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Getting no news about Prince Du Feng and Bergh, Zi Yao became dispirited. She first asked about the general condition of the Glorious Amethyst Star and solved some minor problems. After that, she took Shi Yan to the purple palace.

Along their way, many warriors bent on one knee to show their respect for her. Several thousand warriors followed her just like the cortege of a G.o.ddess, sending her to her amethyst palace.

Shi Yan didn't say anything, just following her. However, he didn't bend his body or stoop his head. He was obviously different from the other warriors.

Many warriors of Zi Yao's retinue were a.s.sessing him discreetly with complicated eyes, as they didn't know his ident.i.ty. When they knew that Shi Yan was also one of the Princess's retinue, they were surprised and frightened inwardly.

Princess Zi Yao was a n.o.blewoman in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. She had countless members of her retinue, and even the King G.o.d Realm warriors had to bow to her.

Shi Yan was just at the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm. According to common sense, he wasn't worth her special treatment.

Anyway, after they had observed for a while, they found that the way Zi Yao treated Shi Yan was different. This made many people jealous of him, generating some thoughts in their heads.

Who was this kid? What talents did he have? What did he have at the True G.o.d Realm that Your Highness had appreciated?

They were thinking about him secretly.

Shi Yan didn't care about them. He just kept silent and followed Zi Yao to her amethyst palace.

"You guys can leave. When you have Du Feng or Bergh's news, report to me immediately." Zi Yao waved her hand tiredly. "Pay attention, and watch out carefully for me. Brief the situation of the divine nation for me."

Many warriors nodded, bent their bodies and stepped backward.

"Shi Yan, you choose a room to rest in the Amethyst Palace. We have the training room, the Upanishad Hall, and the warehouse that stores all kinds of materials. If you need, just take them. I can also give you my personal collection of materials." Zi Yao pondered for a while. "You and I have experienced struggles together. At the most critical time, you've shouldered my burden in the battles. You're different from the others... To be honest, when we entered the forbidden land, I didn't consider you my cortege. I've considered you my friend. I hope you would treat me the same."

Shi Yan let out a tender laugh as he nodded his head. "Thank you for appreciating me, Your Highness."

"You shouldn't put on this face. I know you have all sorts of airs and graces, and many secrets. However, you're not familiar with the Raging Flame Star Area yet. This area is too complicated. I believe you will have an immeasurable future. However, your realm's still pretty low at this moment. There are any things you can help me out with." Zi Yao rolled her eyes at him. "I know you don't respect me wholeheartedly. No problem. The sort of a man like you will never want to be under the other's commands. I understand it." 

Shi Yan gave a wry smile. "I don't. I always think for you."

"Don't lie. It's not what you mean with your heart," Zi Yao harrumphed. "I want to take a good rest this time and gather myself. You should take care of yourself. Take this jade token. You can freely walk around in the Amethyst Palace. In my Glorious Amethyst Star, this token represents me. No one will dare to do anything to you."

"Thank you, Your Highness," Shi Yan took the jade token and wore it on his belt.

Waving her hand, Zi Yao urged him. "Go away. The Amethyst Palace's three hundred meters tall. Each level has private training areas. You can choose wherever you want to stay. The jade token also shows the locations of the training rooms, the Upanishad Hall, and the materials storage. Do whatever you want. Ah, yeah, since you told me that you're a blacksmith, I won't give you weapons. You can forge your own ones. You also have heaven flames, which would make your weapons more suitable for you. My storage has a lot of materials, which are all rare things in the Raging Flame Star Area. I have a lot of skeletons of level 10 beasts, similar to the material you had made your Bone Thorns with. Do what you want."

Shi Yan's eyes sparkled as he slightly bent his body for the first time to talk to the princess. "Thank you." This time, he was more sincere.

Level 11 beasts could be compared to Original G.o.d Realm warriors. Their bones were extraordinary rigid, which were the top quality materials to make weapons.

Monster Clan's members at this level had long left the Grace Mainland to the foreign lands. Shi Yan had never seen beasts at such level before.

The Bone Thorns made of the bones of a level 10 beast were already intimidating. With s.p.a.ce power added to the Bone Thorns, Shi Yan could control them as he pleased. He had planned to quench them one more time. That was why he wanted to take the Vermilion Bird's skeleton that much.

The Vermilion Bird was also a beast. Shi Yan had a.s.sumed that this beast was at least at level 11, or even level 12.

However, since the Vermilion Bird True Flame was so persistent, he couldn't do anything but give it up. Of course, if the Vermilion Bird had reached level 12, he could hardly refine that bird's skeleton.

It would be already tough for him to forge the skeleton of a level 11 beast.

Zi Yao advised a bit more and then left. Her figured flashed, then disappeared into the Amethyst Palace. Shi Yan didn't know where she had gone.

Shi Yan stood still and didn't hasten to leave yet. His fingers rubbed the jade token, releasing a flow of Soul Consciousness while moving inside the jade token.

This jade token was a small model of the Amethyst Palace. As its restriction was lifted, Shi Yan could use the jade token to see the structure and the arrangement of different secret chambers in this palace.

Which floors were suitable to rest, which were the training rooms, and where the Upanishad Hall was, the jade token showed them all.

Shi Yan was curious about the Upanishad Hall the most. It should be similar to the Martial Technique Hall of the Martial Spirit Palace in the Grace Mainland, where they stored the fundamental techniques of different power Upanishads.

After Zi Yao had left, Shi Yan considered for a while and then followed the map inside the jade token to find the Upanishad Hall in the Amethyst Palace.

It was a s.p.a.cious room, around one thousand square meters in area, built from amethyst. A giant ancient tree, which was refined from five-colored crystals, stood in the middle of this large room. This big tree didn't have leaves but crystal clear branches, which was pretty similar to the Essence Qi ancient tree in his body.

That ancient tree was the Source of Upanishad Inheritance where countless magical power Upanishads were stored. Warriors could get in there to receive a new power Upanishad. Of course, in many other Upanishad Halls, it wasn't always in the shape of a tree.

For example, the Corpse Clan would make their Source of Upanishad Inheritance with the shape of a tombstone. The other clans would make it look like a mountain range, the ocean, or even the soul altar.

The Source of Upanishad Inheritance had so many shapes, but they shared the same name and the same functions, which was to help warriors receive the power Upanishad.

People had used a magical way to imprint different Upanishad into the Source of Upanishad Inheritance. When they had new Upanishad, they could always add them altogether. The Source of Upanishad Inheritance was really precious, and only the strongest forces could have them.

Eyeing the tree-shaped Source of Upanishad Inheritance, Shi Yan kept silent. Afterward, he beamed a faint smile.

He suddenly got it that the seven statues of Demogorgon in the First Demon Area in the Grace Mainland were also a Source of Upanishad Inheritance. However, it was a low-level one, since it had only the martial techniques, but not the fundamental elements of the martial techniques: the Power Upanishads.

The Source of Upanishad Inheritance in this place was much better. It had the imprints of the basis of martial techniques. As long as the warrior could learn a kind of power Upanishad and develop it, he could freely create different martial techniques by the principles of Nature. Then, he could use that energy in a beautiful way, which would form intricate martial techniques.

The giant five-colored tree in front of him was filled with strange energy fluctuations. Each branch of its seemed to have the distinctive auras of powers Upanishad.

Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness, making his soul change miraculously and constantly. He then tried to touch the Source of Upanishad Inheritance.

The jade token on his waist suddenly sparkled, and a feeble beam of purple light shot towards the Source of Upanishad Inheritance in front of his eyes. In the next moment, the barrier on the Source of Upanishad Inheritance was lifted up.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness seized the chance and flooded in.

This Source of Upanishad Inheritance had a tree shape with many branches, which stored different power Upanishads. Shi Yan could see the power Upanishad of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Storm, Hypnotizing, Light, and Gravity, etc.

Countless different power Upanishads were imprinted in the Source of Upanishad Inheritance. Each branch had the basic techniques for beginners. Of course, the Source of Upanishad Inheritance wasn't really omnipotent.

The Upanishad it showed was just the fundamental rules and principles of a power. Even if a warrior could know them, it didn't mean that he could really cultivate the power and create a power Upanishad tier in his soul altar.

Only after truly understanding the essence of the primary power Upanishad and continuing to cultivate and study it would a warrior actually cross the threshold and create the Seal of Upanishad in his soul.

Normally, a warrior wouldn't cultivate many different types of power Upanishads. Studying one power Upanishad ascetically was enough to consume the whole life effort of a warrior.

When a warrior began to cultivate a power Upanishad, he would encounter so many obstacles. The meanings of a power Upanishad were tedious, as if they would never be completely comprehended.

And, even if a warrior spent his whole life to cultivate a power Upanishad, it wasn't guaranteed that he could make it to the peak.

Even if one were a smart and patient expert, he would only cultivate two or three powers Upanishad. Moreover, he would choose the powers Upanishad with something in common to save time and create more effects.

Only morons would try to study many power Upanishad at once. If he did that, he would never cross the threshold, let alone create a Sea of Upanishad in his G.o.d Soul. Basically, he couldn't create the soul altar to break through to a more profound realm.

Without crossing the threshold and cultivating it to a certain depth, a warrior could never bring out the best of his power Upanishad.

A warrior's efforts were limited, and the power Upanishad was always too profound. A warrior should normally cultivate only one kind of power Upanishad in his life, which was the correct way and the practicing principle of most of the experts in the Raging Flame Star Area.

Shi Yan urged his Soul Consciousness to move around the Source of Upanishad Inheritance, trying to find some power Upanishad similar to his Star, s.p.a.ce, and Death and Life power Upanishad. However, he felt sorry that he could find nothing.

Power Upanishads in this place were all popular. Shi Yan had seen the similar martial techniques in the Grace Mainland. Apparently, the Star, s.p.a.ce, and Death and Life were all high-level power Upanishads. They were special and strange, which made them rare in the Raging Flame Star Area.

Even Zi Yao with her aristocratic status couldn't gain such high-quality power Upanishads. That was why Shi Yan couldn't find any similar imprints in the Source of Upanishad Inheritance.

However, Shi Yan was still enticed. Although this Source of Upanishad Inheritance couldn't offer him big benefits, it was of much use to his friends and relatives in the Perpetual Night Forest if they could come here and use the Soul Consciousness to perceive the power Upanishad.

Shi Yan sank into his thoughts while gazing at the Source of Upanishad Inheritance for a while. Afterward, he left to the material storage to find the suitable bones for his Bone Thorns.

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