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"I sense living energy fluctuations in five different directions!"

Yalan stroked the Purgatory Token, frowning while scanning everything around her. She talked with a slight headache.

Tie Mu scowled and had a worried look. "I don't know how this old freak affected the Purgatory Token to deceive us. His aura currently signals in five different directions. I don't know which way we will find him."

Shi Yan walked over to them. Blood dripped from his body. He wiped away a trickle of blood on the corner of his mouth, smiling coldly. "The signals in all five directions are all fake. This old freak is really cunning."

Yalan and Tie Mu couldn't help but stare at him for a few seconds. Later on, Yalan said, "You are truly fierce. You have become so mighty after breaking through to the King G.o.d Realm!"

In the previous battle, Shi Yan was the main force as his power had stopped the old man for a while. That was the golden chance for Yalan and Tie Mu to attack and wound him.

If Shi Yan hadn't distracted the old man, they would have had no way to get rid of the illusions so quickly. And of course, they would have had no chance to damage that man.

They had seen the battle between Shi Yan and the old man. They understood that they didn't have the means to counter that old fellow but Shi Yan did.

Although their realms were one level higher than his, they had had no way of dealing with that old fellow.

The powers Shi Yan had demonstrated frightened them.

"Follow me. I know where he is. F*ck him. This old dog is too cunning. He has provoked us to separate and make us kill each other so that he could clean us up at the end. When he saw that we didn't buy it, he used the illusions to delude us. Basically, he didn't want to spare anyone of us alive." Shi Yan snorted then continued, "I've left a wisp of Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness. I can locate him. The directions our Purgatory Tokens have sensed are all made up. None of them is true."

"You're at the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm but you could leave a beam of your Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness. Are you sure?" Yalan's eyes brightened, not believing him.

Tie Mu gawked. "Impossible! You and he are at two different levels. It's possible that he can leave a beam of his Soul Consciousness in your Sea of Consciousness. But how could you?"

"I've cultivated special powers Upanishad. My Soul Consciousness has mixed with s.p.a.ce power. It can avoid his sensing for a short while. However, it won't last long. We should hurry. If we are too late and he deletes my wisp of Soul Consciousness, we won't be able to find him."

Yalan and Tie Mu reacted quickly to what he said. They nodded and didn't linger.

Shi Yan took the lead. His body flashed like the rainbow, weaving through the forest like a shuttle. Yalan and Tie Mu stayed close behind him.

After one hour, he halted, looking at the valley in front of them and waving his hand. "This place!"

Yalan and Tie Mu stopped, looking at that valley disbelievingly. "Impossible!" they shouted.

The valley in between the mountains was covered in layers of gray shadows and mists. Folds of barriers were set that covered the whole area. Chaotic energy stayed inside the barriers particularly. It seemed to hide the extreme dangers.

That area was apparently a prohibited land in the Extreme Purgatory Field. The magical Extreme Purgatory Field had so many similar areas. When normal partic.i.p.ants encountered such places, they would try to avoid them at all costs. No one dared to intrude.

Rumors said that those barriers were made of the initial natural formations of this land. The Imperial Master of several previous generations had created them. Let alone the partic.i.p.ants, even the owner of the divine nation Du Tian Ji couldn't understand all the mysteries of those barriers.

Before the partic.i.p.ants entered the Extreme Purgatory Field, the host would explain and tell them to stay away from those prohibited areas.

According to them, those forbidden areas were the key nodes that created the Extreme Purgatory Field. These areas hid so many mysterious dangers. If they entered those places rashly, their soul altars could possibly vanish. They could also break the balance of the Extreme Purgatory Field which would prevent it from functioning properly.

Almost all the partic.i.p.ants followed this rule. They wouldn't enter these places willingly. Out of those who dared to intrude, not many got out alive.

Magical energy fluctuations signaled from that valley, stating that it was one of the banned lands of the Extreme Purgatory Field.

Shi Yan wouldn't dare intrude such a place if he still had his previous cultivation base. He would leave early to get away from running into any unexpected troubles.

However, it was different now. That cunning old fella was hiding in there. Once he could recover and show up for a second time, he would bring greater dangers. If they didn't take the chance to destroy him when he got hurt, Shi Yan would never forgive himself for not preventing this wicked man from doing evil deeds.

"He dared to get in there. What are we afraid of?" Shi Yan glared at Yalan and Tie Mu, his face persistent. "Whether you are coming with me or not, I'm going in there. This cunning old fella has grudges against us. He won't leave us alone easily. He is much more familiar with the Extreme Purgatory Field than we are and he can even dodge the Purgatory Token's sensing. If he is alive, he will always be some hidden danger. We must destroy him now."

"That freak has joined the Extreme Purgatory Field many times. He must be familiar with this place. If he dared to get inside, I think he has some backup. We don't know anything about this place. Isn't it too risky?" Tie Mu said with a worried expression on his face. He couldn't make up his mind.

Yalan frowned as she struggled to decide whether to get in there or leave.

"Perhaps the prohibited area hides some secrets, secrets related to the Extreme Purgatory Field. Maybe due to those secrets, that old man could dodge the Purgatory Token's sensing. If he might know that, why can't we?" Shi Yan pondered for a while and then shouted, "I must get in there!"

Then, he flew like a sharp sword piercing toward the barriers covering the valley.


It was like he had b.u.mped into a giant rubber ball. His flying body bounced back with a tremendous force. An immense energy ran through his body. The impact made him dizzy.

Confused, Shi Yan went back over to Yalan and Tie Mu. His face darkened. "Strong barriers. Hard to break. I can't pierce through it. d.a.m.n it. How did he do it?"

"He must know the mysteries of the barriers." Yalan's face was somber. She hesitated for a while and said, "I think we should give up. If we take risks and intrude, I'm not sure if we can gain the upper hand in his familiar fighting arena. However, if we attack him outside, we can join hands and win."

Tie Mu supported her. "Shi Yan, don't act rashly. Being stubborn isn't always good."

"People who can achieve big accomplishments are all crazy and stubborn." Shi Yan contemplated for one second and laughed sinisterly. "It is just a barrier. I think I will be able to break it."

Then, his thoughts flickered. The Sky-breaking Shuttle appeared from the Storage Ring. He sent a beam of his Soul Consciousness into the shuttle.

"I want to break that barrier. How much energy do you need?"

"One-third of your power."


Wisps of fine energy circulated, rolling grumblingly and ma.s.sively pouring into the Sky-breaking Shuttle.

Receiving the energy from his body, the Sky-breaking Shuttle, designed to break all kind of barriers and restrictions, turned into a shooting light that tore layers of barriers, flying toward the center of the forbidden land.

Shi Yan turned around, glaring at Tie Mu and Yalan. He ignored their astonished faces, turned into a bunch of light before disappearing shortly.

"He broke it? Did he just break it?" Tie Mu's eyes showed that he couldn't believe what he just saw. He shook his head. "Who is this boy? How can he be so magical?"

"No wonder why he has the potential to replace Ao Gera. He is such a tough character. I finally know why Master Carthew favors him. Yalan contemplated for a while, her face astonished. She turned to Tie Mu. "What should we do now?"

"This..." Tie Mu was hesitant. "We don't know the situations in there. If we barge in, I'm not sure if we will be safe. The old man is a Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior. This place is his den. I don't think intruding is a good idea."

Yalan pondered for a while and nodded in agreement. "Forget it. We should wait for a while. I know intruding into someone's territory would be taking a big risk."

While they were talking, the light pa.s.sage created by the Sky-breaking Shuttle gradually vanished, cutting of their entry. Even if they wanted to get in there, they lost their chance..

The scene changed subtly.

Shi Yan was standing in a beautiful blooming valley. Two streams crossed each other, which were clear enough to see the bottom. Small fish swam back and forth happily. Wild gra.s.s grew up to people's waist in every corner of the valley. They looked like the fuzz of a giant beast.

The air was fresh, cool, and humid in the valley. Earth and heaven energy were very thick. The wild gra.s.s was mowed in a small area of the valley where a small cottage stood. The door was open, revealing an old, pale man using pellets to recover.

He was the old man Shi Yan had encountered.

In the moment Shi Yan saw the man, the old man also noticed him. He jolted up, his expression changing dramatically in surprise. He shouted, "Kid, how did you get in here? Didn't those barriers make you struggle? How could you?"

"Nothing is impossible." Shi Yan frowned. His eyes were still blood-red as he was maintaining the Rampage Realm. Energy boiled and rolled in his body ma.s.sively, his aura brutal and malignant.

He walked step by step towards that old man. His eyes became more ruthlessly bloodthirsty. "You got hurt badly. You want to hide and recover in here so that you could continue playing with us. Haha, you have a good place, indeed. Seems like you've been staying here for a long time and got familiar with the conditions."

That old man stopped restoring his aura and walked out of his cottage. In front of him were the two crossing streams. He had installed the net to restrain the fish in the streams. It seemed that he kept the fish for food.

The whole scene was beautiful and harmonious. The old man stood by the stream and he stooped to watch the small fish, inhaling the pleasant fragrance of flowers permeating the air. He wasn't tense or anxious at all. He even beamed a smile at Shi Yan. "I'm glad you came. My Purgatory Token is here now."

Shi Yan smiled, slightly shaking his head. "It won't be so easy."

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