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In the dark cell where Shi Yan couldn't even see his own fingers, he was lying still, relaxing his soul to sense the changes of his body. A drop of scarlet Immortal Demon Blood broke inside his vessel. A blood-red halo expanded, turning into a magical recovery energy that flooded his bones, tendons, and flesh.

The speedy recovery of the Immortal Rebirth Secret depended both on the Immortal Martial Spirit and the Immortal Demon Blood. The more Demon Blood he had, the faster his recovery could be.

More than ten drops of Immortal Demon Blood turned into a pure fountain of recovery energy, murmuring in his entire body like his blood. Wherever the Immortal Demon Blood flowed by, his broken tendons and vessels received an enormous vitality, growing back vigorously.

Each of his tendons was many times tougher than cattle tendons, moving slowly and rhythmically. A b.l.o.o.d.y light shimmered at the cut section and turned viscous, connecting the vessels and tendons.

His fragmented bones grew back under the effect of the Immortal Demon Blood, creating a thick layer of hard bones. After that, his bones could gather the energy from his blood and flesh, and the pure energy from the Essence Qi ancient tree to work on the bone layers, making it tough like iron miraculously.

Each block of muscles in his body was covered in a blood-red liquid, which was full of vitality. His muscles were growing vigorously.

Lying on the ground, he didn't think about anything as he relaxed his mind and soul, just letting the Immortal Demon Blood work to restore his body.

If anyone saw him at this moment, they would find that he was covered in a shimmering blood halo. Veins and tendons in his entire body were shivering, while cracking sounds were echoing from his bones. It looked like his blood and flesh were filled with air. Every cell of his was revived.

The pain and fatigue he felt during the recovery process by the Immortal Demon Blood and the Immortal Rebirth Secret faded away.

After an unknown period, Shi Yan gradually woke up, feeling so weak. All of a sudden, he paled. However, not long after that, his eyes lit up as he cracked a bizarre smile in the dark. 

The ruthless power of the Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion had crushed one of Leona's battleships entirely. Several hundred warriors died on the spot, including at least ten King G.o.d Realm experts. Since they hadn't escaped, their bodies were destroyed, leaving only their soul altars.

After Leona's guard had dragged him to the center of the explosion, the Essence Qi of the dead warriors had flooded his acupuncture points while he was talking to her.

The way those flows of energy had been gathered and poured into his body was mysteriously discreet. Even Leona, an expert at the Original G.o.d Realm – the leading expert among the five great feudal va.s.sals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, couldn't detect any anomaly. She didn't know what he had gotten in his b.l.o.o.d.y pathetic situation.

Abundant energy rolled torrentially in his acupuncture points. Using his Soul Consciousness to check, Shi Yan could see the mysterious vortexes wildly spinning in his acupuncture points.

Amazing changes were happening in each of his acupuncture points, as the vortexes were rotating rapidly to extract the negative energy. From the center of the vortexes, bits of mysterious energy would appear continually. Once formed, beams of mysterious energy from the vortexes would fly out and become the source of greatly useful energy for his whole body.

Each of his seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body seemed to turn into a mysterious world. They were filtering the Essence Qi of the dead and turning it into his mysterious but marvelous energy.

He lied on the ground still. However, he could feel the earth-shaking changes in his acupuncture points. It was like each of those tiny worlds had become the extension of his consciousness, a new world his soul could control.

Seven hundred and twenty new worlds hidden in his acupuncture points had the mysterious power to refill all of his energy.

The negative energy generated during the filtration process had flooded the acupuncture points and expanded them continually.

As his Soul Consciousness was moving in his acupuncture points, he seemed to be having some hallucination. He had become the only lord of seven hundred and twenty bizarre worlds in his acupuncture points. He could hold everything in his hand. He even felt that the mysterious mini-worlds in his acupuncture points seemed to be real.

They all were waiting for him to explore, feel, and harvest the mysteries they carried.

The dense negative mood rippled in the lake in his heart, generating brutal, desperate, fearful, bloodthirsty, and resentful feelings. The negative moods were like a dark abyss that could drag his soul into it, pushing him into insanity.

Since he had experience when this happened, he immediately held his breath and kept his mind from overthinking, maintaining a quiet and pure soul altar.

The icy cold air of the Ice Cold Flame changed in his thought. It quietly expanded, turning into a bright silver cold air that enveloped his G.o.d Soul.

The extremely cold aura stormed into his G.o.d Soul. His consciousness that was trembling due to the negative mood calmed down gradually. All of the vicious thoughts seemed to be frozen, preventing him from entering bedevilment.

His Sea of Consciousness seethed as it was supplemented. Flows of Soul Consciousness got longer and purer thanks to the heaven flame.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Soul trembled, as his soul altar spun like a windmill and accelerated steadily.

It seemed like Death and Life, s.p.a.ce, and Star power Upanishads in his power Upanishad tier had been trimmed and separated clearly. At the same time, a magical energy fluctuation expanded from this tier, making a marvelous connection with the ripples in his Sea of Consciousness. His soul was baffled, as he suddenly seemed to have a deep perception.

It seemed the cold moonlight of that moon star had connected the Sun Original Essence, the same way when he was in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field.

At this moment, he didn't even recognize himself. His G.o.d Soul seemed to have turned into a wandering ghost in the starry sky, taking a trip around to sense the heaven and earth energy, and the basis of different power Upanishads in the world.

Under this unconscious condition, his shattered body recovered at speed naked eyes could see.

Tendons and veins in his body were moving like worms. They wiggled and connected with each other, creating a complex drawing of vessels in his body.

Blocks of flesh and each of his muscles were filled with the mysterious energy. With the resonance of the muscles, his body bulged into a stocky look. He gradually became as tough as the most rigid stone and iron. Shi Yan could feel a bursting power in his body.

Bones in his entire body echoed cracking sounds as pungent, viscous substances oozed out of his pores. Those were the contaminants his Immortal Demon Blood had extracted from his body.

When a warrior ascended, he would take in a large amount of heaven and earth energy. Energy from the Divine Crystals, the broken Essence Qi ancient tree of the dead, and pellets all had the magical energy that was useful to the flesh body.

However, no matter what energy it was, it wasn't really clean, as it always contained dregs.

When a warrior refined his body, he must discharge these dregs out to purify his body. That was how he could facilitate the energies to move faster in his vessels.

Discharging the contaminants in the body was something the warriors had to do regularly. At any stage of cultivation, as long as a warrior still practiced his martial path, taking in energy from heaven and earth or from pellets would always generate dregs and contaminants.

Those dregs of energy would affect the flow of energy circulating in the body, which would create leaks. When the body wasn't clear enough, it wouldn't be tenacious, and external energies could seep into the body through these leaks.

The main activity in quenching the body was to discharge the dregs and contaminants.

When the Immortal Rebirth Secret rebuilt his body, one of the fundamental effects was eliminating the dregs in his body.

However, after each time of cleaning the body, new dregs would be generated when the warrior broke through the new realm or took in more energy. Hence, it would affect the circulation of energy in the body.

Thus, after so many times of quenching the body, a warrior could make his body tougher and more tenacious. At the same time, discharging the dregs was also necessary.

Those stinky viscous substances were the dregs of the body, a challenge to make his body more flexible and firmer.

While he hadn't recognized it, the Immortal Demon Blood and the Immortal Rebirth Secret had worked together to wash his entire body. They reduced the leaks, which prevented the external energies from seeping through his body.

Inside the dark cell.

Shi Yan lied quietly. His soul felt empty, as he was falling in a magical condition of learning power Upanishads.

His body had recovered, and was in a marvelous quenching process.

What had benefited both his soul and body was the mysterious energy overflowing from his acupuncture points. The mysterious energy filling his entire body had not only helped him recover his body, but also refined his blood and flesh like refining secret treasures.

As his soul was resisting the negative moods, it became tranquil, using the Upanishad perception to avoid falling into bedevilment.

However, his soul hadn't been benefitted much compared to the previous time.

After fighting with Yin Spirit of the Dark Clan, a new section that looked like the black hole in his soul altar had flown out and swallowed that man's soul altar, which made his soul altar sublimate. That flow of energy had similar effects as his Mysterious Martial Spirit.

The only difference between them was that the Mysterious Martial Spirit absorbed the energy of the dead, which was the body's energy, while the black hole-like soul altar section aimed at the soul, devouring them to create the energy which sublimated his soul altar.

Although they were two different methods, they both brought him great benefits, especially to sublimate his soul altar, providing a major help to the power Upanishads and heaven flames. At the same time, his G.o.d Soul also received the pure energy.

Staying in this completely dark cell, Shi Yan wasn't disturbed, and n.o.body knew what he was doing. At this moment, he was temporarily forgotten. 

Even Shi Yan's mind was empty. He hadn't recognized the changes happening in his body.

At this moment, a shadow that blended with the darkness appeared next to him in the cell.

A pair of dark green eyes gazed at him silently. She didn't say anything, just stood as if she were a part of the dark – the soul of darkness.

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