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Shi Yan didn't know that both Leona and Ao Gu Duo had placed a big bet on him or the fact that the master of the divine nation in the Dark Firmament Star was watching him.

In the Extreme Purgatory Field, after killing three First Sky of King G.o.d Realm Sea Clan warriors, he immediately ran one thousand miles away and found a cave in a quiet mountain to absorb the Essence Qi of the three King G.o.d Realm warriors.

Since he had reached the Peak of True G.o.d Realm, his acupuncture points had expanded and were able to store more energy.

In addition, he found himself unable to fall into bedevilment easily. The negative moods couldn't drag him into insanity anymore and he could focus with greater clarity..

This change had arisen earlier. When he was in the sea of meteorites, he had always concentrated on exploiting ores which cleared his mind and purified his G.o.d Soul.

He found that when he focused on achieving a certain task and keeping his mind clear, he wouldn't fall into bedevilment easily.

When he killed that expert of the Dark Clan, the Soul Gathering Pearl, the mark on his forehead, and the Inner World Five Devils had fused together, creating a section in the soul altar. When that section in his soul altar was built, his soul and mind became tougher and more relaxed.

He thought that the reason why he wouldn't fall into bedevilment easily was related to the establishment of his soul altar.

Shi Yan sat cross-legged in the dim cave, staying in the slits between the big rocks in the case. He closed his eyes to more clearly feel the changes in his body.

The mysterious, refined energy didn't move this time to his Essence Qi ancient tree since it was brimmed now. Unless he could break through to the King G.o.d Realm, which would expand his Essence Qi ancient tree several times, he wouldn't receive any benefit from this mysterious energy anymore.

The mysterious energy diverged into two pathways into his body. One flooded his muscles, blood, and bones, increasing their strength and refining them one more time.

The energy going through the other path was converted into his Immortal Demon Blood. Half of the Essence Qi of the three First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors were turned into Immortal Demon Blood.

There were about twenty-some drops of Immortal Demon Blood. He stored them in a place in his body. He could use these to fight back his enemies in an emergency.

Shi Yan had tried the bursting power of the Immortal Demon Blood in Carthew's gravitational room. Shi Yan decided that he must collect the Immortal Demon Blood by hunting experts in the Extreme Purgatory Field as he expected to carry out his plan to change his blood.

At the moment, he had more than seventy drops of Immortal Demon Blood stored in his body. Although it was still far from the quant.i.ty he needed, he felt hopeful.

Every time he adjusted his breath and conditions to refine his body, he calmed down and sensed his three powers Upanishad: s.p.a.ce, Star, and Death and Life.

Every time he engaged in battle, he would use these three powers to utilize supernatural martial techniques depending on the circ.u.mstance. Gradually, his understanding of the three powers Upanishad deepened.

It was quite different from the warriors. When Shi Yan broke through the True G.o.d realm, he had the three powers Upanishad create a tier of his soul altar.

Perhaps this was why he was unable decide which would be his main power and which would be his supportive power. In his point of view, all three powers Upanishad were all profound. None of them were weak. To him, they all provided tremendous support.

The fight with three warriors of the Sea Clan made him realize the extent of a.s.sistance that all the three powers had given him.

If he hadn't had s.p.a.ce power, he would have never dissolved their formidable attacks and defeat them. Without the Dead Upanishad, their souls wouldn't have been affected, which led them to an unknowing death.

His resolute victory also related to other powers Upanishad that he had been cultivating. Using the correct of the three powers Upanishad precisely during a battle was the key to winning battles.

To him, the three powers Upanishad were all his main powers. He didn't want to give up any of them. He strongly believed that his three powers Upanishad could thrive together. In the future, they could boost his fighting competence to its maximum potential.

While quietly looking further ahead and retrieving the Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan felt changes in his body. He sent his soul into the soul altar and slowly understood.

After a while, he grinned. Touching the Purgatory Token, he flew out of the cave.

A flow of Soul Consciousness was poured into the Purgatory Token. Signs of energy of living beings within ten miles around would be shown in the token, which Shi Yan could check easily.

Shi Yan crossed through the vast forest aimlessly. He wanted to seek for a possible battle.

A flow of feeble energy sent out from the Purgatory Token. Shi Yan concentrated and sensed it. He grinned fiendishly and accelerated towards a lake.

After one hour.

The battle ended. A First Sky of King G.o.d Realm prisoner floated in the lake. His life was cut off.

He squinted, standing quietly by the lake. After a while, he departed.

He became a hunter. Prisoners in the adjacent areas became his prey. Of course, the roles were all relative. Some prisoners would initially consider Shi Yan delicious prey.

He was still at the True G.o.d Realm. Prisoners who detected him all thought that he was a soft persimmon that they could squeeze easily. From his death, they would earn the Purgatory Token.

Most of the time, whenever he showed up, his target would laugh crazily, leaving him no time to talk. They would attack him first.

Upon entering the Extreme Purgatory Field, he found only villains. And, the partic.i.p.ants' realms were also high. The Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm was the entry level. There was no target better than such a contestant at the True G.o.d Realm. Thus, whenever a prisoner found him, they immediately became excited.

However,, those prisoners would quickly find that Shi Yan was actually the chewiest bone among the contestants in this Extreme Purgatory Field.

Through the Purgatory Token, Shi Yan found his prey unceasingly. Once locating the one to attack, he would immediately entangle his prey and kill him. Afterward, he would take the dead man's Essence Qi to restore his energy, refine his bones and body, and condense the Immortal Demon Blood.

Time flies quickly.

Three months had pa.s.sed just like a blink of an eye. Shi Yan didn't remember how many battles he had engaged and how many people he had killed. His fighting will remained full and his energy had always been at the peak of his realm.

Through battling during this period, the number of Immortal Demon Blood in his body had reached a frightening figure of three hundred!

This was a record he had never reached before.

Three hundred drops of Immortal Demon Blood could replace his blood in both of his arms. He had tried it. Once he replaced the blood in his arms with the Immortal Demon Blood, his arms felt like they had endless energy. He felt like he could tear the G.o.d Body of a King G.o.d Realm like he could rip off a sheet of paper.

The Immortal Demon Blood hid some kind of evil, torrential energy that could fuse perfectly with his power. However, Shi Yan had never tried this kind of energy during his battles.

However, he believed that when he was backed into a corner, he would stimulate all the energy of the Immortal Demon Blood to overturn whatever situation. He could become the winner from what would seem like a clear loss.

After three months of fighting, he had used his opponents to perceive the essence of his three powers Upanishad.

The Extreme Purgatory Field was an incomparably magical place. In this area, his perception and sensibility toward the powers became very sensitive.

In each fight, he had used the three powers Upanishad to kill his enemies. Afterward, he would obtain a new level of comprehension of the three powers Upanishad. After each battle, when he was refining the Immortal Demon Blood, he would summarize his mistakes he made during the battle and learn new skills in using the power.

Gradually, his understanding and perception of the three powers Upanishad became profound.

Today, he had hunted down five First Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors. Seeing the pieces of bodies he had shattered lying in the blood puddles around the place, his face was cold, eyes shining like diamonds.

His body slightly shivered as he tried to calm his mind to learn the essence of using his power Upanishad in the previous fight. His soul reached back to the past to learn something from his fight.

A blinding light flashed gloriously in his soul altar. He was baffled. His eyes sparkled with a strange light. Starlight twirled around his body. Death and Life, the two different attributes, scattered uncontrollably around him.

Fine s.p.a.ce slits sizzled and appeared spontaneously in the void near him. s.p.a.ce seemed to be in an uncontrollable chaos.

He was standing indifferently while his Soul Consciousness floated and entered some mysterious domain.

After a while, he made a pa.s.sionate expression as if he saw something wonderful. He quickly stormed out of his place, flashing like a beam of light to find a place for his ascetical training.

He now had a good grasp of those mysteries. He just needed a way to continue studying. As long as he could harvest something, the threshold of the new realm, which had troubled him for a long time, would be wide open.

Once he reached the King G.o.d Realm, he believed that the realm of his prey in the Extreme Purgatory Field would be upgraded from the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm to the Second and Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. When that happened, his Immortal Demon Blood could be condensed faster.

Shortly, he disappeared.

In a corner of Purgatory Star, the five feudal va.s.sals were sitting on their mountains together with Du Tian Le and watching the scenes in the lake.

The mirror lake had been divided into some smaller sections in which one of the villains was showing off his talents.

The lake would clearly project the battles. That's why Leona, Ao Gu Duo, and the others could watch most of the battles happening in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

In every battle, the three young people of Leona's team and three members of Ao Gera's team were like sharp weapons that could pierce through anything. Wherever they pa.s.sed, most of the prisoners would be torn into pieces. Only the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warriors would proactively stay away from these pointy weapons to save their lives.

Besides those two forces, Yalan and Tie Mu under Carthew's command, and the other two warriors under Rochester's didn't meet many troubles.

However, they had fewer achievements compared to Leona and Ao Gera's team. They could kill only a small number of prisoners.

Shi Yan was alone, so he could be considered a force himself. His achievement was relatively normal.

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