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A big lake that looked like a clear shining mirror was situated in the corner of the Purgatory Star. This lake was so crystal clear that people could see its bottom.

Conical mountains surrounded this lake. Those mountains weren't too high as they were around one thousand meters more or less. Observation pavilions were built on each mountain. Beautiful maids and guards were serving the powerful officials of the divine nation.

At this moment, Du Tian Le, and the five feudal va.s.sals Leona, Ao Gu Duo, Carthew, Rochester, and Da Lei were sitting neatly in different luxury pavilions to enjoy good food and wine.

The five feudal va.s.sals had their retinue standing by their sides. They didn't say anything, but they were allowed to enjoy the food and wine with their masters.

Du Tian Le smiled tenderly. He stooped, looking at the lake underneath. A strange crown sparkled in his hand, it radiated beams of light shooting directly into the lake.

After the strange light shot into the crystal lake, it changed magically. Images started to appear on the lake.

The Extreme Purgatory Field on the other side of the Purgatory Star became the images projected on the lake surface. Layers of mountain ranges, large lakes, murmuring rivers and streams, and vast luxuriant forests were projected gradually. Even the lowest positions were shown clearly.

This lake was a giant mirror that was transferring what was happening in the Extreme Purgatory Field to this place. Everybody standing on the surrounding mountains could see the details of the battles taking place in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

At this moment, the lake mirror was showing some fierce battles. Ao Gera was the outstanding contestant, who had already started to hunt inmates in the forest.

Ao Gera and the other two warriors under Ao Gu Duo were coldly surrounding two prisoners at a mountain foot.

Those two prisoners were at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm. At this moment, they were hurt badly, and they were trying with their last breaths to run away.

Ao Gera was deliberate even though he was busy. A gleam of arrogance sparkled in his eyes. He laughed like a howling hungry wolf gazing at one of the two prisoners.

The other two subordinates of Ao Gu Duo were joining hands to kill the other. They were all calm just like a hawk eyeing a sheep on the ground.

Shortly, they stormed over with brutal deeds. They used cl.u.s.ters of scorching light to block the man and torture him to death.

Ao Gera's battle also ended shortly. When his G.o.d Domain expanded, people could see a glorious gold halo rippling like water, extending everywhere.

Wherever his gold light crossed through everything was smashed. Ancient trees, big rocks, and even the rivers were exploded. The sharp gold energy had swept everything away as easy as breaking the dried branches of a tree.

The warrior, who had the same realm as Ao Gera, was blockaded in his G.o.d Domain. Shortly, the gold halo bound him. Frightening bleeding cuts appeared thickly on his G.o.d Body. That man resisted hard. He released his G.o.d Domain, which created a pressing energy wave.

Ao Gera faced the sky and shouted. The gold energy on his body slashed down from the sky like a sharp golden sword showering the land.

When Ao Gera used his true power, his entire body was covered in a gold nimbus, giving people a brutal and vicious feeling that he could fiercely crush everything into pieces. Bunches of gold energy light shot out from him breaking that prisoner's G.o.d Domain. The bleeding cuts on his body also exploded at once.

Instantly, that man became a b.l.o.o.d.y corpse, as if he had been executed with the 'ten-thousand-cut' sentence. His death was terribly pathetic.

Ao Gera had been nonchalant from the beginning. He didn't even bother to look at the dead man, spat, mumbled something then leaped up. His figure flashed and he gathered with his two other teammates. They continued hunting.

The lake was projecting the same battle, which was happening with the three young people of Leona's team. All three had a b.l.o.o.d.y aura, their eyes were wild and brutal. They looked like the devils in h.e.l.l just like their master. b.l.o.o.d.y murderous aura shot up to the sky.

The pupils of the only woman in that team of three showed a frightening faint color. The onlookers didn't know what secret technique she was cultivating, but on her way, murderous aura had condensed into real ent.i.ties, turning into a dozens of meters blood python. It was animated and lively like a real object. It stuck its tongue out, facing the sky, emitting a tremendous energy fluctuation. 

The woman who used to mock Shi Yan hid her hands in her sleeves, strolling as if she was taking a walk in her garden. And she just sauntered behind her blood python like that.

The python was like a real beast. Whenever it sensed signs of living beings, it would savagely dash away. This bloodthirsty commotion froze the prisoners, making them unable to run. Shortly, the python had swallowed three prisoners.

After one hour, the python would open its big mouth and spit out a b.l.o.o.d.y skeleton. The flesh on the skeleton seemed to be butchered. Extremely horrible!

No one could resist this woman on her way. She hadn't performed any attack, but using only a blood python she had condensed from the bloodthirsty murderous aura. She had made the inmates snacks for her python.

Experts of Carthew's and Rochester's teams hadn't encountered enemies yet. High-realm prisoners had avoided them proactively as if they knew those four people weren't easy to mess with. They had tried their best to stay away from them.

Da Meng, son of Da Lei, had the Peak of True G.o.d Realm. However, the beasts flew out of his soul altar were all formidable. On his way, he didn't need to move his hands. People ran away as soon as they saw his beasts.

Da Meng was at the Peak of True G.o.d Realm like Shi Yan. His path was smooth, and he hadn't had a chance to show his talents.

The experts sitting in the mountains to watch the fun shown in the lake all concentrated on the battles in the mirror.


Du Tian Le suddenly screamed. A strange light flashed in his eyes as he focused on an isolated area.

The blood crown on his hand sparkled. The area he was watching was zoomed in so many times. Everything there became clearer.

Leona, Ao Gu Duo, Carthew, Rochester, and Da Lei, the five great feudal va.s.sals became interested in that scene. Their eyes like electric strikes shot at that area.

Shi Yan's figured appeared clearly in that area. At this moment, he was dashing crazily from the hill toward the three Sea Clan prisoners that the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame had sensed.

"Haha, a whole life star. Interesting. Interesting. I should watch carefully." Rochester laughed noisily. His eyes skimmed through Leona and Ao Gu Duo.

Da Lei was shaken. He had a concealed gleam of hope in his eyes as if he hated that he couldn't make Shi Yan bury his body in the Extreme Purgatory Field and that the young man would never be able to get out of the Extreme Purgatory Field alive.

Carthew slightly frowned.

"Haha, that boy doesn't have a good fortune. Seems Ao Gera won't need to take action. Hmm, but I think he got good luck now. If he meets Ao Gera, he will die in the worst way!" Ao Gu Duo received the strong liquor the maid served him. He gulped several mouthfuls, laughing loudly.

Leona wore a cold and sinister face. Her eyes were as sharp as icicles. She beamed a faint smile. "Are you blind? Don't you see that Shi Yan's the one who proactively takes action?"

"Yeah, that kid has taken action first. One-on-three, people. And his opponents are the King G.o.d Realm experts. Is he insane? Does he have any tremendous background?" Du Tian Le continued then took a sip of his wine, his eyes strange.

"He's a madman. Muahaha. Dares to boast arrogantly saying that he would kill me within one hundred years. Isn't that crazy?" Ao Gu Duo finished a bottle of strong wine and threw it away. That bottle exploded in the air. He bared his teeth. His craziness appeared on his face. "Who dares say to kill me within one hundred years in the divine nation? I've been moving unhindered around the universe for years. I've seen so many different characters. He's just an ant! That motherf*cker is telling jokes!"

He was still holding on to what Shi Yan had bragged. He couldn't just let it go no matter what.

"If I want to kill you, no need to wait for one hundred years, my dear. As long as our King nods his head, I'll kill you!" Leona smiled coldly like a devil, snapping back.

"Try me!" Ao Gu Duo was enraged, his face ferocious. "Haha, don't think that because you're ranked over me means you can actually defeat me. When I, Ao Gu Duo, had topped the feudal va.s.sals, you were still struggling to be a feudal va.s.sal. If the King didn't notice you, you motherf*cker, you would have died in my hands already!"

"I do hope that the King would agree, so then I can cut your head off and make a nice chamber pot." Leona laughed like crazy. Her dark green eyes were filled with bloodthirsty intentions.

"Guys, could you please quiet down so we can watch the battle?" Carthew rubbing his forehead, couldn't help but scream.

Du Tian Le also advised them with his soft voice. "You've made a bet already. Just calm down and watch it. It's a whole life star you know. You should pay attention. Don't be hurried."

Hearing him, Leona and Ao Gu Duo snorted in unison then stopped quarreling. Their look fell on the lake underneath again to watch the clear scene projected.

At this moment, Shi Yan had faced the three Sea Clan prisoners. Their eyes locked. Sparks shot everywhere.

Dark Firmament Star.

Deep inside the vast, grand palace sat on the throne a tall and st.u.r.dy man wearing brocade clothes. He looked at something in front of him.

Zi Yao sat cross-legged next to him, her beautiful eyes gazed at something.

A magical mirror appeared in the middle of the hall, which showed Shi Yan and the three Sea Clan prisoners.

"Is that him?" the man frowned, asking all of a sudden. "Are you sure he and the other have some relations?"

"It's true. Their powers Upanishad are alike, the Soul Burial Ground," Zi Yao confirmed.

The man nodded, grinning faintly. "Interesting. I need to watch carefully. If we can use him, he will be a sharp sword of the divine nation. I hope he would be like what you say: outstanding will and persistence. About his shallow cultivation base, it's alright. We can increase him gradually. The most important feature of a warrior is his fighting will! I need to watch carefully then."

"Father, you won't be disappointed." Zi Yao said anxiously as she was praying that Shi Yan could debut better and surprise the others. That would make them appreciate him.

It seemed his performance this time would determine his death or life, and his future.

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