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In three months, Shi Yan had killed many people. His achievement wasn't a small number, but it was still much smaller compared to the other five forces.
The warriors he had killed were all at the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm. He hadn't killed any Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors. Moreover, after each battle, he would disappear for several days, a different habit compared to the other five forces. The other forces would continue their slaughter as if they had never been exhausted.

The achievement contestants could complete in the Extreme Purgatory Field did not only depend on the number they killed but also the realms of the ones they killed.

According to Du Tian Ji's rule, killing a Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm expert was equal to killing ten First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors. Leona's team and Ao Gera's team had killed several Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm experts. Their number wasn't something Shi Yan could compete with at the moment.

Since his real realm was still the True G.o.d Realm, he was limited. For the time being, he didn't dare battle the warriors at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm.

Only after he had entered the King G.o.d Realm could he skip the level and battle with the others. When that time came, he would be confident that he wouldn't get himself killed.

In his current condition, maybe he could kill a Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior but it wouldn't be easy. He would get hurt, and possibly suffer from severe wounds. The Extreme Purgatory Field hid dangers at every place and at all times. There wasn't a single peaceful moment in this place.

When the warriors battled against each other, they would generate tremendous energy fluctuation that would attract the other prisoners.

When someone sees you tired or wounded, he will not talk about rules. He will kill you instantly.

Since Shi Yan had a precise a.s.sumption to the situation, he hadn't dared to provoke the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors.

It wasn't that he was afraid of defeat. He was afraid of bad wounds which would make him the prey of prisoners hiding elsewhere.

Shi Yan had his own rules. Perhaps it was because of his cautiousness that he was able to survive until this moment, continue getting stronger and acc.u.mulate energy, and wait for a chance to break through.

Today, after three months of collecting Immortal Demon Blood and being patient, his chance has finally arrived.

A corner of the Purgatory Star.

Leona, Ao Gu Duo, and the others were still watching their teams fight in different areas. Their faces were cold and indifferent. However, they didn't quarrel or mock each other anymore.

The result of this compet.i.tion became gradually clear. If nothing unexpected happens, Leona's team and Ao Gera's team will become the forces that have killed the most and claim victory.

Yalan, Tie Mu, Rochester's team, and Da Meng's team hadn't faced any difficult situations yet. However, from the current scores, it would be difficult for them to win.

In their eyes, after three months, the winners would be Leona's and Ao Gera's teams.

And, what made people wait was the big bet between Leona and Ao Gu Duo.

They were waiting in silence for the encounter between Shi Yan and Ao Gera in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

However, the Extreme Purgatory Field was really vast, approximately half of the Purgatory Star. The chance for them to meet each other on the field was very slim.

Unless they proactively searched for each other.

This was how Ao Gera searched for Shi Yan. Before he killed someone, he would ask about Shi Yan's whereabouts. He wanted to locate Shi Yan quickly to start his b.l.o.o.d.y slaughter.

He remembered Ao Gu Duo's words. His resentment towards Shi Yan had enraged him daily.

However, the prisoners who had met Shi Yan were all killed. Ao Gera couldn't find any news of Shi Yan's location. He was quite irritated.

Today, Ao Gera's chance came as he met the Dark Spirit Clan Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior who had encountered Shi Yan. As they were at the same realm, being the G.o.d's favored one, Ao Gera was stronger than him. Moreover, Ao Gera wasn't alone.

That man's fate was determined.

He was defeated and wounded badly. His body and soul were detained.

At this moment, Ao Gera didn't hasten to finish him. He asked with a cold stare, "Do you know anything about a True G.o.d Realm contestant? He's one of us, one of the two weakest. But he doesn't know how to summon the beasts. Tell me what you know and I will let you die intact."

The Dark Spirit Clan warrior had both his soul and energy restrained. He had heard about Ao Gera and his brutal methods before. Thus, he hesitated a bit then spat out, "I know his general location."

Ao Gera's eyes brightened. He was surprised. "You just need to tell me the estimated location. I can let you die without pain. I'll keep your G.o.d Body intact."

"I met him three months ago. Then, I hid for a while. I know where he is." the man pondered for a few seconds. He knew that he couldn't avoid Ao Gera's slaughter. If the other dragged his soul out and searched his soul using special techniques, his secret would be revealed. Thus, he shared what he knew about Shi Yan's whereabouts honestly.


The man's body was ripped off by countless beams of gold light. Blood splashed like a rain shower. The thick smell of blood permeated the area.

Ao Gera didn't let the man die intact. He stooped and smiled evilly as if he had released out his anger. Gold lightning strikes shot out from his G.o.d Domain, grinding that man's flesh body.

"Finally, I found you," Ao Gera stooped, his eyes sinister with an evil intent. He suddenly said, "Change the direction. It is time to take that brat life."

The other two warriors under Ao Gu Duo understood his personality so they were not surprised by his emotions. They nodded, telling him that they understood.

This team of three followed in the direction the man had told them, moving fast.

Dark Firmament Star.

"This man is brutal. He has no humanity. He doesn't talk rules. He even lied to the man who died. Well then, I like him." The master of the divine nation Du Tian Ji laughed slightly while watching Ao Gera's operation.

A confused look sparkled in Zi Yao's beautiful eyes. Her bold brows knitted together, her face unnatural.

Until now, Ao Gera was always nice and gentle in front of her, giving her a feeling similar to a mild, spring breeze. She had never seen this other face of Ao Gera.

In this place today, she had finally witnessed Ao Gera's brutal deeds. She understood that the Ao Gera in front of her was one person. Behind her back, he was a completely different person.

The lake in her heart rippled as a small rock was thrown into it. She pondered.

That man had never hid his true self. From the beginning until now, he always acted cold and harsh. Compared to Ao Gera, he seemed to be... easier to approach.

She contemplated quietly. She was a little absent-minded. Ao Gera's deed had chilled her heart.

The master of the divine nation showed a faint smile as he was not bothered by Ao Gera. He laughed louder. "Zao-er, don't you feel lost? In our divine nation, Ao Gera is infamous indeed. After he's become your retinue, he's tried to control himself. You have never seen him in this manner I guess?"

Zi Yao nodded bitterly. "When he was with me, he was always nice and gentle. He treated people well and friendly. I let him handle my Glorious Amethyst Star. My people liked and respected him. They said that he was like a tender sunshine."

Du Tian Ji was surprised. "My silly little girl. It is because he is chasing you. That's why he had to show you his best face. Didn't you know his reputation before you met him? Did you just ignored it?"

Zi Yao pondered for a while. Then she said begrudgingly, "Perhaps when he was with me, he was too nice and gentle. It made me not believe in the rumors."

Then, a new thought startled her.

That a.s.shole didn't change his manner in front of me. He never wanted to show off his perfect features. He often told me cold words that made me hate him... Is it true that he doesn't think about me? That's why he doesn't mind what I think about him?

After thinking for a while, she felt lost somehow. She felt a little bit angry.

"It's normal. When your father chased your mother, I was always gentle and tender. I didn't show her my evil face. I tried to protect her because I cared. Although Ao Gera's infamous, he is honest to you. He has to eat the bitter fruits. I'm sure about this." Du Tian Ji smiled. "And about that boy, I think he doesn't have any bad will towards you. That's why he shows his true colors to you. It is good, anyway. If you wanted to use him and he always hid his honest thoughts, it would not be good for you."

"I don't like people pretending in front of me. Too fake. I'm willing to let Ao Gera show his true colors to me. I don't want him to wear a mask when he's with me." Zi Yao suddenly lifted up her head, looking behind the master of the divine nation. "I think staying with someone like Shi Yan is much easier."

Du Tian Ji stayed silent as if he was recalling something, his eyes showing mixed emotions. After a while, he muttered, "Perhaps I was wrong that year. Your mother got angry with me when she found out that I was so brutal. Perhaps, I shouldn't disguise myself. She wouldn't have questions in her mind."

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes flashed. "Father, how did my mother die?"

Du Tian Ji grimaced. He snorted and didn't talk more.

Since Zi Yao was anxious, she asked nothing else. However, her curiosity wouldn't die that easily.

Long afterwards, Du Tian Ji opened his mouth again. "Zao-er, if you could choose between Ao Gera and Shi Yan, who would you choose? Ao Gu Duo stands behind Ao Gera. Although that boy's cultivating the Dead Upanishad, he seems to have nothing related to that person. From what I've observed, his potential is not as strong as Ao Gera. He can't a.s.sist you well. If you could choose one of them to be the survivor, who would you want?"

Zi Yao was surprised and she panicked. After a long time, she stooped and whined, "I don't know."

"In fact, you don't need to choose. Only one of them will survive. They will help you choose themselves." Du Tian Ji smiled faintly and his face relaxed. Zi Yao didn't know what her father was thinking.

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