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It was out of Shi Yan's expectation that the three prisoners were more excited than he was when Shi Yan appeared.

The inmate marks on the faces of those one-eyed Sea Clan prisoners twisted as they were laughing crazily and excitedly.

"G.o.d loves the three of us!"

"Yes, it's G.o.d's love for us. Our first encounter is a lone warrior. And, he has only the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base!"

"Haha, it's so good. At least one of us can survive this time!"

The three Sea Clan prisoners were cheered up as they found the other had only the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base. They were stimulated, screaming strangely. They didn't wait until Shi Yan stopped moving, storming toward him.

King G.o.d Realm experts had the G.o.d Domain, and those three weren't an exception.

As they were the warriors of the Sea clan, most of them would cultivate water power Upanishad, which made their G.o.d Domain have the attributes of water. Once they urged it, water would murmur around their bodies.

Moisture aura flooded the place. Water waves that naked eyes could see wound around their bodies as if they were standing in the middle of a furious current, showing all the advantages of the Sea Clan.

Inside the Water G.o.d Domain, those Sea Clan prisoners felt like fish in the sea. Their powers and the G.o.d Domain had fused perfectly, which had doubled their speed and bursting energy. A fierce flow of energy swarmed over Shi Yan like the rolling flood current.

In that moment, Shi Yan was submerged in the seawater. His powers were hindered by many layers. His body's movements also struggled. It was hard to activate his powers.

The G.o.d Domain of a warrior would bring him tremendous support. Different G.o.d Domains would affect each other. If these three had cultivated different powers Upanishad, once they joined hands, if they let their G.o.d Domains overlap, their powers would be reduced.

However, these three were from the same Sea Clan, and their power Upanishad was water, which made their G.o.d Domain's attributes unified.

Thus, when they activated their G.o.d Domains, they wouldn't affect but promote each other, expanding the coverage of the combined G.o.d Domain.

Shi Yan felt like he had fallen in a muddy puddle while his powers were weakened. Seeing the three prisoners furiously storming forward to attack him, his face became serious.

He had underestimated the might of the others and the mysteries of the overlapped G.o.d Domain. Right when the battle had started, he fell into a disadvantaged situation.

Seeing waves rolling torrentially inside the G.o.d Domain, Shi Yan cleared his mind. His eyes changed as all the impure thoughts in his head were washed away. Now his mind was as tranquil as an old well that had no ripples. 

Touching his forehead, the soul altar suddenly spun. Marvelous flames appeared in his eyes.

A scorching aura burst out from his body. Instantly, he was covered in a sea of fire. Flame shot out dazzlingly, twirling around him.

This is the flaming power of the Sun Original Essence!

He had absorbed a large amount of flaming energy in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. As soon as his Star power Upanishad flickered, the flaming solar energy stored in his chest would be stimulated at once.

He also borrowed the power of the Vermilion Bird True Flame and the Earth Flame.

Shortly, he turned into a fire freak with the blazing fire burning on his entire body and spread out to the environment from him.

The torrential power of water from the three prisoners' G.o.d Domain turned into white steam before it could touch Shi Yan's body. The soft power of water was dissolved rapidly, turned into mist and vanished. It couldn't gather again.

The Vermilion Bird True Flame and the Earth Flame were ones of the heaven flames. After so many years of refining, their flames had become extremely hot energy. The power they had contributed to Shi Yan had doubled his flaming solar energy.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

Thick white mist diffused everywhere. Shortly, Shi Yan and the three prisoners were hidden in the mist. Their figures disappeared temporarily.

Ao Gu Duo, Leona, and the other feudal va.s.sals couldn't see what was happening in there. All were surprised.

Ao Gu Duo was astounded for a while then barked with his foul-mouth. "That motherf*cker's cultivating the fire power Upanishad. No wonder why he dares to face those three prisoners directly. He's lucky, indeed."

Fire is always the nemesis of water. They have a natural dispute. If Shi Yan's fire energy was abundant, he could oppress the G.o.d Domain of water attribute.

Ao Gu Duo didn't know Shi Yan. Thus, when he saw the fire burning on his body, he immediately a.s.sumed that Shi Yan had cultivated fire power Upanishad. Leona knitted her brows as she was also surprised.

She had communicated with Shi Yan so she had a clear understanding of his secrets.

Leona mused discreetly.

If the mark on his forehead is real, his power Upanishad shouldn't be like this. Did I see it wrong?

Carthew and Rochester instinctively thought that Shi Yan's main power was Fire Upanishad. They got his intentions and appraised him for making a good decision in choosing the opponents. As he had found the Sea Clan men to fight, he had made a good use of the natural nemesis features between the powers Upanishad to subdue the Sea Clan prisoners.

Only Da Lei didn't have such thought. Among this group, he was the only one who had witnessed Shi Yan using the Soul Burial Ground.

He believed that if the man understood that wicked power Upanishad, he wouldn't consider another power Upanishad his main power to cultivate. He contemplated and reasoned. Afterward, he couldn't help but acclaim Shi Yan inwardly.

The king of the divine nation in the Dark Firmament Star far away also had a gleam of surprise. He stared at the magical mirror in front of him then turned to Princess Zi Yao. "Zao-er, you said that he cultivates the Death Upanishad... right?"

Zi Yao nodded to confirm then smiled deliberately. "Father, that man has many secrets. When we were in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, he used the Star power Upanishad to connect with the Sun Original Essence and collected its flaming solar energy. The power he's using now is from his previous acc.u.mulation. He doesn't cultivate fire Upanishad."

Du Tian Ji grinned bizarrely. "The martial path doesn't have an end. Sometimes, mixing powers isn't always a good method. I hope this boy knew it already. If he's stubborn and cultivating additional powers, he would get nothing in the end."

"Father, don't worry. I think he knows his goals," said Zi Yao smilingly.

Du Tian Ji nodded. He didn't talk more, and they got back to the battle in the mirror.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

Thick white mist diffused. The three Sea Clan prisoners' furious attack ended in a failure.

The three prisoners couldn't help but curse. They knew that they weren't lucky this time since Shi Yan had cultivated the Fire power Upanishad. With the nemesis feature, their attack was dissolved. They were totally enraged.

G.o.d Domain was still covering everywhere as they didn't intend to use all of their powers. They exchanged looks then diverged instantly, moving toward Shi Yan in a triangle formation.

In the white mist, three several-hundred-meter rivers were driven by their powers from ten miles away.

The three rivers flowed like the milky way with billions of tons of seawater showering from the sky. They were like three ma.s.sive whips flogging toward Shi Yan.

These three were careful. Whenever they arrived at an area, they would check if it had lake or rivers or not. In critical times, they could borrow the force of the river and lake to resist the enemies.

Thus, within ten miles from where they appeared, there would be lakes or rivers.

Three hundred-meter heaven rivers grumblingly were condensed into three crystal white ribbons falling from the sky. Big ancient trees exploded all of a sudden as they couldn't bear the fierce attack of water. The dried trees and leaves also contributed to the ma.s.s of the rivers.

One of the three prisoners was cunning enough to make his river roll the big rocks along. The rocks moving fast in the river was so intimidating.

The milky ways dashed over from three different directions with terrifying energy acc.u.mulated in the furious water. The area where Shi Yan was standing had to bear a ma.s.sive force, a formidable pressure, which had almost broken his body.

He was still calm. There was no panic sparkling in his eyes. It looked like he was numb as his eyes showed a boundless emptiness.

All of a sudden, his hands like two sharp claws thrust into the sky and ripped hard.

"Rip the sky!"

The void seemed to be grabbed by invisible formidable claws and torn forcefully. A dazzling slit appeared in the sky.

It's the s.p.a.ce crack!

The sky is torn apart!

s.p.a.ce shooting light emerged from the slit gloriously and dazzlingly. Furious and chaotic lights from outer s.p.a.ce gushed out from the s.p.a.ce slit. It was so powerful it made souls shiver.

A distorted and wildly powerful suction force appeared from the slit. Just like a whale sucking water, that s.p.a.ce slit had sucked all the water from the three fierce milky ways together with all the big trees, rocks, and dirt they carrying.

Not a single drop remained.

The Water power Upanishad that the three Sea Clan warriors had combined energy to perform, the torrential milky way, had been dissolved like that.

The three Sea Clan experts paled as the energy they had poured into the milky ways had been swallowed completely. The connection was cut off, so they couldn't retrieve any bit of the amount they had mobilized.

King G.o.d Realm warriors could release or retreat their energy regularly. To condense three milky ways, they had used a lot of energy. Although their Rolling Milky Way couldn't achieve the desired result, they would still be able to retrieve the energy to prepare for the next attacks.

However, they could never imagine that the s.p.a.ce crack would appear precisely at this moment and wolf all of their power. Even though they had seen everything, they couldn't retrieve a bit of their energy.

In such a short time, half of the energy in their bodies was consumed.

Their faces turned ash-gray.

The corner of the Purgatory Star.

On the mountains surrounding the lake, five feudal va.s.sals and Du Tian Le were quiet with gawking eyes. They looked at the scene projected in the mirror disbelievingly.


Suddenly, Leona burst out laughing with her savage appearance. Her laughter almost shook the sky.

Ao Gu Duo gritted his teeth, his face ferocious. He couldn't control his foul-mouth cursing loudly.

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