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Shi Yan had never felt so fresh and powerful before.

The King G.o.d Realm in the Grace Mainland was the highest existence. He had been on that continent for so long but he had never seen anyone at the King G.o.d Realm.

Bao Ao, Jie Ji, Kante, and even Xuan Ming had tried for their whole life to reach the King G.o.d Realm. However, due to the energy-draining situation in the Grace Mainland, they were limited. Being unable to break through to this realm was the greatest regret of their lives.

The time he had stayed in the Raging Flame Star Area wasn't too long. It was just eight or nine years. However, in this short period, he had ascended from the True G.o.d Realm directly to the King G.o.d Realm and created the G.o.d Domains.

And he got three marvelous G.o.d Domains!

Strolling through the Extreme Purgatory Field, Shi Yan let all of his heaven flames fly back to the soul altar. He didn't need to be cautious anymore.

He was so confident. He believed that in the Extreme Purgatory Field now, only the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors could trouble him. And even they wouldn't be able to kill him.

Walking step by step, he immersed in the joy of the magical G.o.d Domains. Never had he felt so happy before.

From just a single thought, the G.o.d Domain of the Dead Upanishad was activated. A twenty-meter radius around Shi Yan was the maximum coverage of his Dead Domain. Big trees yellowed, flowers shriveled, and insects stopped crying.

With another thought, the Starry Sea appeared. Magical Starlight dots were created by his energy. They scattered beautifully and gloriously everywhere.

His soul altar spun slightly and his s.p.a.ce power had activated its G.o.d Domain. A powerful energy that could control s.p.a.ce was urged.

Within twenty meters around him, the wind stopped, foliage froze, and even earth and heaven energy were restrained; it couldn't move anymore.

The three powers Upanishad included Death and Life, Star, and s.p.a.ce would create the G.o.d Domain as his G.o.d Soul flickered.

The three G.o.d Domains had their own magical features. While moving, he tried them from time to time restlessly.

Staying inside the G.o.d Domain of the Dead and Life power Upanishad, Shi Yan could absorb the energy of living beings around him to strengthen himself. While the creatures themselves didn't notice, they had their soul energy taken out.

The G.o.d Domain created by Star power Upanishad was a s.p.a.ce full of stars. Under this starry dome, his Star Martial Spirit became sensitive. As his soul flickered, he could immediately hide in any star.

Within twenty meters, he could change his location, disappear and reappear in any starlight dots, giving them his magnificent powers to attack his enemies.

The G.o.d Domain created by s.p.a.ce power wasn't as dangerous as the s.p.a.ce slits when he broke through the new realm. Shi Yan understood that only a deeper understanding of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and the G.o.d Domain could help him create the s.p.a.ce slits that shielded him. When he gets to this point, he knew that no one would dare approach or ambush him.

s.p.a.ce G.o.d Domain had more magical features. s.p.a.ce of area that this G.o.d Domain covering was restrained tightly.

He only needed to urge his power and flicker a thought for all things inside his G.o.d Domain, including air, energy, rock, and foliage to be imprisoned.

Imprisonment was the basic specialty of s.p.a.ce Upanishad, one of the derived foundations of s.p.a.ce power.

He believed that in a battle with an opponent, urging his s.p.a.ce power and creating the G.o.d Domain would detain the other's body and soul in his s.p.a.ce.

Unless the other was prepared or had a force that was mighty enough to untie his bind, that warrior would simply be killed.

Breaking through the King G.o.d Realm had given him chances to create three G.o.d Domains and enlarge his Essence Qi ancient tree several times.

Anyway, the benefits he had harvested weren't that simple.

The G.o.d Body is another advantage he got now. At this moment, the recovery ability of his Immortal Martial Spirit had been upgraded. At the same time, his Petrification Martial Spirit was also enhanced. His st.u.r.dy physique had reached a new level, which could be considered morbidly abnormal, under this great time of quenching by earth and heaven energy.

He had tried and found that even the three Bone Thorns he had forged couldn't break the defense of his G.o.d Body. He would need to use the maximum power to even pierce through his body.

Ordinary King G.o.d Realm warriors who dared to engage in close combat with him would be torn apart, leaving nothing, not even the bone dust.

Due to his strong foundation and excellent body conditions, the G.o.d Body he had condensed wasn't something ordinary King G.o.d Realm warriors could compare to.

He had a premonition that even the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors couldn't have a tough G.o.d Body like his.

As his power had been improved many times, his confidence was boosted. He believed that if he had had his today's realm in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field that year, even if he didn't manipulate the flaming meteorites, he could have fought b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo without much struggle.

After his realm was upgraded, his vision widened, and he had a huge confidence boost. He decided not to hunt First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors.

His main targets were the prisoners and the villains at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm now!

Once the Purgatory Token had reported the living energy of Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors, he would attack them proactively. This would help him acc.u.mulate Immortal Demon Blood.

Hovering above a lake in the Extreme Purgatory Field, Shi Yan's face was cold and harsh. A bloodthirsty gleam flashed in his eyes. While his thought flickered, so many stars twirled around his body, arraying a magical formation. Abruptly, he attacked someone in front of him.

It was a Sea Clan brutal butcher at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm. They had fought for a half a day already. The other had thought that he had finally found a soft persimmon that he could squeeze to get a Purgatory Token.

Shortly, he knew he was wrong. Shi Yan wasn't a soft persimmon but a ferocious beast that didn't bare its fangs!

The G.o.d Domain of his Star power was created. Shi Yan's figure flashed in the starlight. Sometimes he disappeared, leaving no aura.

The brutal Sea Clan man had Water power. He was unceasingly expanding his G.o.d Domain. Ten thousand tons of water in the lake rolled into the sky, morphing into rough dragons. They attacked Shi Yan furiously.

"Mwahaha!" Shi Yan sneered, waiting until the water dragons storming into his Star G.o.d Domain. He immediately created s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, creating the G.o.d Domain.

Transparent water dragons storming toward him suddenly halted in the air. They froze bizarrely in front of him, unable to even wiggle.


Shi Yan pointed and a strange light shot out, hitting each water dragon.

Furious sounds of water flowing echoed. Those water dragons had turned back into currents of water, falling into the lake underneath.

His figure moved. The lake was still, the wind stopped moving, and energy was restrained where he hovered. Except him, anything in his G.o.d Domain couldn't move.

The Sea Clan warrior grimaced. The three G.o.d Domains had almost collapsed his mentality. Every time he thought that he could do it, Shi Yan's G.o.d Domain changed to another kind, which made all his attacks fail.

On the still lake, Shi Yan sauntered. Suddenly, he roared like a savage beast, disappearing into the starlight.

In the next moment, he reappeared next to that Sea Clan expert. He retrieved his G.o.d Domain and b.u.mped into the other with his physical strength.


An earth-shaking explosion echoed from the transparent water barrier created by the Sea Clan expert. His crystal clear defense shattered like pieces of jade. Water-light shot out.

Shi Yan laughed louder, marching toward that warrior, engaging in a battle inside his G.o.d Domain. He bombarded him with star power. Stars spun, and shot towards him.

The power of his body continued expanding endlessly. Light spots that scattered from the shattered crystal wall fiercely pierced his G.o.d Body. However, they couldn't damage him.

"s.p.a.ce Imprisonment!"

While he was battling enthusiastically, Shi Yan suddenly let out a low shout.

The man in his G.o.d Domain halted as if he was tied by so many ropes in the air. He didn't even move.

Shi Yan smiled while walking toward him. He patted the man's head. His big head exploded. Blood and brain scattered.

Retrieving his G.o.d Domain and taking in almost all of the Essence Qi in that dead man's body, Shi Yan grinned before standing up.

Half a year had pa.s.sed unknowingly.

Shi Yan became a G.o.d of Slaughter in the Extreme Purgatory Field. Wherever he pa.s.sed through, any villains he could sense had become a source of his Immortal Demon Blood.

During this period, he had acc.u.mulated experiences in using the G.o.d Domains through many battles. His understanding of the three G.o.d Domains gradually became profound.

After each battle, he would quiet down and review to find the advantages and disadvantages of the G.o.d Domains. In the next battle, he would try to minimize the disadvantages and promote the intimidating features of his G.o.d Domains.

After half a year of battling, he became fluent in using G.o.d Domains. He didn't feel shaky when combining the power of the three powers. He gradually started to understand the secret of coordinating the three powers to reach its most powerful potential.

Among the prisoners and villains he had killed, not only the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm, at least ten Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm prisoners were erased.

The number of Immortal Demon Blood he had acc.u.mulated was almost one thousand drops.

He used the Immortal Demon Blood to replace his own blood. In his eyes, this event was getting closer. He thought that if he had enough time and the number of brutal persons in the Extreme Purgatory Field was adequate, perhaps he could finish his blood replacement here.

The vast Extreme Purgatory Field was worth the most magical place in the entire Raging Flame Star Area. In this place, his perception of powers Upanishad had become much sensitive. After each battle, he always had a new harvest.

His perception and understanding of the three power Upanishads had increased every day.

Today, while he was searching his preys, he met his acquaintances.

Yalan and Tie Mu.

Their situation was apparently not good. They had wounds all over their bodies. They were distressed as if they were trying to run away from someone. They were moving towards him.

Shi Yan was surprised.

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