long time ago. No pieces of ore remained.

Jiang Ge beamed a faint smile. His body descended like a shadow on the mineral star.

Ten medium-quality divine crystals flew out from his Fantasy Sky Ring. As he sat down to absorb the crystals, he discolored in fright.

The darkness covered him like a dome of the sky.

There wasn't a beam of light in that darkness. He couldn't even see his own fingers. It was like a prison that made his soul decay.

Jiang Ge was shaken. He was frightened, looking here and there but he couldn't see anything. His heart sank to the bottom of an abyss.

He was astounded and it took him a while for him to react. He kneeled down anxiously and said with respect, "Greetings, Madame Leona."

The Raging Flame Star Arena had so many powers Upanishad and some of them were so famous that everyone knew.

The Absolute Dark Upanishad was the flagship of the leader of the five feudal va.s.sals - Leona. No one else possessed this power.

As the endless darkness engulfed Jiang Ge, he was initially bewildered but then he immediately knew whom he was encountering.

The b.l.o.o.d.y butcher of the divine nation, Commander of the b.l.o.o.d.y Legion, head of the five brutal devils: Madame Leona.

Jiang Ge had no intention of resisting. He kneeled down on one knee and slightly stooped his head. "I wonder why Madame Leona has humbled her good self to visit this place, what are my orders?"

A faint light was revealed silently. A woman looked as sinister and cold as ghosts that sat on the stone ground by a cave that ran deep into the ground. She squinted and said calmly, "You have two options."

Jiang Ge stooped lower with a serious face. "I am listening."

"One, I will kill you, destroy your soul altar and detain your G.o.d Soul. Then, I will use my secret techniques to take your memories." Leona's voice was indifferent as if she was talking about something that had no relation to her.

"I wish to know the other option," Jiang Ge was in fear, his voice even trembling. "Madame Leona, I want to live. Please give me a chance."

"Tell me all things you saw in the forbidden place related to Shi Yan in details. Of course, you can choose to lie if you think you can deceive me." Leona was nonchalant as though she didn't care about his killing him. She didn't show her intention of killing him. Her calmness scared her victims out of their wits.

Jiang Ge lifted his head up and his body shivered. He didn't hesitate and answered immediately. "He is not dead. He's constrained in the forbidden place by the barriers. I took the Purgatory Token from him but I didn't harm him. There's a palace inside that forbidden place which has forty-nine layers of barriers. It should be built by the former Imperial Masters of the divine nation to conceal an unknowable secret, perhaps..."

He knew he had only one chance in front of Leona. If he lied, this infamous woman would never give him a bit of her mercy.

Thus, Jiang Ge didn't have the nerves to lie. He didn't even dare pause in his narration as he was afraid that she would think that he was taking time to fabricate his story.

Leona listened to him silently without interrupting him. Until Jiang Ge finished, she remained in thought.

Jiang Ge slightly lifted his head up, looking at her anxiously. He didn't dare make a small move, just waiting for Leona's final decision.

He understood how brutal and cruel this woman was. All stories about this woman were related to b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacres. He knew her realm, which was enough to erase him easily. No one would ever know he was buried or torn into pieces on this d.a.m.n planet.

Thus, he didn't dare move or talk rashly. He just waited like that.

"You can go." After a while, Leona waved to dismiss him as though she was waving a fly away. "Remember, I've never seen you and you've never seen me here."

"I will remember your kindness for the rest of my life." Jiang Ge threw his hand into the air and swore. He watched her. Seeing her have no other commotions, he fearfully backed off little by little. As soon as he got out of Leona's Dark Domain, he ran like crazy and didn't dare stop even just for a second.

Leona stood up in the dark. Her dark green eyes shot toward the direction of the Purgatory Star for a long time. Then, she snorted, "That little brat made me lose a life star. I'll remember this debt."

The absolute darkness drifted like a dark cloud into the immense starry area. It flashed, swayed, then went invisible.

The emptied mineral star resumed its quietness.

The prohibited area, sealed Extreme Purgatory Field, Purgatory Star.

Shi Yan was staying in the middle of rippling water-like barriers, gawking at the grand palace that was almost within his reach. A magical energy fluctuation sent out from a deep place inside that palace.

Just like the change of seasons, the palace seemed to continue operating now. Strange and grumbling explosions echoed from the ground under the forbidden land where he was suspended in the air.

The same changes also happened in the other forbidden areas. Four Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors were also confined in the barriers like Shi Yan. They lifted their heads looking at the palace and feeling the energy waves sending out from inside.

The five forbidden areas in the Extreme Purgatory Field slowly moved and adjoined with each other in a way no one could ever imagine or have a chance to witness.

Although they looked slow, they were actually moving very fast. Within fifteen minutes, the five forbidden areas situated in five different regions of the Extreme Purgatory Field had magically fused into one intact piece.

Even the five wonderful palaces appeared as one place under some mysterious force.

Immediately, Shi Yan saw not only one but five palaces.

The five palaces looked like five radiantly dazzling ma.s.sive pieces of a jewel. With the support of the towering stone pillar, they moved up to the sky over their heads.

The five grand palaces arrayed a pentagon in the air. Like Shi Yan, the other four were staying near their palaces and facing the sky with a look of astonishment.

The other four didn't have Shi Yan's progress. After so many years, they had only broken through twenty-three layers. Shi Yan was more productive.


The surprised voices of the four arose from four different corners. They all gazed at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan stayed in his barriers and tilted his head, looking at the other four. A gleam of surprise sparkled in his eyes.

The four of them were at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm: three males, and one female. The three male warriors were all the old man with disheveled hair and dirty clothes. They looked like they hadn't cleaned their bodies for years. All of them looked helter-skelter, their eyes hiding brutal and malevolent intentions.

The only woman looked in her thirties. She was beautiful, wearing a snakeskin-like leather robe at knee-length, revealing her jade-like calves.

That woman wasn't human. She belonged to the Ghost Mark Clan. Delicate cyan tattoos were shown on her exposed white skin arms and legs which gave her a perfectly beautiful look, charming but also evil.

In her thirties, she was the flower at its most beautiful blooming time. Subtly, fine azure patterns were drawn on her delicate neck. She had two exquisite jade earrings dangling on her earlobes, which created the ding dang sounds when she moved. Her beautiful eyes were like a deep sea that people could never measure.

She eyed Shi Yan from a far distance with a beam in her eyes that signaled how she felt uneasy. Her eyebrows arched as she gave an inaudible snort.

When the other four were watching him, Shi Yan also observed them. Not long afterward, he looked sterner.

Just like Jiang Ge, they were all at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. They were the death-sentenced inmates of the Extreme Purgatory Field. Their hands were soaked in blood. They were not good people.

"Kid, are you the person Jiang Ge mentioned? You've replaced him?" An old man as thin as a bamboo stick that looked like a skeleton with human skin cover asked. His eyes sparkled with gloomy light. "Seems like you are much faster than us. What did you do to combine all the forbidden places into one piece?"

The other three observed him, their eyes hiding their ferocious thoughts.

"Yeah, Jiang Ge trapped me, making me sink in here," Shi Yan frowned before continuing, "He left, I guess. Since then I've been breaking these barriers. Until now, I've deactivated forty-two barriers. At the moment the last barrier was broken, the palace I saw suddenly changed, which brought us all here. Yeah, I think it's the special effect of the forbidden lands. This wasn't my intention."

"Feng Rao, what do you think?" The man who talked to him first pondered before turning to look at the woman who had strange and exquisite drawings on her body.

The other two old men also looked at the Ghost Mark Clan woman named Feng Rao. It seemed like she was their leader.

"Of course, this is good." Feng Rao cracked a strange smile. Light sparkled from her eyes. "We four have spent a lot of time just to break around twenty layers. Jiang Ge was the worst. He had been holding us back. He left and arranged a good boy who could surpa.s.s us in just a short time. Aren't we lucky?"

Then, the other three acted oddly. Those old men didn't look like good people. They burst out laughing bizarrely as if they all agreed with her.

"We've been patient for a long time just to find what was inside the palaces. This kid accelerated our progress. It is all good for us." Feng Rao smiled. "Didn't you see that the barriers... are loosening a bit?"

"Of course, we did," the three old men cracked strange smiles.

Shi Yan's face darkened as he had a bad premonition. These four people were too relaxed and nonchalant. If their desire of knowing the secrets of this place was too much, they must have planned something.

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