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Outside the Extreme Purgatory Field, Du Tian Le and the five great feudal va.s.sals were frowning as they had no idea what was happening in the crystal mirror lake.

A corner of the lake was covered by grey mist which concealed everything. Shi Yan, Yalan, and Tie Mu were there.

Carthew's face darkened. The light sparkling in his eyes showed his fright. He turned and shouted at Du Tian Le, "What is happening? The last time I saw my two soldiers was three days ago. Where did that gray mist come from? Why does it hinder our view?"

Du Tian Le frowned as he couldn't explain, either. "I'm not sure. Perhaps someone who knows the mysteries of the Extreme Purgatory Field has blocked the view from the outside, preventing us from seeing what is happening there."

"Who is that?" Carthew snorted. "How are my two troopers?"

Shaking his head, Du Tian Le answered begrudgingly, "I don't know, either. I'm not the ones who designed this Extreme Purgatory Field. It is a mysterious natural formation that is intertwined with the will of earth and heaven. Before our King was throned, the Extreme Purgatory Field had existed. It is the most magical area of our divine nation. I don't wish to learn all of its mysteries."

"There is trouble now. Shi Yan is also there and we don't know what is going on." Rochester spread his arms and shrugged. "I'm interested in this boy the most. But now, I can't see anything. It has become too boring."

"Yalan and Tie Mu would soon face Shi Yan. I don't know what would happen between them." Da Lei chuckled. "Although Yalan and Tie Mu weren't ordinary, Shi Yan has reached the King G.o.d Realm. During this time, he has killed many warriors within the same realm. I'm really curious."

Carthew's face grimaced.

Of course, he knew that Shi Yan was tough. They had been watching Shi Yan the whole time. They paid attention to each of his battles. They noticed that the way he used energy and his Domains were getting more profound day by day.

They weren't surprised anymore seeing Shi Yan fight warriors whose realm was higher than his. None of the normal warriors at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm could flee from his hunt. After half a year, at least ten warriors had died in his hands.

While they hadn't noticed, the number of prisoners Shi Yan had killed had surpa.s.sed the records of Da Lei, Yalan and Tie Mu, and the two warriors under Rochester's command. His record was just a bit fewer than Leona's team and Ao Gera's team.

According to the current situation, it would not be long before Shi Yan's record surpa.s.sed Ao Gera's.

In the most critical time, Shi Yan, Yalan, and Tie Mu were all covered in the thick gray mist. As they couldn't see what was happening inside, everybody was irritated.

"Seems like someone is very familiar with the Extreme Purgatory Field. He can affect the energy moving inside and stay hidden from our view. This one is experienced and cunning. I think he will have a close fight against Shi Yan soon," said Leona, frowning.

Everybody was curious. They concentrated and gazed at the lake down there but they couldn't see anything.

Besides them, the master of the divine nation in the Dark Firmament Star also frowned, his face cold and harsh.

"Father, what is happening? Why can't you see?" Zi Yao was surprised. "When the Extreme Purgatory Field opened, wasn't it under your control?"

Du Tian Ji's eyes sparkled with a strange light. He contemplated for a while before saying slowly, "I know how to open it but I did not make it. When I got the divine nation that year, the Extreme Purgatory Field had already existed. It has been there for tens of thousands of years! An Imperial Master of our divine nation had used the wonderful natural formation of the Extreme Purgatory Field to make it. The mysteries in that formation are the most subtle and magnificent ones. I'm not good at this evil stuff. Of course, I don't know all of its mysteries."

"Imperial Master?" Zi Yao was shaken. "The divine nation hasn't had an Imperial Master for quite a long time."

"It's true. The Imperial Master position has been vacant for so many years. I wanted to offer him that position, but he rejected it." A bit of loss sparkled in Du Tian Ji's eyes.

Zi Yao knew who he was talking about. The old man secluding in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field was one of the top alchemists in the Raging Flame Star Area. Several hundred years ago, he was famous in this star area.

"The previous Imperial Masters of our divine nations were all famous. They had deep understanding of the nature of powers Upanishad. Our Source of power Upanishad Inheritance was created by them. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an Imperial Master for several monarchies before my reign. Also, no one is qualified enough to hold this position." Du Tian Ji sighed. "Usually, the Imperial Master will be in charge of the Extreme Purgatory Field. But we don't have a suitable candidate so I have to do take charge myself. However, I've dedicated my life to the acme of power so I didn't study about the heaven way evil techniques. My understanding of the Extreme Purgatory Field isn't deep enough, so..."

"You don't know the reasons why?"

"Yes. This Limitless Divine Mirror of mine was made by the last Imperial Master of our divine nation. If it couldn't reflect the real situation of the Extreme Purgatory Field there, I have no other alternative."

"What are the requirements to become the Imperial Master?"

"Top-grade blacksmith and alchemist. He must acquire a firm grasp of natural formations, understand the nature of powers, be able to refine and force Divine Grade pellets and tools. He must also be able to carve formations, barriers, and restrictions. And achieve the best merit for the divine nation."

"Oh, Shi Yan's a blacksmith, too."

"Blacksmith?" Du Tian Ji burst out laughing, shaking his head. "This kid cultivates mixed powers indeed. He is greedy enough to have a bit of everything. Perhaps he is just an amateur blacksmith without a significant attainment."

"He can forge Divine Grade tools."

"Divine Grade?!?" Du Tian Ji was surprised. He couldn't help but shout, "How could it be?"

"I saw it with my own eyes."

Du Tian Ji's face changed. He got startled and expression was odd.

Extreme Purgatory Field.

The cunning, old man was still trying to drive a wedge between Shi Yan and the other two. "You know, I'm only one person here, so I need only one token. Even if I had more, it would be useless. I just want to get out of here alive. I don't want to be imprisoned in the Extreme Purgatory Field. Our deal is quite simple. You kill that boy and give me his Purgatory Token. I will leave you alone. Simple, eh?"

He buzzed nonstop like a fly trying to manipulate Tie Mu and Yalan.

"You two are the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors and you coordinate well. If I have to kill you, I have to use a lot of my energy. Perhaps I can be hurt. But he is different. He has only the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base, and he has broken through just recently. If you kill him for me, I don't need to use my powers and you can get rid of me. We all end up happy. What do you think?"

That old fellow used cruel and sinister words which had poked right at their weakest nerves. His plan seemed to work. Yalan and Tie Mu looked touched, their faces uncertain.

Shi Yan was calm but he was on guard.

Actually, he didn't have a deep relationship with Tie Mu and Yalan. They had only met several times and talked a bit in the gravitational fields.

This kind of relationship had no foundation. If they want to kill him to save their lives, Shi Yan thought it would be possible.

He stood and squinted. All of a sudden, he sat down quietly right in front of Yalan and Tie Mu. He stooped, breathing regularly as if he was musing on something.

Yalan and Tie Mu looked at him with confused and uncertain faces.

The seducing voice of the cunning fellow continued to attack at their weakest points.

Shi Yan didn't say anything. He closed his eyes like he was sleeping. He looked defenseless. His aura was retrieved.

Yalan and Tie Mu's minds struggled for a while. They exchanged looks like they had finally made up their minds. They sat down cross-legged like Shi Yan had done and steadied their affected mind. Slowly, they pulled themselves together.

"d.a.m.n you, you mean and shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I almost got tricked." Tie Mu was foul-mouthed. "Come if you do have power. Come kill the three of us. You motherf*cker, stop using your tricks!"

Shi Yan waited in silence with closed eyes. He grinned and he relaxed his tense nerves.

Brilliant starlight spots appeared gloriously in the area of twenty meters around Shi Yan. The lights were blinding as the stars spun mysteriously around him. Yalan and Tie Mu maintained a safe distance from Shi Yan. They all released the G.o.d Domains. They formed a triangle but their G.o.d Domain didn't overlap. All were waiting in silence.

"If you really want to court death, don't blame me. Sigh, too stupid. It's obviously an easy choice. Why do you make it more complicated like this?" The floating voice of the old man swayed. Sometimes it was near them, and the other times it was far away.

At the moment his voice arose, gray mist overflowed quietly. They covered the three of them instantly.

Their G.o.d Domains had no strange reactions or detected any unique energy fluctuation. It seemed this gray mist was just a normal cloud without any magical effects.

However, the soul altars of Shi Yan's group were tense right after that gray mist engulfed them.

It was like that mist had carried along some unknown dangers...

Their soul altars suddenly shook. Shi Yan's G.o.d Soul trembled while his face changed.

He opened his eyes all of a sudden.

Shadows started to appear next to him. Those silhouettes sat on the ground. They were Yalan, Tie Mu, and Shi Yan himself. Even the G.o.d Domains looked alike.

The one sitting on his left looked identical to him. That Shi Yan opened his eyes, looking around with astonishment. His bearings were exactly the same as Shi Yan's, giving him an illusion of watching himself in the mirror.

Just like that figure, sitting not far from him were more than ten Yalan and Tie Mu. All of them had clear living energy fluctuations. The Purgatory Token on his waist all of a sudden signaled countless of lives.

When Shi Yan looked at that man, the man was looking back at him, too. While Shi Yan was perplexed, an evil smile beamed on the face that was identical to his.

Shi Yan shouted inwardly. He didn't think much but changed his G.o.d Domain to the s.p.a.ce restraining domain.

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