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The wind howled ear-piercingly, tearing the air inside the Bone Material room. It was like a sharp weapon was p.r.i.c.kling people's eardrums, making the soul twinge as if it was pierced by a needle! 

The Bone Thorn wasn't visible in the Bone Material Room, but it was howling fiercely. Also, there was no strange energy surging. The wind howl seemed to hide in s.p.a.ce slits, making it hard to detect.

Shi Yan squinted. His aura was cold, sharp, and wicked, just like a spear, giving people a weird feeling.

The Vermilion Bird True Flame got back to Shi Yan's soul altar. The ground in front of him was full of black and gray viscous substance, the contaminants extracted from the Bone Thorns.

The wind wailed unceasingly, crying in the Bone Material room. This eardrum-tearing sound discolored Zi Yao. Although she had urged her soul fluctuation as a Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior rippling around the room, she couldn't find the Bone Thorns.

The howling didn't stop. She was sure that the Bone Thorns were still in this Bone Material room, yet she couldn't sense or lock them, or find their whereabouts.

This was evilly strange!

With her King G.o.d Realm cultivation base, she couldn't detect the Bone Thorns Shi Yan had refined and controlled. It was not normal at all. Also, it made her have a higher valuation of Shi Yan's blacksmithing techniques.

The howls stopped all of a sudden.

Three crystal clear Bone Thorns appeared, each being two meters long with two pointy ends like two spears connected to each other. The Bone Thorns had so many fine slits on their bodies, as if they were made by slashes of a sharp weapon. At first glance, these three Bone Thorns looked like trash.

However, with a closer look and the soul to sense, sharp energy of s.p.a.ce could be detected from those fine cracks.

Carving s.p.a.ce power Upanishad on the Bone Thorns was a strange but excellent technique, which made Zi Yao interested in these three Bone Thorns. She wanted to know which grade they were at.

So, she waved her exquisite small hand in the air, drawing something to open a restriction. A light purple light sparkled, and a lozenge tool appeared in the center of a formation inside the Bone Material chamber. Zi Yao smiled, walking towards the tool and talking to Shi Yan. "This Tool Ranking Stone can grade the quality of your three Bone Thorns. Wanna try?"

Shi Yan agreed frankly. The three Bone Thorns reappeared, hovering next to the thing called the Tool Ranking Stone.

Countless glorious energy filaments extended from inside the lozenge tool. They shone on the three Bone Thorns like tentacles, as if they were measuring and verifying their quality.

"What kind of a criteria does this tool use?" From a distance, Shi Yan glared at the thing with astonishment.

"Of course, it will check the tool's flexibility, sharpness, endurance, bearing capacity, etc. If your weapon has a spirit, it'll measure the weapon spirit's grade. Also, it will check the combination of materials and level of impurities or contaminants. There are so many criteria to evaluate." Zi Yao smiled, craning her white neck towards Shi Yan. "I can't explain it clearly in detail. This Tool Ranking Stone's made by the blacksmiths who could forge Divine Grade secret treasures. I don't know their criteria clearly. Anyway, it couldn't be wrong."

Shi Yan nodded as his interest was aroused. He also wanted to know which grade the Bone Thorns he had dedicatedly fabricated were at.

The Bone Thorns were made of a bone of a level 11 beast of Wind cla.s.s, together with twelve kinds of beautiful jades, gems, and ironstone to increase the flexibility, sharpness, and speed. They were refined by heaven flame to extract contaminants. With hand seals and formations from the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success, Shi Yan had poured and created the energy by adding s.p.a.ce power and the flaming solar energy.

This set of treasure had been invested with Shi Yan's enthusiasm and effort. He had made use of all of available resources to create them.

He also had a great expectation for the quality of those Bone Thorns.

Light spots sparkled on the Tool Ranking Stone. Seven light sports glinted and then combined into one. A dazzling light flooded the area, turning into a sparkling light dot like a small star, then slowly vanishing.

Zi Yao's bright eyes showed that she was disbelieving, as she dazedly looked at the strange state of the Tool Raking Stone. Her succulent red lips convulsed as she muttered something in her throat.

Shi Yan didn't hear it clearly. He frowned and then asked impatiently. "What did you just say?"

Zi Yao's chest jolted upright. She took several breaths to steady her mind. Then, she glared at him with an odd countenance. "Level 1 Divine Grade. You are a Divine Grade blacksmith! The three Bone Thorns of yours all have the characteristics of level 1 Divine Grade treasures!"

"Ha!" Shi Yan grinned as he felt contented.

Divine Grade!

He had never imagined he could refine a Divine Grade secret treasure in the Grace Mainland! He had never thought that he could use the level 11 beast's skeleton to refine three Bone Thorns successfully in this area. Also, the three Bone Thorns had been added with his special powers Upanishad!

"We have so many Divine Grade alchemists in the Raging Flame Star Area each of whom holds a superior position in their forces. However, the Divine Grade blacksmiths are still rare. Our Dark Firmament Divine Nation has only two Divine Grade blacksmiths." Zi Yao paused and then eyed him seriously. "Among tens of thousands of blacksmiths in the entire Raging Flame Star Area, not more than ten blacksmiths could create Divine Grade secret treasures."

In the Raging Flame Star Area, the blacksmiths were rarer than alchemists. So, their status is higher than the alchemist.

Thus, when Zi Yao eyed him again, her beautiful eyes seemed to be about to illuminate.

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile, talking deliberately. "I'm just an amateur blacksmith. Don't plan anything on me. I won't give up my cultivation just to refine treasures for you."

He understood that he could forge a Divine Grade secret treasure because of the level 11 beast's skeleton and the level 5 Vermilion Bird True Flame that had extracted all the impurities in the bone thorns, making it precious.

Without these two conditions and with his not-so-experienced techniques, he could never refine the Divine Grade Bone Thorns.

As his mind flickered, the three Bone Thorns disappeared into his Storage Ring. Shi Yan smiled, stretching his body. "I'm tired, and I need to rest now. Your Highness, do as you please."

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes were shining like the torch while looking at him. "Divine Grade blacksmith! Shi Yan ah, don't you think you should do something for me? You should know that my bone materials here are all precious. And, you've used a lot of my auxiliary materials, too. Do you want to take everything for free?"

"Didn't you tell me to do that?" Shi Yan was surprised. "When you gave me the jade token, you told me that I can use everything here as I please."

"I did. But I didn't say that they are free, did I?" Princess Zi Yao laughed, her eyes cunning. "You've used a lot of my materials. Shouldn't you make something to compensate?"

Shi Yan kept silent, frowning as he thought about how to reject her.

Princess Zi Yao wasn't hurried. She just smiled, looking at him. She didn't leave, as though she was adamant on getting his affirmation before leaving.

Right when they were still struggling and watching each other, cheers resounded outside the Amethyst Palace.

Zi Yao's eyes lit up, letting out a light sigh. "Did my spoiled little brother come back?" She turned into a bunch of purple light, flashing and then disappearing.

Shi Yan was amazed. He curiously flew out of the Bone Material room to the outside of the Amethyst Palace as well.

A hundred meters long silver bird battleship slowly landed on the s.p.a.cious square.

A dazzling blonde man flew out of the battleship, smiling tenderly. Some King G.o.d Realm warriors followed him. Silver bird war chariots emerged from the silver battleship, all of them filled with precious materials.

"Ao Gera's back!"

"Hey, it's Ao Gera!"

Many warriors staying in the Glorious Amethyst Star got out of their places, cheerily screaming from a far distance.

That handsome blonde man was brawny, with a shining smile. He continually nodded his head to greet the other warriors. Seemed like he was pretty familiar with them.

When Princess Zi Yao got out of her palace, she also went to welcome the handsome man called Ao Gera. As he saw her, his eyes didn't lay on anyone else. He strode towards her, kneeled down on one knee while talking to her like the most humble knight. "Your Highness, you've been struggling hard."

Smiling sincerely, he placed a tender kiss on Princess Zi Yao's hand then stood up gently.

"You too," Zi Yao smiled mildly. Like the n.o.blest Queen, she let him kiss her hand and then asked him, "Ao Gera, how is it going?"

"Thanks to your grace, everything's smooth." The blonde man smiled as if any difficult matter would turn easy in his hands.

"Shi Yan, come to say h.e.l.lo to Ao Gera, my most competent messenger. He's not my guard." Glorious Amethyst Star laughed happily, waving her jade-like hand at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was surprised. He sauntered and nodded at the blonde man from a far distance.

Ao Gera was amazed, his eyes skeptical. He looked at the other man, nodded to him, and then turned to Zi Yao. "Your Highness, is he your new retinue?"

"True," Zi Yao smiled mildly, her beautiful eyes carrying some deep meanings. "He saved me in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. Ao Gera, even though he hasn't reached the King G.o.d Realm yet, his potential's excellent. I favor him a lot."

"Oh," the blonde man replied faintly as he didn't put it in his mind. He hesitated a while before lowering his voice. "Your Highness, I got something I want to report you privately… about... Prince Du Feng."

Zi Yao trembled in fright. "Follow me." Her figured flashed like an electric wisp, flying directly into the Amethyst Palace. Ao Gera followed her.

Shi Yan stood at his spot, his face unchanged. He looked at the materials on the war chariots and the other warriors following Ao Gera. He was surprised inwardly.

Among those King G.o.d Realm warriors, there was one at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. He was a dangerous member of this team. All members of his crew, including that man, looked at Ao Gera with respect and support. It seemed like... Ao Gera was their true master, and not Zi Yao.

Ao Gera was at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, one rank lower than Zi Yao. He was considered one of the retinues of Zi Yao. In other words, his status was like Shi Yan's. But, why could he have his own organization?

Shi Yan couldn't guess anything, so he discreetly became more cautious.

He vaguely felt that the man called Ao Gera didn't look at him with a friendly att.i.tude. It seemed he was trying to conceal his murderous aura.

Suddenly, Shi Yan understood that Ao Gera had soon known about him and every operation of his from the time he had arrived in the Glorious Amethyst Star. However, this man was trying to hide things and ignore him.

Shi Yan suddenly understood and couldn't help but beam a forced smile, shaking his head begrudgingly.

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