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A corner of the Purgatory Star.

Leona, Ao Gu Duo, and the others frowned while looking at the lake, their faces astounded.

Yalan and Tie Mu reappeared. After the battle between Shi Yan and the old man finished, their surroundings reappeared.

In the area they had fought, there was a deep pit that could be recognized from a thousand miles away. Yalan and Tie Mu were discussing something.

"Where is Shi Yan?" Carthew knitted his brows. "There was a battle. Who did they fight? Shi Yan?"

"Possibly," Rochester curled his lips. "But where is that kid? If Yalan and Tie Mu fought Shi Yan, who would win?"

"It would be a pretty even match," Da Lei squinted. "Anyway, it seems like Yalan and Tie Mu won. Shi Yan disappeared. Did he get killed?" That was what he wanted to see.

"Carthew, your subordinates are still enthusiastic. Haha." Ao Gu Duo grinned. "Shi Yan has killed a lot of people. He brought death, now he has to bear it. If he got killed, it would not be abnormal."

"Did you order Yalan and Tie Mu to do something?" Leona's face darkened. A gleam of brutal thought sparkled deep in her dark green eyes.

Carthew was scared out of his wits and he kept shaking his head. "How could I? I like that kid a lot. I have treated him well. In my gravitational room, he spoke with Yalan and Tie Mu. I didn't think they would battle each other."

As he explained, Leona snorted and didn't say more.

"Some force had covered that area. I don't know what happened but I think the three of them won't compete against each other," Du Tian Le said uncertainly while rubbing his chin.

"What happened?" Carthew mumbled to himself, curious about the situation.

The situation was similar in the Dark Firmament Star. Du Tian Ji also had this suspicions. He looked at that giant mirror with astonishment. He was baffled for a while then muttered, "Our divine nation hasn't had an Imperial Master for a long time. I know the previous Imperial Masters all lived in the Extreme Purgatory Field. That place should store their inheritance. After this training ends, it's time for us to find an Imperial Master. How about the business you have done?" He glared at Zi Yao.

Zi Yao's bold brows knitted together. Her beautiful eyes flared a strange halo. She pondered for a while then shook her head. "He doesn't want to take the Imperial Master role."

"The knot in his heart hasn't been untied yet. It seems that I will have to work on him myself." Du Tian Ji nodded as if he already knew this result beforehand. "After screening him, I can say that he is currently one of the most impressive alchemists of the entire Raging Flame Star Area. If he agrees to a.s.sist the divine nation, we will have more strong experts. Sigh… only if we had an Imperial Master, he could inherit from the few generations before him. We would have been able to give a clear path. What a pity. It is shameful for me to talk to him."

Zi Yao kept silent, her face complicated. She didn't know exactly what had happened that year. She wasn't sure if Du Tian Ji's shame was related to her mother's death.

"Zao-er, you are not young anymore. Do you have anyone in mind right now?" Du Tian Ji suddenly asked.

Zi Yao's beautiful face blushed. She shook her head shyly. "I don't want to think about this for the time being."

"Previously, Old Fan of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce told me about his son. You've heard about his only son, Fan Tian Po. His background and abilities are not weaker than Ao Gera. In the Raging Flame Star Area, the name of Fan Tian Po is well known. His bearings aren't bad either. I heard that he is handsome. He is also excellent in many aspects. You know Old Fan's status and position in the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. If we want to talk about the perfect match for you in the Raging Flame Star Area, he would be the one. What do you think?"

"No," Zi Yao shook her head after contemplating for a while. "I don't really know about this at the moment."

"Alright then. I also need time to think. Consider him." Du Tian Ji's eyes sparkled. "The Ethereal G.o.d Realm is a big door. I don't dare go before preparing. However, I have to do it. If something happens to you, you better find the man in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. He will take care of you."

"Father, if something happens to you, what about our divine nation?" Zi Yao forced a smile. "The five great feudal va.s.sals have their own forces. They're all mighty. Without you, who would suppress them?"

Du Tian Ji kept silent. After a while, he answered deliberately, "I believe in their loyalty to the divine nation."

"But Da Lei..." Zi Yao wanted to say something but she didn't finish.

"Do not babble!" Du Tian Ji shouted, giving an angry look. "When I'm about to break through, I'll have my arrangement!"

Zi Yao nodded begrudgingly. Her look shifted to the shining mirror once again. She didn't know why she was worrying about Shi Yan. Perhaps it was because she didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

She had heard about Fan Tian Po of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. She knew he was a great character. But she didn't know why she had no interest in him.

One of the forbidden lands of the Extreme Purgatory Field.

The old man who was good at using illusions stood nonchalantly where the two streams crossed each other. He silently watched the fish swimming back and forth.

"Are you familiar with this place?" Shi Yan walked over to him in a normal pace. His calmness was scarily abnormal.

"Yeah, I got used to this place. I survived the Extreme Purgatory Field on many close occasions thanks to this place." The old man scooped water with his hands and drank it. He stooped and chuckled. "I'm hurt, and so are you. In this place, you won't have any back up. You didn't recognize how perilous this situation is for you, did you? I'm glad you came. This means I can get your Purgatory Token, get out of this d.a.m.n place alive, and gain back my freedom."

"You think so?" Shi Yan grinned. "Then I want to see how you can take the Purgatory Token on my waist. Yeah, you're right. We're both wounded. But there's one thing you'll never be better than me at. I am younger than you and my recovery ability is much faster than what you think."

"Young? Being young is useful, my a.s.s!" The old man finally stood up, looking at him in the eyes. "Kid, if you want to court death, don't blame me."

"You just want a Purgatory Token, right?" Shi Yan was surprised for a while. He said, "In fact, your wish is easy to fulfill. If I can help you, will you share the secrets you know with me? It's just a Purgatory Token, I'm sure I can get it for you."

The old man was caught off guard but he still laughed out of interest. "What do you mean you will get a Purgatory Token for me? You know what that means, right? I don't know you. But I know you want to kill a partic.i.p.ant, the young talented and favored subordinate of one of the five feudal va.s.sals, right? Will you do this for me?"

"Why not?" Shi Yan pursed his lips. "If I don't kill them, someone else will. I have someone I must kill in this place. He's hunting me down with all of his best efforts too."

The old man didn't hasten. He stretched leisurely, glaring at Shi Yan. "Tell me, what happened?"

"Have you ever heard about Ao Gera?" Shi Yan pondered before asking.

The old man's eyes got colder. He snorted. "Of course I know him. Ao Gu Duo's nephew, a genius of the divine nation. You want to kill him?"

Shi Yan nodded. "Ah, you've been idle in the Extreme Purgatory Field for so many years. But how do you know about Ao Gera? It seems like you hate him. What happened?"

"I haven't been out for all these years but people will be put in the Extreme Purgatory Field from time to time. From them, I get information of the world outside." The old man snorted with a cold visage. "I don't like people who are related to Ao Gu Duo. Ao Gu Duo has imprisoned me here. Ao Gera is his nephew who has outstanding performance. Of course I have to notice him. If I had known he was here, I would have found and targeted him. Whatever will irritate Ao Gu Duo, I will do them all!"

"Ao Gu Duo captured you? Haha, interesting, interesting. Seems like we have common goals." Shi Yan laughed evilly. "By the way, what did you do to get yourself jailed here?"

"It has nothing to do with you!" snorted the old man.

Shi Yan just laughed, unbothered by his response. One hundred meters away from the old man, he took off his clothes, discarding them conveniently before stepping into the stream to wash the bloodstains on his body.

The old man's eyes suddenly sparkled with divine light as he focused on the young man.

Using the stream's freshwater to wash away the blood on his body, Shi Yan revealed a refined iron-like body that didn't show even a single cut.

The old man had fought him just one hour ago. He understood that although Shi Yan's G.o.d Body didn't explode, he received a lot of cuts and wounds. Otherwise, he wouldn't have had so much blood on his body.

However, Shi Yan now stood vigorous without a single scratch. Energy in his body circulated smoothly. His G.o.d Body shimmered, showing that he was in his peak condition. Nothing in his body provided evidence that he got hurt badly.

After one hour of adjusting his aura and energy, there was not much change for the old man. The old man still had a lot of wounds on his body. The holes deep to the bone that the three Bone Thorns left on his chest and back were still there. His waist, abdomen, arms, and legs were covered with cuts which were caused by Yalan and Tie Mu's bombarding powers.

Shi Yan was no longer damaged. This discovery silenced the old man as he had planned to attack him one more time.

He suddenly realized that Shi Yan intruding this place alone and bragging in front of him wasn't just mere boasting. There was a reason why he had such confidence!

In front of the old man, Shi Yan washed before putting on new, clean garments. All of a sudden, he urged the power of the Immortal Demon Blood, pouring it into his arm. His iron fist pounded the ground grumblingly.

Boom Boom!

The impact from his fist touching the ground caused great tremors. An area of several thousand meters seemed to get hit by a meteor. The ground cracked as if there was an earthquake. The pits that appeared were so deep that people wouldn't be able to see the bottom.

The condensed energy of the Immortal Demon Blood was sent to the ground, creating an earth-shaking scene. The tremendous energy ran deep under the Extreme Purgatory Field. Grumbling noise from the tremors continually echoed. The mountain near the valley was trembling as if it was about to collapse. Such a scale of damage was really scary indeed.

Even the old man at the King G.o.d Realm discolored in fright. He didn't dare act rashly anymore.

Shi Yan retrieved his powers, looking at the dozen-meter-deep pit in front of him with satisfaction. He turned around, smiling at the old man. "You still want to ambush and kill me eh? Yeah, do you still think you would succeed?"

The old man's face darkened and he said nothing.

"Can we talk for a while?" Shi Yan calmed down, strolling towards the old man, his face casual and peaceful. He wasn't worried about being ambushed.

The old man's face was gloomy and uncertain. He gazed at Shi Yan for a while and said, "True. You've proven your abilities. I can't kill you easily, it is true. Alright, I'll go with the less risky option. What do you want to know?"

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