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Under Larkey and Furlow's command, the two First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors disappeared like a stone that left no ripple after sinking into the ocean.

Then, the prisoners, villains, and lunatics showed up. They calmed down and grimaced.

From the results of the two First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors, Larkey and Furlow's threat wouldn't be effective. No one was stupid enough to get out there and die in vain.

Some didn't leave immediately. They stared at the cave entrance for a while before retreating quietly. Their silhouettes flashed, leaving no trace behind.

Those who stayed didn't move and only half of them remained. They were the ones who had a reason to leave this Extreme Purgatory Field as quickly as possible. They had reasons to survive.

In the world out there, they had someone they cared about or grudges they needed to resolve. The danger that the cave showed didn't scare them or make them leave.

Larkey and Furlow were of the latter type. They stayed. The two Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm exchanged uncertain looks.

After a while, Larkey suddenly said, "That kid must have arranged something in that cave. If we send a single warrior in there, he will likely be in danger. But if everyone goes in at the same time, I think the traps he has set won't work against them all."

Pausing for a while, he looked at Furlow. "What do you say?"

"Harrumph, you know I must leave soon. How can I give up just like that?" Furlow gritted his teeth. "No matter how strong he is, he must be weak while in his breakthrough to the new realm. As long as we break his barriers and see him, we can kill him easily."

Many agreed with him.

They soon finished discussing and joined hands to attack.

They gawked for a while. Then, the onlookers started dashing forward. They turned into many silhouettes and urged their G.o.d Domain, advancing towards the cave.

Both Leona's group in the Purgatory Star and the two in the Grand Palace in the Dark Firmament Star felt excited again. Their eyes were glued to the lake.

As they knew it would be perilous inside, they had boosted their power as much as they could, releasing the G.o.d Domain.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

All of a sudden, s.p.a.ce slits appeared at the cave entrance like floating sharp swords that sparkled dazzlingly.

Three warriors who jumped into the cave first didn't have time to scream as s.p.a.ce slits had ripped their bodies and sucked their dismembered bodies in. They disappeared silently.

Many villains screamed in fright and attempted to retreat. They didn't dare move further inside

However, as soon as the s.p.a.ce slits appeared, they scattered. In the area where energy was gathering outside the cave, similar s.p.a.ce slits emerged in every corner.

Those s.p.a.ce slits were long and narrow, but they were enough to dismember the warriors, leaving no trace of their prior existence.

Although some were quick enough to dodge, they were attacked by the s.p.a.ce splits. When the slits pa.s.sed through them, their limbs disappeared bizarrely. Some were so unlucky that their heads disappeared into the void.

Instantly, another six First Sky of King G.o.d Realm died tragically.

"F*ck! It's s.p.a.ce Power!"

"My G.o.d, it's f*cking bad! A warrior cultivating s.p.a.ce power is breaking through!"

"d.a.m.n! Too bad, I knew it wouldn't be easy!"

Screams and curses resonated from the crowd. They were all ashen. They felt as if their hearts were torn apart, unable to think logically from extreme fright.

Both Larkey and Furlow were scared out of their wits. Those s.p.a.ce slits had frightened them. They froze, not moving a single muscle.

Leona relaxed and ate the crystal green fruits. She cast a glance at Ao Gu Duo, who looked pale now. She mocked, "Did you think that everybody was an idiot? He dares to break through in the Extreme Purgatory Field. Of course he knows how to protect himself. Check it out and see the results of those idiots like you."

"Breaking powers Upanishad and stirring up s.p.a.ce. This kid... is s.p.a.ce power his main power Upanishad that is going through a break through?" Carthew was baffled. He suddenly found his words. "I told you. He doesn't look like a careless man. Would he break through without arranging his defense?"

"In the cultivation of s.p.a.ce power, when a warrior breaks through the important realm and creates the G.o.d Domain, s.p.a.ce slits will appear thickly around him. It seems that we didn't consider this. No wonder why he isn't scared." Rochester also understood. He grinned. "Seems like this brutal kid has planned this ahead of time. Those who wanted to take his life deserved to fall."

While they were joking and discussing, s.p.a.ce slits appeared more densely at the cave entrance in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

The oncoming warriors gawked. They halted in the area filled with s.p.a.ce slits. No one dared to move an inch. They all became seriously cautious.

At this moment, a magical intent domain expanded from the cave. It seemed to fuse with earth and heaven energy covering their heads.

A solitary aura flooded out. Under the wicked effects of the Dead Upanishad, those who stayed suddenly felt their soul fatigue and their energy was grabbed by an invisible hand that pulled it into the cave.

Fragmentary starlight flashed from time to time where earth and heaven energy had gathered. The starlight rolled like the Milky Way and became clearer.

The Extreme Purgatory Field seemed to not be able to conceal the starlight in this place. The starlight and the starry sea in outer s.p.a.ce seemed to have a connection, creating a magnificent galaxy.

Thick s.p.a.ce slits that were created by condensed s.p.a.ce, were the G.o.d Domain of warriors cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. The Soul Burial Ground was the domain of warrior cultivating Dead Upanishad while the beautiful galaxy was the unique form of the Star power's G.o.d Domain.

Three different powers Upanishad performed the distinctive G.o.d Domains. The inmates who had jumped into this area wept without tears.

They would never have imagined that Shi Yan, who was hiding inside this cave, could have three cunning and mighty powers Upanishad at the same time. And what was hard to accept the most was that all his three powers Upanishad could create the G.o.d Domains!

This was unimaginable! It goes against the cultivating natural principles of warriors in the Raging Flame Star Area.

When a warrior broke through the King G.o.d Realm, only his main power could create the G.o.d Domain. No matter how profound his auxiliary powers were, they would hardly be able to create the G.o.d Domain.

This was why each warrior had only one G.o.d Domain. Also, most of the warriors chose only one power Upanishad to cultivate for the rest of their lives.

The creation of the G.o.d Domain hid the magical mysteries and principles of Nature. Even the great sages couldn't tell how the G.o.d Domain was created or understand its mysteries.

Signs of three different G.o.d Domains created from Shi Yan's breakthrough not only shocked the intruders but also people in the Dark Firmament Star and the Purgatory Star.

"All three powers Upanishad creating the G.o.d Domains. This is a miracle!" Carthew muttered.

"How could he balance or fuse them?" Rochester's eyes expressed fright.

"F*ck that brat!" Ao Gu Duo gritted his teeth.

An evil smile hung on the corner of Leona's mouth, but she didn't say a thing.

The master of the divine nation, Du Tian Ji, jolted up from his throne, his eyes blazing like torches. He gazed at the mirror in front of him, staying silent for a long while. His face distorted bizarrely.

Princess Zi Yao covered her mouth behind him as she couldn't believe what her eyes showed her. Strange, dazzling light shot out from her beautiful eyes. Her soft body shivered slightly.

"I don't think there are miracles in this world. I believe what I see." Du Tian Le stood up from his mountain, walking to the corner and gazing at the lake. "If he succeeds, he will bring another color to the Raging Flame Star Area. If he works for the divine nation, our territory would double shortly!"

No one doubted this.

Leona, Carthew, Rochester, Da Lei, and even Ao Gu Duo quieted down. They didn't oppose his idea.

Creating three G.o.d Domains while breaking through to the King G.o.d Realm meant that Shi Yan's attainment in three powers Upanishad was all profound. At the same time, he could balance his three powers miraculously.

They had never heard or seen anyone in the Raging Flame Star Area who had three G.o.d Domains.

Today, many witnessed Shi Yan achieve such a miracle. He had filled this vacancy.

His appearance told people that the martial path wasn't as narrow as they had always thought. They realized that a real, excellent warrior would not always cultivate just one power Upanishad and create only one G.o.d Domain.

This miracle broke this presumption, leaving a deep impression in people's hearts and revealing a brand new picture.

People started contemplating.

Even the master of the divine nation, the strongest warrior, Du Tian Ji, was baffled. He started to doubt the principles he had trusted. He couldn't help but be amazed at the magical features of the martial path.

"Are we all wrong about it?" Du Tian Ji muttered. "The general knowledge of warriors in the entire Raging Flame Star Area isn't complete, is it? Are we all wrong about the mysteries of the martial path? Is our current explanation of powers incomplete?"

"Father, perhaps people in the higher-level continents aren't like us. They can cultivate more powers at the same time. Shi Yan has the inheritance from that man and that man wasn't from our Raging Flame Star Area. Maybe he came from another higher-level star area where people know the truth of powers Upanishad. Our understanding is shallow. At the very least, Shi Yan has proven that warriors could be able to create the G.o.d Domain of all powers Upanishad they cultivate."

Zi Yao looked at him, talking in a soft voice.

"He has opened a door for us. It makes me more determined. I must escape. I must break all the chains to see if the sky outside is this brilliant!" Du Tian Ji gave a low shout. His eyes expressed his resolution, proving that he has finally made up his mind.

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