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The two of them stood by the door, watching the rock chips fill the ground. They couldn't hide the surprise on their faces, their eyes odd.

So many rock chips appeared around the Extinct Gold Stone. Cracks on the ground were as thick as spider webs. From the location of that big stone, cracks covered almost the entire room, which startled people.

Apparently, it was created by the impact when the Extinct Gold Stone rumblingly fell on the ground. Unlike Shi Yan, these two people were familiar with this gravitational room and the formidable ma.s.s of the Extinct Gold Stone.

He was just a warrior at the True G.o.d Realm, but he was able to lift a chunk of Extinct Gold Stone and create such situation. Those two people used to look down on Shi Yan, but now, they became serious. A streak of fear flashed in their eyes when they looked at him.

Shi Yan was totally exhausted, lying on the ground. He didn't move, just frowned and a.s.sessed those two. He didn't try to talk to them first.

He understood that the other two came here to train as well. Perhaps, they didn't know that Shi Yan was in there.

The Purgatory Token on their waist showed their ident.i.ty. They were Carthew's subordinates who were going to join the Extreme Purgatory Field. They should be outstanding characters as well.

Perhaps, these two were famous in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation.

"You created this situation?" The forthright man couldn't help but ask surprisingly. "Tough, man! You are only at the True G.o.d Realm, but you can create such a commotion. Not bad, really! No wonder why you can join the Extreme Purgatory Field. I used to think that Princess Zi Yao sent you here just to fill her a.s.signed number."

"Didn't you use other forces?" The delicate woman smiled coldly, her eyes skeptical. "If you use the Essence Qi, you still can lift that Extinct Gold Stone. Not a big deal. I have never seen a True G.o.d Realm warrior without a G.o.d Body lift an Extinct Gold Stone like that one."

She was suspicious, her face disdainful, and her mouth mocking faintly.

Each character that could join the Extreme Purgatory Field was an outstanding warrior in his or her force. They were all the talents that had performed well during this period.

Each of them had their own pride. Instinctively, they a.s.sumed that they were the strongest. When they saw someone stronger than them all of a sudden, their first reaction wasn't to recognize, but to be suspicious.

Hearing her, the forthright, taut man was also astounded for a while, as he began to be skeptical as well.

He wondered that even for himself, without using the Essence Qi and only using the physical strength of his G.o.d Body, it would be really hard to lift up that Extinct Gold Stone. Thus, he didn't believe that.

Shi Yan lied on the ground, without showing any change. He just smiled faintly and explained nothing. He understood that he didn't need to explain.

The others were Carthew's people. They didn't walk the same way with him. When they got into the Extreme Purgatory Field, perhaps they would become rivals. If they would become each other's rival, it was better to hide his real competence. That was how he would have a better chance to survive.

When one could conceal one's competence, the others would underestimate him in a battle. This could pave the way for a marvelous change in the results.

To Shi Yan, who had experienced so many battles, of course, he knew what to do. He pondered for a while, using the others' words as he smiled and replied. "You're right. I used the Essence Qi in my body. Using only my physical strength, I can't lift up that Extinct Gold Metal. I just wanted to check how heavy this stone is. I did. It's really heavy, indeed."

"You've overestimated yourself."

The delicate woman showed that she understood, then snorted and relaxed her tense countenance. Perhaps, what Shi Yan had said had helped her keep her confidence up.

If Shi Yan had admitted that he had used only this body power to lift that Extinct Gold Stone, which she couldn't even move, it would have smashed her confidence, making her feel like a loser. 

Shi Yan hiding his talents relaxed her, keeping her confidence high. When she looked at Shi Yan again, her visage was still cold.

"You, mate," The beefy man cracked out laughing. "People who come to the gravitational room to train won't use the Essence Qi, idiot. If you want to use Essence Qi here, you better not go. Because, you will gain nothing from it, right?"

Shi Yan tried to smile begrudgingly.

"Alright, how did you push Ao Gera out?" The muscular man was suddenly interested in him. "That man called Ao Gera's very famous in our Dark Firmament Divine Nation. After so many years, his speed in cultivating still makes many people bow to him. Even us two have to agree that we can't beat him in this field."

"Who said I'm not as excellent as him?" The dainty woman was cold and infuriated. "He's lucky that he has a good uncle. The time is right, and geographical and social conditions are favorable for him as well. If he were like us, having no strong background, I don't think he would be stronger than me!"

"Yalan, admit it. That Ao Gera's a genius." The beefy man laughed. "As we've followed Sir Carthew, we've had many favorable things too. We can use his pellets and other resources at will. He has never been stingy. Talking about external resources, what we have isn't worse than what Ao Gera has. However, he's much younger than us."

"I don't believe it!" The fine woman called Yalan snorted.

Shi Yan grinned, looking at these two as he thought they were interesting.

"Cultivate!" Yalan rolled her eyes at the man standing next to her, as if she didn't want to discuss more. Her clothes suddenly ballooned as a flow of fierce energy bloomed out from her body. Then, she aimed at a big rock next to her, swinging her arm and throwing that rock away.

The muscular man beamed a hollow laugh. He didn't talk more and started to work out in this gravitational room. Energy surged through his body as he was showing his powerful energy.

These two didn't use their G.o.d Domains, the soul altar, or the Essence Qi. They were using the energy acc.u.mulated in their bodies.

These two were at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm. They all had attained G.o.d Bodies, with robust vitality and blood Qi. They looked like ancient monsters transformed into humans. Their physical strengths were tremendous.

Shi Yan lied on the ground, watching everything silently. His eyes gradually became severe.

Watching discreetly for a while, Shi Yan was frightened on seeing how formidable the flesh body of the King G.o.d Realm warriors with the G.o.d Bodies was.

He could confirm that even his body, which had been quenched through many challenges, couldn't gain the upper hand in fighting against these two, unless he used the power of the Immortal Demon Blood, just like the time he put it in his left arm.

Such powerful and bursting energy could be enough to smash the confidence of those two, who had used only their physical power now. However, the Immortal Demon Blood in his body was just enough to strengthen one arm. It wasn't enough to make his entire body more vigorous.

Of course, with the status and his way of cultivating, once he could break through to the King G.o.d Realm and get a G.o.d Body like those two, he believed that he would gain the absolute domination in a combat of physical strength, even without the Immortal Demon Blood.

He had a strong belief in his body's bursting energy. Facing warriors at the same realm, no matter they were the Monster Clan or the Demon Clan who were famous for having a tenacious body, Shi Yan was confident that he could defeat them all.

Carthew's two subordinates were training themselves in the gravitation room. Shi Yan took a break for a while, then stood up, using the special features of this room to practice.

This time, he didn't use the power of the Immortal Demon Blood, but his own body strength to move the big rocks.

Even so, the bursting power of his body was tremendous. At least, the bodies of the experts at the same realm couldn't compare to his.

As they were in the same room, Yalan and Tie Mu, of course, paid attention to him. Although they had disdained him, after a while, they were surprised as they got a deeper understanding about Shi Yan.

Shi Yan, in his Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm, had earned their respect, even though he didn't use the Immortal Demon Blood.

From them, Shi Yan got the information of the Extreme Purgatory Field. Now, he could understand its situation better.

The so-called Extreme Purgatory Field was the other half of the Purgatory Star. It was unknown why warriors staying deep in that area would have a better sense of heaven and earth power Upanishad. From time to time, after a period, that Extreme Purgatory Field would generate a magical energy fluctuation from deep down underground.

That energy's fluctuation would cover the entire area of the Extreme Purgatory Field. At that time, when the warriors got in there, their sensibility of the heaven and earth power Upanishad would be enhanced formidably.

Naturally, it was quite helpful for warriors to cultivate and break through there.

Whenever this time came, they would put the prisoners from around the Purgatory Star, ominous people, killers, and s.p.a.ce pirates captured by the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, in the Extreme Purgatory Field, where they would become the prey of the contestants. 

Making those prisoners their prey, the contestants would use their power Upanishad and comprehend their powers better. This area would facilitate their progress greatly.

Through hunting those villains, contestants had to battle continually to train their fighting skills. At the same time, they could have chances to understand power Upanishads. Usually, they could break through to the next realm under such circ.u.mstances.

Of course, there wasn't an explicit division.

The divine nation had a rule that when the time was over, if the prisoners in the Extreme Purgatory Field could survive and get a Purgatory Token, no matter what crime they had committed, they would be exempted and gain a new life.

That was why partic.i.p.ants would not stop hunting them. At the same time, those villains would try to kill the contestants to survive and earn a new life.

That made the Extreme Purgatory Field a b.l.o.o.d.y place. Every time, from the beginning until the end, countless people had to die. The survivors could be the contestants or their prey. The villains could have a chance to create a new life. The contestants could have the most precious battles for their advancement, and even rewards from the divine nation.

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