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s.p.a.ce power Blockade!

The whole world was suddenly silent. No wind. No sound. All the energies seemed to have simultaneously force quit. Everything stopped all of a sudden.

The man that looked exactly like Shi Yan had his eccentric smile frozen.

More than ten Yalan and Tie Mu around Shi Yan halted, their face frozen in place.

Shi Yan extended his arm. A divine light dot departed from his fingertip, dashing like the lightning towards that man.


His body exploded, turning into gray mist. A wisp of Soul Consciousness twisted, flashed from his body before disappeared.

Boom Boom Boom!

His finger pointed on the youths sitting near him. They perished one by one, releasing a beam of soul remnant.

Farther from him were the illusions of Tie Mu and Yalan. Shi Yan didn't dare act rashly.

Each of the illusionary bodies had the living energy fluctuations and his Purgatory Token had reflected their living signals. Shi Yan couldn't tell who was real and who were the replicas.

As he couldn't tell which one was real, Shi Yan didn't dare act recklessly as he was afraid of hurting Yalan's and Tie Mu's real bodies.

"s.p.a.ce power!"

A sharp voice arose in the forest nearby. The cunning old fellow seemed to be scared. He screamed darkly. "It has been so many years since I've seen someone using s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. You're rare, really rare. I want to see if the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad can break my Thousand Fantasy Fields Domain or not!"

When his voice stopped, shadows started to ooze out from nowhere, floating like ghosts that couldn't be caught. They all dashed toward Shi Yan.

Even though the shadows hadn't come close to him yet, the area that Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce Domain covered suddenly had a tremendous change.

Instantly, Shi Yan couldn't see Tie Mu and Yalan anymore.

He was standing on a small, isolated island. This island had some barren mountains. Rolling waves from the ocean lapped the sh.o.r.e. Shi Yan could even hear the sound of waves and seawater moving.

The shadows had disappeared, becoming part of his surroundings that his Soul Consciousness couldn't sense anymore.

Tie Mu and Yalan weren't in this illusion. They were forced to move somewhere else. Shi Yan's Purgatory Token couldn't detect them.

That old cunning man understood the Purgatory Token's features well. His Thousand Fantasy Fields Domain would counter the ability to sense living beings of the Purgatory Token. He wasn't going to let Shi Yan have any a.s.sistance.

Understanding this anomaly, Shi Yan didn't hesitate to take back the wisp of Soul Consciousness he had sent into the Purgatory Token. He didn't need its help anymore.

The other's domain was peculiar and wicked as it could affect G.o.d Souls and Sea of Consciousness. Under such circ.u.mstance, Shi Yan didn't release the Soul Consciousness anymore. Any creatures that appeared in this place would be treated as his enemies.

The surroundings changed again. Gradually, flowers bloomed on this island. Each of them was so beautiful and fresh. Stars blinked in the night. Luxuriant, green foliage appeared.

The small, cold island suddenly revived vigorously and brought people.

Seeing this vibrant scene, Shi Yan didn't feel comfortable. He vaguely felt like an invisible danger was creeping towards him, a danger that could attack him in any minute.

A feeble wisp of energy fluctuation that was hard to detect flashed in the illusion.

Shortly, flowers and floras on the island flew out as if they were just given powers.

Strong energy fluctuations attacked!

Billions of tons of seawater condensed into different kinds of sea monsters, baring fangs and claw, roaring crazily on their way.

Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce Domain couldn't stop them!

Those floras and the sea monsters seemed to have a long time growing in his s.p.a.ce Power and got used to its features. When they attacked him, his s.p.a.ce Domain could not seal them.

Shi Yan understood that all that he saw were just hollow images so his s.p.a.ce Power couldn't constrain them. However, the energy stored in them was real, which was the condensed energy of a King G.o.d Realm warrior.

If Shi Yan were careless, this kind of power could hurt him or even kill him on the spot.

Seeing the danger coming, Shi Yan was as calm as usual. His soul altar spun a little bit and his G.o.d Domain changed.

Countless stars appeared like precious gemstones. Shi Yan looked like he was immersing in the sea of gems. Light shone gloriously around him.

Star power Upanishad was activated. Stars around him started to revolve fast. Shi Yan put himself in the star sea flying as he pleased. His body flashed and arrived at different stars in just a blink. No one could detect his whereabouts.

So many perilous attacks swarmed over him but they could neither find nor lock Shi Yan in the sea star. At the same time, the starry sea started to wear out their energy.

"Another G.o.d Domain!"

The old man's voice reverberated in the air. Apparently, he was startled. His voice trembled. In the center of his echo, a flood created by fierce energy stormed towards the center of the star sea.


Shi Yan's G.o.d Domain seemed to take a formidable hit. The s.p.a.ce of ten meters around him shattered. Broken stars fell. The energy of his Star power Upanishad was in disorder.

All illusions vanished. Their energy fused into one big flow, turning into the furious flood current with a face that looked exactly like his. It s.n.a.t.c.hed down from the sky and was about to swallow Shi Yan.

The island broke. Seawater ran fiercely, flooding the island. This fatal scene looked like the doomsday was coming. Shi Yan felt his soul trembling seeing this.

"Death Seal!"

His G.o.d Domain changed again. Ma.s.sive seals condensed in the sky. His Dead Upanishad covered the whole area.

The Dead Seal stamped the air. Shortly, Shi Yan was surrounded with numerous Dead Seal, covering the entire area.

His negative energy crazily poured into the domain. His G.o.d Body was swollen. Energy flowed ma.s.sively in his vessels unceasingly. Brutal energy gushed out from him, making each Dead Seal as big as a small mountain. They bombarded everything he saw.

Wicked Dead Upanishad spread out, restraining all of the oncoming attacks. At this moment, his quick Life Upanishad found a strange beam of living being energy undersea.


Shi Yan showed a faint smile, his face still stern. Big Dead Seals gathered and combined, making a giant hand that could even cover the whole sky. That hand then furiously pounded the sea bottom.

Just like a breaking mirror, countless fragments of the illusions scattered under this attack. Shi Yan's surroundings became normal.

Yalan and Tie Mu were fighting with their own illusions near him. The illusions entangling them also had vitality and energy fluctuations.

However, as Shi Yan maintained his G.o.d Domain in the mode of Dead and Life Intent Domain, all living energy fluctuations of creatures in his domain were amplified and became clearer.

Shi Yan couldn't see the difference between Yalan, Tie Mu, and their replicas, but in his G.o.d Domain, the living fluctuations of the illusions weren't as clear as theirs.

It was enough for him.

He could find their real bodies now.

A deep hole appeared near him which was created by the bombarding of his Dead Seals. Immense gray mist diffused from that hole.

A skinny, rickety figure appeared in that gray mist.

It was a sloppy, dirty old man with disheveled hairs and scabs. He was wearing a muddy, long grey robe. His face was also covered in dust but his eyes were sparkling and fiery.

"Three powers Upanishad. Three different G.o.d Domains. Boy, how did you do that? Using three powers alternatively to break my Thousand Fantasy Fields Domain, I can't deny that I surrendered. I really want to know how you could create three G.o.d Domains at the same time?" The skinny old man floated in the gray mist like a wandering ghost. He looked at Shi Yan with a dark, gloomy gaze.

"I don't know. I've just created them not long ago. During the battle with you, I got to know how to shift between them subtly. Indeed, magical things could happen." Shi Yan was indifferent. "If you want to use the Thousand Fantasy Fields Domain to delude me, I don't think it will be easy anymore. I can distinguish any creature in my domain to see if they are real or not."

"Evil power Upanishad," the old man mumbled then snorted. "Don't think that breaking my Thousand Fantasy Fields Domain means you won. Since you have only the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base, I can defeat you using only my power and my G.o.d Body. The reason why I didn't show up is that I wanted to save energy. But if you break my G.o.d Domain, I have no choice but to widen your knowledge. Lets see how vast the gap between my Third Sky cultivation base and your First Sky cultivation base is."

He attacked immediately.

Shi Yan became serious. He didn't wait until the old man struck his first attack. A thought arose and the crazy hissing echoed.

Three Bone Thorns were invisible, leaving only the ear-piercing whistle in the air. They were moving across s.p.a.ces, gathering energy.

The old man suddenly became alert. He slightly discolored and squinted as if he was trying to detect the source of the sound.

Shi Yan immediately entered the Rampage Realm. Shi Yan's eyes turned blood-red as negative energy gushed out from his body. Pallid tentacles extended from each of his acupuncture points.

This was the first time he urged the Rampage Realm after entering the King G.o.d Realm.

His refined body looked like iron or jade shriveled at the moment energy was acc.u.mulated. Scarlet halo bloomed from his body and reflected in his eyes, making him look more eccentric and evil.

Bloodthirsty, wild energy erupted like a volcano from his G.o.d Body before fusing with his magical Dead Intent Domain. The coverage of the Soul Burial Ground was tripled, reaching an astonishing thirty meters!

Desperation, bloodthirstiness, resentment, and other negative feelings multiplied. The ability to steal life force increased strongly.

In this moment, Shi Yan looked like a demon that crept out from the bottom layer of h.e.l.l. His body diffused the aura of termination. His existence seemed to destroy all creatures in the world.

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