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Inside the Extreme Purgatory Field.

Yalan and Tie Mu knitted their brows tightly, looking in the general direction where Shi Yan had left. They contemplated for a while.

"Master asked us to notice and see if he has any mysteries. Turns out our Master has wronged him." Yalan talked with a strange countenance. "He a.s.sumed that Shi Yan would go with us. But he's underestimated his arrogance. Perhaps, it's fearless ignorance."

"You say, did he know our intentions?" That's why he didn't want to go with us," asked Tie Mu.

Yalan shook her head. "I don't know. But I'm sure this man isn't simple. He has some big secrets. Or else, with his True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, it's impossible to be so haughty. You know... the time we were in the gravitational room."

Tie Mu's eyes flared with a strange light. "Yeah, he's not that simple. I have never met any True G.o.d Realm warriors who have such powerful physique. If he can break through to the King G.o.d Realm and condense the G.o.d Body with his current body, perhaps... he can give Ao Gera a painful headache."

"This Ao Gera's so disgusting. If we meet him, we should tear his face, too!" Yalan snorted. "I don't know why Zi Yao accepted him. Would she aim at Ao Gu Duo, his Uncle?"

"Maybe. Being princes and princesses, they have their special concerns. No one could read the King's mind. It seems he would let his children fight against each other until someone dies. Then he will choose his heir, the one who can suppress all of his or her siblings with great talents. In his eyes, perhaps only a character like that could bring the divine nation to a more prosperous future." Tie Mu shook his head, sighing. "Under his tacit agreement, princes and princesses are trying to gather forces to subdue the others. I don't know if this kind of compet.i.tion is good or bad."

"I think Shi Yan won't have a good ending. I heard Prince Du Feng went missing. Princess Zi Yao is a woman. In the divine nation, we've never had a ruling Queen. Princess Zi Yao's future will be troublesome." Yalan was a little discontented with the divine nation's gender discrimination.

"We're just normal citizens, we can't control that much. I just hope that our Master would make a right decision. Or else, we're also involved," Tie Mu beamed a forced smile.

Yalan didn't talk more. They prepared for a while, sending the Soul Consciousness to the token to sense. Then, they left in the opposite direction to Shi Yan.

The Extreme Purgatory Field was extremely vast with endless rivers, mountain ranges, big lakes, and forest with luxuriant floras.

Shi Yan strolled aimlessly in the dark forest with hundred-meter-diameter trees. He had sent his Soul Consciousness into the Purgatory Token to sense.

The Extreme Purgatory Field was said to be a great formation of the ancient time. In this place, Soul Consciousness was limited. Even his Soul Consciousness added with s.p.a.ce power seemed to be restrained by some invisible power. Shi Yan could only feel the living beings within one mile around.

His Soul Consciousness wasn't as good as the Purgatory Token in this area.

Each partic.i.p.ant had a Purgatory Token, which they could use to sense the living energy of creatures around within the scale of five miles.

Within five miles, as long as there were magnetic fields of living beings, the contestants could detect them via the Purgatory Token. Since this token was stronger than his Soul Consciousness, in this forest, Shi Yan considered it his main secret treasure to sense around.

Of course, it didn't include the other partic.i.p.ants.

Warriors with the Purgatory Token could prevent the others from detecting him using the Soul Consciousness. In other words, Shi Yan could only sense the hazardous inmates not Yalan, Tie Mu, or Ao Gera, who also held the Purgatory Token.

Anyway, they were also the partic.i.p.ants, who came here to train their realm and hunt the inmates down.

The divine nation didn't encourage the contestants to kill each other. And, they neither had any doc.u.ment to prohibit this activity. In case they met their enemies in the Extreme Purgatory Field and wanted to kill the others, the divine nation wouldn't care about that.

The winner will get the throne. It's always been the principle of the divine nation. Because of b.l.o.o.d.y compet.i.tions, the divine nation had earned their today's attainment. Each of them had kept the smell of blood and fighting desire in their hearts so as they could resist and battle against the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce or the Underworld League.

A flow of Soul Consciousness was sent into the Purgatory Token, creating an invisible connection with his soul.

Shi Yan sauntered in the vast forest. He hadn't detected any commotions of the prisoners.

Prisoners put into the Extreme Purgatory Field were all at the King G.o.d Realm, from the First Sky to the Third Sky. There were several hundred of them in this place.

However, the Extreme Purgatory Field was endlessly vast. It wasn't easy to meet several hundred people scattering in this area.

Shi Yan didn't hasten. The Soul Consciousness he had sent into the Purgatory Token was still sensing for living beings within five miles around. At the same time, he had released his Soul Consciousness to sense the commotions around him.

His Soul Consciousness was special with the support of s.p.a.ce power. As long as a tiny energy movement was made, he would get it immediately.

Along his way, Shi Yan found at least six areas with signs of faint energy. From Tie Mu and Yalan, he knew that the Extreme Purgatory Field had so many perilous areas. If the inmates and the partic.i.p.ants were careless entering there, they would have big trouble or even have their souls vanish. 

Thus, whenever he detected strange energy fluctuations, he would proactively stay away. Shi Yan wouldn't take risks.

When he reached a bared hill, he stopped, sat down neatly on the peak, looking forward.

Strange drawings and patterns were carved under his feet. They were the restrictions and barriers he had learned from the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. He knew how to make the magical formations, restrictions, and barriers that naked eyes couldn't see. Only some special Soul Consciousness could sense them.

Shi Yan had set up this formation at the edge of the mountain range. Staying in there and with the hindrance provided naturally with the mist, people from the outside couldn't see anything but a dim place where naked eyes couldn't see through.

Sitting on the peak of the hill, Shi Yan looked nonchalantly at the further distance. He could only see peaks of mountains jutted in the clouds. Gray clouds and brown clouds hovered in those areas. From the far distance, they looked like a gloomy quilt.

Touching his forehead, Shi Yan's soul flew into the soul altar of the heaven flames. Shi Yan sent his thought. "Is your Soul Consciousness also affected in this area?"


The heaven flames sent him the same thought. It meant this area was somehow special with a magical power that could hinder the Soul Consciousness. Even the peculiar living beings like the heaven flames couldn't sense the commotions around clearly.

Frowning, Shi Yan suddenly shouted. "You guys scatter, staying five miles close to me. Watch everywhere for me. I need to stay quiet for a while."

Flames of heaven flames flew out from Shi Yan's soul altar. Shortly, they disappeared.

Heaven flames were his hidden trick. At the critical moment, they could help him overturn the situation, turning from defeat to victory. Besides, he could use them as his guards.

Since the heaven flames and Shi Yan were interlinked, once they sensed danger, they could send the information to his soul directly. Shi Yan would have more time to prepare.

After the heaven flames had left, Shi Yan gradually quieted down. He kept a flow of Soul Consciousness in the Purgatory Token. Sitting on this barren hill, he cleared his mind, making his soul empty, while paying attention to the power Upanishad tier, trying to take advantages of the resonance in this place.

Relaxed his mind, Shi Yan didn't think about the other burdens. His face was calm as he closed his eyes. His aura retreated little by little until he was like a motionless rock that seemed to be there for ten thousand years. Gradually, his living energy fluctuation also disappeared.

Shi Yan understood his weakness: low realm.

With the True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, killing Ao Gera was a tough task especially when Ao Gera wasn't alone. If Shi Yan had to meet them shortly, he would have no chance to win.

He believed that he could break through to the King G.o.d Realm shortly. That's why he dared to boast his arrogant words.

With his innate background, when he broke into the King G.o.d Realm, his power Upanishad could advance to the G.o.d Domain. At the same time, he could get the G.o.d Body. Shi Yan believed that even Ao Gera who had the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm cultivation base even he couldn't be his rival!

He has this confidence!

Many prisoners and partic.i.p.ants in the Extreme Purgatory Field would become the resources for him to get stronger. In this place, he could step into the sky, advancing to the new level. 

Shi Yan closed his eyes, staying atop the barren hill. He was using the miracle features of the Extreme Purgatory Field to relax and focus on his power Upanishad comprehension. Shi Yan didn't notice how time flies out there.

Ten miles away from Shi Yan's location, three one-eyed prisoners stood shoulder by shoulder, alertly watching here and there.

These three people were at the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm. They seemed to be condemned for a serious crime. Not only was one of their eyes taken but they had also been carved with the terrifying inmate mark on their faces, which indicated their soon-to-be-executed status. The three of them were from the Sea Clan, which were rare in outer s.p.a.ce. They had fish scales on their necks.

They were almost three meters tall, wearing ragged garments. Their deep green eyes were cautiously watching everywhere. Their bizarre eyes also showed their ferocious features.

They were all alert as they knew that they were the preys of the partic.i.p.ants. Once they meet a strong contestant, they would be killed soon, becoming the war achievement of the other.

Thus, on the way there, they had always tried to avoid the areas where experts might gather. They only aimed at the quiet and isolated areas to go.

While they didn't recognize it, they had entered the area where Shi Yan was staying.

Although Shi Yan's Purgatory Token hadn't reported him the living energy fluctuation, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, one of the heaven flames, had found them.

The immense blue flame squeezed itself on a leaf of a giant tree that kept it from the others' views. Those three King G.o.d Realm warriors didn't see anything abnormal. They still headed toward Shi Yan.

The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame had sent its thought directly to Shi Yan's soul altar.

As Shi Yan had just immersed in the miracle state not for long, he hadn't comprehended enough the mysteries of this place. He woke up all of a sudden with shaken appearance. "Which realm?"

"Stronger than you by a little bit. According to human warrior cla.s.sification, they should be at the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm. However, they have three. I'm not sure you can handle them," said the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame. 

"Three?" Shi Yan was startled. He hesitated for a while then said, "Only b.l.o.o.d.y battles could help learn the powers faster. These three come here in good time. Then, there they are!"

He stood up, took a deep breath then touched the void. Barriers and restrictions around him disappeared, showing a way. He sauntered, his face calm and cold while fierce fighting will surging in his eyes.

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