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The amethyst war chariot flew in the sky like purple lightning, tearing the cloud sea to enter the cold and dark outer s.p.a.ce. He had stayed in the Glorious Amethyst Star for nearly a month. Since Zi Yao had left, he had to go into outer s.p.a.ce the second time.

Sitting indifferently in the war chariot, Shi Yan watched the vast starry sea. His Soul Consciousness was blurry, as the thoughts in his mind started to scatter. He sat like that while his consciousness floated to somewhere.

The amethyst war chariot didn't require his soul energy to move. It was flying at lightning speed according to the set route.

The Glorious Amethyst Star and the Purgatory Star weren't too far away from each other. At this speed, it would take around half a month to reach the Purgatory Star and join the training in the so-called Extreme Purgatory Field.

Flying in the middle of the endless starry universe, he suddenly felt lonely. His tough mentality couldn't help but get softer.

The Raging Flame Star Area was endlessly vast. In this universe, he was just an outsider who had no friends or family, nothing familiar, or a lover to yearn for.

Everything about this place seemed to distance him. He was drifting alone in this star area. Instinctively, he recalled Bao Ao and Jie Ji.

'How are you guys doing?'

Those two experts of the Demon Clan had come here with him to save their clan and make it stronger. They had given up everything to enter outer s.p.a.ce in the hope of finding a solution.

At this moment, he'd found the solution for the energy shortage issue of the Grace Mainland.

However, he didn't know whether Bao Ao and Jie Ji were still alive or not. He had run away discreetly with Fergie. Since Bao Ao and Jie Jie had to stay and be involved in the battle, they would possibly become sacrifices.

Shi Yan was begrudging. Looking at the stars in the sky, he forced a smile. "Don't blame me. Even if I stayed, I would be of no help. Whether you are alive or not, when I get back to the Grace Mainland, I will give the Demon Clan a place to live and grow. I will bring them out of the Grace Mainland."

He had never forgotten the reason he left his homeland. For his family, his friends, and his people in the Grace Mainland, he had to hurry up to find a safe life star in the Raging Flame Star Area and bring his people there.

The Glorious Amethyst Star was a good place, but the premise was that he had to solve the hidden trouble named Ao Gera.

A cold smile hung on the corner of his mouth. Shi Yan pondered for a while and then touched his glabella.

A soul thought run directly to the heaven flame tier in his soul altar, targeting the Vermilion Bird True Flame. "How long does it take from our homeland to the Raging Flame Star Area? Oh, I mean, when we use the amethyst war chariot. Give me an exact number."

"Ah," the Vermilion Bird True Flame was startled. It was anxious for a while before replying. "It will take a long time. At least more than ten years. When I left my homeland and followed the aura of the Vermilion Bird, running to this place, it took me more than one hundred years. If this war chariot runs at its max speed, it will take around twenty years to return to our homeland. But it's in the case everything goes smoothly." 

Shi Yan's eyes shrank. "Such a long time?"

"At least twenty years," the Vermilion Bird True Flame affirmed. "If you have bad luck, it would take one hundred years. It's normal though."

"Why do you say so?"

"From our homeland to the Raging Flame Star Area, we need to cross so many cold and isolated star areas. Those star areas have no living beings or life stars. They've been drained long ago. However, formidable dangers are hiding there. Take one step wrong, and your soul will be shattered. Even though I'm in the soul form, I had encountered so many perilous events along the way. If you use this amethyst war chariot, when you enter a perilous area, your chariot will explode. And you, you will be destroyed by the tremendous power of outer s.p.a.ce." 

Shi Yan's brows slammed together tightly.

He knew the Vermilion Bird True Flame didn't fabricate things. Since he had been in the Raging Flame Star Area, he had a precise perception of the common dangers that could be seen in outer s.p.a.ce. He knew there would be many hazardous places like the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field.

And, to make it worse, those places were situated on the main routes. People had to cross them to reach their destination.

If they were careless for even a moment, the dangers in those areas would crush their soul altar instantly.

He suddenly quieted down, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry, as the distance to his homeland seemed to be out of reach. The plan he had seemed impossible for now.

"If you want to go back, you can use a very simple way. You don't need to travel all the way." The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame sent him its thought from his Sea of Consciousness.

Among the heaven flames, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame didn't have the highest level, but it was ranked the third, which spoke for the fact of how mighty it used to be. In most cases, his perception of the situation was much better than the other flames.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened a little bit. "Which simple method do you mention?"

"If your understanding of s.p.a.ce power can reach a profound realm, you can make a s.p.a.ce bridge that connects your homeland and where you are. It's like a s.p.a.ce tunnel." The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame regarded him. "As long as you can sense that area and you know the general location, with a better understanding of s.p.a.ce power, you can cross layers of s.p.a.ces. It's just like when you built the Teleport Formation, you can connect the Grace Mainland and the Raging Flame Star Area directly!"

Shi Yan was struck, as light shot out from his eyes in amazement.


The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had given him a simple solution, and it was the most likely to be successful. s.p.a.ce power was one of the most magical powers Upanishad in this era. People who cultivated this power Upanishad would face no difficult with s.p.a.ce connection.

However, the preconditions were that his perception of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad should reach a profound realm, and his competence should be formidable.

Shi Yan considered this possibility for a while and then cracked a smile. The most difficult problem that had troubled him seemed to be solved easily.

He calmed down, while the amethyst war chariot continued moving like a wild thunderbolt.

On this day, as he was trying to perceive the mysteries of s.p.a.ce power with his eyes closed, he suddenly woke up, his face astounded.

A ma.s.sive Moon Star appeared in front of him. The moonlight was radiating shiningly like running water diverging in so many streams, entering outer s.p.a.ce and illuminating the life stars around it.

It was one of the moons he had seen when he was in the Glorious Amethyst Star. Together with two other moons in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, it brought light to eleven life stars. Its moonlight was bright and pure, keeping those life stars from the perpetual darkness. They would immerse in the clear but cold moonlight forever.

The moon in his eyes was round and big, as if it had filled both of his eyes. He was approaching the closest moon to him.

As he was getting close to the halo of that moon, he felt so refreshed and comfortable, as if a stream of cool river water was pouring on his head, chilling his entire body. He almost shouted with delight, as he felt so good.

Stretching both his arms, Shi Yan closed his eyes, starting to concentrate his thought to create a strong bond with his soul altar, which would help him gather more moonlight.

Both the Solar Star and the Moon Star were part of the immense sea of stars. To the Star power Upanishad, understanding the moon and the sun was required for advancing further.

In the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, he had used the Sun Original Essence to gain his own knowledge of how the Solar Star was formed and evolved. That was why he could collect the flaming solar energy and control the meteorolites in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, which helped him trouble the s.p.a.ce pirates, whose realms were much higher than his.

Since the Sun was a part of stars in the sky, this encounter was a motivation for him to ascend his Star power Upanishad.

Likewise, the shining moon was a part of the stars as well. The perception of the formation and development of the moon, along with the varieties of the moon power were a part of the knowledge of the Star power Upanishad.

Shi Yan stayed still on the amethyst war chariot. His soul altar slightly trembled, as the Seal of Star power Upanishad was stimulated.

Shi Yan closed his eyes, relaxing his whole body to immerse in the water-like moonlight. He calmed his mind to learn and feel the clear but cold moonlight. He could realize how the energy was changing on that moon. 

In his heart, his Sea of Consciousness, and his soul altar, an image of the moon appeared like its reflection in water. It floated while releasing the faint moon energy.

His aura became deep and seemingly ever-lasting. There was also a feeble beam of moonlight in his aura.

Gradually, the moonlight creeping on his body seemed to turn into real water, magically seeping into his body through his pores. An immense white halo appeared on his body, looking inexplicable and magnificent.

In this isolated outer s.p.a.ce, under the shining moon, an amethyst war chariot hovered still like a ma.s.sive purple crystal.

A man with stretched arms stood in the war chariot, as if he wanted to hug the shining moon. His face was pa.s.sionate, as if he were possessed. Only the faint moon aura was seeping out of his body little by little.

Time seemed to stop at this moment. Under the bright moon, it looked a little bit strange.

More than ten one-thousand-meters long battleships made of bizarre white bones lined up in a spear formation, flying slowly by the moon.

Warriors with tremendous power guarded on each battleship. Many warriors were moving back and forth on the battleships. They were talking and laughing with each other; some were gambling or throwing their leftovers into outer s.p.a.ce, making this place their garbage dump.

Many warriors on the battleships noticed Shi Yan's weird posture under the moonlight. They mocked and laughed at him with disdainful eyes. No one paid him any attention.

The battleships slowly came close to the amethyst war chariot, reaching ten thousand meters away.

Shortly, it was unknown why, but Shi Yan's amethyst battleship suddenly rippled with waves of purple light. Those waves carried sharp blue spots which expanded slowly. The feeble energy aura amplified billions of times in just a blink!

A cold, brutal female voice arose from the leading battleships. "Move away from that amethyst war chariot. Quickly! It's the Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion! d.a.m.n it!" 

Her shout echoed to every battleship. The experts on all the battleships paled as if they had met a spooky ghost. They immediately urged their battleship to stay away from Shi Yan's amethyst war chariot.

What she called 'Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion' seemed to come from Shi Yan's amethyst war chariot.

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